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Young coach has his eye on some hot, available moms. And the hot moms have similar ideas.

The four hot moms were seated together in the bleachers watching their sons play ball. None of them found the games all that interesting, they were just there to support their boys and the team. Watching a field full of young teenagers play pony league baseball in the summer heat can be a tedious affair. They wanted their boys to win of course, and they often did, but their attentions were not always focused on the action on the field. They were usually staring at, and making comments about, the young man coaching the team.

The team was good, in first place in their division, which brought many of the parents and family members and other spectators out to the games, so the crowds had grown with each victory. But the four hot moms had been there from game one and were always seated in a cluster of lawn chairs a short distance away from the bleachers. That way they could check out the coach and make all of their various remarks, which were loaded with desire and lewdness and innuendo, and not be overheard.

The coach, named Augie, was a handsome young man in his mid-twenties. He was tall and tapered and athletic, a former college baseball player, with short, dirty-blond hair and baby blue eyes behind the sunglasses he constantly wore. The moms loved watching the smooth, agile way he moved around and peering at his ass, tightly wrapped inside his jeans. Of course Augie had checked out the moms too. He had a hard time not looking at them. At their hot bodies and firm tits and sweet butts, at every game, without husbands, dressed in short shorts with halters and molded tops, smiling when he glanced their way. He kept his shades on, hoping they wouldn’t see him sneaking peeks. But they knew.

The hot moms all had kids in their teens and were quite a bit older than Augie. But that didn’t stop them from wanting a piece of his young ass. Or at least talking about it.

Kayla was the least outspoken of the four of them. She was the newest addition to the clique, 34, recently separated from her husband, headed for divorce, and raising her son alone for the first time. She was black, with kinky, long black hair, and was hot and horny. She watched Augie and hoped that he liked black women and bubble butts. Her son was Jaylan, the left fielder.

“If he likes the dark meat, girls, look out,” she said.

Donna was the youngest of the four at 32. She was half-Thai, a petite ball of fire with long, straight black hair down to her fine, curvy ass. She was married to a henpecked, pussy-whipped accountant, and had had men outside of her marriage a few times, usually during tax season. She’d had her son Rocky, the second baseman, at a young age.

“Nah, girlfriend, I bet he likes Asian girls and I hope he likes it rough. I’d like to sink my teeth into him,” she replied. “Make him beg me to stop. Or beg me not to.”

Janelle was the oldest of the four. She was 40, but didn’t look it. She was a tall blond, a professional with a latent wild streak, hot and sexy and divorced. She had an on-again, off-again boyfriend, but she knew he was a nerd and was just for maintenance. The idea of taking Augie to bed was attractive to her, and in her mind, possible. Her son Jeff played center field.

“I just want to suck his cock,” she said.

Lexi was a brunette, 35, also divorced, with a great, hard body and an attitude to match. She was a country girl, a local rough-around-the-edges redneck, very uninhibited, and tattooed in a few places, some visible with her skimpy outfit on, and some not. Her son, Ronny Joe, was a big, rangy boy, and was the first baseman.

Lexi and Janelle had met years before when they were both still married, and were swingers. They’d swapped husbands three different times before the guys said they wanted to see the wives getting it on. So Lexi and Janelle hopped into bed and went at it, and got into it pretty good. One thing led to another and soon the men were jerking off and blowing each other. Janelle and Lexi had an affair. The hubbies had their own thing going. Divorces ensued. Janelle and Lexi had been tight ever since, and although they both liked men, they still took a roll in the hay together every now and then.

“Janelle, how about you take care of his front while I take care of his rear?” Lexi said. “He won’t know if he’s coming or going.”

All four moms laughed loudly, attracting the annoyed attention of nearby spectators. It was a crucial moment in a close game, so they shut up and settled down to watch. They knew their barks were worse than their bites, and figured it was likely none of them would end up in the sack with Augie. But it was fun imagining what they’d each do with him if they had the chance. And they each wondered, if it were possible, which of them would be first?


“Hey, Coach!” Janelle called. It was a week later, after a close victory, and the team and coaches and spectators were walking across the field to their cars.

“Call me Augie,” he said, smiling, as she strode up beside him.

“Okay. Augie,” she said. “Augie, I was wondering. Uh, the season is over soon, and I was thinking that maybe you’d like to have a party for the team. It’s been such a good season and all, and I think everyone would enjoy it. And if you are interested, I’d like to offer to host the party at my house.”

“Really? You’d do that?”

“Yes. I have a beautiful backyard with a pool, Jacuzzi, a barbecue pit, and plenty of space for other activities. I think it would be a nice thing to do, and the kids and parents could celebrate our successful season. I know it would be well-attended.”

Augie liked Janelle, thought she was hot as coals. He’d had an encounter with her years before, when they both had different lives, but he knew now that she didn’t remember him. It was seven years before, and they were both much different then. She didn’t recognize him with his shorter hair and sunglasses. But he could never have forgotten her. It was one crazy, delightful night and he’d learned a lot. In fact, it had been a turning point in his life.

“I think that’s a great idea,” he said. “And that’s very generous of you. When were you thinking? We still have four games to play, and then the playoffs.”

“After the playoffs, of course. Why don’t you come over to my house. You can see the layout and we can plan it together. And I’m sure some of the other parents would be glad to pitch in and help.”

Augie agreed, and they arranged it. He knew there was no real reason for him to preview the place, but he wasn’t going to turn down a chance to get one-on-one with Janelle again. They would meet on Saturday afternoon. That gave Janelle a few days to arrange to have Jeff shipped off to his father or a friend’s house on Saturday. If she was going to try to get in the coach’s pants, she didn’t want to have her son hanging around.


“Janelle, you sly little fox, you,” Lexi said. “You’re fixin’ to seduce that boy, aren’t ya?”

Lexi’s twang surfaced whenever she was excited. Janelle had just told her about the party planning party she had set up for Saturday.

“If he doesn’t seduce me first,” Janelle said.

“You may need some help, girl. I could come over if you like. We can tag-team him.”

“Thanks, but no, I’m flying solo this time, Honey. But I’ll keep that in mind.”


Janelle had suggested to Augie that they meet in the late afternoon on Saturday, and they agreed to four o’clock. She said that way it wouldn’t interfere with any plans they might have for that day, but her real reason was because it would be getting on happy hour, and she thought a couple drinks would loosen them up.

Augie arrived at her home at a little after four. Janelle had left a note taped to the front door that said to come right in, she was in the backyard by the pool. So he opened the door and entered. He walked past the living room and kitchen to french doors that opened onto the covered patio out back. He walked out and saw Janelle seated at a black rod iron, glass-topped table, a ceiling fan rotating above her. On the table was a legal pad, pens, what appeared to be a couple magazines, an ice bucket, two tall plastic tumblers and a sweaty pitcher of some golden beverage.

“Augie! Right on time,” Janelle said, and rose to greet him. She grabbed his hands and squeezed them, a sturdy grip. She was on her second drink already. Liquid courage.

She looked hot as hell, Augie thought. Her blond hair was was freshly frizzed, and she wore a lacy, v-neck beach cover-up over a black two-piece swimsuit, and was barefoot. He knew she had a fabulous body, he thought she’d look great in a potato sack. But the black suit behind the sheer, white cover was sexy as hell.

“Have a seat,” she said, pulling a chair out for him. She poured him a drink. “And have a Vodka Cooler. These taste great on a warm afternoon like this.”

“Good,” he said, after taking a sip. His eyes panned around, glancing at the pool, the fountain, the Jacuzzi, the brick barbecue, the huge potted palms. “Wow, Janelle, you have a beautiful backyard.”

“Thank you. I think we can have a great party and it will be fun for everyone, the kids and parents alike, don’t you think?”

Augie agreed, and took another drink. He wished he’d worn his shades. It was hard to keep his eyes off of Janelle’s tits.

“And I have a rec room downstairs, with a pool table, dart board and video games. I’ll show you that later if you like.”

Augie nodded, took another sip. His cup was already half-empty, so Janelle picked up the pitcher and topped it off. Hers too.

They got down to business planning the party. Janelle had planned it out in advance. She already had worked out the day, the time, the menu, the details. Augie loved that, because what the hell did he know about party planning for a bunch of kids? So he nodded, went along with all of it, and when he asked about how much it would cost, she told him it would cost him nothing. She had already talked to some parents who loved the idea and had agreed to pitch in to cover the costs and help with all of the logistics. They didn’t think Augie should pay a dime because he had volunteered his time from spring through summer, coaching their sons, had done a damn good job at it, and their boys were better because of it. They didn’t want Augie to have to do a thing. They wanted to do it as a Thank You.

Augie was touched, his eyes watered. “I’ll get a cake,” he croaked.

Janelle smiled. “Okay. You can bring a cake.”

In less than an hour the plans were done and the pitcher was running on empty.

“Want to take a dip?” Janelle asked.

“Uh, I don’t know,” Augie replied. “I didn’t bring a suit.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

He looked around. “What about Jeff?”

“He’s off to a friend’s house. Won’t be back until tomorrow. It’s just us.” She let that hang there, looking him in the eyes. “Or,” she continued, “Why don’t we sit in the Jacuzzi? It’s very relaxing. Tell you what. You get comfortable in the Jacuzzi while I get us some more drinks. I’ll join you in a couple minutes.”

She rose from the table, picked up the pitcher and turned and headed toward the kitchen. Augie admired the silhouette of her ass and upper thighs behind her translucent wrap as she walked. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his shirt, then he stood and took off his pants. He folded his clothes and put them on the chair. With his boxers on, he walked to the tub and lowered himself into it. The cool water surrounded his body and sweaty balls and felt glorious after sitting at the table in the sticky heat. He sat back and relaxed as the sun began to sink behind the side of the house, slowly bringing shade to the pool area.

Soon Janelle strode back across the patio with another pitcher, picked up the cups from the table and came to the Jacuzzi. Augie was glad when she’d suggested more drinks because they tasted great and were going down easy. And it was turning their meeting into a party. And the way things were shaping up, maybe more than that.

Janelle poured the drinks, iced with cubes, into both tumblers, handing one to Augie. She put the pitcher down on the edge of the tub.

“A toast,” she said, raising her glass. “To a hell of a coach, a hell of a team, and what I’m sure will be a hell of a party.” They drank. “Here, hold this.”

She handed her drink to Augie. Then she shed her lacy cover-up and tossed it on the deck. Augie had to make an effort to keep his tongue from hanging out. Her black suit looked amazing with her tanned skin as a backdrop. He eyed her top, bulging with tits and pointed nipples, and her bottom, a V-shape tapered to her twat, as she climbed into the tub beside him. She turned the jets on low, and took her drink from Augie.

They sipped their drinks, getting comfortable, not saying anything for a time. When their drinks were down to half-full, Augie topped them off.

“Ah, this is nice,” he said.

“Yes it is. I never get tired of it.” Another silent pause. Then: “I’m glad you came over, Augie. I think the party will be a blast. And you and the boys deserve it. You have done a wonderful job with the team this year.”

“Thank you,” he said awkwardly.

“And throwing this party was a great idea for another reason,” she said, taking a gulp.

“Really? What’s that?”

“It was a clever way for me to get the two of us alone.”

There it was, Augie thought. This lady doesn’t mess around. She was no bullshit seven years ago, and she’s no bullshit now. They both turned slightly, their eyes connected.

“Worked like a charm,” Augie said softly.

“Do you have a girlfriend, Augie?”


“Do you like older women?”

“Yep. I’m in a Jacuzzi with a pretty hot one right now.”

Janelle smiled. “How old are you?”

“Twenty-six. And-a-half.” He smiled back at her.

She laughed. “You are so cute. I’m forty. That doesn’t bother you?”

“Janelle, I’m in your Jacuzzi with you. We’re half-naked and drinking vodka. What do you think?”

“I think maybe we should do something about the half part,” she said, with a sly smile. “Kiss me.”

He did, and there was nothing dainty about it. Her lips were soft and supple and sucked him in. Their tongues flicked and licked and dug deep. The kiss lingered on. When it finally ended, they paused, eyes-to-eyes, then quickly dove in for seconds. Augie’s hands soon went to work, settled on a breast and a butt. Janelle slipped a hand between his thighs, found what she was looking for and held it as they kissed. She felt it grow in her grasp. The kiss was long, intense, as they groped.

“I’ve fantasized about fucking you,” Janelle said, with a gasp.

“Well, you talked me into it,” Augie said, with a rasp.

“Up here.”

Janelle tapped her fingers on the ledge on one side of the tub, about halfway up. Augie scooted up and sat on it as Janelle spun around on her knees to face him.

“Let’s take these off,” she said.

She slipped her fingers inside the elastic waist of his underpants and pulled them down and off, and tossed them on the deck. The waterline was now caressing Augie’s balls and his dick was fully erected, and it was barely out of the water when Janelle took it into her mouth.

Augie groaned. He felt her hands on him, caressing his balls and ass. He held her head as it bobbed and his cock slid in and out of it. Soon he was thrusting, fucking her face.

His whole cock disappeared into her mouth, and reappeared, over and over. Augie was amazed at the ease with which she throated him, in and out, smooth as silk. Her fingertips and nails played on his hardening nuts. He reached behind her back and unhooked her bikini top, took her breasts in his hands. Her nipples were hard and enlarged between his fingers.

His arms were extended as he felt her up and fucked her mouth at the same time, and cock and mouth worked in perfect sync. Then one of his pokes was a tad too exuberant, and with his cock fully inserted into Janelle’s mouth, his butt slipped off the ledge. He sank like a stone and he yowled when her teeth scraped along his tenderized shaft and pinched the head on the way down.

His ass hit bottom, and his cock and balls collided with Janelle’s thighs, who was on her knees between his legs. She didn’t miss a beat. With quick finesse she raised up, pulled her bikini bottom to the side and lowered herself onto him. Her cunt enveloped his cock, her muscles tightened around it, and she started bouncing. Okay, Augie thought. Fucking underwater is good.

But not that good. Something was missing, the sensation was different. So he grabbed her butt with both hands, rose up, turned around, and parked her ass on the ledge. He ripped her thong off and started fucking her like it was their last day on Earth.

Augie was banging her with abandon, hoping he didn’t throw his back out. Janelle was squalling as he pummeled her, and her ass was being squished against the lip of the tub. He plunged his tongue into her mouth to quiet her. The neighbors might hear.

She came before he did, and she almost bit his tongue when she did. She squealed, only half-muffled, and her body shook like a nag at a dog food factory.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed loudly. “Oh fuck.”

Janelle’s jizz flowed into the bubbly tub. She finally stopped vibrating, he pulled out. “Did you come?” she asked.

“Not yet,” he said.

“You will soon.”

She slipped her hands into his armpits and pulled upward, and he stood up before her. The water was up to his thighs, and with her butt on the ledge, her face and his upright cock were at the same level. She pulled him closer, wrapped her mouth around his cock and resumed the blowjob she’d been giving him when he slipped off the ledge.

Standing in front of Janelle, Augie watched, mesmerized, as his cock glided in and out of her agile mouth. He fondled her breasts, felt her palm working his balls and a fingertip creep into his ass. He swung his groin to match her. It wouldn’t take long.

Augie was slamming her pretty good, but Janelle’s mouth held tight. She had a steadying grip with a handful of scrotum and a finger up his ass, and was determined to give him the best blowjob of his young life. She wanted to taste his cum.

So she did. She heard a low, airy groan and knew he was about to ejaculate. She rammed her finger all the way in and held a butt cheek in her other hand, and sucked with all her strength. He groaned again, louder.

“Here I come,” he said, with little breath, and his body shook and his knees knocked as his cum rose up and out in charged spurts.

Janelle felt his cum jettison into the back of her mouth, then again, several more times. It was a major load, and it was hard to swallow with a big dick in her mouth. Once he’d given her his all, she backed off, swallowed what she could, tasted the rest, and swallowed again, with semen oozing out of the corners of her mouth.

“Holy shit,” Augie moaned. “Incredible.”

Without hesitation, he knelt between her legs. He wanted to eat her neat, sweet pussy, and he knew how she liked it. He spread her legs, squeezed her ass with both hands. He pressed his face into her crotch and slipped a finger into her ass. He put his mouth on her stiffened clit. And with his lips surrounding it, making a firm, cushioned seal between his mouth and her lush flesh, he sucked.

“Oh My God!” Janelle shrieked, almost a shout, at that first contact.

Augie sucked it, and gently tongued it between his lips.

“Yes!” she said excitedly. “That’s it. Right there.”

He kept at it, over and over, as Janelle squirmed and moaned, and he would continue to do so until she had another orgasm. Which he knew she would, and would soon.

“Oh shit,” she barked. “Yes. There. Just like that.”

It wouldn’t be more than another couple minutes. Janelle’s body was convulsing like a willow in the wind and her cunt was about to explode.

“I’m gonna come again,” she hissed. “I’m gonna come big.”

Augie breathed in a deep lungful of air through his nose and took one last long, nonstop power suck. He sucked the cum right out of her and took it in the face. Her body writhed as she came, her ass slithered in his hands. When her release was over her spasms abated, and with her body wonderfully spent, she pulled his head up from between her legs. Their lips met and spread apart, their cum-flavored tongues dove together, and they kissed deeply and long. As the kiss was ending, just before Janelle was about to let her body sink back into the depth of the tub, she felt him enter her.

Augie wasn’t through, he wanted to fuck her again. His cock was again at its fullest, so he slipped it between her pussy lips and rammed it home, and screwed her hard until he expelled a load of cum into her.


“Damn, Augie, that was amazing,” Janelle said. “Looks like coaching baseball is not your only talent.”

They were still in the Jacuzzi, skin-to-skin, sipping the drinks Augie had refilled.

“I think you are the amazing one. You are fucking sexy as hell.”

“Well, I have to tell you,” she said. “ I knew I wanted you, and I was pretty sure it would be good. But damn, boy, you are really good. I can’t remember the last time I felt so completely fucked. And where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

Augie wasn’t sure if the question was rhetorical, so he took his time, sipped his drink. Then he said: “From you.”

Janelle lifted her head from his shoulder and looked up at him. “Say what?”

“You taught me.”

“I taught you?” Janelle said, confused. “Taught you what?”

“You don’t remember me,” he said. “But I remember you. I could never forget.”

Janelle sat up, turned to him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It was seven years ago,” Augie said. “I was home for the summer after my sophomore year in college. It was a Friday night. I met you at a bar that’s not there anymore, on the west side, it was called Anastasia’s. I had on black jeans and a purple East Carolina t-shirt, and you wore a blue skirt with a white blouse, your hair was short, a wavy bob or something like that, and you looked hot as hell. We were flirting a little. I couldn’t believe you were paying attention to me, being younger, but I was high on the thought of it. We hit it off, you invited me back to your place and I followed you home. It wasn’t this place though, it was a townhouse. We had sex. And you taught me how to eat pussy.”

Janelle got goosebumps when he mentioned the name of the bar. She remembered the night. It was the only time she’d ever been to the place. She’d gone there because no one would know her, and she had to be discreet. The place had a younger clientele and she thought maybe she could connect with some young stud for an insouciant one-nighter. She was separated from her husband, headed for divorce, her son was spending the weekend with Dad. And she was horny.

“No,” she said.

“The townhouse was in a complex out by the old mall. Don’t remember the street but the house number was 256. There was not much furniture, but there was a brass bed in a bedroom and a bunch of boxes stacked. You made it clear it was one night only. You took charge, you took me to bed and you showed me how you like it. I’ve never forgotten what you taught me, I’ve been doing it ever since. And I’ve never had any complaints.”

Janelle was shocked. “That was you? His name wasn’t Augie. It was, uh, what was it…”

“Gus. It’s a nickname, just like Augie. My given name is Augustus, which I always hated. I had long hair then, was skinnier, and a perpetual three or four-day beard. And no sunglasses.”

“Oh My God,” Janelle said, her hand covering her gaspy mouth. “You must think I’m awful.”

“I don’t think you’re awful. Why would I think that?”

“Because I did that. It was seven years ago, right? I was 33, and you were what, 19? To pick up a college kid in a bar and take him home like that.”

“Come on, Janelle. We were just two people who met, the timing was right, we clicked and we went with it,” Augie said.

Janelle was silent for a moment. She was thinking back, and it was coming back.

“That was a rough time for me,” she said, shaking her head, looking down at the roiling water and holding his hand, embarrassed. “I was separated from my husband, we were getting a divorce, I was taking anxiety meds. The townhouse was a rental property we owned and were getting ready to sell. Jeff was with his father for the weekend. I had needs, I was out of it, I was lonely. I’m sorry.”

Augie kissed her on her forehead. “Don’t be sorry,” he said. “It was one of the best nights of my life.”


It was a muggy Friday night in August. Gus had worked two jobs all summer, a day job as a carpenter’s helper and a part-time gig at an athletic shoe store. After he had wrapped up his last week on the day job, he and his old pal Marty played racquetball at the Y, and after their showers decided to go tip a few. Gus and Marty were best buds from first grade through twelfth, then went off to different colleges. Gus was a few days away from heading back to the university for his junior year, and this would be the last time they would see each other for a while. With their fake IDs in hand, they headed to Anastasia’s, where the beer was cold and the pitchers were cheap.

The place had a horseshoe bar and booths along two walls. Gus and Marty found two stools on one bend of the horseshoe and ordered a pitcher of beer. When the pitcher arrived they filled their mugs and took healthy gulps, and the cold brew tasted great after an hour of racquetball. They scanned the room, looking for people they knew, not finding any. But as they talked, Gus caught the eye of an attractive older woman sitting a few stools away on the horseshoe bend. He had a good three-quarter view, not from the side and not full front.

She had short, rippled blond hair, and wore a smart business suit. She must have come from her job, Gus thought, a manager of some office or something. She was with another woman, younger, probably having a drink after work. Sharing a carafe of white wine.

The guys went through the first pitcher, and ordered a second. But after another fifteen minutes, Marty said he had to go. He was running late, his girlfriend was texting him and would probably be pissed. He left Gus with half a pitcher.

Gus stayed. He wasn’t going to waste the beer, and he wanted to keep his eye on that woman over there who was glancing his way, smiling at him, and making eye contact. He had a slight buzz by now and no plans for the night. Could he actually hook up with an older, sophisticated lady like her? Be cool, he thought. Just be cool.

The ripple-haired blond had noticed him checking her out. Pretty good, she thought, he’s cute, he’ll do. She looked him in the eye a couple times, smiled at him, gave him a wink.

Gus could tell by their body language that the older woman and the younger woman weren’t best friends or anything. They talked, but stiffly, without much enthusiasm. He sipped his beer, watched them patiently. The Friday night customers started slowly rolling in.

The younger gal swigged the last of her second drink and picked up the chit in front of her. She opened her purse and put some bills on the bar. She said something to Blondie, stood up, and headed to the restroom. Blondie took a sip from her wineglass, which was running low, and turned her head toward him, looked him in the eye.

This is it, Gus thought, my opportunity. Do I go for it, or wimp out? The place was filling up. It was yes or no, do or die, now or never.

“Excuse me,” Gus said to the bartender, who was fortunately nearby. “That blond lady there. Do you know her name?” He nodded in her direction.

The bartender took a quick look at her, shook his head and said, “Never seen her before. Why?”

“Just curious. She’s pretty hot, don’t ya think?”

The bartender was a short, round guy with a bushy brown mustache, probably in his forties. He smiled, thought this young guy was a piece of work. “Don’t you think she may be a little mature for you?”

Gus shrugged his shoulders. He’d had one experience with an older woman off at college, a baseball groupie who lived close to campus and came to every home game. What the hell, he was going to take a shot.

“Serve her another a drink on me, tell her it’s from Gus, and what is her name? But bring me a shot of Jack Daniel’s first.” He slid a twenty across the bar.

“Okay, Slick,” the bartender said with a laugh, taking the bill. “Good luck.”

The shot was in front of him in thirty seconds. He downed it, chased it with lukewarm beer, then watched as the blond’s companion returned from the restroom and said her goodbye. As she departed, the bartender didn’t miss a beat. He put a fresh, filled wineglass in front of the blond, spoke to her briefly and pointed at him.

“Thank you, Gus!” she called, “I’m Janelle,” loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. She raised her glass, said “Cheers!” and took a sip.

Gus raised his mug, gave her his shit-eatingest grin, and took a gulp of beer. He was trying to decide what to do next when she gave him a little finger wave.

“Your friend left, my friend left, care to join me, Honey?” Janelle said, tapping on the bar in front of the stool next to her. The Valium and the wine were talking and she wanted to take this kid home.

Gus didn’t hesitate. He left the warm pitcher sitting on the bar, called for a cold one and sidled over to Janelle and sat beside her.

They talked, awkwardly at first, but their conversation soon smoothed out and moved on. He was getting served, so she assumed he was at least twenty-one. They ordered refills of their drinks, and occasionally touched each other as they conversed. He touched her hand, she touched his, her hand brushed his thigh, his arm nudged hers. The bar became noisy, filled with a boisterous Friday night crowd.

“You come here often?” Augie said, instantly kicking himself. He couldn’t think of anything else at the moment.

“No, it’s my first time,” Janelle replied, not adding that she had come there hoping to find a young guy and get laid. “How about you?”

“Nah. Played racquetball with my buddy. We came here for a beer afterwards, and I won’t see him for a while.”

“Really? Why’s that?

“I’m leaving next week. Going back to college.”

Perfect, Janelle thought. “Hey,” she said, her mouth close to his ear. “Wanna blow this joint and find someplace a little more private?”

Gus didn’t have to think about it. He wouldn’t have to scare up his nerve either, she was making it easy for him. This lady doesn’t mess around.

“Sure,” he said. “Where to?”

“I know a place.” She took a last drink of wine. “Follow me.”

They walked outside and got in their cars. Gus followed Janelle down the highway for a mile or so, passed the mall and turned into a townhouse community. Janelle pulled into the driveway of an end unit, he saw the house number 256 above the front door and stenciled on the curb. Gus parked in a guest spot across the narrow street.

Janelle fumbled through some keys, chose one but it didn’t work. “Shit,” she said, and tried another. The third one was the right one. They entered, she flipped on a light, closed the door. Gus looked around. The place was sparsely furnished and had some storage boxes stacked here and there. Janelle tossed the keys on a table. She’d left her purse locked in the car.

“Is this your house?” Gus asked.

“We own it, but I don’t live here,” she said. “I’m going through a divorce. This place is marital property, so we’ll be selling it soon.” She took a step toward him, close to him now, their toes touching, face-to-face. She wore heels so they were about the same height. “The kitchen is bare, so I don’t have anything to offer you. Except me. But then, that’s why you followed me here, isn’t it?”

Gus swallowed air, nodded. There she is again, he thought, Miss No-Bullshit. His willy wiggled.

“Good,” she said, putting her hands on his shoulders and staring into his eyes. “But we have to get something straight, right away. My life is much too complex these days, I’m going through a divorce, so I still have a husband and have to be discreet. I have a child, and a career, I can’t have an affair. This is one time only, okay?”

“That’s fine,” Gus croaked. “I’m going back to school next week anyhow.”

“Yes. That’s one of the reasons why I chose you. That, plus the fact that you are a cutey pie. Kiss me.”

He put his lips to hers and they melded into one fleshy mass, and soon their mouths opened and their tongues took over. He tasted wine, she tasted a trace of bourbon. Their arms wrapped around their backs tightly, their bodies pressed together. Gus felt her nipples firm against his chest like bullets, Janelle pushed her groin against his hardening cock. For a first kiss, it was a pretty long one, but when it ended they both knew it had been a damn good one.

“Nice,” she said softly. Her blue eyes locked onto his. “You don’t have any nasty college diseases I should know about, do you?”

“Nope. Clean as a whistle. I play on the baseball team. We get physicals twice a year, they test us for everything.”

She took his hand and led him to the master bedroom. She flipped a switch and the room lit up.

The bedroom wasn’t that big, and furnished only with a double bed in a brass frame, a night table and a dresser with the drawers open, empty. There was no lamp, only an overhead light on a ceiling fan that was turning slowly. Janelle pulled the string hanging there, killing the light but leaving the fan on. Then she opened the blinds on the double window, and slim strips of light from the streetlamp outside swept across the room. Enough light to see enough, but not enough to see too much. Eerie, Gus thought. Film Noir.

Janelle turned to him and said, “Get undressed, I’ll be right back.” She walked into the adjacent bathroom and closed the door. Gus took off his clothes, folded them and placed them on the dresser. Her directness was intimidating and sexy at the same time. He got into bed. His dick stayed stiff with anticipation.

He listened. He couldn’t hear much, but he did hear the toilet flush and the faucet running. He closed his eyes, pictured her sitting on the john, pissing, wiping, washing her hands. He stroked himself.

The bathroom door opened. He saw her naked for a split second before she flipped off the fluorescent light above the sink. What a good looking woman, he thought. She came to bed and lay beside him, then into his arms. They kissed.

It was another barn-burner. As their tongues moshed and their mouths sucked, their hands started working overtime. Janelle wrapped her arms around him, stroked his back, fingered his longish hair and fondled his muscly butt. Gus had handfuls of tit and ass. Her nipples were like chips of granite.

Before long Gus was sucking her granite chips into his mouth, and Janelle was moaning and chewing his hair. She felt his hand slip between her legs, and moaned as his fingers entered her. She groped for his cock but she couldn’t reach it.

She put her hand to her crotch, held his hand and gnashed her twat onto it, pushed his fingers deeper inside her. She was good and wet and felt his teeth surround her left nipple as he sucked on it. She pulled his head up to hers, rammed her tongue into his mouth.

“You want my pussy?” she asked softly, her face flush up to his. He nodded and mumbled a yes. “Good. You’re getting some tonight.” Another kiss, then: “Go down on me.”

Down he went. In no time his head was between her splayed legs, and he was kissing her thighs, licking her labia, jabbing his tongue into her. Janelle reached down to her swollen clit, put her finger on it. Gus took the hint.

“Here,” she said.

He licked it, sucked it briefly, licked it again. Janelle held his head in her hands.

“Put your tongue on it,” she said. He did. “Now, put your lips around it, seal it in.” He did that too. “That’s good. Now suck on it, not too hard.” He did. “That’s it, like that, that’s good.”

She rocked her crotch gently, pushing her clit into him, fucking his mouth. She was breathing harder, faster, holding his head steady as she ground her mound into his face, getting closer, wanting to come, needing it.

Gus backed off, took a breath, licked her left lip.

“No!” Janelle exclaimed, digging her painted nails into his scalp, pressing his face against her snatch. “Stay on it, keep your lips around it, suck it, don’t blow on it, don’t let the air hit it.”

He took it back into his mouth, his tongue cushioning it, his lips surrounding it, keeping it warm and wet. He sucked gently, felt her hands in his hair and on his shoulders as her body squirmed. She grabbed his right hand, which was clasped around her left tit, and brought it to her mouth.

“That’s it, Gus. Like that. Keep doing that. Don’t stop.”

With one hand still on his head, she took his middle finger into her mouth all the way and sucked on it, licked it, moved it around, surrounded it with saliva. Took it out of her mouth, swung it around behind her, pressed his finger to her butthole.

“Stick it in my ass,” she said. “And keep doing what you’re doing with your mouth. Yes, just like that. Damn that’s good, uh huh.” She flinched only slightly when she felt his finger dig into her.

He kept doing what she asked him to do. Sucked her clit, licked it, tasted her oozy funk, finger-reamed her butt. He felt her cunt mashing against his face and her asshole pinching his finger.

“Oh God, yes!” she blurted, and fucked his mouth harder. “I’m coming…”

She exploded into his face. Her body gyrated and her legs flailed and her nails dug into his flesh. Gradually her throes slowed and diminished. He removed his face from her crotch and his finger from her ass. She pulled his head up to hers and kissed him, a ten-second tongue twister.

“Fuck me,” she said.

He banged her as hard as he could without getting dizzy, and her cunt squeezed his cock in perfect rhythm. She came again, he knew by her body spasms, and then he had his own orgasm and dumped a long chain of sperm into her.

“That was good,” Janelle said, after a few minutes of repose. Then she got up, went to the bathroom, cleaned up. Came back out dressed, thanked him, said it was time to go.

Gus knew he had done good. Not only did she come, but she came twice. Came big. That’s the goal isn’t it, to make the lady come? And he’d learned a few lessons in the process. Lessons he wouldn’t forget.


“Do you remember much about that night?” Augie asked, draining his drink and reaching for more.

“Not a lot of details,” Janelle said. “Like I said, my life was in turmoil at the time. But I do remember that the first kiss was a pleasant surprise. I thought it went really well considering you were so young. I remember having a couple orgasms.”

Distant thunder growled. It started to rain, and soon was coming down hard. They grabbed what they could and ran inside. They ate sandwiches, then fucked again on the couch in the living room. Janelle’s phone rang at around nine o’clock and she disappeared naked into the next room to take the call. Augie waited a few minutes, then dressed and let himself out without saying goodbye. He realized later that he’d left his skivvies out in her backyard on the rain-puddled deck.


“What happened to you last night?” Janelle asked, the next day on the phone.

“I waited a few minutes, but it seemed like you might be on the phone for a while. So I left,” Augie said.

“Sorry about that. It was my sister. She had a fight with her husband and I had to calm her down.”

“No problem.”

“You left your underwear.”

“I know. I realized that later.”

“Good thing I found it before Jeff did.”

“Right. Sorry about that. I guess I’ll need to see you again.”

“Good idea. We both should take care of our needs.”


“He was incredible. Fucking amazing.”

Janelle was on the phone with Lexi, telling her about her meeting with Augie, the party plan, and what happened afterward.

“And I’ll tell you something else, girl,” Janelle continued. “That boy can eat some pussy. I came like a busted dam. And such stamina. Like fucking a wild animal.”

“God, you’re getting me wet,” Lexi said.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I took that college kid home, had my way with him, back when I was going through my divorce?”

“Only five or six times. Why?”

“That kid was Augie.”


It was not that easy for Janelle and Augie to hook up. Janelle had a teenaged son she had to work around, as well as their jobs, the practices, and the games.

They did manage one tryst. She called Augie on a Thursday evening and he was at home, reading an Elmore Leonard. He said to come on over. Ten minutes later she rang his bell. She came inside and they undressed each other on the way to his bedroom. She sucked his cock, and rang his bell again. He ate her pussy until she came, ringing her bell. Then they fucked until their bells rang again, in unison. Forty-five minutes, she was back out the door.

The team played their last few games, won their division and then the playoffs. The team party at Janelle’s house was a huge success. Augie thought he might go to bed with Janelle afterwards, but it didn’t work out that way. There were too many kids and parents hanging around and lingering. But he did enjoy flirting with some of the other moms when their sons weren’t close by.

“You know, I’m not the only mom that has had their eye on you,” Janelle said to him at one point.

“Really? Who else?” he asked.

“Well, Lexi, for one. And Kayla just got separated, so she’s interested. And Donna too. She has a husband at home but that wouldn’t stop her. Think about it. You could have it all, Augie: A blonde, a brunette, an Asian and an Ebony.” She winked at him.

“Maybe we should set up a five-way,” he said with a chuckle, as he scanned the backyard.

She smiled and tilted her head. “You think you could handle that?”

“I dunno. Be fun to try.”

Janelle laughed, and winked at him again. She didn’t know about the others, but she knew Lexi would be up for it.


By winning the playoff, the team qualified for the regional tournament, and would be playing a best-two-out-of-three series against a team from another district. The games would be played at an old, underused Army base that was about a two hour drive away. The boys and coaches would stay in barracks and eat at the mess hall and could walk to and from the ballpark. Most of the parents got hotel rooms nearby.

The first game was Saturday afternoon. The weather was hot and humid and clear, and the team lost a tight one, 6-5. The boys were bummed out, but not discouraged, because they knew they had played pretty well. But they knew they were in a hole. To win the series they would have to sweep a doubleheader on Sunday.

After the boys had dinner and settled into the barracks for the night, Augie left the team in the hands of his assistant coach, a dad that had helped him throughout the season. Janelle had told him that they were all staying at the Holiday Inn right outside the base entrance, and invited him over. They would meet in the lounge, and they could all relax, party a little, or cry in their beers, or whatever. It was the whatever that Augie was looking forward to.

The moms had a table against the wall. They didn’t stay seated for long. There was a deejay playing requests, and they were dancing most of the time. Coming in, Augie was unsure how to act because he figured that the others knew he’d slept with Janelle. But he also figured they knew they were not exclusive. His awkwardness eroded in a heartbeat. He hadn’t been there two minutes before Lexi took his hand and yanked him out onto the dance floor.

Lexi looked hot as lava, sexy as hell, but she looked hard too, like you could strike a match on her. Her dark hair was pulled back, and her taut cheeks and made-up eyes sucked him right in. Her body was compact, her tits were firm, and her jeans were skintight, coating her her ass and crotch like paint. And she knew how to shake it. Soon she was bumping him, and grinding him, then after two tunes of their sweaty exertions, came a slow dance. She smelled wonderful, Augie thought, like a fresh carnation right out of the fridge. He held her, she held him, and as they danced her knee would slip between his legs and her tits pressed against his stomach. At the end of the song she thanked him, and kissed him daintily on his mouth.

He danced with Janelle too. She didn’t shake her booty quite like Lexi, but she knew she didn’t have to. She’d already fucked him, and although it was tacit, they both knew they would fuck again. They slow-danced on a tune as well, and kissed through some of it.

Augie was walking back to the table, covered in sweat, when Donna grabbed his hand and hauled him back out on the dance floor. But it didn’t go too well. In fact, they didn’t even make it through the first song. They were dancing to an upbeat tune, making eyes, when Donna bent forward and bit him on his shoulder through the fabric of his shirt. It wasn’t any puppy nip either, she dug in pretty good, and Augie yelped like a sick mutt. ‘Yeow, what the hell was that?’, he blurted, bewildered and rubbing his shoulder. They kept dancing, and she kept the coy smile on her face, but a minute later she did it again. She threw her head down quick against him and sunk her teeth into the supple flesh at the base of his neck, deeper this time. The pain was instant and that was enough for Augie. He pushed her away, asked what the fuck was she doing, and headed for the men’s room, cursing to himself. He nursed the puffy, red welt she’d left him with. To hell with that crazy bitch, he thought.

He got a cold beer and sat back down at the table. Janelle and Lexi were there, but no sign of Donna.

“What’s the matter?” Janelle asked. “Donna left in a huff.”

“She left in a huff? I should be the one leaving in a huff,” he said.

“What happened?” Lexi asked.

“She bit me. Twice!” He showed them the damage.

“Ooh,” they cooed in unison.

“Wacky, sicko kinky Asian shit, I guess,” he said, shivering. “Ugh.”

The three of them didn’t say anything for minute or two, they just sipped their drinks, listened to the music and glanced around the room at the other patrons.

“What happened to Kayla?” Janelle said.

“She was flirtin’ with that soldier boy in the camo. Left with him, I guess,” said Lexi. “She likes young white guys, I guess.”

They both looked at Augie, eyes to eyes. He took a nervous sip of beer.

“Looks like it’s just the three of us,” Janelle said. “Want to come up to our room? Have a little party?”

He looked at both of them, back and forth. He felt the heat of their eyes clear down to his dick. All he could do was nod.

The women rose from the table and gathered their things. They walked out of the lounge. Augie followed like a hungry pup at suppertime.


Once they all entered the hotel room, Lexi went into the bathroom and shut the door. Augie scanned the room: closet, dresser, tables, chairs. And a king-sized bed. Lights off, but candles burning. He was nervous, but Janelle took care of that in a hurry. She tossed her things on the dresser and turned to face him.

“It’s been a while,” she said, and put her arms around him. “Have you missed me?”

“I have,” he said, his hand on her hip.

“We’re going to take care of you tonight.”

She put her mouth to his, his arms surrounded her, and it was as if no time had passed since their last encounter. They kissed with a feral, stabbing force, and he made sure she felt his hardened dick against her. They were still in major liplock when the bathroom door opened and Lexi emerged, wearing a thin, short, black satin nightie than clung to her tits and barely covered her crotch.

“Damn, girl, you look dynamite,” Janelle said. “Good enough to eat.”

“Good idea,” Lexi said, and came into Janelle’s arms and they french-kissed, deep and long and wet, surprising Augie, and turning him on as well.

“Help Augie get his clothes off, I’ll be right back,” Janelle said, and disappeared into the bathroom.

Lexi came face-to-face with Augie and said, “If you are half as good in bed as you are on the ball field or the dance floor…and I hear you are…we are going to have a lot of fun tonight.”

Her mouth collided with his and her tongue shot into his mouth, a kiss of want and desire. She held his ass and pressed her cunt hard against his cock and balls. It was a long kiss and it didn’t end until saliva oozed from between their lips.

“Let’s get you naked,” she said.

She took care of his pants while he took care of his shirt and kicked off his shoes. Soon it was all in a pile on the floor. Lexi pushed him onto the bed and he watched as she became naked before him. He was amazed at her body, it was just about ideal. Stomach slim and hard as brick, muscled shoulders and arms, ripped quads. She slithered into bed beside him. They kissed again, another long, wet one, and she held his cock in her hand. When the kiss ended, she wasted no time, and went down on his steely member.

As his cock was being sucked, Augie noticed for the first time that on the nightstand to his right were several oils and lubes and a couple condoms. He didn’t hear the bathroom door open.

“Damn girl,” Janelle said, looking at Lexi with Augie’s dick in her mouth. “You couldn’t wait?”

“Well, come on,” Lexi said, and went back down.

Janelle was already naked so she didn’t need to undress. She slid into the bed on the other side of Augie, and with one hand behind his head and one hand on Lexi, she kissed him.

His mouth opened and took her in, their tongues punched and danced, and soon were meshed into an intense mouthfuck. His hand went instantly to her breast and held it, and he thumbed her nipple to hardness as they kissed. As he was swinging his cock in and out of Lexi’s mouth, and getting off on the sweet friction of her lips around it, he lowered his head and sucked Janelle’s nipple into his mouth.

For several minutes Augie sucked tits while getting head. When he came up for air he said to Janelle, “I want to eat your pussy.”

“Oh, God, you’re reading my mind,” Janelle said, and moved up, straddled his chest, and placed her cunt on his mouth. Augie knew exactly what she liked, and knew she would explode onto his face.

“Hey, I want some of that too,” Lexi said, when she took the cock out of her mouth.

“Maybe later,” Janelle huffed while grinding her crotch into Augie’s face.

Augie was briefly relieved when Lexi stopped sucking him. Because she was damn good, and he was damn close, and he didn’t want to come too soon. As he sucked Janelle’s clit, he felt the bed rock this way, and sag that way, as Lexi shifted around. Then he felt her hand back on his cock, then the oozy, wet warmth as she fed it into her cunt, and the cozy tightness of it around him, and her weight as she lowered her body onto his.

Augie sucked and slurped. Janelle moaned and groaned. Lexi grunted with each slap of their flesh. Augie felt like he was in the x-rated Twilight Zone: One hot mom fucking him, the other sitting on his face. The bed was a’rockin’ as he pounded one pussy as best he could from the bottom up, and ate the other. This was really happening! He concentrated as best he could on the spongy nugget in his mouth, knowing Janelle would be coming soon, and knowing he was getting close to shooting a missile of his own into Lexi.

Janelle was sitting on Augie’s face, facing the wall. Grinding. Lexi was behind her, sitting on Augie’s cock, facing the wall, her hands holding Janelle’s breasts, her mouth sucking on an ear. Grinding. Augie had a mouthful of clit and cunt juice.

Augie let out a gurgly whimper and his body quivered. Janelle knew the drill: He was about to come. So she fucked his face harder.

“He’s coming, Lexi,” she said. “Ugh, ugh. And so am I!”

Lexi wasn’t going to be left out. Her cunt muscles went into overdrive and she bounced on Augie’s cock like a pile driver. “Me too!” she blurted.

Janelle came first. Augie felt the familiar rush and his mouth filled with her fluid and her taste. Within seconds Augie’s body bucked, and his cum jetted into Lexi. Then, with an ‘Oh, fuck!’, Lexi’s body shimmied, she dropped the weight of her body onto him three hard times, driving his rod into her as deep as she could, and came, vibrating through the process.

She rolled off of him, their combined cum seeped out onto the sheet, and she fell in beside him on the bed. Janelle was on the other side, they both had their hands on him, all over him. And they rested.

But not for long. Soon there were tongue-fuck kisses all the way around. Augie and Janelle, then Augie and Lexi, then Lexi and Janelle, and three-way slop fests. Six hands roamed over three bodies, four tits, two pussies, and one cock.

Lexi took charge. She scooted up and straddled Augie’s head, and pressed her bald beaver into his face. He liked the feel of it, flesh on flesh, different than Janelle’s neatly-trimmed bush. He spread her lips with his thumbs, found what he was looking for, and proceeded to do what Janelle had taught him to do so well all those years ago. He couldn’t see Janelle, but he felt her mouth surround his pecker and a finger slip into his ass. Just like that he was in another blissful dimension, just like before, but the hot moms had switched positions.

Augie was multitasking as best he could, fucking Janelle in her mouth while eating Lexi’s fresh, tight, redneck pussy. Lexi was grinding her groin onto his face, riding it, holding onto his head like it was a saddle horn. His dick felt like there was a Hoover vacuum attached, Janelle was sucking and fingering his asshole like a woman possessed. He slowed his pulsations. He’d come in Janelle’s mouth before, but he wanted this to last.

Lexi’s clit was like a ball bearing wiggling around in Augie’s mouth, and she groaned with every little munch, and kept pressuring her crotch onto his face. He reached around behind her. His hands gripped the cheeks of her ass and squeezed them with all his strength in time with her movements.

“Oh, yes!” she squawked. She pushed harder.

Augie’s fingertips eased into the crack of her ass, seeking her hole. But his fingers met something hard, a protrusion.

“Oh, shit. Oh fuck,” Lexi barked.

Something was sticking out of Lexi’s asshole. Augie grabbed hold of it. Pushed on it. Wiggled it.

“Oh my God,” she said. “I’m coming.”

Lexi reared up like a poked pony as Augie sucked her clit and she came in a twisty torrent. It would take a few moments more for Lexi’s body to cease its gyrations and for her to back off and remove her pussy from his face.

Augie still had his hand wrapped around Lexi’s asshole protrusion. He shook it gently and said, “What’s this?”

“That’s my butt plug,” Lexi said.


“Yeah. You get to take it out as long as you put something else up there.”

“She likes it like that,” Janelle said, when she took the dick out of her mouth.

“Oh yeah?” Augie said. “Let me see.”

Lexi pivoted around and shook her ass in his face. Augie saw the flange sticking out of her ass, wiggled it, pushed on it again. There was a tattoo of a snake right at the top of her ass crack.

“Hey, nice tattoo,” Augie said. “It looks like the snake just crawled out of your ass.”

“Right,” Lexi said. “You take that plug out, you can put your trouser snake in there. You up for that?”

“Uh huh,” Augie groaned.

Lexi reached to the nightstand for a condom, and tore it open. She turned to him, said ‘Good’, then put the condom in her mouth, the o-ring between her lips. Without pause she went down on him, took his cock deep in her mouth, and stretched the rubber over his cock as she did so. Augie had a look of amazement on his face. Janelle was smiling at him.

They rearranged their bodies. Janelle sat with her back against the headboard, legs spread. Lexi handed a tube of lube to Augie, and in a second was lying on the bed face down.

Augie got the idea right quick when he saw Lexi bury her face between Janelle’s thighs. He greased his pole and aimed for the hole. On his knees, between Lexi’s legs, he pulled the plug and it came out sluggishly with a thwap. It was longer than he thought. He could tell her asshole was already slick, but he squeezed some more lube from the tube anyway and fingered it into her. By the time he put the head of his slimy, sheathed cock against her rim, her asshole was winking at him and she was already chowing down on Janelle’s pussy.

He spread her cheeks and pushed it in. It was delightfully tight, but it slid right in, an inch at a time, in, out, in, out, with little resistance. When he had half of his cock inside her and she hadn’t squawked, he figured he was good to go, so he started fucking that thing. Fucking it good. It was a fine ass, smooth and snug.

He was banging it pretty hard for at least a minute, with his eyes closed, when he felt his cum rising. He started hitting it harder, and when he opened his eyes Janelle was staring right at him with a big smile on her face. Augie groaned loudly and deeply when he came, and grunted as he squeezed off five ropes of jizz into the depths of Lexi’s poop chute. He kept going after he released too; after his maxi-lube job, it was such smooth sailing he just kept on knocking it.

Soon, he could tell by way Janelle scrunched up her face that she was about to reach orgasm. And she did, moaning, with her thighs locked around Lexi’s head. When she stopped quivering she pulled Lexi’s face up to hers and they shared a long, hot kiss.


It was a long night. After another round of creative couplings and a tripling or two, Augie was sore and beat. He noticed it was nearly three a.m.

“I have to go,” he said, sitting up, looking for his clothes on the floor.

“You’re leaving?” Lexi said. “It’s pretty late. You’re welcome to stay.”

“Thanks, but no. I need to be there when the boys wake up this morning. And I need to get some sleep. We might be playing a doubleheader today.”

He kissed them both. Lexi gave his dick a little squeeze goodbye. He drove back and staggered into the barracks.


There was no need for a second game that day. Augie’s team was no match for the opponent, and lost 12-2. The game was never close and the outcome never in doubt. Their pitcher didn’t have it, the fielders didn’t field, and the hitters couldn’t hit. Not the happiest end to their season.

“Tough game, Coach,” Janelle said, after the game.

“Yep, it wasn’t our day that’s for sure,” he said. “And I was out of it the whole game. Good thing it wasn’t a close game. If it had been, I don’t know that I would have been able to make any sharp decisions.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m tired. I’m hungover.”

“Hungover? You didn’t drink much last night.”

“I’m not hungover from the beer. I’m hungover from the sex!”

Janelle smiled. “You poor boy!”

Augie scanned the crowd as they dispersed. He felt guilty. He imagined that they all knew what he’d done last night and would hold the loss against him.


With the season over, Augie hoped he might have a semi-regular thing going with Janelle, but it didn’t work out that way. He talked to her several times but she was noncommittal and they found it difficult to find the time to hook up. Summer was winding down and school was starting up for the boys, so she had commitments almost everyday and there was virtually no opportunity for them to meet, much less be discreet. Plus, he had a feeling that every parent of every boy on the team had a good idea what had gone on in that hotel room the night before that last game, and that could have made her back off. He thought about Lexi too, but he didn’t contact her. He thought it would be too awkward, and figured she would have the same back-to-school hectic schedule as Janelle. He wouldn’t soon forget her sweet ass, though. Both of their boys would be on his team again next year if they signed up, so that was something to look forward to.

A few weeks went by and Augie pretty much moved on, and didn’t think about Janelle or Lexi unless he was jerking off. Then one Wednesday night he got a phone call.

It was Jaylan’s mom. Jaylan was his left fielder, a tall, lanky black kid, a good ballplayer with a good arm and quick as a jackrabbit.

“Hello, Augie. It’s Kayla. Jaylan’s mom.”

“Of course, yes,” he croaked, nervous. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. And you?”

“Doing well, thank you.”

He closed his eyes, pictured her at the games: Tall and lean, athletic, black frizzy hair, smooth dark skin, big smile, white teeth, tight jeans, tube top.

“Look, Augie,” she said. “I heard you are really good with computers, that’s what you do for a living, right? Well, I’m having some problems with my laptop and I was wondering if you could help me.”

“I don’t know, maybe. What’s the problem?”

“It’s hard to describe. I’ll be working on it for a while with no problem, then it freezes up.”

Augie was thinking that there had to be a dozen places nearby where she could take it for repair service. Did she want him to make a house call?

“Well, I’m really more of a software guy than a hardware guy. But I’d be happy to take a look at it for you. If I can’t help, I probably know someone you could take it to who is trustworthy.”

“Oh, that would be great, just what I was hoping. Thank you. Would you mind coming to my home?”

“Not at all. When did you have in mind?”

“Are you free Saturday afternoon? Maybe around four?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Oh, wonderful. Jaylan will be away for the weekend on a camping trip and I’m trying to get all my chores and errands done on Saturday and that time works perfectly.”

“Okay. Four o’clock it is.”

“And if you don’t have to run off afterward, maybe we could have a drink or two, share a happy hour. I make a mean Vodka Cooler. And don’t worry. I don’t bite.”

So, there it was. The hot moms kiss and tell. He thought of the two black girls he’d gone to bed with back in college. They fucked like jackhammers.

“Well, you talked me into it,” Augie said, and then mentally cleared his schedule for Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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