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Place your bids but not with your coins…
“Good day all and welcome to the beginning of the auction. For those of you new among us a brief explanation. When birth rates fell catastrophically a half a century ago the government legalized concubines. To ensure a healthy breeding population we have all been locked into regions and our offspring, after a year, are traded between a different region. Of course you all know that but that history is important to The Auction.


Each year we gather 21 of all the finest virgins in the region. Those who have waited until they were 21 to be plucked by our members. And today you have a chance to keep one. The first 18 will belong to the man who successfully plants his seed.

The last three are virgins of extraordinary beauty. The highest bidding men will have a chance to impregnate them. Should all three fail she will remain at the auction. Where of course she will entertain visitors for a fee. Of course those three are the main event.

There will be others leading up to that. For the second we will be bidding farewell to our 23 year olds…in a fashion. 22 year olds returned for a second year will be at our third event. Let’s begin.”


The spotlight swung onto another stage where three young women were in stocks. These were a few of the 21s that did not make the cut. They were virgins and the charge was $100 a round. The first man had to pony up twice that amount. Half of the money would be their dowry while The Auction got the rest. A contract of conception was signed by every man. Vaginal sex only. Guaranteed three times a week for first five years of marriage. Pregnancy does not affect terms.


The first to have her cherry popped was a thicker girl. Brown skinned with an ample behind that jiggled with every stroke. Once the initial sting passed it was clear that she was a moaner. Even with her head hidden in a hole her sweet sounds could be heard. Even after her 30th load and a swollen puss her sounds enticed more men. By the end of the night her inner thighs were soaked with semen. Many men wanted such a natural whore for their concubine.


The next was an average girl. She had done herself up with black thigh highs topped with lace and connected to a garter. Her pale skin starkly contrasted against the garments. Her excitement was audible but not in the way of the first. The woman was so wet with excitement that when the first man took her it sounded as though ten had already left their seed. Every fifth man caused her to shake with orgasm and squirt. Not only was she incredibly wet but there were whispers of her grip. Semen shooting into her seemed to cause contractions that milked every last drop from a man and drained him of energy. Though she took just as many creampies as the first girl her wet and sucking snatch barely dropped any out.


The last girl was tan with rainbow socks that ran up to her thigh gap. Her knees shot together every time a load was deposited in her and when they parted cum would hit the floor. Her butterfly lips, thin frame, and girlish socks attracted many of oldest members. Some even licked semen out of her and sucked her clit as if they were doing all they could to heighten the chances that she would become theirs. And they made sure that when they bred her only grey hair and her blonde bush was visible between their bodies. So desperately did these men thrice her age want her that many took her multiple times. Everyone in attendance believed that this girl with a pool of cum beneath her would be found to have been bred by a grandpa when the time came.

The spotlight shut off for a brief intermission. When it lit up again the three girls were different.

A tan girl with childhood scars dotting her athletic legs was occupying the first stockade. She was one of the virgins who grew up without a wealthy father and many mothers to keep her pristine. Instead of hoping to maintain her lifestyle she was hoping to whore her way into a new one. Also unlike the other girls this didn’t come naturally to her or she didn’t have the training to pretend it did. Each stroke from the first man brought whimpers, cries, and even screams of pain. This piqued the interest of the masochists of the group and they took turns relishing in her pain. It was not a good night for her.

Perhaps having become terrified of her predecessor’s experience the virgin afterwards was quiet as a mouth. Her thin and gangly body seemed to be the only thing enticing suitors. More grey haired men took their chance on her. Some stroking her legs and back to illicit some response to no avail.

Adorned in nothing but red heels the end of this group was ready for her time. Her hips moved to match every thrust given. Throaty moans of delight were faintly heard behind the partition. The man taking her maidenhead rubbed her clit and was rewarded with cream coating his cock. News of her party trick spread and by intermission her clit had been overstimulated and rubbed raw.

Four more groups came and went. And the first event ended.
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