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This follows on from Janice part 2, Janice has been mind controlled by Wayne and Mea. A dirty weekend is planned with Wayne but they meet Irim and Ali.
The day was warm and cloudy and it was forecast to become hot. I had decided to wear sandals, a white blouse and denim skirt. It was Friday and I was looking forward to a long weekend with Wayne. I had told Stephen that I was attending a spa with a friend and would be home Sunday afternoon, three days and two nights with Wayne.

Arrived at Wayne’s around 10.15am. Wayne opened the door at my knock and gave me a big kiss. We moved into his front room. He was wearing a short sleeved blue shirt and dark blue casual trousers. I commented he looked very smart. A kiss from him and his fingers found the buttons of my blouse it was quickly discarded along with my bra. What a pleasant start to the weekend my hands were very soon unfastening his trousers and within five minutes of arriving at his house we were both naked on the floor of his front room. After an enjoyable few minutes we stood up to dress. Wayne asked if I would wear a skirt that he had purchased for me, it was made from pale blue cotton and the shortest skirt I had ever worn, made a mental note not to bend over and flash my white knickers.

Wayne put the kettle on and made us both a welcome cup of tea. I asked how he was and had he plans for our lunch? After our cuppa I carried the empty tea cups through to his kitchen and looking through his window commented that he still had a problem with moles in his garden.

He gently pulled me closer to have a cuddle. He asked if I would give him oral sex, a new experience for me. I was nervous and Wayne said he would guide me through it. With some trepidation I knelt in front of him and removed his trousers. I could see his erection in his blue checked pants and pulled them down exposing his manhood. Wayne suggested I ran my tongue along the length of him which I did and which made him bigger. I opened my mouth wide and let Wayne slowly put his erection in my mouth it was warm and hard. Wayne moved his hips backwards and forwards, with each forward motion he pushed more of himself into my mouth. It was not long before his full length was in me, Wayne suggested I tilt my head back slightly so I could accommodate his full length. I gagged slightly as he touched the back of my throat so he drew back. At Wayne’s suggestion I started to suck on him and rub him with my tongue. It was not the unpleasant experience I expected and was feeling somewhat aroused myself. After several minutes sucking I started to move my mouth along him bobbing my head up and down. Wayne told me he was about to cum and he squirted his semen into my mouth. It was thick and sticky, tasted slightly salty a pleasant taste I thought. I swallowed it. Afterwards Wayne offered me a glass of water that I accepted. I informed Wayne that I would be willing to do oral sex again.

Time for a walk I think.

“Come on, let’s go,” Wayne stated as we climbed into his car and are we ready?

It was a short drive to a near by river and we had a stroll on the river bank holding hands and watching ducks swimming. Looking at the ducks swimming Wayne suggested we should go skinny dipping at a future date. Walk over Wayne drove us to pub for lunch.

The pub was in a very old building, I commented that it must have very interesting history.

Wayne purchased me a lager and himself a fresh orange juice. We found a table in a shady spot in the pubs beer garden. Wayne sat beside me, it was busy in the beer garden but not unpleasantly. Soon a waitress came and took our order, a hunters chicken for me and a mixed grill for Wayne. We chatted while waiting for our order to be brought to us.

Under the table Wayne placed his hand on my bare knee. His warm hand soon moved up my leg to my thigh. I knew why he had requested I wear a short skirt! His hand went further up my thigh pushing my skirt up slightly. I found the attention of his hand stimulating. I considered how recently I had become more brazen and was enjoying myself more because of it, I was also enjoying carrying out Wayne’s suggestions as they fitted in with my new brazen outlook on life.

I had noticed that an Asian couple were watching us, from where they were sat they would be able to see where Wayne’s hand was. He continued to rub my thigh and when I whispered the couple were watching us, he asked if he should stop. I paused and asked him to carry on I considered it was quite exciting having a couple watch us. I parted my legs for Wayne's hand as it had reached my knickers and knew the couple could see up my skirt and I was flashing my knickers.

The food arrived and was of good quality. The two of us were quiet as we concentrated on the food. Our only real talk was Wayne asking me if after lunch I would like a return visit to Nostell Priory. I suggested that as it was a warm day we walked beside the lake and in the parkland.

Feeling some what full I visited the ladies Wayne had suggested I remove my knickers which I did. I then sat with Wayne while we finished our drinks. Wayne’s hand wandered on to my thigh again this time his hand pushed my skirt up and at his request I pulled it up above my waist. The Asian couple must have a good view of me. Wayne very quickly discovered that as requested I had removed my knickers.

Drinks finished we headed to the till to pay. The Asian couple had left their table just before us. There were a few customers waiting to pay and while we waited for the men to settle the bill the Asian lady approached me.

“I wish I had the confidence to dress and behave like you, our culture would not allow it, I am comfortable wearing what I do and am happy to conform to dress codes but it would be fun to let my hair down in public occasionally,” she said. I confided in her that I had never let a man lift my skirt up in public before, that I had surprised myself both allowing it and enjoying it. The lady commented that she and her husband had enjoyed watching us and were not offended by it.

The two men returned and we stood talking for a few moments. The couple introduced themselves as Irim and Ali. By coincidence they were planning on an afternoon at Nostell Priory as well. As they seemed a very friendly couple we invited them to share Wayne's car and travel with us.

I sat in back of the car with Irim, Ali took the front passenger seat. Looking at them and talking with them I guessed they were in their mid thirties and both very well educated. The afternoon passed quickly as they were very good company.

It was on the way home that Irim again lamented that they did not have the same dress freedom in their culture. I was surprised when Irim commented she would like to wear a skirt she was only allowed trousers. It seemed Ali was of the same opinion as Irim, it would be good for them to occasionally let their hair down. Wayne suggested that they should visit somewhere they would not be recognised and dress how they wanted. Wayne suggested they try Clumber Park, the two of them could dress how they wanted and could walk in public or if Irim felt shy they would be more private walking in the woods.

Both Irim and Ali thought this an excellent idea. Irim very shyly mentioned if they were to let their hair down and it might be her only time, she wanted to wear a sexy and revelling outfit. She asked if we would go with them for moral support. Wayne and I were pleased to agree and plans were set for the next day.

Wayne and I returned to his house where a salmon salad was quickly produced. Afterwards we had a cuddle in front of the television and then to bed!

During the night I dreamt that two men came into the bedroom and had sex with me an unusual dream.

I woke up in the morning with Wayne cuddled up to me. Love making before breakfast was a good start to the day and I practiced oral sex on Wayne.

After a shared shower and breakfast we prepared some food as we had agreed with Irim and Ali for us to have a picnic in sheltered woodland as the forecast was for a hot day, Wayne kindly provided a hamper for the food and a thick rug to sit on. Off we went to Kippax to collect Irim and Ali.

Before the journey to Clumber Park there was a need to stop and buy appropriate clothing for Irim and Ali, this was procured in Wakefield.

I accompanied Irim to the ladies changing room, seeing her undressed proved Ali had married a beautiful woman. She had curves in all the right places. Irim ***********ed a short green skirt and cream low cut blouse that showed a large amount of her cleavage. with a pair of flat sandals. I decided to improve my wardrobe partly to give Irim confidence, if she wanted to flaunt her body I thought I should do the same, it was also for Wayne’s benefit. I ***********ed a short dark pink skirt and a blouse with a low neckline that revealed a large part of my cleavage and that was short enough to reveal part of my stomach. I left my knickers off and when I told Irim this she discarded hers.

At the car, the men admired our outfits and I was amused to notice a large lump appeared in Ali's shorts. Ali had changed in to knee length shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Irim and Ali looked a very attractive couple.

We proceeded to Clumber Park.

Cumber Park is a beautiful expanse of parkland, heath and woods covering more than 3,800 acres.

Clumber was once the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle. Although the house was demolished in 1938, there are many glimpses of its grand past to explore. From the Gothic-style chapel, often referred to as a 'Cathedral in miniature', you can follow in the footsteps of Dukes through the peaceful pleasure ground to the Walled Kitchen Garden where you can experience sights, scents and a taste of the past.

Today Clumber offers freedom to discover a ducal park - explore picturesque parkland and gardens, peaceful woodlands and a magnificent lake. Not only is Clumber's mosaic of habitats home to an amazing array of wildlife, it is also a great place to spot it.

Our exploration of Clumber started in the kitchen garden where many flowers and vegetables were growing the size of which made me jealous as my allotment vegetables were significantly smaller. We then strolled beside the lake before taking a coffee in the cafe. I sat next to Wayne and Irim was seated beside Ali. Wayne’s hand moved on to my thigh, then higher and discovered my lack of knickers, looking at Ali his hand was under the table clearly exploring Irim's thigh. After coffee Irim and I visited the ladies and after a brief discussion discarded our bra's. Looking in the mirror it was clear our thin blouses were not hiding anything our nipples were clearly in view. We attracted a few admiring looks as we walked to where the men waited for us. The two men said nothing but we received admiring looks from them. I was finding exhibiting my body a turn on. Irim was quiet and I realised shy. The decision was made to head into the woodland.

The men collected the hampers from the car and we walked into the pleasant woodland shade. This was becoming an excellent day we were all relaxed and happy. We found a clearing in the woodland far from any paths and people, Irim had recovered from her shyness and was happily chatting. I had explained that Wayne was my lover and I was married to another man, they accepted this.

We spread out our rugs and the four of us sat down. I was aware both Ali and Wayne kept looking at Irim and me as our blouses were not hiding anything as they were lightweight and see through. We had a laugh about people’s reactions when they saw Irim and me showing our breasts. I asked if anyone would be offended if I took my blouse off and proceeded to.

I lay on my back staring up through the branches, an idyllic day. Wayne lent over and kissed me, perfect I thought. Wayne’s kiss quickly changed to a cuddle and he removed my skirt leaving me naked. The cuddle became love making with Irim and Ali watching. When we had finished I looked at Irim and Ali.

“Beautiful to watch,” was Irim's verdict.

Ali started to make love to Irim at first it was clear she was aware we were watching but soon lost her inhibitions. I noted that Ali had a box of condoms in his trouser pockets which he used.

After their love making the four of us were sat naked and started on the picnic food. I did notice Ali giving me a few admiring looks. During a break in eating I sat next to Irim talking various topics, the subject turned to the two of us exposing our bodies, it was the first time for both of us. Irim commented, “you are turning me on,” I quickly realised that while talking I had been trailing a finger across her stomach and it was now touching her pubic hair. I quickly apologised and removed my hand. Irim laughed at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then resumed eating.

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself and that afternoon it did. We tidied the picnic away and the men dressed. Irim dressed but did leave her bra off and blouse unbuttoned. At a dare from Wayne I stayed nude and we walked towards the car. It was only when a group observed us near the car park that we dressed fully.

The first time I had been an exhibitionist, but I thought not the last. I had enjoyed how Ali and Wayne had enjoyed seeing my body naked and the surprise that the public showed when they saw me.

During the car drive back Irim fell asleep with her hand resting on my thigh. I was feeling attracted to her.

After a discussion Irim and Ali agreed to stay over night at Wayne’s. They had no nightwear but that was not a problem as we decided to all share Wayne’s bed. It was a night of passion.

I woke in the morning with my head resting on Irim’s stomach. I looked at her, she was awake the two men were asleep, Ali on his back and Wayne laid half across him.

Irim moved her mouth close to mine we kissed and she whispered in my ear, “I have never had such a night as that, it's the first time I have made love to a woman. I thought about her finger and tongue bringing me to a climax and then me tasting her pussy with my tongue and how she had cried out when she came.”

I cupped her breast, “What about Wayne?”

She blushed a little “I had only ever made love to Ali so Wayne was a new experience, twice, do you mind me making love to him she asked?”

I did not mind I replied to her and I meant it and I could not complain her husband had made love to me twice. With Wayne also making love to me twice I was sore and Irim admitted she was as well. Wayne and Ali made a brunch while Irim and I shared a shower. After breakfast we drove Irim and Ali home and agreed to meet for lunch the next day and have an afternoon walk. Irim also kindly accepted my invite to visit me for lunch the following Thursday, I had found myself another lover.

Wayne made an unusual comment later in the day, I would have, in six months time, forgotten all about this weekend and about Irim. I also agreed to phone Stephen and tell him I was staying an extra day at the spa. Wayne said he did not think it would be a problem and that Stephen and David would soon probably forget I had even been away.

Chapter two

My name is Ali and I am married to Irim. We are 34 years old of Indian decent though our parents were all born in England. Irim is my perfect woman, my soul mate we friends and lovers. Until this weekend Irim was the only woman I had slept with. We are both usually shy.

We both conform to how our parents would like us to behave.

Irim and I were out for lunch before journeying to Nostell Priory for a walk. We were somewhat surprised when Wayne put his hand up Janice's skirt. Irim has for a long time wanted to dress how Janice was dressed, but was afraid of how our families would react and she was shy. I fully agreed with Irim.

Irim seemed to be drawn to Janice from the moment she first saw her and I was surprised when she started talking to Janice while I was paying our bill at the pub, she is not usually one to start talking to complete strangers. Both Irim and I were immediately drawn to Wayne and Janice they were friendly, and interested in us and they treated us like friends from the first minute they met us. At Clumber Park we were able to let our hair down and be who we wanted to be. Irim wearing a see through blouse with out a bra was a surprise and a turn on. Janice was quite good looking as well. I enjoyed looking at Janice's body when Wayne stripped her I got even closer to Janice in bed that night we she twice allowed me to sink my cock into her and to fuck her. She was completely different to Irim in bed. After Wayne and I fucked each of the women Irim and Janice started to have sex together while we recovered. I was astounded that Irim was getting on so well with Janice and that she was not just willing but wanted to have sex with Janice, I found watching her licking Janice's cunt a real turn on. We both decided we wanted to see both Janice and Wayne again. My other surprise was that Wayne did make a pass at me in a moment when we were not with the women.

The following day we met for lunch Janice was again playing at exhibiting her body which I admit was a turn on. We agreed that we should go to somewhere that Irim and I would not be seen by someone we knew so we could wear what we wanted, Irim had already bought another short skirt. The following day we went to a hotel in Leeds and very quickly went to our room.

Irim and Janice both undressed to their underwear.

Wayne and I both stared at them both stripped to bra and knickers

They walked over to us and Irim sat in Wayne's lap and Janice sat in mine. Janice and I kissed deeply, our tongues dancing erotically. I didn't close my eyes because I wanted to watch Wayne and my wife. They too were making out. My cock was growing hard and felt uncomfortable in my tight pants. The ladies stood up and walked to the bed and sat together and asked us to strip for them.

I would have run through the streets naked if those two had requested it then. They looked amazingly hot sitting close together. Wayne and I stood side by side and slowly removed our clothes. Irim and Janice put their arms around each other and cuddled as Wayne and I dropped our shirts to the ground and kicked off our shoes.

Almost in unison Wayne and I removed our trousers. Irim and Janice were now stroking each other's thighs. I was almost dizzy with excitement. I was watching my wife slowly start to make it with a hot woman. Wayne and I slowly lowered our zippers. Irim and Janice were kissing on the bed.

Wayne and I walked over to the bed I stood in front of Janice and Wayne stood in front of Irim. Janice pulled my underwear down exposing my cock and she took it straight into her mouth. Soon Wayne and I were being sucked off by the two of them. Watching my wife suck another man was incredible and Janice was giving me a great suck.

I begin shooting globs of hot sticky cum into Janice's mouth.

Licking her lips, Janice said, "your cum is delicious, Ali."

Wayne was now holding Irim's head and fucking her mouth as if it were a cunt. I dropped to my knees and pulled off Janice's knickers and bra off. Knelt beside Janice I had a great view of her body. I kissed Janice on the mouth worked down her body; tits, stomach, public hair thighs and feet I kissed. I rolled her on to her stomach kissed and rubbed her back, her buttocks and the backs of her thighs.

Wayne had cum in Irim's mouth and was playing with her tits while his fingers were between her legs I could tell his fingers were about to make Irim climax as she was moaning and crying out.

I kissed Janice’s buttocks again and while she was still laid on her stomach I parted her legs plunged by face into her crotch she must have been aroused because as soon as my tongue plunged into her pussy she climaxed soaking my face with her juices.

I rolled Janice on to her back and spread her legs and moved on top of her, Irim laid beside Janice and Wayne was on top of her. The two women looked at each other leaned over and kissed each other. My cock found the entrance to Janice's cunt and it sank into her warm wet hole. I laid there savouring the feel of her body enveloping my cock. Janice kissed me and our tongues touched, her arms were on my buttocks trying to pull me deeper into her, I felt her climax and moan she was panting deeply and I started to thrust into her, slowly at first and then building the tempo doing my best to please her. Beside me I could see Wayne do the same to Irim. The bed was rocking and bouncing I twice heard Irim cry out and knew she kept climaxing. Janice two climaxed again. I kept going as long as possible trying to give Janice the best possible experience. Beside me Wayne gave a big sigh as he shot his load into Irim, The it happened I felt like I was exploding into Janice as I shot load after load of cum into her.

We all collapsed on to the bed breathing heavily.

We spent about an hour sat naked talking occasionally touching each other and helping ourselves to tea and coffee from the curtesy trolly.

Janice walked to the side of the bed where Irim was lying and crawled in. Wayne and I watched as the ladies slid into a sixty-nine position. Irim and Janice licked each other enjoying the taste of cunt juice mixed with man cum that was leaking from their pussies.

Watching these two hot women eat each other, once again roused my cock. When they were finished, I moved in beside Janice kissing and feeling her and she responded. Janice's hand eventually reached my cock and began to stroke it. I pushed her on to her back and again started licking and fingering her wet pussy. Irim and Wayne joined in. Irim was kissing Janice on the mouth while Wayne sucked on Janice's nipples. With the attention from three of us Janice reached two climaxes. Eventually Irim and Wayne moved over and started to make love together. I sank my cock into Janice and fucked her as hard as I could filling her again with my cum.

Eventually the session ended and we showered and dressed and went for a late evening meal in hotel's restaurant where we made plans to meet up the following week for another foursome and Irim confirmed with Janice that she could spend most of the next Thursday with her.
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