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“It's time to fuck me, baby. Mommy's been waiting long enough. I need to have your beautiful cock in me.”
This is part 3 of the story of a developing sexual relationship between a hot mother and her son. To get a better idea on who the characters are, you may want to start with the first story.

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The dynamics of our relationship certainly changed after that night. How could it not? Short of making love, mom and I had enjoyed the pleasures of oral sex with each other. I had learned what it was to give a woman oral sexual pleasure. It was my own mother's pussy that I had tasted. I loved it. If we could, I would have spent the rest of my life with my mouth on her sweet cunt. I am not sure if it was the taboo of eating out my own mother or an inherent sexual attraction between mother and son.

Unfortunately for me, she insisted on keeping some rules in place, albeit with some modifications. I was forced to continue sleeping in my bed during the week and only sleeping with her on weekends. This was meant to keep me focused on school. However, during the week, she would come to my room to tuck me in. This was my favorite time of the evening. She would come and stand in front of me while she removed her top to expose her gorgeous breasts. She would lay down next to me and hold them up as an offering to me, same as she did when feeding me as a baby. I would fall asleep suckling her breasts as she caressed my head, telling me how much she loved me.

Her attire around the house also changed. My favorite was obviously when she walked around only in her panties, but there were times when she was required to wear some clothing. Other times it was just to tease me in sexy clothing. She would wear short shorts and tight tops, especially when Ryan came over to visit. She was well aware of his crush on her. I remember the first time he saw her, he had an obvious boner and walked into a wall while staring. It was hard for mom and I not to laugh. She would wear a tight top with no bra which showed off her excited nipples. She was loving the attention she was getting from both Ryan and me. This only gave Ryan another reason to want to visit more often and talk nonstop about her when we were at school. It was very clear he was infatuated with her.

The weekends also got better between us. I slept with her on weekends and so she started wearing lingerie to bed. She would leave it on, looking like a slutty porn star while she sucked my dick, only to allow me to undress her when it was my turn to return the favor. We also started exploring different positions and places, such as her sucking my cock while we watched TV in the living room or my favorite, her sitting on my face, telling me to lick her cunt. The first time this happened was after we had been having some fun in the hot tub and she had consumed several glasses of wine.

Normally we would would get out of the hot tub and put on our robes before heading in. However this time when we both got out, she grabbed my hand and walked across the backyard, totally nude, as we made our way into the house. It was a full moon, so watching her walk completely naked in the backyard had my dick hard as ever. She is petite with full 34C rack that looks great and feels even better. The possibility that our neighbors could've seen us got me even more excited. We walked in and went straight up to her room, where she told me to lay down on the bed. I did as I was told. She climbed up and sat on my chest looking down at me with her perfect tits on display..

“Do you like mommy's pussy, huh? Do you like licking mommy?”

“Uh huh.”

“Baby, the way you were fingering my pussy has me so fucking horny. Now you have to eat my pussy.”

She did not wait an answer. She moved up and landed her pussy directly on my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and quickly started licking as if my life depended on it. I was loving how smooth her mound felt on my face. She kept it shaved, making sure it was nice and smooth for me. I loved being able to look up and watch her open her mouth and throw her head back, showing me how much she was loving my efforts. Her pussy was on my mouth and she was grinding her cunt on my face with a desperate tone, demanding that I eat her out. At that moment, I knew that if we kept this up, eventually either she was going to give in or I was going to force myself on her.

“LICK IT......LICK IT.....LICK MOMMY'S PUSSY YOU FUCKING LITTLE PERVERT!” She kept grinding her pussy on my face as she kept telling me how good it felt and what a little pervert I was for eating out mommy's pussy. Fuck, I love when she talks dirt to me. I had obviously seen something similar in porn, but now with my mom's cunt on my mouth, my dick was hard as ever and I loved having her on me.

She was begging me to make her cum and by this time I was very familiar with every part of her pussy. I started moving my tongue all around, looking for her clit. I grabbed her by her full marvelous ass and used it to move her up and down in rhythm with my tongue until I found the little bean I was looking for. When I finally got to it and sucked it into my mouth, her pussy juices came out when she climaxed with a vengeance, getting my entire face wet.

Her orgasm was too much for her as she trembled out of control. After cumming, she got off and laid down next to me trying to gain control of her breathing. She ended up falling asleep, thoroughly and completely satisfied with the pussy licking she had received from her son. I knew what we were doing was not normal, but I also knew that I loved it and was not willing to stop. Our relationship was outright sexual, but we never really discussed it.

Unfortunately, we also never engaged in sexual intercourse. It was certainly not due to me not wanting. If she had told me at any moment while we were naked and loving each other to fuck her, I would have, with no hesitation. We did everything but fuck. In fact, the only fucking I did was finger-fuck her. She would suck my cock and I would lick her pussy, but for some reason she did not initiate it and I did not push the issue.

On one of the occasions that we were in bed and I was on my back, enjoying myself as she sucked my dick, I felt the need to have her smooth, sweet-tasting pussy in my mouth.

“Mommy, I need your sweet pussy in my mouth. Get up here.” We had never discussed it, but I knew she loved it when I called her mommy and so did I. We were acknowledging the taboo nature of our relationship.

Without allowing my cock to slip out of her mouth, she spun around and threw one of her legs over my head, with her pussy landing right in my face. I was not expecting that. I assumed she was going to spit out my cock and switch positions with me, allowing me to get between her legs to eat out her delicious pussy. I love her scent, it always gets me hard and that day was no different. When she spun around and her cunt land on my face, her scent was just as sweet. I immediately started licking her.

As I started licking her slit and her juices started spilling into my mouth, I savored her pussy in my mouth and the sensation of having my dick sucked simultaneously. It was hard to concentrate on licking her pussy, but I was determined to return the pleasure she was giving me. I was focused on giving her the same orgasm I felt developing in me. I wanted her to cum in my mouth the same way I was about to do to her.

I pushed my head up, pressing my face hard against her pussy as I started licking and sucking her intensely. She started moaning louder and louder, momentarily puasing her sucking to enjoy what I was doing to her, pleading that I not stop, begging that I do it harder. My tongue was directly on her clit and I was flicking it for all I was worth.

“Yes, baby, yes. Please don't stop, lick mommy's pussy. Oh fuck, your mouth is driving me fucking crazy.”

The short breaks she took from sucking my cock gave me a chance to do as she asked. I loved eating her pussy, but there was something different about the way we were positioned. Her pussy was right in my face for me to lick and she was begging me to lick it. I licked that beautiful pussy that had given me life for all I was worth. When she started trembling, showing signs of an impending orgasm, she put her full lips back on my cock and started sucking hard while also stroking my shaft. The moment her juices gushed out of her pussy and onto my face, I felt my balls contracting as I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, never allowing any of it to drip out. That was the most intense orgasm either one of us had experienced since we started our new relationship.

It took us a while to finally calm down. My love for my mom also grew that night. It was sexual love, not romantic love. I did not have any notion in my head that we would some day be husband and wife. We were involved in a taboo relationship between mother and son and we were simply enjoying ourselves. My love was based on wanting to give her the sexual pleasure she had not received since my father's death. I felt it was now my duty and pleasure to sexually satisfy her.

On one occasion, I came home dirty and sweaty from playing basketball. It was on a Saturday. Mom had decided to stay home while I went out with Ryan to play some basketball. We ran for six games before we were beaten by another team. We were both exhausted and I decided to go home to shower and take a long nap. When I got home, mom had just finished showering,standing in front of the mirror and doing whatever it is that girls do after a shower. I said hello and jumped into the shower. With the water feeling nice, I took a little longer than normal before getting out. There, on the bed, was a beautiful surprise waiting for me when I got out.

I came out and caught her lying on her tummy with her naked ass just there for the taking. She had fallen asleep waiting for me. There was no way I was gong to pass this up. I loved running my hands all over her sexy body, but now with her gorgeous ass exposed, I knew what I had to do. I grabbed a bottle of lotion and threw some on my hands. I started massaging her back, taking my time as I ran my hands all over as I pressed hard along her back, trying to give her a proper massage. She slowly woke up and started lightly moaning, telling me how good she felt and what a good job I was doing.

I continued moving down, as I massaged one entire leg before I massaged the other. It was her bubble butt that had first gotten my attention and I was saving that for last. As I massaged the rest of her body, I noticed that she had fallen back to sleep. I took the opportunity to get my hands on her butt cheeks. I often would when I was eating her out, but I'd never had the to chance to just focus solely on her ass and this was my chance.

I poured some lotion into my hands, warmed them up and started rubbing her ass. I briefly put my hands on the back of her thighs as I slowly moved my hands up until they landed on her ass. I squeezed her cheeks softly at first, but the way they felt was incredible. I groped and squeezed harder and harder, enjoying the fullness of her butt cheeks.

“Oh my god, baby. That feels nice. Do you like mommy's ass?” she spread her legs as she asked me, allowing me to see her glistening pussy and her dark little starfish. There was something beautiful about it, something that was pulling me to it. Staying behind her, I went from loving her ass to finger-fucking her. I went from grabbing and squeezing her ass to gently driving my finger into her. I was in no hurry to make her cum, I was simply and gently massaging the inside of her pussy. I must've been going on for close to half an hour when she started squirming, begging that I do it faster and harder. I decided to try and make this the most intense orgasm.

Keeping my fingers from one hand in her pussy, I used the other hand to push one of her cheeks to the side as I licked her tight little dark hole for the first time. She may have lasted at most ten seconds before she screamed out loud as she lost control with her entire body trembling out of control as her pussy drenched the sheets as she came hard. I thought I had broken her because she just laid there breathing heavily and her body would sporadically shake with small aftershocks long after.

When my birthday finally arrived, we went out to dinner with the whole family to celebrate at a restaurant downtown. As always, mom was dressed to kill. She looked hot in a little black dress that only came halfway down her thighs, her ass filled out the dress nicely from behind and showed plenty of cleavage in the front. I am sure some of her brothers and my male cousins were having trouble trying not stare with a stiff dick in their pants. I know I was. The dress was skin tight and showed her slim waist quite nicely. I got very horny as the night went on with my hand on her thigh closest to me, caressing her smooth skin. I wondered if she was wearing any underwear, but never dared to move my hand that far up enough to confirm.

Everyone had a great time. After having dinner, blowing out the candles and eating cake, we wished grandma good night along with everyone else before Mom and I got in our car and made our way home. I was horny and couldn't wait to run my hands all over her gorgeous body. I could only imagine what my hands on her thighs had done to her all night. I am sure she was ready to be finger-fucked or have me eat her out. I was anxious to get home and slurp up her sweet-tasting cunt juices.

On the way home, mom grabbed my hand and brought it up between her legs, my suspicions were confirmed immediately, She was not wearing panties and her pussy was very wet. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, enjoying her pussy. It was drenched and my fingers easily slid into her pussy.

“My god, mom. Your pussy is so wet, I bet you couldn't wait to get out of there so you could have my fingers in your pussy, huh? Is this what you wanted? Your son finger-fucking you?”

“Yeah, baby. Just go nice and slow. Fuck, I love the way your finger's make me feel.”

I was not sure how she was able to concentrate on the road. She was moaning as I fingered her, with her encouraging me to keep going and not to stop.

When we finally drove into the garage, she practically dragged me to her room, turning us around, with me now standing in front of the bed as she undressed me before pushing me down and putting a finger to her mouth, telling me to be quiet. She turned on soft music and asked me if I had enjoyed her outfit while stood in front of me, dancing slowly to the music. I told her how much I and several of her brothers loved the way the dress showed off her body. I was sitting there completely naked as I watched her dance.

“So you think mommy's sexy?”

“Fuck yeah. You look hot! I love the way that dress makes your ass look.”

She turned around and started grinding her ass against my dick. It wasn't the smoothest fabric, but I didn't care. Her ass felt great on my dick. She kept dancing, telling me how my hands on her thigh got her horny and how much she enjoyed me finger-fucking her on the way home. All the dirty talk was getting me hornier as I'm sure she was too. I figured she shouldn't be the only one having fun with all the dirty talk.

“You know, mommy. If we got on the bed and you opened your legs nice and wide for me, I would love to eat your pussy. Can you imagine that, your son licking your smooth little pussy?”

“Oh baby, I love it when you eat mommy's cunt. You make get me so wet.”

She turned around and asked me to help her with the zipper. I briefly stood up to help her before sitting back down. Holding her dress up with one of her hands across her chest, she pulled out her arm from one end before taking out her arm from the other side. Looking at me with a seductive look on her face, she dropped her hands, allowing the top of her dress to fall and expose her big beautiful breasts, the same gorgeous breasts she had been breastfeeding me every night for some time now. She was teasing me and even though I had seen them plenty of times, I never got tired of seeing her tits. I was totally in love with them.

Suddenly, she pulled her hands away and the dress to fall to the floor. She stood before me entirely naked, looking like the goddess that she was, in only high heels. Fuck, her legs looked sexy! She continued swaying her hips for a minute with me just staring, not really knowing what to do. She came closer and started giving me a lap dance. She turned around and bent over, grinding her bare ass against my stiff cock for awhile before turning around and dropping to her knees, taking me deep into her mouth. She bobbed her head slow, to the rhythm of the music. She was obviously teasing me, because if she wanted to make me cum, she knew exactly what to do.

After slowly and sensually sucking my cock for what like forever, she stood up and asked if I was enjoying my birthday present. Obviously, I told her I was loving it. At that point, she climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She looked at me and we started making out. I felt her grab my cock and she started masturbating me slowly, once again just to tease me without making me cum. My mom was on me with her hand on my cock, her tongue in my mouth and my hands enjoying her deliciously round ass. I thought life could not get any better.

However, when she lowered herself and I felt her hot cunt enveloping my cock, I discovered life could get better. I was not entirely sure what was happening, but it felt great. My dick felt like someone was squeezing it tight with a very warm wet hand. Her mouth had given me so many warm and loving blow jobs, but never anything like what I was feeling at that moment. My dick got hotter and hotter as she continued lowering herself on me until my entire dick was in her tight hot cunt. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered ever so softly

“It's time to fuck me, baby. Mommy's been waiting long enough. I need to have your beautiful cock in me.”

These were the words I had longed to hear. The feeling of finally being back in the same warm pussy that I had come from was beyond anything that I had expected. It felt beyond anything I had ever felt, yet it also felt very familiar, like I was where I belonged. She slowly started lifting her hips, allowing her cunt to slide up my cock before she brought it back down.

“Do you like that, baby? Do you like how mommy's pussy feels?” I nodded, not wanting to speak and wake up from this awesome dream.

“Have you been wanting to fuck me, baby? Huh?”

I couldn't find the words to say yes, I couldn't even make the sound to answer her with an 'mm hmm.' All I could do was nod my head. Her hands were on my chest and her cunt was moving up and down my cock and all I could do was watch as it slowly disappear into her pussy. I felt her warmth on every centimetre of my cock, with her slowly taking more and more of me into her. I was losing my virginity to the woman I loved the most in this world, my mom.

She started bouncing on me, throwing her head back as she enjoyed having my cock in her after so many years. The last man she had fucked was my dad and now his son was now fucking her. She bounced on me for a bit before I did what I had been wanting to do, fuck her nice and hard. It was finally happening and all I could do was just lie there and enjoy the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down.

“Suck mommy's breasts, baby. Suck 'em!” Everything was so surreal. I was losing my virginity to one woman in my life that I loved the most. Mom had given me life and raised me mostly by herself. Now she was giving me the most precious birthday gift of all.

I opened my mouth and she brought one of her tits to my mouth. When I felt her nipple on my lips, I closed my mouth and started suckling like a little baby. I latched onto her nipple and enjoyed them as her warm cunt engulfed my dick. Everyone had raved on about sex and about getting laid, but no one had ever described the feeling of a warm tight pussy gliding up and down your dick. That was exactly what was happening to me and best of all, it was my beautiful, hot, sexy-as-fuck mother that pushed herself down to force my dick into her hot, tight pussy.....finally!

Frantically, I alternated between suckling her perfect tits with dark nipples and kissing her. We were now lovers, in all sense of the words. We had finally consummated our relationship after having done everything else. Between desperately kissing each other and sucking on her breast, her hips never stopped pumping, allowing me to fuck her over and over and over. This was my first time and as much as I wanted to enjoy it forever, I soon started feeling my nuts boiling.

I knew I was very close to cumming and the thought of spilling my seed into my mother's unprotected womb had me very excited. Perhaps the biggest of all taboos and against nature's laws, but I was determined to cum in her. When my nuts tightened up and I was very close, I reached down between us and started attacking her clit. I knew her body very well by now and I wanted her to cum with me.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, make me cum, baby, make mommy cum. You're big fat cock feels so good!”

She started shaking and trembling as she slowed down her hips. I reached around her, grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, preventing her from getting away when I came in what felt like gallons. As I pumped my semen straight into her, I held her tight in place as my nuts pumped spurt after spurt hard into her pussy.

“Oh fuck, baby. I can feel you cumming in me. I can feel your cock filling me up with your cum!”

I continued pushing up as I pulled her down to me, pumping more of my seed into her. It felt like this was the longest I had ever cum. I wanted it all to stay in her womb. After my dick went limp and fell out of her pussy, I felt only a bit of my cum dripping out. Afterwards, Mom rolled over and laid next to me, both of us completely exhausted.

When I woke up early the next morning, I looked over and could not get over the fact that I had finally fucked this goddess laying next to me. She was now more than just my beautiful mother, she was now my beautiful lover. She laid there naked, sleeping peacefully with her hair disheveled and her stunning naked body with her lovely breasts and smooth little pussy exposed.

Very slowly, trying not to wake her up, I climbed on top of her and started kissing her neck. In her sleep, she started moaning as I kissed, licked and sucked on her neck. She always loved it when I did this to her.

After awhile, I slowly started kissing my way down from her neck to her chest between her breasts before I gently started licking her nipples. It was early and we had all day. I took my time as I licked first her nipples and felt them getting hard before I licked all around, licking all around her firm breasts.

“Mmmm.....I love it when you do that.”

I continued licking her breasts as she started waking up. She opened her legs and wrapped them around me as my cock pointed straight at her cunt. She asked me to kiss her, telling me that her pussy was wet and waiting for me.

“Baby, you got me really wet the way you woke me up. . I need you to fuck mommy, baby. I need you in me.”

I wasted no time in reaching down for my hard as a rock cock and lined up to her pussy. I could not wait. When my cock was in position, I pushed forward and did not stop until I bottomed out. My pelvis pushed against hers and my nuts were on her ass. I held that position for a second to enjoy the warmth of my mother's cunt before pulling out and pushing back in. Instincts took over as I started pumping my cock into her pussy. It's instinctual for a man to fuck a woman when his cock is in her and at that moment, my cock was in my mom's cunt.

My hips started doing what came natural and I started fucking my mom. I started off slow, to get her started before I started fucking her hard. My hips were pressing hard against her and my cock was punishing her pussy, pounding her hard over and over and over. I came earlier, so my hope was that I would last longer this time. As we fucked, pushing my cock hard into her, I discovered how much she loved to fuck. She started moaning at first, but as I aggressively started fucking her, she started screaming, which only got me more excited.

“Uhh, uhhh, uhh....fuck me, baby, fuck me....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I was no longer making love to my mom, I was fucking this beautiful, sexy, extremely horny woman that was begging me to fuck her, begging me not to stop as the sounds of our bodies slapping against each other resonated across the room. I kept pushing myself hard into her, doing my best to please her, hoping that she would want me to fuck her again when all this was over. Little did I know that it was just the beginning of our sexual relationship. Long after I got married, this pussy would still be mine.

I was pounding hard into her, giving her all of me as I laid on her with her tits squished between us, kissing her and grabbing her full firm ass. God I love her ass. But, as much as I pushed in, I felt the need to have more of myself in her. I pulled out without warning and flipped her around before pulling her up onto her knees and driving my cock back into her wet cunt. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me as I pushed hard into her. That was what I needed. All of my cock was now in her, I was giving her all of me and her screams told me she loved it.

“Mmmmm.......mmmmmm......uhhhhhhhh.....uhhhhhh...oh fuck, oh fuck....fuck me, baby...fuck mommy's pussy....fuck mommy's pussy”

I was fucking mommy's pussy as hard as I could. I was where so many of my friends and male teachers dreamed of being. Her cunt was the perfect sheath for my dick that it felt so natural holding her hips as I stabbed her with my love. The whole experience was wild as I continued pushing in as hard as possible as I pulled her back to me, over and over and over. I felt the familiar tingle in my nuts and I held on to her as I pushed my cock in as deep as possible as I pumped my seed deep into her womb – I was claiming her as mine, marking her pussy as mine.

I was completely exhausted by this point. I had been a good boy by royally fucking my mother and her pussy was now mine. I loved her as my mom, but we were now also lovers. I would fuck her again and again and again many times over.
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