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A simple game of spin the bottle changes a teenagers life forever.
My hand trembled slightly as I reached forward towards the green bottle sat on the floor in the middle of our make shift circle. I looked around at the faces seated around me, it was finally my turn and I knew whom I wanted to land on, Jordynn Hart. She was the girl of any teenage boys dreams, her body very much developed ahead of our classmates, the ideal image of the girl next door. Blonde braided hair, blue eyes, sun kissed skin, beautiful smile. A slim body, nice full chest and a small firm ass. What I would do for it to land in her.

I took hold of the bottle and spun it. It seemed to spin at such a rate at first but then as it slowed it seemed to slow down time. I watched as it passed Jordynn, then again, then as it slowed it was turning towards her. My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing, I held my breath as the bottle came to a stop.

“Oh Jamie you got Jordynn” Demi announced.

My cock stirred in my pants as I involuntary licked my lips. Jordynn smiled briefly as she leaned forward onto her hands and knees. I did the same as we met in the middle. I had no idea what I was doing as this was very new territory to me.

It lasted less than five seconds. Her lips very lightly touched mine before they were gone again. Even with this brief encounter my lips were on fire.

“What the hell was that?” Riley burst out.

“What?” Jordynn shrugged, I kissed him.

“Aww come on that wasn’t a kiss. I know he’s my brother but geez.” She went on.

Yeah Riley was my sister, well step sister. She was the reason why I was here at Demi’s party. Well this was now the after party, the main party had already ended and a lot of people sent home. We had a good relationship and she definitely helped with my social standing. She was pretty hot in her own right. A geeks wet dream. She was real book smart and often did cosplay. She nailed Lara Croft. She had the body for it and hair mind you. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, long slender body with ample chest and round hips with a plump ass. Yes I’ve perved on my sister.

“Ugh fine” Jordynn rolled her eyes and moved back to me. I felt the palm of her hand on my burning cheeks as her lips met mine again. This time it wasn’t brief. Her lips pressed against mine as they opened and I felt her tongue brush against me. I parted my lips as her tongue ever so quickly swirled against mine before it retreated. Her lips smacked against mine several more times before she pulled away.

“Better?” She shot at my sister.

“Knew you had it in you” my sister said to her before she flashed me a wink.

We played on. I didn’t get any luck as the bottle didn’t land on me with any of the girls, it had just missed me when my buddy Tyler had spun the bottle. It had landed on Demi who was sat next to me. The other guys Brody and Spencer were a bit more lucky. I wasn’t sure if the girls would make the guys kiss as a couple of times the girls have kissed. Including Jordynn kissing her friend Natalia. Natalia was a Hispanic girl with black hair and dark make up. Not going to lie she was a bit intimidating and also super hot. Biggest tits here as well.

By this point it was fair to say pre cum was coating my boxers. The next one to go was my sister Riley, she spun the bottle and we all watched as it slowed right down at the girl next to me, Olivia. It didn’t stop at her.

“Ooooooo Riley you got Jamie!!”

“No way” I breathed.

“I’m not kissing my brother” Riley announced.

“Why you scared?” Jordynn teased her.

“Pfft hardly” Riley rolled her eyes. “Maybe the fact he’s my brother?”

“Yeah but aren’t you guys like step siblings or something, so it doesn’t really count.” Jordynn went on.

“Eh still not really the point” Riley argued back.

“It’s ok if your chicken…” Jordynn goaded her.

Riley gave what sounded like a growl as she scowled at Jordynn before leaning over towards me.

“Surely not?” I whispered to her.

“Don’t make me a fool!”

As much as Jordynn was the girl of my dreams, her and Riley didn’t get on great. I couldn’t let her down.

“Fine” I sighed as I leaned forward towards her.

That was the first time I had kissed my sister and holy hell it did something to me. Our lips smacked together and her tongue brushed against my lips but wasn’t as adventurous as Jordynn’s. I don’t know how long it exactly lasted but it was amazing.

“That was kinda hot” Demi muttered.

“It was ok” Jordynn mumbled.

“Damn dude” Tyler whispered.

“Right let’s not make this awkward” Riley said as she sat back down and I did the same. “Who’s next?”

“Leia is” Demi announced. Leia being Riley’s bestie. She was a petite red headed girl. She might not have been the hottest to me but she was still a really good looking girl. I wouldn’t deny her a kiss anyway.

I was on cloud nine, it was a weird feeling though. I was super happy with getting to kiss Jordynn but there was something inside me that enjoy kissing Riley just as much.

It came to my shot and with more confidence I took hold of the bottle and spun it. I watched as it spun and spun and spun and then slowed. At first I thought it was going to land on myself which would mean a re spin but it edged passed me and ended on Demi.

“You’ve got the star of the show” she grinned as she twisted towards me. I did the same and we kissed. It was quite sloppy as her tongue instantly forced its way into my mouth but I wasn’t complaining. It was my longest kiss yet but not my favourite.

We broke the kiss and returned our attention to the group.

“I need a drink” Jordynn announced as she got up and headed for bar. We were in Demi’s family basement which her dad had converted into a proper party place. It had a flat screen TV, music system, home made bar and sofas. It was great for hosting.

“Me too” Olivia added as she scurried after her bestie.

“I need the toilet” I said as I got up. I tried to quickly adjust the bulge in my pants when I stood and tried to hide it which was hard as Demi was right next to me at eye level.

I excused myself and headed up the stairs. I made my way to the guest bathroom which was on the ground floor of the two story house. I got in and shut the door, I quickly unfastened my jeans and pulled my cock out. I sighed in relief at the freedom gained. My cock was hard and rigid, the head glistened with pre cum.

I needed to get rid of this before I rejoin the others. I tried to pee but the tank was empty. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on anything non sexual. I couldn’t help myself and took hold of it and began to stroke. The last hour coming back to me and the feeling of their lips on mine flooded my mind. I groaned in delight as I worked my shaft.

I was completely lost in the moment when the door opened and Demi slipped in closing the door behind her.

“Demi what the fuck?” I tried to pulled my jeans and boxers back up.

“Holy shit, who knew you were hiding such a weapon.” Her eyes glued to my crotch.

“Demi I….”

“Sshhh” she hushed me. “I saw the bulge in your pants but didn’t imagine it being this big.” She stepped forward and with ease moved my hands away and took hold of my cock. I groaned in pleasure at her touch.

Demi grinned as her hand began to move up and down with my cock.

“I won’t last long” I breathed.

“Turn around” she told me and guided me to face towards the toilet. “Let me” she said as she now pressed her body against mine. Her hand working faster.

“Fuck” I groaned as her hand moved with purpose.

“God I can feel it pulsing in my hand” she whispered.

Moments later my body tensed as rope after rope of cum spurted out of my cock. Some of it made it into the toilet but a lot sprayed across the back.

“Oh wow what a load, all from kissing me.”

I didn’t want to correct her but this was hot as fuck.

She slowed her movements before pulling her hands away.

“We should totally do that again! I’m going to head back, you get cleaned up and I’ll see you back down there.” She gave me a tender kiss on the cheek before slipping back out.

“Holy fuck” I gasped as I composed myself. I quickly cleaned up, got redressed and headed back to the party.

“Great idea coming here dude” Tyler said to me.

“Would have been even better without Brody and Spencer being here.” He added.

“I know right. Spencer has been all over Jordynn.” I eyed up the dark haired flashy prep guy standing talking to Jordynn.

“Don’t worry man, he’s not got a chance” he patted my shoulder.

“Ok guys I’ve got an idea.” Demi announced. “We are going to change the game a little.”

“To what?” Natalia asked.

“Seven minutes in heaven.”

“Really Demi?” Natalia said.

“What? Ups the ante from just a quick kiss.” Demi said her gaze flashing at me.

“Sounds like fun” Riley said winking at her friend.

“Yeah why not” Leia agreed.

“There’s a catch though” Demi added. “It’s not just seven minutes in the closet. You get a room to yourself for thirty minutes.”

“One spin each until everyone has a partner.”

“So we only get one partner for thirty minutes and that’s it?” Jordynn said.

“Not scared are you?” My sister teased her.

“No!l she replied bluntly.

“Goody shall we start? Unless anyone else objects?”

“Dude, this could be your chance to get thirty minutes alone with Jordynn!” He nudged me.

I couldn’t hide my smile as we all sat back down again.

“Anyone want to go first?” Demi asked.

“I will” Riley said.

My sister leaned forward and spun the bottle. We all watched as it landed on my sisters friend Leia.

“Oh hey girl” Leia smirked as she and my sister got up and went to sit on one of the sofas.

“Next?” Demi asked.

“I’ll go” Brody spoke up.

Brody took his turn and it landed on Olivia, who blushed. Brody jumped up and helped Olivia up as they went over to an other sofa awaiting the end of the game.

“Right” Natalia said as she jumped in and took her turn. It ended up on Tyler. I could see her disappointment but he couldn’t hide his grin.

“Well may as well keep the order, boy next?” Demi said.

Before I had the chance to speak Spencer reached forward and spun the bottle. I took a slow breath in and held it as I watched the bottle spin. It was going to be either down to Jordynn or Demi. This was my best chance to make a move on Jordynn and ask her out. Again as the bottle slowed down, it felt like slow motion was kicking in again. I stared on as the bottle came to a stop at….

“Spencer you get Jordynn, which means I get Jamie.” Demi said with glee.

The smug look on his face made me want to punch him.

“Ok guys have fun” Demi stood up and took my hand. “Follow me.” She told me as I was dragged behind her. She took me through her house until we ended up in her bedroom. It was pink and very girly. She pushed me in and closed the door behind her, locking it.

“Wouldn’t want anyone walking in on us” she grinned.

“Well the last time it worked in my favour” I smirked.

“Aren’t you the funny one and a big one” she raised an eyebrow as she eyed up my crotch. “Think you’ve got another one in the tank?”

“Oh I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Good” Demi said as she closed the gap between us. Her body quickly pressing against mine as we kissed for the second time that night.

Again it was sloppy like before, it was hurried. It still managed to get me going though. My cock quickly grew in my pants as it strained against my boxers.

Demi’s tongue swirled around mine as her hand found my crotch. She moaned in our kiss as she grabbed my bulge. I groaned with pleasure at her touch.

“Mmmm you certainly feel ready.”

She lunged back into kiss as her hand gripped my cock harder. I let my hands roam down her body and went straight to her round ass. There was certainly enough for a handful each. It was her turn to groan into the kiss as I squeezed her ass checks.

We kissed for a little bit longer before she guided me over to her bed.

“Let’s see that cock again” she said as she basically pushed me back onto her bed. She fell to her knees before me and went straight to fishing out my cock. Moments later for the second time my hard cock was back in Demi’s hands.

“God it’s just as hard as before.”

I remained silent as Demi began to stroke up and down my length. It wasn’t as pleasurable as earlier as she tugged quite hard. She did this for several minutes before I felt her warm wet mouth cover the head of my cock. Her head quickly bobbed up and down as she noisily slurped away.

“Fuck” I breathed as she took most of my length inside her mouth.

I gathered up her burgundy dyed hair as I watched on. Not that I was an expert myself in this area but I’m not sure Demi has given many blowjobs. I could feel her teeth now and again scratch down my shaft as she sucked me. Don’t get me wrong I was still loving it and wasn’t going to tell her to stop.

Her mouth continued to move up and down my shaft as it became slicker with her saliva. She went on for several more minutes before she stood up.

She had on a one shoulder pink dress which she slipped off her shoulder and then proceeded to pull the dress down her body. She bent down to take it completely off and as she straightened back up I was greeted with the full site of her. Demi was now only wearing a matching pink floral bra and panties combo. My cock involuntary twitched at the site which gained a giggle from her.

“Like what you see?” She posed in front of me.

“Who wouldn’t” I told her truthfully. She had a decent sized chest which was squeezed together in her bra. She had an hourglass figure as her hips widened back out and showing off her round ass.

“Let’s get you out of those clothes too.” She reached forward and tugged my jeans and boxers off. She struggled to get them off as I still had my shoes on which she forcibly took off as well. I simply watched on, happy to let Demi to take the lead. Demi then pulled my t shirt off leaving me naked on her bed.

“Not bad Jamie” she said eyeing me up and down.

“Not bad yourself” I replied lamely.

She blushed a little before reaching up behind her and unclasping her bra. I’ve seen tits before but never been this close. Demi caught me staring.

“You can touch them?”

I didn’t reply but reached forward and squeezed her soft mounds in my hands. Demi groaned at my touch as her eyes closed and mouth fell open with a gasp.

“I love it when I play with my tits.”

I play with them a little more before I looped my arm around her back and pulled her into me, immediately sucking her nipple into my mouth. My cock was absolutely rock hard, I’ve never gone this far with a girl before. I could feel the pre chum oozing out and leaking down my sleek cock.

“Mmm you know how to make a girl feel good” Demi groaned as she sucked her tit further into my mouth. My tongue lashing against her hard little nub.

Demi’s hand held my head firmly as I see her play with her free tit with her own hand. I make a move with my hand on her back and slide it down to her ass. It’s soft to the touch and I squeeze it firmly with my hand.

“Uh god Jamie” Demi moaned as her body pressed more against me.

I was loving the feeling and experience of exploring my first female body but my cock was starting to strain in pain for release. As much as I felt Demi was up for anything, I was too nervous to make the move and felt more confident letting her dictate things.

My wishes were granted minutes later.

“Do you have protection?” She almost whispered.

I pulled away from her in an almost fear like state, “shit no I don’t!!”

My heart began to race, I knew I was coming to Demi’s party tonight but I never imagined getting this lucky. My chances of having sex for the first time are quickly flying away.

“I have some” she breathed.

“Thank fuck” I whispered inwardly.

Demi pulled away and I reluctantly let her go. I was very much enjoying touching her and getting reactions from her but I was ready to loose my virginity.

Demi walked over to her bedside table and opened the small top drawer. She turned back to me with the small square packet in her hand.

“My ex boyfriend was a little smaller than you but it should still fit. How you used one before?”

I could feel my cheeks flush bright red and I averted my gaze, “no” I simply replied.

“Jamie? Are you a virgin?” There wasn’t malice on her voice.

“Don’t laugh…”

“Why would I laugh?” She chuckled. “I’m surprised more than anything, I mean if the other girls knew what you had between your legs then you wouldn’t be one.”

“You aren’t bothered?”

“Oh baby no, it’s ok, we are going to change that anyway. Stand up for me.”

I did as I was told and stood up next to her bed. Demi came over and kneeled down before me. She tore the silver packet open and took the condom out. With a little effort she got the condom on as like she said it was a little smaller for me.

“Now I’m going to lie down, you get on top and get between my legs.”

Demi stood up and took off her panties before she climbed on the bed. Nervously I followed.

We got ourselves into position as I held myself up by my arms above her.

“Now I will guide you in but then it’s onto you!”

I nodded as I looked down as watched as she took hold of my cock and pulled and guided me towards her. I lowered my hips as I felt my covered cock touch her. Moments later I felt the head of my cock enter her warmth.

“Fuck” she gasped as she let go. “Ok sink down now.”

I did as I was told and sank my hips towards her.

“Holy shit” she breathed as I felt her hot pussy for the first time. I pushed my cock as far as I could and held myself there. I tried to hold back a grin as I waved goodbye to my virginity.

“God you are big Jamie, give me a second then I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!”

“Ok” I simply said and awaited her signal. When it came I started to pump my hips.

Holy fuck this was easily one of the best feelings of my life. Masturbating is great but this is fucking amazing.

I look down at the sexy body of Demi, whose mouth is wide open as she moans in pleasure. I’m spurred on and fuck her with all my might.

“Fuck yes Jamie, fuck fuck fuck” she cries.

I grunt in effort as I slide in and out. Her legs are hooked around me as her hands hold her bouncing tits.

I wished this could last forever but there was no chance of that. I pushed on harder and moments later I sank into her as I came hard into the condom.

I groaned loudly as Demi screamed out as I filled the condom.

Guilt began to rush through me, followed by embarrassment. It must have only been a few minutes. I slowly pulled out of her and sank back onto the bed.

“Sorry” I murmured as I looked down at the condom that was hanging low from my cock, the end over filled with cum.

“Huh?” She panted.

“Sorry it was so quick.”

“Oh honey, we aren’t finished!” She sat up and kissed me deeply on the lips, her tongue exploring my mouth.

“We’ve got the first one of the way.”

She looked down at my cock and almost as expertly as she had put it on, she took off the condom without spilling anything. She tied it up and tossed it in a bin.

“Unless you don’t want to go again?” She cocked her eyebrow at me, with a wry smile.

“Definitely” I said lamely to which she giggled.

We kissed again for a while as she coaxed my cock back to full strength. She wrapped it again in another condom but this time I lay on my back and she got on top of me.

What an experience to watch this beauty riding me. She was no Virgin and knew how to ride a cock. I lasted a lot longer this time and after she rode me I fucked her on all fours before I came just as hard. This time Demi came too, it was only confirmed to me by her vocal shouting.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming” she cried which was what really sent me over the edge.

Again I sank back onto the bed but this time in a much happier mood and a grin on my face.

Demi was now laying on her back as I watched her breasts slowly rise and fall with her breathing.

“Not bad at all Jamie” she said.

“Glad I came to your party.”

“Me too!”

We sat for several more minutes before this time I removed the condom doing the same as Demi. We both stood up and got dressed.

She didn’t say anything as she kissed me again. This one was just as passionate and hungry as before but a little more tender.

“Let’s go back downstairs, that’s surely been about thirty minutes” She took my hand and led me back down to the basement.

When we get back down there’s only three people there. My sister, Leia and Tyler. My sister and Leia cozy on one sofa and Tyler on an other chatting away with them. The chatting stops as we enter their eyeline.

“Welcome back you two” Riley says with a grin. “I can see you two had fun!”

My cheeks burned red again as Demi replied “Where is everyone else?”

I caught eyes with Tyler who had a massive grin on his face and winked at me.

“They all left after the thirty minutes.” My sister replied.

“It’s only been thirty minutes though?” Demi stated a little shocked.

The three of them began to laugh as Leia now spoke up “it’s been close to a hour!”

“No way” Demi replied.

“My man” Tyler burst out.

“Time flies when you are having fun” Riley said to Demi but winked at me.

Demi and I both blushed as she joined the girls on their sofa and I sat next to Tyler.

“You lucky bastard” he nudged me as soon as I sat down.

“What can I say” I smugly replied with a shrug.

“How did it go with Natalia?” I quickly asked, hopefully shifting the focus away from me.

“To be honest it was awesome until you came back” he laughed.

“What happened like?” I asked.

“Well she wasn’t too keen to begin with but with a little charm we made out and then she gave me a handjob with her tits out. Was pretty fantastic. Would have loved to fuck her though.” He grinned.

“Bet you would” I nudged him back.

“So what happened between you and Demi?”

“We had sex” I lamely replied.

“Yeah no shit, what happened?”

“I’m not saying when she’s right there!” I harshly whispered to him.

“Fine” he huffed. “Hey Demi, how was my man in the sack?”

“What the fuck Tyler?” I spat at him.

“What” he shrugged defensively.

“Yeah how was my brother in the sack?” Riley asked.

“Riley?” I turned shocked at her.

Demi was blushing but not as red hot as I was.

“He was not bad” Demi spoke out, a slight twinkle in her eye towards me.

“Not bad?” Tyler said “no way, I know he would be better than ‘not bad’!” He imitated Demi voice at the end.

“Oh wow is that the time, I need to go” I stood up “and you’re coming with me” I pulled Tyler up with me.

I walked right for the stairs and headed up, I heard Tyler call behind me. “Great party Demi, we had a great time, I know you did!”

‘I’m gonna kill him’ I said to myself.

“What the fuck was that?” I shouted at him when we got out on the street.

“What?” He shrugged again.

“That was embarrassing as fuck!”

“Dude, you lost your virginity! It’s a time to celebrate” he smiled.

I couldn’t be mad at him, he was right after all. My expression softened.

“See, there his is. How was it?”

“Pretty fucking amazing to be honest. Admittedly I came really quick the first time.”

“First time?” He asked shocked.

“Yeah we had sex twice!”

“MY MAN” he hugged me.

In most societies it’s special for a woman to loose her virginity to someone she cares about. For guys it’s a glorious moment and they often don’t care with whom. An extra bonus that it was someone as hot as Demi.

Tyler took me home in his red Ford F-150, not a bad truck for an eighteen year old I know.

It was really late by the time I was home so Mom and Dad would be well asleep. They were pretty relaxed with rules and restrictions. They were once teenagers so know how we think and operate. As long as we didn’t take the piss and had an open book, honest relationship with them then they were pretty cool about most things. They knew we were at Demi’s house party so didn’t expect us home too early. Riley was staying over anyway.

“How was last night buddy?” Dad asked me as I joined him and mom at the breakfast table in the morning.

“Was ok thanks” I shrugged but struggled to hide my grin as I sat down.

“I see that grin!” He beamed, “who was she then?”

“Derick!” Mom swatted dad.

“Hey I’m only asking the boy if he had a good time!” He winked at me on the last part.

“You and I know exactly what you are up too. Now if our son did indeed spend time with a young lady last night, I hope to the heavens that he was safe and smart.” There was a mutual understanding in the room. My face didn’t hide facts they knew I had sex but didn’t need to say it.

“Yes mother, I was” I told her.

“Good, now would you like extra eggs with your bacon and sausage?”

“Yes please.”

Mom was like that straight laced and not overbearing. Dad on the other hand, I could see him itching to ask more questions.

“So who was she?” He asked in a hushed voice.

“Unless you want a pan across your head you won’t ask our son anymore questions about last night?” Mom said without turning around.

“Ugghh” dad sighed like a teenager. Then he grew a devilish smile.

“So Jamie, what are your plans for today? Going to meet any one special…. Ow ow ow” he cried out as mum smacked him with a dish towel.

I could tell she wasn’t hitting him hard or with any malice, there was a smile on her face too that she was finding it humorous. Dad was smiling too.

After his malicious beat down the conversation flowed like normal and mom joined us.

It was afternoon time by the time Riley returned home. As I said our parents trusted us so she didn’t get the third degree. I was in my room playing on my games console when she knocked on my door.

“Come in” I called.

“Hey bro, what you playing?” She said as she came and sat on my bed.

“Nothing special” I replied as I paused the game and turned to face her on my bean bag.

“Nice sleepover” I grinned at her.

“Was ok” she smirked, “Demi has a massive crush on you now!”

“Does she now?” I tried to play it cool but I could feel my cheeks burn a little as a giddy feeling danced in my stomach. I’ve never really had a girl have a crush on me before.

“Yeah, she wouldn’t stop talking about you.”


“Yes really, it’s kinda cute to see someone gushing over you.”

I didn’t know what to say, I was a little embarrassed by her honesty, as nice as it was.

“What was she saying?” My curiosity coming through.

“Just about how cute and handsome you are, good looking, funny, strong and how big you are.”

The last part totally threw me off. How big I was, like did she tell them about the sex.


“She talked about how it was your first time and how natural you are.”

“Riley I…”

“Don’t worry bro, I knew you were a virgin before tonight, it’s cool. It’s kinda sweet actually. I like Demi and I’m glad she was your first.” She said sincerely.

“You are?”

“Yeah course” she smiled broadly. “She’s hot, you’re hot. Make a cute couple!”

Did my sister just call me hot?

“She wanted me to give you her number and you’ve to call her sometime.” Riley then handed me a piece of paper with indeed Demi’s phoned number it with;

‘I had a lot of fun, call me sometime, kisses Demi’ with a love heart next to it.

“Are you sure?”

“Sure about what?”

“Sure that you don’t mind me seeing one of your best friends?”

“Of course not, I want to see you happy bro and I think Demi will be good for you. Especially with all the activities you two got up too on your first night.” She threw me a wink that told me that Demi had told her everything.

Again I could feel my cheeks burning.

“Anyway, I’ll leave you to it” she said as she hopped off my bed.

“Later bro” she waved behind her as she left my room. I wordlessly waved back as I looked down at the piece of paper.

A few hours later I could hear my name being called as I was summoned down stairs, joining beside Riley who was already there.

“Ok there’s money on the counter for dinner” Mom began as dad helped her on with her coat. I must admit even at my moms age she still looked amazing and she looked even better all dressed up.

“Your father and I are going out for a date night tonight. You both know the rules!” She wagged her fingers at the both of us.

“Yes Mom” we both answered in union.

“No parties please” she added.

“Wouldn’t dream of it” Riley smiled.

“Good now you are both in charge so please behave” she said as she hugged us both warmly and kissed us on the forehead.

“If you do have any parties, make sure they bring extra booze.” Dad joked which earned him a hard whack from Mom.

We waved our parents off before we retreated to our large family room.

“Pizza cool with you?” Riley asked.

“Yeah I’m good with that” I agreed. “When you want to order?”

“I’m pretty hungry now?”

“Cool I’ll get it ordered then.”

We sat and mindlessly watched tv, talking a little until the door went about a hour later.

“Up for watching a movie with me?” Riley asked as we sat down in front of the tv.

“Yeah sure, what you want to watch.”

“I’ve got one in mind, think you’ll like it” she replied without looking at me and proceeded to search for it and stuck it on.

When she found it, she didn’t say anything but as I read and saw what it was. A lot of questions started firing into my head. I haven’t seen the film but I’ve heard of it. It’s a romantic film but i’ve heard its very visual with lots of sex scenes.

“This ok?” She ask nonchalantly.

“Um yeah sure, I’ve not seen it before.” I said before I took a bite of pizza.

“I have, you’ll like it” she flashed me a grin.

About thirty minutes into the film and I was feeling super uncomfortable. My dick had been hard for the last ten minutes and I was doing my best to hide it with the pizza box. I looked over at Riley and she was intently watching, to my surprise her left hand was down between her legs.

‘What the fuck’ I thought to myself, was she playing with herself? I tried to concentrate on the film but I found myself constantly glancing over at Riley. My dick was rock hard now.

I could hear very soft moans coming from her direction as her body shifted around slightly.

Eventually the film ended and I wanted to run to my room and masturbate furiously but if I stood up, Riley would notice my erection for sure. My pants were tight fitted and she would easily see the outline.

“Mmm that was a good film” she said with a slight moan. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah it was good.”

“God it was more than good.” She stood up and before I could react walked over and took the pizza box away. I pulled my legs up onto the sofa to try and hide the tent in my pants as Riley took the pizza boxes through to the kitchen.

When she came back I was surprised that she now sat on the same sofa as me as during the movie she had sat on the other sofa across from me.

“I have to be honest Jamie.” She said not looking at me. “I put that film on for a reason.”

“I had fun last night at Demi’s party and enjoyed myself. When we played spin the bottle and had to kiss, I liked it. I enjoyed it. Then when we all coupled up and you went with Demi and I hung out with Leia. We made out and fooled around a little.” Her body shifted as almost like remembering the moment.

“Then when we stayed over with Demi she wouldn’t stop gushing about you. She told us in detail about what the pair of you got up too. She also describe how well equipped you are.” She trailed off as her gaze was drawn to my crotch.

“Riley, why… why are you telling me all this?”

“Ever since we kissed, I’ve wanted to do it again. Then Demi talking all about you, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Riley do you know what are you saying?”

“Jamie I…. I want you…”

I was stunned. Where the hell, what the fuck, is she serious, is she mental? So many thoughts raced through my head. What do I even say.

“You want me?” I found myself saying.

“Yes, I’m super horny and it’s been a while since I’ve been laid.” She tells me.

“Surely there’s some guy you could go hook up with?”

“I could but I don’t want too. Like I said I liked it when we kissed and I want to do it again.”

“Riley I don’t know…”

“Just one kiss, If you don’t like it or enjoy it I’ll leave you alone and never talk about it again.” She was looking directly into my eyes. I could feel myself melting away at her gaze.

I didn’t answer right away. Last night was fun and nothing serious but admittedly I did enjoy kissing her and do want to do it again but this could be a dangerous road. A road siblings shouldn’t go down. I debated it but I found the answer easy.

“Ok, just one wouldn’t hurt” I responded.

Riley smiled as she moved closer to me, I dropped my gaze to her lips as she closed in. I don’t know why but I was nervous. I was shaking a little. Excitement rushing through me.

I closed my eyes as she was inches away. The kiss was a tender one at first. It sent thrills through me. She didn’t pull away and nor did I. I didn’t want too, her lips slightly parted first and mines soon followed. Moments later we were making out. My sisters tongue inside of my mouth and I was happily accepting it. Her hands found me and I reached for her, instinctively pulling her towards me.

Our breathing was heavy as our bodies now merged together, my arms wrapped around her waist as and she linked them around my neck. I was lost in time, I’ve never kissed so many girls in the passed couple of days in my life but this was something else.

We eventually broke apart as I took a deep breath in. Riley’s eyes were still closed.

“Oh Jamie, that was even better than last night.” She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Riley that was… incredible.”

“You enjoyed it then?” She grinned.

“You know I did” I confessed.

Wordlessly we embraced again. This time she climbed on top of me and straddled my waist. Her crotch instantly pressing against me.

“Oh my god, you feel so hard!” She breathed.

“I’ve been hard for ages, watching you!” I tell her.

“I couldn’t help touching myself, got a bit worked up.” Riley started to kiss me again with hunger.

We made out for I don’t know how long but the longer it went the longer I wanted it to last but I was needing more. My cock was actually aching in pain. Her weight against it wasn’t helping at all.

Riley broke the kiss and simply told me to follow her as she got off of me and pulled me by my arm. She practically ran to her room. Her door was slammed and she tossed me towards the bed.

“Get naked” she ordered me. I did as I was told. Seconds later I was standing naked in front of my equally naked sister. Fuck she was hot. As I said before she has a great body, slender and curved in the right places. Her tits were nice, big and sitting high. My cock now standing fully at attention pointing towards her.

“Demi wasn’t lying” she said, cocking an eyebrow. She walked towards me, her eyes fixed on my cock. She reached out and touched it and it involuntarily twitched. The head glistening in pre cum.

“Fuck” she breathed, her fingers wrapping around the rigid shaft and squeezing. Her eyes widened at the hard resistance.

“It felt big through pants but this is impressive.” Her eyes still fixed down at my exposed man meat. Her nimble fingers still wrapped around it and stroking it slowly.

“I think we can skip the foreplay” she said as led me over to the bed and guided for me to lie down. She clambered on top of me and quickly got into position.

“I’m more than ready for this.”

“Wait I don’t have a condom” I held my hand up in protest.

“Aww don’t worry Jamie, unlike Demi, I’m on the pill so it’s ok” she told me as she hovered herself above me. I could feel the heat of her pussy as it brushed against the head of my cock. I don’t think I would ever not get excited for sex. Moments later my sister lowered herself onto me and my cock slid inside her.

“Fuccckkk” we both groaned in unison as we crossed a barrier that could never be mended. The whole taboo situation made it so much more erotic. My sister, was now riding my cock and I was loving it. My cock was pulsating inside her and the swaying of her hips grinding against me felt phenomenal.

“Oh my god” Riley moaned as her body slowly raised up and down on top of me. There was no great speed to us and that suited me fine. Her pussy was gripping me tight and if she went fast I wouldn’t last long.

“Oh Jamie” her hands caressing her body as she savoured the feeling of my cock deep in her sex.

My hands resting on her upper thighs, near her hips as I too enjoyed the sensational feeling and the softness of her skin.

“This is amazing Jamie but I can’t take it” she told me as she now started fucking me faster. Her hips lifting up and bouncing down as my shaft slid in and out of her.

“Fuck” I groaned as my sister continued to impale herself on my manhood.

“Demi was right” she moaned, “you do feel really good, like really good.”

“Uh fuck Riley” I groaned.

The fact that my sister was fucking me and talking about another girl was all very new territory for me and I was loving it. Riley was so beautiful, sexy and amazing. I loved her as a sister but in the moment I found a new love for her.

She continued to bounce on top of me with pace and my end was drawing ever closer. I didn’t want this first time together to end so soon.

“Riley I’m gonna… cummmmm” it sprang on me with surprise as I gripped my sisters flesh and rammed myself up into her. My cock erupting deep inside her sex as my cum flooded out.

“Ugghh holy shit” she cried as my hips pumped the last drops of cum out. Her legs squeezing either side of me as she slammed her hands down on my chest.

I then released my grip and sank into the bed with a low sigh. Her body still tightly locked to mine.

“That was…”

“I know I’m sorry” I blurted out.

“Amazing!” She shuddered slightly. “You came inside me so much, I can still feel how hard your cock is!”

It was true, when I’ve came before I would normally start to deflate quickly after coming but I could feel it myself I was still hard. Like rock hard inside my sister’s pussy who now began to grind against me. Slowly gyrating.

“I’m still hard” I said dumbly in disbelief.

“Well I may have had something to do with that.” She smirked, her eyes closed and her hands still on my chest.

“What do you mean?” I asked naively.

“Ssshhhh” she held her index finger against my lips as her hips began to bounce again, faster this time. “Just enjoy this brother, don’t worry about finishing first.”

My inner gears clicked together and I realised what she meant. She must have slipped something into my drink when we had the pizzas. To be honest it didn’t bother me one bit, this was for both our mutual benefits and right now I was reaping the rewards.

I let Riley slowly ride me and let her control the speed. I again caressed her thighs. In that moment it felt like we were making love. A whole new admiration for my sister filled me as I saw her in new light. As I looked at her an urge inside me took over and I took hold of her hips. I raised her up off the bed slightly and began to fuck her with force.

“Oh uh uh yessss Jamie” she cried in the sudden change of pace.

She tried to hold onto me for balance but I took full control and her arms just fell at her sides.

I looked at her face the entire time I fucked her. It was plastered in ecstasy as her mouth hung open as short gasps escaped.

“Oh my god, yes fuck me, fuck meeeee” she squealed as her body went rigid and I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock.

“Shit” I hissed through my teeth as I watched my sister cum on my cock. It was a site I will never forget and one I’m hoping I will see again.

Once she had come back down from her high and somewhat regained her senses she fell to the side of me and before I knew what was happening my cock was disappearing into her mouth.

“Uh fuck” I groaned as my sister hungrily sucked my cock. She was tasting our combined fluids and from what I could see she was loving it. Her hair cascaded down around her face but thankfully I had a front row seat to the show.

Riley was much better at sucking cock than Demi was. It may have been from more experience, either with guys or toys. I’ve seen videos online of girls doing it with their toys, jerked off many times over it. However I don't think I will need to jerk off on my own anymore.

Her head continued to bob up and down as she took most of my length with ease. Her lips tightly wrapped around my shaft as she basically inhaled me.

It lasted for a few more minutes until she released me and looked up at me.

“Take me from behind” she said in a sultry voice.

I grinned and nodded as we both got up. Riley got herself onto her hands and knees. She curved her hips to present her ass better for me. God it was an incredible site. I got myself behind and guided myself home.

“Uh yes!” She groaned as my cock slid deep inside her.

I took hold of my sisters hips and started to fuck her hard. The idea of love making was gone at this moment. In this moment I was fucking her with all my might. In this moment she wasn’t my sister, she was the hottest piece of ass I’m likely to ever have and some sort of inner man wanted to claim her.

“Holy fuck Jamie, you are fucking me so good!” She cried.

Her louder screams of pleasure spurred me on. There was something inside of me that wanted her to feel like this was the best fuck she would ever have or more accurately that I was the best fuck she would ever have. It’s unlocked some deep down feelings that I’ve desired my sister for so long.

“Oh my god, oh my god” she called out as I relentlessly slammed into her. My body colliding with hers as she struggled to keep herself up.

I wasn’t speaking words but I was grunting loudly like a wild animal. I then slightly shifted my grip to her ass and held firm, pulling her into me.

“I’m gonna cum again, keep going” she moaned as she dropped down to her elbows.

I kept going for as long as I could before I rammed myself as deep as I could inside of her and came hard.

“Uuuuhhhhhhhhh” Riley cried out as she climaxed at the same time. Our bodies connected as one as our orgasms mixed inside her.

“Ooooooo” she moaned out as she rode out her orgasm as I forcefully pumped my hips, getting every last drop out.

I breathed a deep sigh seconds later as I pulled myself out of my sister and fell back onto the bed. Beads of sweet forming on my forehead. I panted heavily as Riley twisted herself round and came to lie next to me.

Neither of us spoke as we both tried to regain our normal breathing rate.

She was first to break the silence and she shot away from the bed, her hand down by her crotch as she darted from the room.

“Are you ok?” I called after her as I sat up on my elbows.

“I’m more than ok, be back in a sec.” I heard her shout back.

With a shrug of my shoulders I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, a very large grin across my face.

It was about five minutes later when my sister rejoined me on her bed.

“You ok?” I asked her again.

“Mhmm” she nodded as she crawled up next to me.

“Do I want to know?”

“Just a bit of leakage” she smirked. “All better now.” She cuddled right into and pulled my arm across her. She pulled me further so we were in a spooning position.

“I like to spoon with a guy after sex but only ones I really like and there hasn’t been many.” She said.

“Must like me then” I teased.

She slapped my leg and giggled as she nestled her butt against me. My still hard cock squeezed between us.

“Honestly that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” She said.

“Mine too.”

“I’m surprised that you are a virgin Jamie.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Demi’s right, you are funny, good looking, charming and not too mention a great kisser and an even better fuck.”

“Well wasn’t from a lack of trying.”

“Trust me you won’t have to try anymore.” She told me.

“Although. I don’t know about letting Demi have you all to herself now.” She shifted herself so her ass checks slotted against my cock.

“This is too nice of a cock to keep to ones self” she moved her ass slightly up and down.

“Fuck” I groaned. “I would keep myself just for you Riley, if you asked.”

“Aww that’s sweet and sexy but it’s ok. Demi needs her fill too and she’s had a taste so she won’t let you go easy.”

My cock was gliding against her ass and I so badly wanted to be back inside her.

“Just make sure you save some for me!”

“Always” I promised her.

“Good” she shifted away and I took the opening. I lowered my cock so it slid between her legs. I felt her fingers against the tip and as I pushed forward she guided me home.

“Mmmmm yes” she moaned as I entered my sister again.

“Make love to me Jamie, make me yours.”

I did just that and we slowly fucked for ages. Neither of us rushing it. Enjoying the bond and closeness. Eventually I couldn't hold out and came again. We slept a bit after that, then we fucked again hard and fast before we showered together.

My sister and I fucked on a regular basis even though I began a relationship with Demi. Demi was great and I grew to love her but she had nothing on my sister.


2022-01-02 10:48:17
Great story.

You need to keep the tense consistent, Switching between past and present is disconcerting.


2021-12-31 05:37:06
nothing like loving your brother to liven a relationship, i wanted him forever after the first time...


2021-12-31 05:35:25
nothing like loving your brother to liven a relationship, i wanted him forever after the first time...

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