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I discover the pleasures of my Aunt and fall in love.
I sat in the back of the car watching my mother. I could only see the back of her head as she cuddled up to Uncle Bert, his arm stayed around her. Mum was giggling constantly which was something l had never heard her do before, it felt like l had come away with a completely different woman.

“Your mother likes to change gear when l drive,” Bert said, “she likes to hold the gear stick.”

“Yes both of them,” Mum giggled. Suddenly she dipped her head down into Bert’s lap, l heard him groan although l couldn’t see what she was doing. I saw him put his hand on the back of her head, pushing it down. My cock was rock hard, from the sounds she was making it was obvious what she was doing.

“Oh that’s good,” Bert said after a few moments, “take it Dot.”

I had heard Uncle Bert call her Dot before, l knew it annoyed my father who always insisted on calling her Dorothy.

Eventually Mum sat back up, she turned to face me just as l was getting my cock out. She smiled at me and l could see a trickle of cum in the corner of her mouth.

“Don’t waste it wanking baby,” she said, “you’re going to need it later.” She turned back, cuddling back into Uncle Bert.

We drove into the driveway of the house, it was the first time l had been to that house, l knew they had moved there a couple of years before, it looked to be a bigger house than ours and it was on the edge of town, surrounded by fields.

As we got out of the car l saw Bert doing up his trousers. I had put my cock away but l was still hard. Mum came over to me and kissed me, l could taste salt on her lips. “Oh this is going to be the best ever,” she said, resting her hand on the front of my trousers. I had never seen my mother so happy, she looked ten years younger and even looking at her, knowing what we’d done on the train and knowing what she’d done in the car, all of a sudden she had turned into the sexiest woman l had ever seen. She put her arm round me as we walked to the front door, giggling as she left her other hand on the front of my trousers. Uncle Bert followed with our suitcase.

The front door opened as we approached, my Aunty Eileen stood there smiling but it wasn’t her face that took the attention of my eyes. She was wearing a dress with a very deep v-neckline, l had always been fascinated by her large breasts but now it looked like if she moved too quickly they would fall out of her dress.

As we entered the house she embraced Mum, kissing her full on her mouth. She pulled away smiling, “Mmmmm, you taste of my husband,” she laughed.

“Sorry, l couldn’t resist it,” Mum giggled.

“And you young man,” Aunty Eileen turned to me, “my word you’ve grown,” she said, kissing me then putting her hands round the back of my head and pulling it down to her breasts. My face was pressed into the valley between her breast, they felt soft and warm and her perfume was sweet and strong. As she held me she moved my head to one side, l felt her dress move and l had her nipple in my mouth. It was big, it felt like a bottle cork, it was soft and rubbery and tasted of strawberries. I couldn’t resist sucking it.

“Oh you’re so lucky to have a son,” Eileen said, “l told you years ago you should start with him.”

“He was too young,” Mum replied, “l wanted to wait until he had left school.”

I raised my head from Eileen’s tit, looking over to my mother l saw that Bert had her dress open and was sucking on one of her tits.

“You must be grubby after your journey,” Eileen said, “why don’t you go up, shower and change. I’ve put you both in your usual room.”

Mum took me by the hand, l carried the suitcase and we went upstairs.

“Am l sleeping in here too?” I asked, looking around at the huge bedroom with a door to it’s own bathroom.

“You’re sleeping with me l hope,” Mum replied, “but l doubt if l’ll get much sleep judging by that,” she said, pointing to the bulge in my trousers.

She put the suitcase on the bed, took out all of my clothes then closed it up and slid it under the bed.

“What about your clothes?” I said.

“Oh l don’t wear any of that rubbish here,” she said, “l only pack it in case your father checks.”

She began undoing her dress then tossed it onto a chair, followed by her bra, stockings and suspenders belt.

“Come on, get undressed,” she said. I was transfixed watching her strip in front of me as if it was the most natural thing in the world, but it didn’t take long to catch up and then she led me through to the shower.

We bathed each other, she taking care of my cock and balls while l looked after her tits and cunt. Then we dried each other with one of the big fluffy towels hanging on a heated rail.

“This is some house,” l said.

“Yes,” Mum replied, “Bert has done very well for himself, worked his way up and now he is one of the bosses, l don’t know what he does but it involves moving money around the world. That’s why your father dislikes him, your Dad has never had any ambition and now he’s started drinking heavily he’ll never make anything of himself.”

“Why don’t you leave him Mum,” l said, “you are a different person here, laughing and giggling, you’re never like that at home.”

“Oh l love it here,” she replied, walking over to the wardrobe. “It’s so good to feel that l’m still desirable, and everything we do here is just about fun, nothing is serious. But l’ve invested too much time in what l have back home, your father may not have a marvellous job but he has security and a good pension when he retires.”

I watched as she ***********ed a dress, it was a pretty floral print with thin shoulder straps. She put in on over her head, the material was so thin it was almost see through, the dark patch of her pubic hair was clearly visible and where the material clung to her tits, her areoles and nipples were as well. The skirt came down to mid thigh. She saw the expression on my face as l looked at her, l couldn’t believe this was my mother in front of me, she was a totally different woman.

“Your father would never let me wear something like this,” she said.

“But surely you don’t wear it out side,” l said.

“I did last summer,” she replied, “we went to the seaside, it was such a thrill to see men staring at me, of course l had to wear panties but this was still faintly visible,” she said patting her pubic area. “Of course, if Bert had his way l would have it shaved off, he hates body hair, l’ve always said l couldn’t take the risk if your father saw it, but he hasn’t seen me naked for a few years now and l doubt if he would be interested enough to notice.”

I sat on the bed, staring at her. She came towards me, putting her hands either side of my face, looking down at me.

“I know it’s been a lot for you to take in,” she said. “The train ride was a bonus, l never expected us to have that sort of privacy but when l saw that carriage l knew l had to take the opportunity and you didn’t let me down baby,” she bent and kissed me, “the moment l felt your hand go under my skirt l knew we were going to have a wonderful time.”

“There’s just so much l don’t know Mum,” l said.

“I know baby,” she replied, “save it till later and l will answer all your questions, but for know let’s get you dressed and go downstairs and have some fun.”

“What do l have to wear?” I asked.

“That’s up to you baby, it’s only us females that have to dress like tarts,” she giggled. “It’s a beautiful day, we’ll probably eat in the garden.” She picked up a pair of shorts that she had packed. “Here, put these on,” she said, “if l know Eileen they won’t be on for long.”

“You mean she wants me to…..”

“Well l’m sure she’ll be mighty disappointed if you don’t fuck her,” she reached down taking hold of my erect cock. “You need to do something about this and l expect Bert will be fucking me, sorry babe, you can have me later.”

I put my shorts on, hoping that my erection would go down, l didn’t want to be going downstairs with my cock sticking out front. Mum had a final check of herself in the mirror, l saw her pinch her nipples to make them stand out even more than they were.

“Come on,” she said, “before l jump on you and have that hard on for myself.”

Uncle Bert was in the hall when we descended the stairs. Mum stood in front of him, pirouetting.

“Well, will l do?” She giggled.

As she had her back turned, Uncle Bert lifted the back of her skirt and gave her bottom a firm smack.

“Go and help your sister take the food out to the garden,” he said.

Mum giggled and trotted into the kitchen, her tits bouncing wildly.

“She’s a bit of a tart your mother,” he said to me, “how are you enjoying fucking her?”

“Well l….” I hesitated, “to be honest Uncle Bert it has all been so sudden, l have never seen Mum like this.”

“Oh l’m sure it’s come as a bit of a shock son,” he said, “and stop calling me Uncle. You’re mother is a different person here, l’m sorry son but your father doesn’t appreciate her.”

“I know,” l replied, “l’ve never liked the way he treats her, Dad and l don’t really get on, but l never thought about Mum like this, l never thought of her as….”

“Sexy?” Bert said.

“Yes, l suppose,” l said, “but it’s not just the sex, l’ve never seen her this happy, oh don’t get me wrong there have been good times but looking back they have been when it was just her and me together, not when Dad was included.”

“She loves you very much son,” he said, “that was why it took so long for us to convince her to start with you.”

Just then Aunty Eileen called through that the meal was ready so we went through the house and out into the garden.

I was surprised to see that the garden wasn’t as big as l expected. It was much bigger than ours but l had expected something spectacular. What was spectacular was the view. Miles of open countryside and woods stretched out over a valley. There was a patio with a low table and two chairs either side. The table was laid out with plates of sandwiches and snacks.

Bert and l sat on one side, Eileen was facing me and Mum was facing him. Eileen picked up the plate of sandwiches, leaning over the table to offer them to me. She was wearing a very short skirt and a loose top with a deep neckline. As she leaned over, the neckline drooped giving me a view of her tits swinging, l could see them all including her nipples.

My eyes were locked onto her tits. She looked at me and smiled. “They’re for desert,” she said, giving her tits a shake, making them swing. “Do you like strawberries,” she added, “l can put another flavour on them if you prefer.”

“Stop teasing the lad,” Bert said.

Eileen sat back down, parting her thighs as she did so, giving me a view of her cunt. Up until then, the only cunt l had seen for real was my mother’s so to see that Eileen’s cunt was completely hairless came as a surprise. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, fascinated by the way the folds of skin opened like the petals of a flower, l saw moisture there and as she moved it seemed to open as if inviting me. I could feel my cock straining against the front of my shorts.

“Close your legs you horny bitch,” Bert said, “you’ll put the lad off his food.”

“Oh l think he’d rather eat my pussy,” Eileen said, “l’d certainly like a taste of what he’s got inside those shorts.”

“Take no notice of her David,” he said, “tell me, how are you enjoying fucking your mother.”

I could feel my face flushing bright red, l looked at my mother but she just smiled.

“Now you’re teasing him Bert,” she said, “it’s all come as a bit of a rush for him, he’s having to come to terms with things he never imagined.”

“Well he’ll have plenty of time to come to terms with it here,” he said, “now take that dress off and let me look at you.”

Mum didn’t hesitate, she stood up, lifted her dress up over her head and dropped it beside her chair, sitting back down again.

“Very nice,” Bert said, “what do you think David, l bet you’ve spent years wanking, thinking of your mother naked, l know l did with mine.”

“Leave him alone Bert,” Mum said, “l don’t think he ever thought about me like that, but he’s making up for it now,” she giggled, “he even fucked me on the train.”

She went on to describe how she had spotted the carriage with individual compartments. “I couldn’t believe my luck,” she said, “l knew we had at least an hour once the train started moving, would you believe he had his hand up my skirt when l was still talking to Tom, leaning out of the window.”

“Good on you son,” he laughed, “now you’ve started with your mother you know what a horny tart she is, believe me son, she can’t get enough, god knows how she manages with that fucking useless father of yours.” He turned to Mum. “Does he ever fuck you these days.”

“You’ve got to be joking,” Mum replied, “he hasn’t touched me for years and even if he did he’s that drunk most of the time he wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Well in that case l think we aught to have that bush taken off while you’re here, you know how much l hate body hair, nothing worse than getting hair in your teeth when you’re eating pussy.”

I was just listening to the conversation in amazement, it seemed like every minute l learned something more about my mother. Watching her sitting there naked as if it was perfectly normal, hearing Uncle Bert talking about me fucking her and about shaving the hair off her cunt, it was like all those fantasies l’d had read in magazines had finally come to life. My cock was pulsating and even without being touched l felt as if l was close to orgasm.

“I think you’re having difficulty there David,” Aunty Eileen said, standing up, taking off her top and dropping her skirt. I could only groan as l looked at her naked. “Let your Aunty help you out,” she said, stepping round the table and kneeling in front of me. She caught hold of the waistband of my shorts, undoing the top button. The zip was more difficult as my cock was so hard it was staining the material. She soon had it undone though, then started pulling my shorts off. I raised myself off the chair to help her, then l was sat there naked, my cock standing up like a flag pole, l could see the pre cum oozing from the eye.

“Oh he’s beautiful Dot,” she said, taking hold of the base of my cock, “all those years you could have been enjoying this gorgeous cock.” She looked up at me. “Let Aunty make you more comfortable,” she said, bending forward and sliding her lips over the head of my cock.

Her mouth was so hot, so wet and inviting, l put my hands on the top of her head, pushing her down harder, forcing my cock into the back of her throat. I couldn’t stop myself, everything that was going on was too much. I raised up off the chair as l pushed her down harder, her face pressed against my tummy. I felt her mouth working on me and my cock exploded.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as l pumped my cum into her throat. I could feel her reacting, swallowing, and that just made me cum harder. I cried out again, l thought my head would burst, my body was shaking, l didn’t know if she could breathe but at that moment l didn’t care l just had to keep her there as my balls emptied. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, l collapsed back onto the chair, my hands falling away from her head. “I’m sorry,” l said, “l came too quick, l couldn’t help it.”

“Oh the pleasures of youth,” she said, sitting back in her chair, cum running down her chin and dropping onto her tits. “The amount of cum you had, l thought you’d never stop.” She used her fingers to scoop up the cum and licked it off.

“Don’t worry about cumming too quick son,” Bert said, “you’ll have plenty of practice while you’re here. Now for you madam,” he said, looking at my mother. “You know what to do.”

Mum stood up and went behind her chair, bending over the back and supporting herself with the arms, her tits swinging under her.

“You see David, your mother doesn’t just come her to be fucked, isn’t that right Dot?” He said.

“Yes sir,” Mum replied.

“See, sluts like your mother need to be kept in their place,” he said, standing and walking round behind Mum, undoing his trousers and taking out his cock. He was slightly bigger than me, his cock curving upwards.

I was shocked to hear him calling Mum a slut but l did find it exciting. Then suddenly he gave her a firm smack on her bottom.

“You mother likes her bottom warmed up don’t you Dot?” He said.

“Yes sir,” Mum replied, just as he struck her again. “Thank you sir.”

I couldn’t help holding my cock as l watched him land blow after blow on her bottom, each time she thanked him.

“There, that’s enough for now,” he said after at least a dozen blows. “Now go and show your son.”

Mum stood up and came round to me, she turned away from me and l saw her buttocks, they were bright red and l could see the outline of his hand print on her flesh.

“Now get down and suck his cock,” he said.

She dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. I was only half hard but once her lips closed over me l could feel my erection growing. I watched Uncle Bert get behind her and heard her groan as his cock entered her. He began thrusting into her, causing her mouth to slide up and down on my cock. As he fucked her he began smacking her bottom again but not as hard as before. He was thrusting into her so hard, she grunted with each thrust, l felt her teeth grating on my cock. He hit her bottom again, the first with his palm then backhanded.

I thought l had unloaded all my spunk into Aunty Eileen’s mouth but watching my mother being treated like that and hearing her obviously enjoying it was bringing me back close to orgasm again. I grabbed her head, forcing her hard against me, my cock pressing at the back of her throat.

“Push it in hard son,” Bert said, smacking her again, “make her take it into her throat.”

I could feel her struggling for breath, l released my grip and pushed her away. She was gagging in front of me, saliva dribbling from her mouth, tears streaming from her eyes as she gasped for breath.

“Do it again son,” Bert said, driving his cork into her, “make her take it.”

I looked at Mum, l didn’t know what to do, my cock was rock hard, l could see Bert fucking her hard, her tits swinging wildly. I wanted to do as he said, there was a force making me do it but something inside was stopping me.

“Do it David,” Eileen said as she came beside me. “Use your mother like a whore.”

My brain was in turmoil, l didn’t want to hurt Mum but l wanted to feel her mouth round my cock again. I looked at her as she had regained her breath.

“Do it baby,” she said, “make me take it.”

Bert hit her again and l saw her shudder as his cock plunged into her. I grabbed her head and forced her down onto my cock again, this time driving up to thrust into her. I felt the back of her throat and pushed harder, her face pressed hard into my tummy. I felt a tight restriction round my cock, l could feel it spasm as she struggled fo breath. I saw Bert strike her bottom again, his hand swiping back and fore.

“Give it to her David,” Eileen said. She was stood next to me, l could see her hand between her legs frigging herself, he huge tits swinging in front of my face. I caught one nipple between my teeth, biting down on it as l came in my mother’s throat.

Her movement stopped as Bert unloaded into her cunt, her throat was contracting on my cock draining me. I heard Eileen cry out and felt a hot liquid spraying onto my tummy and onto Mum’s face. I collapsed back in the chair, releasing my hold on my mother, l felt her mouth leaving my cock her head resting on my thigh as she gasped for breath. I saw Bert move from behind her, he came round and stood before Eileen, she knelt before him, holding his cock, it was still hard, covered in cum and mucus.

Eileen looked at me. “Taste it David,” she said, holding his cock level with my face. I was confused, l’d just seen my mother used like some cheap whore, l had just used her myself in a way l had never imagined possible. I felt a hand on my cock, looked down to see my mother holding it, kissing it. She looked up at me.

“Do it David,” she said, “taste my cunt on his cock, taste his spunk, do it baby.”

I turned back to where Bert was standing, Eileen still had hold of his cock, it was glistening, mucus and spunk dripping from it. I’ll never remember how it happened but suddenly that cock was in my mouth, l could feel my mother kissing my cock as l took Bert’s cock into my mouth, l tasted the mixture coating it and suddenly wanted more, l sucked on it.

“That’s good David,” l heard Eileen’s voice, “just taste it. Would you like your Uncle to cum in your mouth?”

I was completely overcome by all that had happened, l had no control over anything l was doing but l know l ended up putting my hand behind Uncle Bert and pulling him towards me, taking his cock fully into my mouth. I could feel it pulsating against my palate and l wanted it, wanted to feel what my mother had felt. I didn’t know right from wrong, l didn’t care, but his cock throbbing in my mouth felt so good.

Finally he pushed me away, l resisted, trying to keep his cock in my mouth.

“That’s enough for now son,” l heard him say as he moved away. His cock was replaced by Eileen’s lips as she kissed me.

I sat there for a moment, trying to make sense of what had happened. I needed time on my own to sort my head out. I mumbled some excuse and went up to our bedroom. I decided to shower as if that might help clear my head, after l’d dried l laid on the bed.

I couldn’t understand why l had done it, of course l’d heard of men who did things together but l knew l wasn’t like that, l liked girls, l dreamt of fucking girls, l was even fucking my mother, and yet l could still feel that cock in my mouth, could still feel it pulsating, could still taste his cum.

I saw a shadow as Mum ghosted past me and went into the bathroom. Seconds later l heard the shower start. The door was open and l could see her silhouette in the frosted glass of the door. I remembered how l had seen a similar scene in a film years before, l had only just started wanking then and for ages that vision was in my head as l pumped my fist on my cock. Now that vision was my mother, and at any moment she would be stepping out and walking into the bedroom naked. I felt my cock stir.

She didn’t speak as she came to the bed. She laid down beside me and l put my arm around her, she rested her head on my chest, kissing my nipple. Neither of us spoke for a while, then she rolled half on top of me, raising herself and supporting herself on her elbows she looked down at me.

“We can stop if it’s too much baby,” she said, dipping and kissing me.

She was fresh from the shower, her one leg was between mine, her thigh resting against my cock, her breasts were pressed against my chest, her nipples felt like hot needles stabbing me.

“I don’t know what l want Mum,” l replied, “that’s not right, l do know what l want l just don’t know if l can handle it.”

“It’s all been very sudden,” she said, “you have no idea how long l’ve dreamt of being with you like this.”

“But what l did Mum,” l said, “that’s not normal, normal men don’t do that, they’re queers.”

“Oh baby,” she said, resting her head on my chest again, l could feel her trembling, then l realised she was suppressing a laugh.

“It’s not funny Mum,” l said.

“I know baby, l’m sorry,” she replied, “come on David, you’re not turning into a homosexual, not judging by what’s happening down there anyway.”

I could feel her thigh moving against my cock and felt myself responding.

“Tell me,” she said, “if you saw Eileen and me eating each other’s pussies, would you think we were lesbians?”

“Of course not,” l replied.

“Well then, why should you suddenly turn into a homosexual just because you sucked Bert’s cock, did you enjoy it?”

I couldn’t answer, l wanted to say no but that would have been lying.

“I know how you feel sweetheart,” she said, “l know how it feels when a cock cums in your mouth, you feel those pulsations, you feel the power, then your mouth fills with that beautiful thick salty cum.”

Her words were having an effect on me.

“I can feel him baby,” she said, pressing her thigh against my cock, “don’t think about things too seriously, one thing l learned very quickly years ago when l started having fun with Bert and Eileen, just let things happen, if you like it, do it again, if you don’t like it, no-one is going to force you.”

“But what about what he was doing to you Mum? Didn’t he hurt you?”

“Of course he did baby,” she kissed my chest, “my bottom is still stinging now.”

“But you looked like you were enjoying it,” l said.

“Pain can be very stimulating baby, if it’s done in the right context.”

“You came didn’t you?”

“Yes, l always do when he spanks me,” she replied, “the harder he spanks me the harder l cum, the harder l cum it makes him cum harder.”

“I have a lot to learn Mum,” l said.

“Don’t worry baby,” she smiled, “we’re her for a while, there’s plenty of time, you may even be enjoying spanking me yourself before we leave.” As she spoke, she moved fully on top of me, putting her hand between us and gripping my cock. “Now let’s not waste this,” she said, guiding my cock so that she could slide down me, my cock slipping into her warm, wet cunt.

“I don’t know if l can do it again,” l said.

“Shush baby,” she replied, “just let Mummy work her magic pussy.”

I felt her muscles gripping me, gripping then relaxing over and over. I felt my erection hardening. She raised her head from my chest, smiling at me.

“The magic seems to be working,” she giggled.

I began to move with her.

“No, just lie still,” she said, “Mummy will do all the work.”

“I love you Mum,” l said.

“I can feel you do,” she laughed.

“No seriously Mum, l do love you,” l repeated.

“I know you do baby,” she kissed me, “and l love you.”

I relaxed, lying back and enjoying the action of her cunt as she slowly milked me, l reached behind her and gripped her buttocks. She moaned.

“Sorry,” l said, taking my hands away when l realised l’d hurt her.

“No baby, hold me,” she said, “squeeze my bottom when my pussy squeezes you.”

I put my hands back and settled into her rhythm, listening to her moans of pleasure as my fingers dug into her buttocks.

I wanted to turn her over and fuck her but each time l started to move she stopped me. Finally she sat up, rotating her hips as my cock went deeper. I reached up for her tits, tweaking her nipples gently, hearing her sigh as l did.

“This is so beautiful baby,” she sighed as she worked her hips on me, “pinch my nipples harder, pinch and twist them.”

I did as she asked and her movements became more urgent until she was grinding her pelvis down onto me, her tits bouncing above my face. She leaned forward and as l released her nipples her tits swung back and fore, brushing my mouth.

“Catch my nipples baby,” she said, “l’m nearly there, bite my nipples.”

I caught one of her nipples with my teeth, biting down hard.

“Oh jeez yes!” She screamed and l felt the flow of hot liquid bathing my cock. I cried out with her as l unloaded what sperm l had left inside her. She fell forward on top of me.

“Just hold me,” she said as we both came together, my cock pulsating in unison with her cunt. She buried her face in my neck, l felt a pain as she bit me and l held her tight. Her whole body was trembling, l felt a wetness on my cheek and realised she was crying.

I lifted her face and looked up at her.

She read my concern. “I’m just so happy my darling,” she said, then settled back on top of me.

I didn’t know how long l slept but when l woke she had gone. I lay there trying to go back to the dream l had been having, my cock was stood up like a flagpole.

“You can put that away,” l heard Mum say, “you’ve had all you’re getting from me until later.”

With that she walked into the bedroom, she looked amazing, she had done her hair, put on her make-up and was wearing a long evening dress with a halter neck. It was obvious there was nothing underneath, the material clinging to her breasts, her nipples standing proud.

“She stood in front of me. “How do l look?” She smiled.

“Fantastic,” l replied.

“How about this?” She said. The skirt was slit up the middle, she gathered it and raised it a few inches, l could see her cunt it was totally free of pubic hair. Her legs were parted and l could see the lips of her cunt protruding.

“Wow Mum, that’s beautiful,” l said.

“Thank you,” she replied, hitching her skirt up higher and spreading her legs wider. “I finally decided l don’t care about what your father thinks any more, Eileen did it for me, did you notice your Uncle Bert.”

“I know,” l replied, “he doesn’t have any either.”

“Isn’t it great,” she said, “it makes his cock look bigger and it’s so much nicer when l take him deep in my mouth.”

“Do you want me to have it done?” I asked.

“That’s up to you baby,” she replied, releasing her skirt and letting it fall back, “Eileen will do it for you if you like, she’s expert at it, she says she’ll teach you to do me and teach me to do you if you like.”

“What now?” I asked.

“Oh no, not now,” she replied, “why do you think l’m dressed up like this? We’re going out for a meal, you get yourself showered and dressed, l packed some smart casual clothes for you, then come downstairs, but don’t take too long.”

“You could shower with me,” l said, standing up, stroking my cock as l walked towards her.

“Oh no!” She said, holding her hands out to stop me, “don’t you dare mess me up. Put that away and get decent, you can fuck me later l promise.”

I showered, dressed and went downstairs. The others were waiting in the lounge. Eileen had the same style dress as Mum but where Mum’s was emerald green, Eileen’s was bright red, also it looked like Eileen’s tits we’re about to fall out of the dress at any moment. Just then there was the sound of a car horn and Uncle Bert said it was the taxi.

I got in the back, sitting between Mum and Eileen while Bert sat in the front. No sooner had we started moving and Eileen took my hand and placed it between Mum’s legs.

“Do you like your mother’s new pussy,” she whispered.

Mum didn’t seem surprised and parted her thighs enough for me to slip two fingers into her, she sighed as l just let my fingers stay there. Eileen took my other hand, placing it between her own legs. I slipped two fingers Ito her as well and she put her hand on my erection.

“I bet you’re glad your mother persuaded you to come away with her,” Eileen said, giving my cock a squeeze, “l’m looking forward to having this in my cunt later.” With her other hand she arranged the top of her dress so that a small portion of the areole on each tit was just visible, it looked like only her nipples were stopping her tits from falling out completely.

I was in paradise, fingering the cunts of two big titted women, my cock was straining at my trousers.

It was only a short ride into town and we pulled up outside a restaurant. Bert opened Mum’s door and she got out first, l followed, then Eileen shuffled over and got out. As she did her tits fell out completely, l saw the taxi driver getting a good look. Eileen giggled as she adjusted her dress, not really rushing and giving the taxi driver a good view.

“These things have a mind of their own,” she laughed, tucking them both back into her dress. I was stood there, rather embarrassed, my hand in front of my trousers trying to conceal my erection.

“Oh don’t be silly,” Eileen said, taking my hand away, “Gina won’t mind, she’s been looking forward to meeting you.”

Bert paid the taxi driver then opened the door to the restaurant and Mum and Eileen went first, l followed. It wasn’t a very big place and it was about half full of diners. I saw quite a few of the men staring at Mum and Eileen’s tits as we walked in. Eileen’s especially we’re bouncing and swinging as she walked, looking as if they would fall out again at any moment.

“Oh Dorothy!” a voice called out from the back of the restaurant and a woman appeared, almost running between the tables. “How wonderful to see you again,” the woman said, kissing Mum full on her mouth and hugging her. “And this must be David,” she said, turning to me and hugging me, l felt her pressing her pelvis against mine, my erection digging into her. “Mmmm, that feels nice,” she whispered in my ear as she hugged me. She moved to Eileen, again kissing her on her mouth and hugging her.

“Welcome all of you,” she said.

“This is Gina,” Eileen said to me, “her and Marco own this place.”

I smiled at Gina, she was about five foot six inches with olive tinged skin and a full head of black hair that was so black it shone. She looked to be about forty and had the most beautiful eyes l had ever seen, they were a bright green and almond shape and l fell in love with her immediately. She moved to Bert, kissing and hugging him, l noticed how he managed to brush his hand across her breasts as he hugged her and l heard her giggle as he whispered something in her ear. Quite a few of the other diners were watching us, especially the men. The women did not look so approving.

“Your table is ready,” Gina said, leading us to an alcove at the rear of the restaurant. Again she hugged Mum. “Oh Marco will be so pleased to see you Dorothy,” she said, “he is making your favourite.”

“Should I go through to the kitchen and say hello?” Eileen said.

“Oh no, no, no,” Gina laughed, “don’t you dare, once he gets near these beauties,” she looked directly at Eileen’s tits, “we’ll never get a meal made.”

Everyone laughed as we all seated ourselves round the table, the two women sat in the centre of the curve, l sat beside Eileen and Bert sat beside Mum. Gina disappeared towards the back then reappeared carrying a bottle of wine. She proceeded to fill each of our glasses. As she reach across the table l saw Bert put his hand up the back of her skirt. “Oh you are naughty Bert,” she said as she stood up but Bert left his hand up her skirt and she made no effort to move away.

“I’ll go and tell Marco you are here while you make your choices,” she said, “and you,” she said, bending and kissing Bert, “can stop being naughty, you are making me wet.”

“I can tell,” he laughed, taking his hand away and putting his finger in his mouth. “Oooh tasty,” he smiled. Gina giggled and went through a door to the kitchen.

I had never been to an Italian restaurant before and was trying to understand the menu. The nearest we had ever got to Italian food at home was spaghetti hoops on toast.

Mum reached across and patted my arm.

“Let us do the ordering,” she said, “l love Italian food, your father won’t have anything to do with it, calls it foreign muck, trust me baby, you’ll love it.”

I had never had wine before either and was enjoying the glass of red l had before me.

“It’s called Chianti,” Mum said, “isn’t it lovely?”

I had to admit it was.

Gina reappeared, standing next to Bert who immediately put his hand up her skirt again.

“Tell him to leave you alone,” Eileen said to Gina.

“Oh l don’t mind,” she giggled, “he is very good with his fingers.”

I was totally besotted with her, her Mediterranean accent, her dazzling eyes, her trim figure in a simple black dress, l couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“I don’t think we need to order Gina,” Eileen said, “you know what we love.”

“Of course,” Gina replied, topping up our glasses before returning to the kitchen.

“I think David is in love,” Eileen said to Mum laughing. She grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. “I bet you’d like to do that to Gina’s pussy,” she laughed.

“Stop teasing him Eileen,” Mum said, “you can’t blame him, she’s beautiful.”

“Does she…you know….with you?” I asked.

“Yes sweetheart,” Mum replied, “we have a group of friends and we get together regularly for parties, Gina and Marco joined us about six years ago, there’ll be a party this weekend you’ll be able to have her then, l’m sure she’s looking forward to it.”

I wasn’t sure what to say but was saved when Gina and a younger man came from the kitchen carrying trays with a variety of plates of food. It was all arranged in the centre of the table, Gina playfully pushing Bert’s hand away every time she bent over the table. I noticed the young man with her was watching what was happening and smiling.

“These are a ***********ion of starters,” Mum told me, “have a taste of each one.”

We all helped ourselves to each of the dishes, the tastes were totally new to me but were delicious. The conversation tended to die away as we all enjoyed the meal, l ended up eating things l had never considered before and found each one delicious, plus of course l had the pleasure of seeing Gina as she moved around the restaurant, l couldn’t take my eyes off her, she looked like a film star.

The evening moved on and after more than a couple of glasses of wine l was feeling light headed. Gradually the other customers finished their meal and left, Bert had a mild argument with Gina about paying the bill.

“This happens every time,” Eileen told me, “we insist on paying and they say it’s not necessary but in the end. Bert always wins and we pay.”

Once everyone else had left the young man from before and another man in his forties came out of the kitchen. I was introduced to Marco and Tony who was their son.

“Tony has just finished University,” Gina said, “so he is back living at home.”

“Mmmm, lucky you,” Eileen said, “so you are kept busy at night as well then.”

The cheeky grin on Gina’s face told me that she was in a similar relationship with her son as l was with Mum. I was slightly embarrassed by this and afraid to say anything in case l had made a wrong assumption. But then l remembered how he had watched Uncle Bert with his hand up Gina’s skirt, and that he had been smiling.

We talked for a while, Bert with one hand up Gina’s skirt the other between my mother’s thighs. Eileen had my hand between her thighs and l slipped two fingers into her. Tony just stood there staring at Eileen’s tits.

Eileen asked Marco if he would be at the next party, he said he had to work but that Gina and Tony would be there.

“I’ll tell Carol,” she said, “it’s a while since you fucked her Tony, l know how much you love her tits.”

Tony went bright red with embarrassment, made worse when his mother patted the front of his trousers. “And we all know how much Carol loves what Tony has in here,” she laughed.

“Oh l think l’ve forgotten what it looks like,” Eileen laughed, “it’s been so long since l had it up me.”

“Let me pull down the blinds,” Gina said, “then you two can get busy.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening but the ease with which everyone including Tony accepted it, it was obvious this was not the first time.

Eileen told me to let her get out. I stood up and moved out of the way just as Bert did the same. I saw Gina pull the blinds down at the front of the restaurant, then she made sure the door was locked. She walked back towards me, stopping and turning her back to me. “Unzip me,” she said.

I unzipped her dress and she pushed it off her shoulders, it fell in a heap at her feet. She was wearing a black lace bra and a tiny pair of black panties.

“Undo my bra,” she said.

My hands were shaking as l reached for the clasp, l was so nervous but l was concentrating so much on Gina that l hadn’t realised what was going on behind me. I heard a scraping noise, turned my head to see both Mum and Eileen were naked, Mum was in a clinch with Marco, he was kissing her, his hands mauling her tits while she was undoing his trousers.

Eileen was on her knees in front of Tony. His trousers were undone and she was pulling them down. His underpants followed and his cock sprang free. It was much bigger than mine or Bert’s but Eileen devoured it, taking it into her mouth, pulling him into her. His hands were on her head, he was grabbing handfuls of her hair, l realised that this was not a first time for him and that he was totally relaxed about it all.

I on the other hand was so nervous l was shaking. I saw Marco push Mum back onto one of the tables, she immediately spread her legs. His trousers dropped and l got a brief glimpse of his cock just before he plunged into her. I heard her cry out as she pulled him down on top of her.

“Don’t you want me,” l heard Gina’s voice, “are my tits not big enough?”

I turned back to face her and the sight of her blew me away. She was naked before me and she looked beautiful. Her whole body was a rich olive colour, her neat breasts tipped with jet black areole and nipples. Her flat tummy leading down to her shaved pubis, the neat cleft of her cunt disappearing between her thighs.

“Well, say something,” she smiled.

“You’re beautiful,” was all l could say.

“That’s better,” she replied, stepping closer. “I thought you were only interested in those big titted cows over there,” she laughed, “have you fucked Eileen yet.”

“N…no,” l stuttered as she lowered my trousers and pants. She knelt and removed my shoes one at a time, then l lifted each leg as she removed my trousers and pants. I was vaguely aware of moaning coming from my mother and Eileen but l only had eyes for Gina. Everything about her was exquisite, her body was perfectly proportioned, her skin as smooth as silk.

She pushed me back onto a chair then came close, standing astride me.

“You have a lovely cock David,” she said, placing one hand on my shoulder, her other hand guiding my cock as she lowered herself onto me. I had the most beautiful woman l had ever seen sitting astride me, my cock buried deep inside her.

“Do you like my titties?” She asked, “they are not big like Eileen or your mother, Tony likes big titties, he thinks Carol’s are the best.”

I was captivated not only by her beauty but also by her voice. Her accent made everything she said sound like a beautiful song.

“They’re beautiful,” l replied.

“Why don’t you kiss them then?” She asked.

I felt so stupid but l was mesmerised by her. I bent my head to her breasts and she offered each one in turn, kissing and sucking her nipple. I felt her muscles gripping my cock, pulsing as she milked me.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” she said, “do you like what l’m doing with my pussy?”

I looked up at her. “I’m in love with you,” l said.

“Oh that is so sweet,” she said, kissing me, “do you want to fuck me now or just look at me and let me do the work.”

I didn’t know what to say, l just wanted to look at her and feel the heat of her enveloping me. She must have read my mind.

“Oh you men are so lazy,” she giggled. “My Tony is the same with Carol, he likes to have her like this, bouncing up and down on his cock, her huge titties banging into his face. If you want me to do the work you have to play with my titties.

I held her tits as she began to slide up and down on my cock. I rolled my thumb over her nipples, then gently tweaked them.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice,” she said, “your mother has taught you well, l bet you fuck lots of girls.”

She stooped and kissed me. “You fuck me very nicely,” she said, “Tony he is very rough with me but l like it rough but this is very nice too.”

I heard a cry and looked across to see Eileen bent over, holding a table for support, her tits swinging wildly as Tony fucked her hard from behind. I noticed there was something strange about the angle he was fucking her.

“Tony is being very naughty,” Gina giggled, “he is fucking Eileen in her bottom, she is a dirty cow, she likes it in her bottom.”

I had read about anal sex but never seen any photos of it. Watching what Tony was doing and the obvious way Eileen was enjoying it made my cock even harder. Without realising, l pinched Gina’s nipples hard and felt a warm flood in her cunt in response.

“Mmmmmm, yeeeesss,” she hissed, burying her face in my neck.

I looked the other way for my mother. She was on her back on top of a table, her legs in the air. Marco was fucking her, his trousers round his ankles. He was holding her legs and ramming his cock into her. Bert was stood beside her and l could see her taking his cock in her mouth. Bert had hold of her head and he was pressing himself hard against her.

I had a sudden burst of energy, standing, lifting Gina as if she was as light as a feather. I put her down on a table, she laid back, her legs in the air.

“Now you have to fuck me,” she smiled up at me, “fuck me hard David, don’t be gentle, be rough, be very rough.”

I didn’t want to hurt her but l was out of control. I could see Bert ramming his cock hard into my mother’s mouth and l rammed my cock into Gina’s cunt.

“Yes baby,” Gina cried, “my titties, hurt my titties.”

I pinched her nipples, pulling them and twisting them as l slammed my pelvis against her. I felt her flood again.

“Oh yes…yes….yes,” she cried out.

I heard Eileen cry out, looked over to see Tony buried deep in her bum hole, he was still but l could see as his buttocks were in spasm that he was cumming deep inside her. Eileen had one hand between her legs, frigging her cunt.

I pulled and twisted Gina’s nipples even harder, slamming down on top of her. It was my turn to cry out as my cock exploded inside her. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she humped herself against me, she quivered and more heat bather my cock as l pumped my seed into her.

I was on top of her, my cock pulsing as l carried on pumping inside her.

“Oh that is beautiful David,” she said, holding me tight, her legs squeezing me, holding me deep inside her.

“I love you,” l said, “I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you, l love you.”

“You are so sweet David,” she said, kissing me.

“I mean it,” l said, “l love you.”

“Shush,” she said, holding me.

I wanted to stay like that forever, l wanted to spend the rest of my life inside her. It was stupid, l knew it was, but l couldn’t help it, l felt a pain when l looked at her, knowing that she belonged to someone else, knowing that l couldn’t have her. I felt tears on my cheeks.

“Oh baby,” she said, holding me and kissing me. She didn’t say any more, she just held me as my body relaxed. We stayed like that, l needed just to feel her body next to mine.

“I’m sorry,” l said, “l hurt you.”

“Shush,” she replied, “no baby, it was wonderful, you are a beautiful lover.”

“I want you forever Gina,” l said, l knew it was a stupid thing to say but my brain was scrambled.

“You can have me anytime baby,” she replied, “I will be at the party at the weekend, you can have me then.”

She knew that was not what l meant. At that moment l wanted to pick her up and run away with her. As l held her l was afraid to let her go in case she just melted away. I had read about the pain of being in love and suddenly l understood, l felt that pain, l wanted that pain.

I was vaguely aware of movement around us. I looked around and saw that both Mum and Eileen were dressed.

“Let me up darling,” Gina said, “l have to be up early in the morning for deliveries.”

“Sorry,” l said, getting off her, my cock slipping out of her vagina. She stood up, grabbed her dress and slipped it back on.

“Zip me up darling,” she said, turning her back to me. The back of her dress was open all the way down to the swell of her buttocks. He back was beautiful, l could see each vertebrae. I slowly did the zip up, stopping just short of the top to kiss the back of her neck before zipping it up fully.

“That’s nice darling,” she turned to face me, giving me a kiss on my cheek. “That was a very nice fuck, l look forward to the party, perhaps we can do it again, it was fun.”

I wanted to say it was more than just fun for me but l am sure she could read my thoughts. She turned to my mother and Eileen, kissing them both as l found my clothes and put them on.

I presume someone must have phoned for a taxi as one pulled up outside just as Marco opened the door for us to leave. He shook my hand as l went to pass him. I thanked him for a wonderful meal he laughed and made a joke about me perhaps enjoying his wife even more than the meal.

I was silent all the way back home. Once again l travelled between Mum and Eileen but this time the only contact was when my mother held my hand, giving it a squeeze when she smiled at me. We arrived back at the house, Eileen suggested a nightcap but l said l wanted to go to bed. I saw Mum and Eileen exchange glances. I kissed Eileen goodnight.

“I take it you enjoyed this evening,” she said.

“Yes,” l replied.

“She is beautiful, isn’t she?” She said.

“Very,” l said, turning away.

She stopped me. “David,” she said, l turned to look at her. “Just be careful, none of us want to see you hurt.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

“This is just fun David,” she said, “Marco enjoys watching Gina being fucked, just like Bert does with me, but it’s just sex, Gina loves Marco and wouldn’t do anything that would upset him.”

I understood what she was meaning. I went up to bed, Mum followed me. We both undressed and showered together although she knew my mind was elsewhere. I got into bed, Mum came behind me, putting her arm over me. Her hand went down to my groin, taking hold of my cock.

“I’m tired Mum,” l lied.

“I understand,” she whispered. “I’m here if you want me.”

She cuddled up behind me as l tried to go to sleep. My mind was racing, l could feel my mother’s naked body pressed against my back, her hand had moved up to my chest and she was gently circling my nipple with her nail.

I desperately wanted to go to sleep, l wanted to dream of Gina but my body betrayed me. Mum’s fingers traced down over my tummy, this time, when she reached my cock l was hard, l groaned as she held me.

“You can pretend l’m Gina if you like,” she whispered.

I turned to face her and she put her leg over me, guiding my cock into her cunt.

“Oh that feels so good,” she sighed, “just rest him there and think of her.”

I did. I closed my eyes and l could see Gina’s face. I could feel the heat of her cunt and l moved inside it. I saw Gina’s lips move as she moaned with pleasure. I was transported back, l was looking at Gina’s face, it was Gina’s breasts that were pressed against me, Gina’s cunt that was squeezing my cock.

“I love you,” l said as l came. It was Gina’s arms that held me as l emptied my balls inside her, l wanted to stay inside her forever as l drifted into dreamland.


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