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A futa finds a girlfriend.
Amber and Kate were chilling in the pool in their backyard. They were foster sisters getting to know each other.

Amber: Kate, why do you wear shorts to the swimming pool? You know you can wear a bikini.

Kate: I just don’t want anyone to see too much, you know?

Amber: Well, I guess. What, afraid the boys will go wild?

Kate: Actually, the girls. I’m packing.

Amber: Wait, what do you mean?

Kate: Well, this is what I mean.

Kate stands up and lets her swim shorts stick to her body, revealing the outline of her giant futa dick.

Amber: Oh my god, are you for real?

Kate: Yeah.

Amber: Does anyone else know?

Kate: My parents, and a few others, but no one else here.

Amber: My god, it’s huge! How big is it?

Kate: 9 inches flaccid.

Amber swallows.

Amber: Erect?

Kate: Varies. Max it’s ever gotten was 26 inches. But it dances between 18 and 24 inches a lot.

Amber: Wow! It sounds like a blessing and a curse. Does it cause you any discomfort?

Kate: It demands a lot of attention. Which, you know, feels good, but then I have trouble hiding all my cum, which is a lot, so...

Amber (salivating): So like, how much cum?

Kate: Bucketful's, just an ungodly amount. Enough to fill several mugs, easy. And not a small one either, like the ones you see at a German bar.

Amber: Wow, how do you even have that much cum in you?

Kate: Right, well, on top of being a futa, I also have overactive testicles. These swollen, massive things, like softballs, just constantly churning out more butter, you know. Kind of annoying really. You’ll just be sitting and the urge to jerk off overwhelms you, every day, multiple times a day. It would be ok if it wasn’t for the huge mess it leaves behind. Or having to hide my cock whenever it acts up.

Amber: You don’t have a girlfriend do you? I bet she would love that!

Kate: No, no girlfriend. I don’t think anyone but maybe like five porn stars could handle that.

Amber: Are there any porn stars that you have a crush on?

Kate: Amber, come on, they’re porn stars, they’re fine as hell.

Amber: Hahahahahahaha! So wait, are you like, horny now?

Kate (getting a little hard): I don’t know, like a little?

Amber: Well, I could maybe help you out. You need a place for your cum don’t you? My stomach is empty...

Kate’s erection is inching past her shorts down her leg. Amber salivates, her jaw unhinges.

Kate: I think maybe we should go inside?

Amber: Ok.

Kate walks behind Amber, checking out her ass in that tiny bikini. They go inside to their room.

Kate: Are you sure about this? Like, it can be a lot to handle.

Amber: It’s ok, I want to help you.

Kate: So were you thinking like a handjob or...

Amber: How about this?

Amber leans in for a kiss while pressing her full body against Kates. Feeling Kates erection go past her knee, touching her calf muscle. Her pussy gushes in wetness. They really wanted to fuck.

Amber: Is a blowjob ok? I don’t have any condoms.

Kate: They wouldn’t fit anyways. Yeah, a blowjob would be nice.

Amber gets on her knees and pulls down Kates shorts. They were pointless anyways, it was hiding nothing. She grabs her dick with both hands, feeling the veins and the sheer weight of her member. Rubbing it back and forth slowly, then brings it up to her mouth. She scoots back a little so she could get to the head of the penis. Takes the head in her mouth and starts sucking. Kate wasn’t joking, this monster was barely manageable, getting the head in her mouth felt like eating a whole cheeseburger at once. Amber didn’t know how she was getting it down her throat, but she knew she would try.

Kate: Oh my god that feels so good, I’m gonna cum, Amber, please swallow it.

Amber holds the head of the cock on her tongue and creates a vacuum around the opening. Kate was masturbating her cock to completion. Then, like a garden hose, hot sticky cum floods her mouth, swelling her cheeks. Amber swallows, only to be met with an instant refill. She couldn’t let any spill, there would be nothing to catch it. Kate wasn’t holding back. She was offered her stomach, and she was gonna make sure she used up her whole stomach. Kate, grabbing Ambers hair, bucks her hips forward. Sending her cock down Ambers throat. They both moan as fluid continues to pour down Ambers throat. Kates convulsions can be felt from Ambers tongue, all the way down her throat, right before her stomach gets shot and catches fire. Again and again, her stomach is blasted with cum like a machine gun, punching the insides of her walls, over and over, filling her quickly and making her feel hot and heavy. Amber feels her stomach with her hand, her eyes roll over as she feels it inflate and protrude. She pulls the cock out of her throat into her mouth and catches more cum. She let her tongue feel the stream of semen as it passed through her mouth, swimming, being completely submerged. Amber relished the flavor, it tasted so good to her. Her throat undulates continuously as she was chugging down the biggest meal of her lifetime faster than she had ever eaten before. Amber reaches to massage Kates balls, and feels them pulse along with her orgasm. Kate grabs Ambers head again and drives her cock down Ambers throat, not stopping for anything. Amber, shocked, tries to pull away, but Kate was persistent and kept forcing her cock further down. Amber would cough if she had airflow. She quit resisting and let the cock have its way. Then she gives in, grabs Kates ass, and pulls herself to the hilt. Kates cock now fully erect and still cumming reaches inside Ambers stomach, pushes the back wall further inside her. Kates cock, straining to go deeper, keeps pushing until the entrance to the small intestine opens up and a full 8 inches disappears into her small intestine.

Kate: Oh fuck I’m gonna cum again!

Back to back orgasms. They were in ecstasy. Kates cock erupted with even more power than the first time. Ambers whole body is hot. She is sweating from the intense heat that fills her gut. Semen pours relentlessly down her small intestine as Kates cock enjoys the euphoria of her whole cock finally being taken, triggering a monumental orgasm. Ambers stomach continues to swell as her body changes shape to push past its normal holding capacity. Amber tightens her grip on Kates ass, refusing to come up for air until all of the cum is deposited in her body. They both watch in amazement how Ambers belly swells to a ridiculous size.

Kate: Mmmm, this orgasm is much harder than the first. That was just a little one, this one is much harder. I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to be here a while.

Amber: Mmmmmm.......

Kates cock stiffens as a result of the humming, reaching its maximum 26 inches; its girth swelling Ambers already blocked passages.

Kate fucks her throat slowly and deeply, until Amber brings it back up to her mouth to taste it again, catching her breath.

Kate: This is the best, I can’t believe you’re taking it all. Every time I cum it makes a huge mess. Even when I use my bucket it just splashes out.

Amber loved that, being Kates new bucket.

Amber: Mmmmm hhhmmm hhhmmm

Amber reaches up to grab Kates titties. They look into each others eyes, Kate strokes her hair. Every second Amber would jolt to Kates orgasm.

The loss of oxygen heightens Ambers pleasure. The room is spinning and her sight is going dark. She thought she would die to her stomach ripping open. Her instinct to swallow kept her alive. Instead of fighting, her eagerness to contain Kates spillage relaxed her muscles, allowing cum to travel quickly down her digestive tract. She could feel a sharp pain jump from place to place along her gut as cum descended down her small intestine. Tens of trillions of sperm occupied Ambers digestive tract.

Amber: Mmmmm...

She wipes the sweat from her eyes and starts masturbating under her bikini. Kate is actively fucking Ambers small intestine, the tightness helps milk out a few extra splashes. Amber feels the urge to poop. Cum has traveled all the way to the large intestine. Her ass begins heating up, she can feel the pressure building but she holds it in. The thought of her insides being packed dense with semen helped her hold on as Kate's orgasm subsided into trembles. Every few seconds, another splash of semen entered her. The swelling was going down and Kate removed her cock.

Amber: That was...

Amber tried not to vomit. It came up in her cheeks, but she spilled none of it. The stomach acid has long been dissolved. She savored the taste before slowly drinking it back down.

Amber: That was amazing. My belly is so full, just look at it!.

Kate: I know. I told you I came a lot, but this is a first for me.

Kate and Amber rub the protruding belly, like she was pregnant.

Amber: People are gonna think I'm pregnant.

Kate: Nah, they'll just think you're fat.

Amber: Hey!

Part 2 on the way!

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