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The is a fantasy I have had about a life I would love to live
Slowly I start to wake up, my eyes opening to small slits, breaking the darkness but also partially blinding me as I adjust to the brightly lit room. My head still spinning and foggy as I try to recall the most recent events, my brain desperately trying to figure out whether what happened was a dream or a reality. My question was quickly answered when I noticed the arm draped over my belly, the breath on my neck of someone behind me, and then I felt something sitting between my ass cheeks. The arm around my belly tightened pulling me closer to the body behind me and settling the intruder between my cheeks. I slowly turn my head and see the face of a very beautiful woman smiling down at me. My memory coming back to me in fragmented pieces like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The woman’s name was Kendra and she was nice enough to help me last night after our adventurous night of unbridled passion.

“You seemed to have slept pretty good last night,” she said as she kisses my forehead, “but after everything you went through that can be understandable.” She giggled as she started to get out of bed, her blonde hair glistening in the sun as it swayed and tumbled. Her hips swished back and forth under her red satin teddy, the fabric flowing over her like water. She turned her head and winked before going into the bathroom and closing the door. “You had better get up,” she cried from the other side of the door, “we’ve got a long day a head of us.” I gathered myself out of the bed and then realized that I was still in the pink women’s t-shirt, pink panties, and white frilly socks. I quickly made my way over to the pile of my clothes over on the chair. As I picked up the pants I noticed the huge rips in the waistline and all over the back. As I picked up my other items I noticed they were in very similar, tattered remains. I sighed, not knowing what to do but knowing I couldn’t go out dressed as I was right now.

I heard Kendra chuckle behind me as her hands slipped around my waist, clasping together over my belly. Her body pressed against my back and I felt a slight pressure between my cheeks again. Her hot breath on my ear made me shiver as she whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry baby,” she said softly, “there’s a clothes shop right downstairs that I work at and it’s still early so there won’t be anyone there.” I nodded, letting the tattered remnants of my clothing fall to the floor. She uncurled herself from me, grabbing a hold of my hand she led me out the door and down the steps to the store below.

Rushing through the store I didn’t really have a good chance to see what all was available as Kendra led me to the back where the changing rooms were, pushed me in , and quickly closed the curtain telling me to sit tight while she grabbed a few things for me. I took the liberty of stripping out of the clothes I had slept in last night and piled them neatly on the bench. Taking a step back I looked at myself in the mirror and started to take note of myself. I was a rather small man with almost no chest hair, or hair anywhere on my body except on top of my head, that hair I had let grow out a little. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even notice the bag Kendra had tossed into the stall with me until I heard her tell me to hurry up and get dressed. I opened the bag and dumped the contents, confused at what laid out before me. There was a slender white girls T-shirt, some rather high cut shorts, some white knee high socks, and, to top it all off, a pair of pink boy shorts. I think Kendra heard me sigh because she told me that those were the only clothes in the store that would probably fit me.

Resigning that it was either wear the clothes or walk around naked I decided to put on the garments. First, I slipped the shirt over my head, the fit of it hugging against my waist as it broadened at the chest. Next I picked up the knee-high socks and slipped them on. Then I picked up the pink boy shorts and looked at them, a debate still going on in my head. I let out my breath and slid in one leg and then the other, pulling them up to settle against my hips, my small cock and balls tucked snuggly inside. As I bent over to reach the shorts I heard the curtain of the dressing room rustle but before I could get a word out the curtain flew open revealing a smiling Kendra standing there looking me up and down. My cheeks turned red with blush as I watched her hungry eyes crawling all over my body. “Oh god, baby,” she said, her breathing becoming more heavy, “you got me so hot with your sexy ass in those things.” Looking down I noticed the growing bulge in her panties and the expanding wet spot on the fabric.

I felt her hands on my shoulders and without any resistance I sank to the floor, her hard cock straining at the fabric of her panties. Quickly she pulled it out, the wetness at the tip making it glisten as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards her. I opened my mouth to gasp but found it immediately filled with throbbing hard cock. My lips instinctively wrapped around it and began to bob my head back and forth, my saliva coating it in a slick wetness as I tasted her precum along my tongue. More and more she pushed in until it hit my throat and I gagged, almost puking on her cock as she quickly removed it from my mouth. Coughing and trying to catch my breath I feel her hand on my chin pulling me up to her and I immediately obey, standing up on wobbly legs, my own wet spot starting to form in my new underwear. Still in a daze I feel Kendra turn me around pushing me forward so that my arms were bracing myself against the wall, the full length mirror right in front of me. I feel the back of my boy shorts slide down my hips, exposing my ass to the air. Then I feel Kendra’s cock line up at the entrance to my ass, ready to push into me, and does with slight ease. I open my mouth to scream but find myself immediately silenced by her hand covering my mouth as she slams her hips forward, burying her hard cock inside me.

My muffled moans and groans continue as she moves her hips back and forth, gradually settling into a steady rhythm and I find myself involuntarily moving my hips pressing back against her. Her own moans start to join mine as I feel her hard cock pushing and sliding inside of me more and more easily as my hole opens and adjusts for her, even pulling her into me more. Her hard cock throbs and pulses inside me as my ass squeezes around it, gripping it tightly and never wanting to let it go. Our breathing becomes rapid and I can feel a wave of ecstasy coming over me, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I push back even harder. Suddenly a bell chimes and I hear her gasp, swiftly pulling her cock out of hole leaving me with a sense of dissatisfaction and emptiness. She pulls up the back of my boy shorts, covering my ass again and hands me the jean shorts telling me to quickly put them in as it seems we are no longer alone anymore. I quickly get dressed and fix my wrinkled clothing right before I feel her hand grasping mine again pulling me along out of the store and down the street.

Not quite sure where we were going or where we were even at as she practically drags me down street after street. After following her at break-neck speed we finally turn into another store, the bell ringing as Kendra opens the door to the darkened interior and pulls me in with her. As my eyes adjust to the change in light the room comes into focus and I gasp a little at what I see. Lining the walls are shelves and shelves of different adult toys such as dildos, vibrators, plugs, beads and clamps just to name a few. Racks of different erotic and revealing clothing were spaced out over the store. Letting go of my hand Kendra told me to stay out while she picked something up from the clerk at the counter. I could feel my cheeks burning as I had never been inside a store like this, although I had passed by quite a few in my times but never had the guts to actually go in. I overheard Kendra talking to the clerk and saying something about a special surprise. The clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a box a little smaller then a shoebox and put it in a hold foil bag. I watched as Kendra paid the clerk, turning around and smiling at me as she made her way back over to me. Grabbing my hand again she whisked me out of the store, the bell ringing again as we left, and again we sped down the sidewalks to another unknown destination.

After a few more streets we stopped in front of a beauty salon and made our way inside. Letting go of my hand again, Kendra walked up to the lady at the counter and began to talk to her, every so often nodding in my direction. After a short conversation Kendra walked back over to me, taking my hand again and led me to the chairs in the main area of the salon. She told me that she needed some pampering and a new look always made her feel better. She sat down in one of the over-stuffed chairs and had me sit down in the one next to her so that we could continue to talk while she got her hair done. No sooner had I sat down one of the ladies handed me a cup of tea, which I graciously took and began to drink, the warm liquid rushing down my throat filling me with a satisfying warmth. Kendra began talking again as I drank more and more of my tea but I started to notice that her words were beginning to bleed into each other. The room started spinning a bit and I felt my eye lids growing increasingly heavy as well as the rest of my body. I felt someone take the cup from my hand and lean me back into the chair as darkness enveloped me into sleep.

I’m not sure how long I was out but I remember hearing Kendra calling to me and telling me to wake up. I gradually opened my eyes, letting them adjust to the brightness that filtered in as my lids parted. Blinking a few times my eyes adjusted to the room and immediately confusion started to creep into my mind. Staring at me was a woman with shoulder length reddish-pink hair. Then I noticed that as I moved so did this person in front of me, looking to the side I saw Kendra standing next to her and also next to me. It finally set in that I was looking at a mirror and the person staring at me…was ME. I felt Kendra’s hand on my shoulder as she leaned down to whisper in my ear. Her hot breath a comforting sensation that uncontrollably made me relax. She told me that she absolutely loved my new look and that it was making her hot as fuck. Reaching down she grabbed my hand to help me out of the chair and that’s when I saw that not only had my hair changed but my nails were now longer, manicured, and painted a dark pink. As I felt Kendra tug me along the resistance I felt inside me began to fade quicker and quicker, the willpower I felt in my soul faltered and starting to morph into submission with every step.

I followed her along as we quickly walked down the streets back towards her apartment, swiftly making our way inside. Our lips locking against each other as I feel Kendra starting to pull my shorts down letting them fall to the floor as I step backwards out of them. Making our way down the hall, hands rubbing over each other, our tongue reaching out and twisting against each other. My hand moves down and brushes against her crotch feeling the wetness spreading over her panties, I look down and see her panties straining to keep her extremely hard cock at bay, watching it bounce with each throb. Still walking backwards I feel Kendra suddenly push my shoulders, stumbling back I feel the bed against the back of my legs and fall backwards into it. Falling with too much momentum my legs fly up over my head and I attempt to swing them back down. Suddenly I feel Kendra’s hands on the back of my thighs stopping me from bringing them back down. I look up at her and see the lustful smile spread across her lips as she takes one hand and drops the condom down to me. I quickly tip it open and slide it over her throbbing, pulsing, hard erection and help guide it to my hole.

With a loud grunt she slams her condom-covered cock into my wanting hole forcing me the gasp and moan. She groans louder and louder as she pounds her cock into me harder and harder telling me how hot I make her and how sexy I am. Not being able to last long at all she slams her throbbing cock deep inside my hole and I feel her pumping her cum into the condom. Her cock begins to soften as she pulls it out of me, the condom sagging with a full load of cum. I reach over and slide it off as I swing my legs down. The lust still fresh in her eyes, Kendra rolls me over onto my hands and knees and I feel her fingers running over my own throbbing cock and cum filled balls, up the taint, and over my slightly open hole, pushing in one and then two fingers making me moan with intense pleasure. I hear her animalistic growl and feel her remove her lube slicked fingers, the sound of foil ripping and rubber unrolling. I feel her hands on my hips as she enters me again, her cock hard and throbbing once more as she pushes inside me once again. After a few thrusts she builds into a steady rhythm and I start to push back against her. I feel her hand come off my hip and up my body, the fingers that were just probing me finding their way into my mouth. Pulling my mouth she thrusts harder and harder causing me to moan as my mouth fills with spit and drool. She rolls me to my side, still pushing herself inside me as she pushes her fingers more into my mouth and trying to go down my throat. I can taste the lube, sweat, and my own distinct taste on her fingers as my tongue swirls over them. She groans again as I feel her cock twitch once more inside me, filling yet another condom with her warm cum. Slowing down she looks down at me and smiles, removing her cock slowly from my abused hole.

She lays back, pulling me on top of her. As I crawl up I watch her cock twitch and know what she wants me to do. I take the limp cock into my mouth and begin to suck, running my tongue all over the head of her hardening prick, the salty taste of cum still leaking from the tip. I feel her pulling my hips around towards her and as her hand pulls my cheeks apart I hear the rustling of the newly acquired bag. I suck more and more of her cock into my mouth, feeling it pushing into my throat and feeling myself starting to gag as my spit and drool coat and cover her cock with a sloppy mess. Suddenly I feel a pressure in my still sore hole as Kendra starts to push in the newly bought dildo she had bought from the sex store. I suck harder and harder feeling her cock growing and pulsing knowing that she is getting closer and closer as she moans pushing the toy deeper inside me. I pull her cock out of my mouth and suck each of her balls into my mouth, stroking her cock faster as she edged closer and closer. I hear her chuckle as she grabs my newly styled hair and pulls back, my mouth coming open as she slams my head down onto it, forcing it into my throat, causing me to gag again and again until finally it loosens and allows her cock to enter unhindered. Kendra noticed it too as she gripped my head with both hands and began thrusting with renewed vigor slamming her cock down my throat faster and harder until finally her cock twitches and I feel her load explode down my throat with each pulse of her throbbing veins. I swallow load after load down my throat as I feel her cock soften and shrink, sliding slowly out of my mouth as I slurp and lick the last bits of cum from her emptied balls, swallowing the last load after rolling it around on my tongue.

I lay my head on her belly and I can feel her heavy breathing as we both lay there exhausted from the flurry of sexual activities that had just transpired. As I finish licking the last of the spit and cum from her cock I feel her fingers rub under my chin turning me to look at her beautiful face. She smiles wide at me and tells me how good I make her feel and how badly she has needed someone like me in her life. Then I see the slight hesitation in her eyes as she asks me if I would like to be with her all the time and make this relationship official. I smile wide as I nod my head in agreement and crawl up to kiss her, our tongues wrestling each other and our hands run over each other’s bodies. She pushes me away for a moment and tells me that since we are a couple it’s only right that she do her duties as well. She pulls me and positions me between her legs, my hard throbbing cock glistening and slick with its own precum. She wraps her legs around me and pulls me to her my cock sliding easily into HER hole as she emits a gasp. Slowly and gently I push and slide my cock deeper and deeper into her, both of us moaning and groaning with ecstasy. I don’t last very long and before I know it I feel my own cock twitch as I pull it out of her as my cock spits its load all over her belly and cock. I gingerly bend down and begin lapping up the spent cum feeling her hands in my hair and hearing her softly moan as my tongue laps over her belly and her cock. Finally getting everything clean I crawl up next to her, snuggling into her arms and revealing in the love that I now felt for this woman…MY woman…MY girlfriend.

After a bit we both get up and she tells me that I should go and get whatever I needed from my old apartment. I agree and quickly get dressed in my newly bought clothes, making my way down to the street. I wait for the bus and get on, finding a space to stand in the crowded vehicle. Suddenly I start to feel something touching my ass, but brush it off until I feel something starting to squeeze it. I feel the hands groping me, pulling the boy shorts up between my cheeks. It’s too crowded to turn but I can feel two sets of breath on my neck. Flashbacks of the previous night scream in my brain as I try to surge forward in the crowded bus making my way to the front. The hands grab and pull on my arms and hair as I finally get to the front and run out the open door. I watch the bus pull away and walk the rest of the way to my own apartment. Making my way in I pass by the pile of unopened mail piled behind my door and drag myself to the shower, turning on the hot water and standing in it letting it flow over my tired body. As the water cascades over my skin I can’t help but feel a sort of emptiness and reach around and rubbing my sore hole. The thoughts of the days events run through my head…the new clothes…the new toy…the new hair…the new girlfriend…and as the thoughts race by I can feel my asshole quiver and my cock jumps. Without even realizing what I am doing I find myself with my finger buried deep in my ass, moans of pleasure echoing from my throat. After a few waves of pleasure wash over me I finally turn off the water, dry myself off with a big fluffy towel, and make my way to my bed, falling onto it and fading to sleep, completely exhausted and yet excited at what may yet lay in store for me.
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