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Tess wants to swim alone. But she needs Aunt Kat's help after an issue with her swim suit causes a change of plans. Both of them do things they never expected.
This is a work of fantasy. None of it is true. Don’t use it for inspiration. Don’t hurt people you love.


Tess wants to swim alone. But she needs Aunt Kat's help after an issue with her swim suit causes a change of plans. Both of them do things they never expected.

Chapter 3. Alone with Aunt Kat (3300 words)

Tess woke the next morning light and fresh. The images of the night before flashed through her mind. Whiffs of Donny’s cum tickled her nose. She needed a shower.

As the water rolled over her Tess closed her eyes and massaged her breasts, thinking of Shane’s holding his mother’s as he fucked her from behind, as his father watching them. Her uterus flexed as she squeezed her nipples. She thought of Uncle Charlie licking his wife’s pussy as his son’s seed dripped from it, coating his face in a mix of their cum. Her fingers began circling her clit picturing his tongue going across the length of Kat’s gash. Suddenly Tess was ready to cum. She relived the feeling of Donny’s cum in her mouth, the taste making it all real in her mind. She fell to her knees as a sharp climax overtook her body, her legs having melted beneath her. Her body felt so alive.

Tess looked herself in the eye as she stood naked at the bathroom counter. She smiled and shook her head. The entire situation was insane. What was happening sounded like the stuff of weird roman myths. Maybe the jokes about the south were true. But this wasn’t a bunch of toothless hicks. It was her smart, attractive family that she’d visited for years. COVID had done something to them. And for now at least, it was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She grabbed her towel and walked out.

Compared with the torrid sexual experiences she’d had over the past two days, the next week was relatively uneventful. She spent time with the family doing various activities like hiking the property, going shooting, visiting antique stores with Kat, and playing basketball with the boys at the park. She got a lot of attention from their friends, but everyone was kind and she never felt unsafe.

One hot afternoon she decided to go for a swim alone. The men were all out of the house and Kat was busy with housework. Tess walked out to the pool deck in just a towel to put on her suit. She thought about going nude, but she lost her nerve. As she lifted the suit off the railing she heard a tearing sound. A long splintered piece of wood had caught the fabric. Her towel dropped to the ground as she used both hands to review the damage. A long L-shaped tear marred the front. “Nooooo!” she cried out sharply. The tear was repairable, but definitely not by her. Even then it wouldn’t be the same. Tess heard the sliding glass door open. She quickly reached for the towel to cover herself.

Aunt Kat walked out in her short robe, getting an eyeful of Tess’s teenage body. Her B-cup breasts were firm and perky, with light pink nipples just darker than her skin. A thin layer of trimmed light auburn hair covered her mons, leaving the top of her slit on display. Kat liked what she saw.

“You okay, baby?” Kat asked, looking slightly concerned.

“My fucking suit got torn.” She handed it to Kat, still holding the towel on one side. Tears were welling in her eyes. “Do you think you can fix it?”

“Darlin’, I’ve never been much of a Suzy Homemaker. I could try, but it’ll look about as a good as Frankenstein’s scars,” Kat joked. Tess was disappointed but winced a smile. “Charlie and the boys will be gone until tonight. How about you and me go to the store and get you a new suit. It’ll all be fine, Tessie.” Tess agreed. Kat gave her a hug, smelling her niece’s fragrant scent.

An hour later they were in the local department store flipping through suits. Tess was unenthusiastically looking at one-pieces, none of them as pretty as the one she’d brought.

“Tessa, why don’t you come look at these,” Kat said holding up a bikini. Tess’s immediate reaction was nervousness, but after a minute she realized it was just what she wanted.

She flipped through her size, excitedly finding a few she liked. Her mom would never agree to any of them.

“What about this one?” Kat asked. It was the same brand and color as the one piece, but with dramatically less material. It also had an interesting lacing on the back. Tess’s answer was clear without saying a word. “Alright, well go try it on,” Kat said encouragingly.

Tess went into the changing room and doffed everything but her panties (she’d reluctantly wore them for hygiene). She slipped the suit on and looked at herself. The bottoms fit perfect, although they were smaller and higher cut than anything she’d worn before. The back slipped into the cleft of her ass and only covered two inches on each side, leaving most of her ass exposed. The bikini top was a bit of a mess. She tried fixing it by couldn’t make it sit right.

“Um…Aunt Kat…can you help?”

“Sure, sugar, unlock the door.”

Kat entered the small room and smiled. “Girl, that looks so good on you. I think we just need to redo this lacing. Take it off right quick.”

Tess pondered for moment, then pulled it over her head. Her breasts dropped in front of her Aunt’s eyes. Kat smiled. Tess gave the top to her aunt then rested hands on hips, posing slightly.

“Goodness, Tessa. Those are lovely. You’re a lucky girl. Mine didn’t look like that until I was twenty.” Tess smiled at the praise. Kat set about fixing the back lace.

“Here, turn around and raise your arms. Lemme help you put it on.”

Tess did as instructed, looking into the mirror in front of her. Kat slipped it down her arms and over her head. Tess was a bit surprised as she watched her aunt cup her breast and slip the suit over it, then repeat the motion on the other side. Tess maintained her pose as Kat adjusted the understrap and reached into the suit from above to reseat each breast into its cup. Tess had never been touched by a woman like this. The feeling was thrilling.

Kat brought Tess’s arms to her side and fiddled with the top, making everything just so. Once she was satisfied she hooked her thumbs into the waist of the bottom and pulled it sharply upward. The back slipped deeper into her ass. Her labia were displayed prominently by the thin material.

“I think it fits perfect. What do you think?” Kat asked. Tess’s cheeks were flushed as she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked hot. Turning from side to side, she took in the exposed flesh of her breasts, abdomen, and ass.

“I love it,” she said finally, smiling.

“I know Charlie’s going to also. He’s always loved women in bikinis.” Those words echoed in Tess’s mind as they drove home. Tess could feel her pussy getting wet.

As they walked through the front door, Kat said, “Why don’t we give that suit a test drive?” Tess smiled broadly and bounded to her room.

She put the suit on and looked at herself in the mirror. She pulled the side straps tight, as Kat had at the store, which accentuated the length and width of her hips. She turned around and bent over. The bulge of her lips was clearly visible. She’d never felt more sexy.

Kat was already in the pool when Tess walked out. As she walked up the steps Tess could see that Kat was topless. Her bottom appeared to be a tiny black number. Tess was a little nervous but went with it.

Kat turned as she heard Tess walking up the steps. The girl sat at the edge of the pool and put her feet in.

“Damn, girl, that thing looks so good on you. Don’t worry, we’ll get you a one-piece to take home. No need to get your mom in a tizzy.”

“Thanks so much, Aunt Kat. I’ve never had anything like this. I wish I could wear stuff like this at home.”

“No worries. I’m happy you’re comfortable. I know the boys are gonna like it. Oh…I didn’t wear a top…is that okay? I like leaving the girls out once in a while to keep my tan even. I’ll put one on if you want.”

“Oh, I’m not complaining. Your body is amazing. I wouldn’t cover it up either,” Tess said enthusiastically.

“You’re sweet. Well, there’s no one here but us. You can go naked for all I care. Whatever you do, we need to get some sunscreen on you. Hand me that bottle and jumped in.”

Tess slid into the water and leaned forward against the deck, her body lying on her her arms. Kat applied sunscreen oil to Tess’s arms and shoulder before working down her back, making sure to rub under the back and sides of the bikini top. The she dipped her hand deep into the bottom, lubricating the top of Tess’s ass cheeks.

“Alright, turn around.” Tess stood and leaned back on the deck, her breasts standing out prominently. Kat worked from Tess’s neck and down her chest, covering a large portion of breast that was covered by the suit. She continued on her firm abdomen before dipping into the front of the suit and around the sides. Tess’s heart was beating fast from all of the stimulation.

“Okay, hop up and spread your legs.” Tess did what she was told. Kat rubbed the tops and outer surfaces of her legs before coming back to the insides. Kat lifted Tess’s knees, making her feet rest on the side of the pool. Kat finished by rubbing Tess’s calves and feet. By the end Tess was sitting on the deck, leaning back on her hands, her legs up and spread, all leading to her clothed pussy pointed directly at her aunt’s face. Kat acted like she didn’t notice a thing.

As she worked her way back up Tess’s inner thighs Kat said quietly, “You know, you’ve got some small hairs peeking out of that suit. Do you…shave…down there?” Tess’s instinct was to close her legs. It almost felt like being called ugly.

“Uhh…no…I just kind of…trim it,” Tess said. “I don’t really get the shaving thing.”

“Oh, hey, it’s okay. I understand, believe me. If I don’t take care of things down there it’s like a South American jungle. I was just like you. It seemed like a weird porno thing. But Charlie convinced me to try it one time, and, actually, I loved it. I’ve been doing it ever since. It makes the whole bikini thing a lot better, and I’ve learned ways to prevent all the ingrown hairs and other problems you read about. The only problem I have now is keeping Charlie’s hands off of me.”

Tess laughed out loud. She knew the last part of true.

“Have you ever tried it?” Kat asked. Tess hadn’t.

“Okay. Do you trust me?” Tess nodded.

“Then, if you’re okay with it, I’ll shave you. It’s quick and easy, I promise. Okay?” Tess nodded bashfully again. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Kat made a giddy sound and waved her fists.

“Stay right here, I’ll be right back.” She jumped out of the pool and ran to the house, her breasts and ass cheeks bouncing energetically. She was back in 30 seconds, set down a kit of items, and jumped back in the pool.

“Wait, we’re doing it here?” Tess asked.

“Girl, it’ll be fine. It’s just little bit of hair by the looks of it. The filter will get it; it catches all kinds of stuff.”

Kat got her kit in order, including a fresh razor out of the packaging.

“Alright, let’s take that bottom off.” Kat reached for the side straps and gently pulled. Tess hesitated, then lifted her hips, then her feet. Kat finished sliding the garment off her body, tossing it beside them. Kat touch Tess’s knees, causing her to slowly open them once more. Her naked pussy was now exposed to Kat’s eyes. As it came into view, Kat puckered her lips as her eye brows went up.

“You have a nice little pus, hun,” Kat said. I’ve seen a few in my day, and yours is probably the prettiest.” The praise did wonders for Tess’s inhibition. She looked down at it, then back up at Kat.

“Okay, so I’ve got some really good lotion, some thick shaving cream, and a new razor. That hair’s gonna melt off of you no problem.” She applied some lotion to her hands.

“Ready?” Kat asked. Tess nodded once more. “Okay, here we go.”

Kat leaned in and rubbed the lotion from the top of Tess’s slit down her lips and just to her taint. She went back and smoothed it into the skin. Tess was trying her hardest to sit still. No one had ever touched her there. Her breathing was shallow.

Kat washed her hand in the pool, then applied shaving cream to her fingers. She repeated the process. Tess watched as her pussy was covered with white fluff. Kat washed her hands once more then retrieved the razor.

“Okay, just sit still. Really open those legs for me to tighten the skin, and scoot a little closer to the edge.” Tess did so. She was splayed complete open, her pussy at the edge of the pool. She could feel her labia engorging, her pussy blossoming under all the attention. Tess wondered if Kat could see her asshole.

Tess thought to herself, “Okay, this actually does seem like a weirdo porno thing.” But she wasn’t about to stop now.

Kat’s face was six inches from Tess’s pussy as she took her first stroke with the razor. It melted through the hair, just as she’d said. Over the next few minutes Kat became intimately familiar with Tess’s outer and inner labia, clit, pussy, and even her asshole. She set down the razor and splashed water on the area before gently blotting it with a towel. She applied a touch more lotion, using her flat palm to cover Tess’s entire mons, pushing on her pussy and clit. Tess had to stifle a sharp inhale. She was so worked up that the pressure and silky touch almost made her cum.

“Voila,” Kat said jokingly. “Feel it,” she said with an excited smile. Tess reached down and touched her lips. It was the softest thing she’d ever felt. She slid her fingers down to her taint, then up above her slit. Kat had left a small triangular patch.

“I had to leave a little something to show you’re not a little girl,” Kat said.

“It feels so good. Thank you. You’re really good at that.”

“Well, I’ve made enough mistakes on mine. I’m glad you like it. Let me know if it get sore and we’ll put some more lotion on it. And we can do it again next week if you want to keep it bare.”

“Here, lemme have one more feel.” Tess moved her hand back behind her as Kat moved hers forward. She ran her fingers along the edge of the slit, bringing them together at the bottom. Then she used both thumbs to gently push the skin of the outer labia upward. Tess couldn’t contain herself anymore and sucked in through her teeth, closing her eyes.

“I love the way it feels when it’s fresh.” Kat used her thumbs to pull the lips apart, exposing her inner lips and clit. The small entrance of Tess’s virgin pussy quivered as the sun shined on it. “So pretty,” Kat said as she got closer. Tess’s subtle musk entered her aunt’s nostrils. She was intoxicated by her niece’s sweet little pussy.

Kat couldn’t help herself as she leaned forward and kissed Tess’s clit, then extended her tongue and circled it. Tess’s eyes and mouth shot open, breathing in hard. She looked down at her aunt’s head between her legs, her tongue dancing with her most sensitive bit. The teen’s only instinct was to rotate her hips upward, opening herself further.

Kat took the move as encouragement, pushing her tongue down to Tess’s pussy entrance, tasting her niece for the first time. She was light and sweet. Kat lapped again and again before returning to Tess’s clit, sucking it between her lips. Tess came hard, nectar dripping from her cunt and down her taint.

“Oh my god,” she slowly quietly moaned.

Kat smiled deviously and rubbed her hands on her nieces’ inner thighs as she looked up at her. Tess’s head was back, mouth open. Kat returned to licking her gash, swallowing everything that flowed out of her. After another minute Kat stood up and slipped her bikini thong off her legs, then pulled Tess upright. She grabbed the material of the girl’s top and pull it over her breasts and off her body. Both women were naked now. Kat cupped her breasts and gently squeezed, then leaned down and took Tess’s nipple into her mouth. Tess released a loud moan as jolts electrified her uterus. Kat switched to the other nipple for a minute before pushing Tess to her back.

Kat pushed her face into Tess’s pussy once more, licking as deep as she could. One hand sank into the water and began attacking her own pussy. The other reached around Tess’s leg and grasped her breast, finding and pinching her firm, light pink nipple. Tess let out a louder cry, all restraint now gone. Kat smiled to herself as she vigorously lapped the full length of her slit, saliva and pussy juice covering her face and the entirety of Tess’s hairless mons. Kats fingers circled her own clit before slipping deep insider her pussy. She frigged herself and lapped at her niece’s pussy.

As she felt herself plunging into climax, Kat tucked her head lower and pushed her tongue to Tess’s tight asshole, squeezing the girl’s breast firmly. The women came together as Tess’s back arched hard, orgasm surging through her.

“Oh my fucking god,” was shouted from her lungs. Her body spasmed repeatedly, she could hardly breathe. She pushed Kat’s hand from her breast and covered her pussy with her own, begging for a pause. Kat smiled as she wet her hands and rubbed them on Tess’s legs, seeking to cool and refresh her.

Tess just laid there, slowly catching her breath. Her back slowly relaxed. Her legs closed and dropped into the pool. Small jolts shook her body every few moments. Nothing compared to what she had just felt. Knowing it had come from her aunt was unbelievable.

Kat rinsed her face and laid on her side next to her niece, and arm under her head. She gently laid an arm across Tess’s belly, her hand slowly rubbed the girl’s side.

“You okay?” Kat asked.

Tess could only nod at first. “That was…I mean…I can’t…it was so good.” She was still breathing hard. Tess quietly laughed as she put her arm over her eyes, focusing on settling herself.

“I don’t know what came over me,” Kat said. “You were just so lovely laying there, and I couldn’t stop myself.”

Tess paused for a moment. “I’ve never felt anything like that. All the touches…everywhere. It was so incredible. Thank you.” A tear rolled from the corner of her eye to the edge of her ear.

“You’re welcome, darlin’. I liked it too. You are so beautiful. Come on, let’s get your suit on before the boys get back. Who knows what they’ll do if they see this thing.” Kat gently slapped the girl’s bald pussy.

Kat helped Tess with her suit, and helped herself to handfuls of Tess’s body. They swam for an hour or so. Kat told her about some of her other sexual experiences with women. For her part, Tess loved the softness of her aunt’s body. He hadn’t understood bi-sexual women or lesbians. Her experience with Kat opened her eyes.


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