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Third installment. I'm enjoying building this setting, so if you're not, that's fine, but if you like it, I love encouragement.
I left Aunt Trinity's house with her still asleep in bed. I decided to go to dad's office rather than home, since it was closer. Getting free bus fare seemed pretty minor now since I'd seen what this magic was capable of, but it was still a nice perk.

There weren't a lot of people on the bus, and I sat across from a fairly cute girl. Her oversized hoodie and glasses gave a bookworm impression, but the dime store romance novel she was reading said there was a naughty side tucked away. She kept looking up from her book at me, and when we made eye contact, she smiled.

We exchanged pleasantries, and chatted for a bit about nothing. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Elisa. I decided to test my magic on a relative stranger, to see how far I could take it.

"So, why don't we sit together? Nobody else is around. We could fool around for a bit." I asked, with what I hoped was a seductive look.

Elise put away her book with a smile. "That sounds like it could be fun." She moved over into my seat and I put my arm over her shoulder. She looked up at me as I pulled her close, and I could smell her strawberry lip balm as she leaned in.

Our lips met, and as we kissed she held her hand against my chest. I put my hand on her thigh, and started working my way up. When I touched the button and started to unbutton her pants, she pulled away slightly.

"No, no. We aren't going there. I don't know you that well. We can make out though. I love kissing." I put my hand back on her thigh and we resumed kissing.

So, Dick was right. There has to be something already there. Elise had a desire to make out with a stranger, but not necessarily go further. The magic only unlocks what's there already.

We kissed for a few minutes, until her stop came up. "This is me. Get in touch if you ever want to do anything. Here, take this." She scribbled her socials onto a paper and handed it to me. I watched her walk down the bus aisle and longed to see what was under that hoodie. I would definitely be getting in contact with her soon.

I rode the next couple of stops in silence, pondering the rules, or lack thereof, that governed wild magic.

My stop came right at the entrance to dad's main car lot. He sold high end exotic cars, the kind that the commission from one sale would cover the salesperson's expenses for a couple of weeks. He didn't play professional baseball long, but he retired before he destroyed his body then heavily invested in his future.


I walked in and waved as I passed the receptionist. I frequently visited my dad here, so they all knew me. I headed straight to the back, and into dad's office. I noticed his assistant wasn't outside his office, but continued anyway.

When I walked in, dad stiffened up in his chair somewhat. "Oh, hey son. I didn't expect you here. Did you finish up with Trinity's house?" His voice sounded a little strained as he spoke.

"Yeah, dad. I took care of the yard, then helped her with some stuff inside. Then she got a little tied up. When I left, she was taking a nap."

"Good. That's great." I saw his hand was gripping his desk. "I'm glad- I'm glad you could help her out like that. She's having a tough time lately. It's good that she has people she can c-count on."

"No problem, dad. Say, where's Lauren? I didn't see her when I came in."

"Oh, she's busy on the floor. You know how assistants can be. Busy busy while the take care of the boss's every neeeeeeed." As his voice broke, I heard a giggle from under the desk.

I got up and came around the desk quickly. "Dad, why is Lauren under your desk with your dick in her mouth? Are you cheating on mom?"

Dad and Lauren stood up, but she continued playing with dad's dick as he explained. "Cheating? No, nothing like that. Your mom and I have an open relationship. She knows all about Lauren. Hell, she's joined us on occasion. We started it when I was on the road all the time, and it's worked well for us."

Lauren looked me up and down, then said, "Yeah she has. Jon, maybe your son would like to join in?" She looked at me with a hunger. I'd never known what prey felt like until that moment.

"What do you say, son?" He asked, as if he was Mr Cleaver asking the Beav if he wanted to have a catch.

Lauren didn't wait for an answer. She pushed me down into dad's couch, then unbutton my pants. I raised up as she tugged my jeans down, freeing my cock to spring up. She didn't hesitate as she enveloped my cock with her mouth.

The warm touch of her tongue and lips were heavenly. She was skilled at her craft, pumping my cock between her lips like she was born for it. I reached to touch her head, and she gently pushed my hand away. "No, no. Baby, this is for me as much as it is for you. I don't need guidance. Leave me to this delightful cock."

I took her advice and leaned back to close my eyes. In my mind, Lauren became mom, sucking my cock between her breasts. Then I imagined aunt Triny, bound and gagging on my dick. I pictured Elise licking my shaft while reading a book.

Then I pictured Annie, tenderly kissing my dick. My eyes opened quickly. I was still torn about Annie. I needed to focus. I was back in the present, with Lauren sucking my dick into unbelievable heights of pleasure.

Dad had watched from his desk, stroking himself with a smile. Looking at him, I could see that I'd definitely inherited my dick from him. He stood and walked to the couch. He pulled Lauren's hips up, and she never stopped sucking me as he lifted her skirt pulled her panties down.

Lauren groaned around my cock as inch after inch of dad's shaft disappeared into her cunt. She whimpered softly, as he stopped with the last few inches of his shaft to go. He withdrew and slid back into her again, this time slightly faster.

As dad fucked her from behind, my dick seemed forgotten my Lauren, even though it was still in her mouth. She moaned around it, and her eyes rolled back. Her mind was entirely on what dad was doing to her pussy.

Soon he had picked up the pace, pumping into her, but still holding back. "Are you ready, slut? Are you ready for this?" Dad growled at her.

"Mmm hmmm," was her only reply. Dad drew back, then drove his entire length into her pussy with enough force to shove her forward, and my shaft buried into her throat. He drew back, pulling her along with him, before driving back in.

"How do you like it, slut. Do you like being the slut in a father-son spitroast?" He asked while piledriving his dick into her again and again. "I'm going to cover your womb in my spunk, while my son fills your belly with his. Do you like that, slut?"

I was shocked to see my dad talking this way. He was normally such an easy going guy, but there was this whole side to him I didn't know about. Meanwhile, Lauren seemed to love it. She had pulled her blouse and bra off, leaving her breasts to hang against my thighs while she fucked my dick with her throat.

I tensed up as my orgasm built. Lauren kept making little grunting noises. Finally I tipped over the edge, and started cumming. "Fuuuuuuuuu-" I cried out as I sent rope after rope of cum directly down her throat.

She swallowed again and again, without spilling a single drop.

Dad grunted as he buried into her for the last time. He came as well, and Lauren gasped for air as his spunk filled her up. When he stopped, Lauren collapsed onto me, her face against my stomach.

Dad dropped onto the other end of the couch, and pulled Lauren's legs up into his lap so that she was laying across us. He then laid back to relax.

"That was good father-son bonding right there. Lauren here is great. Her husband got stationed overseas last year and she was having trouble with it. She asked for advice, and I told her how your mother and I handled it. Her husband agreed, and the rest is history. We fuck who we please, but at the end of the day, we know where our hearts lie."

We sat in silence for a bit, then he said, "So I never asked. What'd you come in for?"

"I was just going to ask if I could get a ride home."

Dad laughed. "Well, solid timing on you. Yeah. I'll have Benny bring you home. Tell him to pick out something nice to drive you there."


Benny pulled away after I got out of a car that would pay for my college education twice over. Benny used to own the car dealership before dad bought it and turned it into a high end franchise. He was ready to retire, but dad asked him to stick around and advise. In return, Benny gets to drive all of the exotic cars around. It's a pretty sweet deal. Dad gets 40 years of experience on his payroll, and Benny gets to enjoy his retirement in style.

I walked into the house, and realized I never did get a shower. A good soak in a tub might be better, I decided, and went into mom and dad's room to use their tub.

I filled the tub, used some of mom's scented oils, and turned on the jets. I lay back and relaxed. I must have fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes, I wasn't alone.

Mom stood at the mirror with her back to me. She had a pink towel wrapped around her, and not much else. She was wearing headphones, listening to music, and dancing along a little while she got ready to bathe.

Oh shit, I realized. Mom hasn't noticed me.

No sooner than I had the thought that she turned and saw me. She jumped, causing her towel to drop. She pulled her headphones off and said, "Oh, honey. I didn't see you there. Long day, I was lost in my own world."

She made no effort to cover up or retrieve her towel. Her ample breasts still held their shape well, her waist was narrow, and her hips flared out. Her body showed me what "hourglass figure" meant. She sat at the edge of the tub and felt the water.

"So, your father tells me you two had a talk today."

As I nod dumbly, she spins around, placing her feet in the tub, and briefly flashing me her pussy.

"Trinity also told me that you two had a talk."

"Uh huh." She slipped down into the tub.

"I was thinking that maybe you and I could have a talk." She turned her back to me and slid against me, pinning my dick between my stomach and her soft ass. "So, sweetie. What do you want to talk about?"

"Oh, fuck, mom…" I blurted out as she grinded her ass against the underside of my dick.

"Fuck mom? You get straight to the point, don't you? At least kiss me first." She pulled my face into the softness of her neck, where I started kissing and nibbling the tender flesh there. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in, grinding back against her ass.

She placed her hand on mine and led it down her belly, across the light stubble of her mound, and to her labia. She directed my fingers through the sensitive folds of skin, and I rubbed the slick flesh as she panted.

My middle and ring fingers parted on either side of her clit. I squeezed her clit between my fingers while I worked on her pussy.

"Yeah, baby. Play with momma's titties, too. My clit it on fire."

My free hand began massaging mom's tits, pinching her nipples and squeezing her. I kept finger fucking her clit, and I was soon rewarded.

"Oh, oh, I'm cumming. Oh baby, make momma cum." I rubbed her cunt as her body bucked. Her legs spasmed, and she cried out as she gushed.

Mom was experienced, so as quickly as her orgasm took her, she had already recovered. She twisted her body around to face me. She took my dick in her hand and held it against her pussy. She bucked her hips, jacking me off with her hand and cunt in tandem.

She grinded herself into several more small orgasms, and I watched her body throw itself up and down. I was so mesmerized that my own orgasm caught me by surprise. My cum came bubbling up and was quickly mixed by the jets.

Mom pulled up to the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide. "Come here, baby. Come to momma." Her voice was almost crazed as she road this wave of lust. "You're still hard!"

She took my still hard cock in her hands and pulled me up, guiding me towards her glistening pussy. "Let's put this where it belongs. Right here inside momma. You're going to fuck your momma good."

I pushed forward, the head of my cock parted her lips and pressed into her- KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

I paused. Mom froze. We hoped that if we held still, they would go away. Maybe they would get the hi- KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

"Mom! Are you in there? I need your help with something."

Mom started to talk, cleared her throat, then responded, "Yes dear. Just finishing up. I'll be out in a moment."

"Okay!" Annie responded and we heard the bedroom door close.

"We will continue with this soon." Mom said, holding my dick for a moment and reluctantly pulling the tip from inside her. She grabbed her towel and left. A couple minutes later I heard the bedroom door open and close. I stood outside of the tub and watched the water drain.

A small pair of hands reached around my waist and gripped my cock. Annie whispered to me, "I was listening through the door. I don't mind if you fuck mom, you know. I just want to be your first, and I want you to be my first."

I turned around and looked down at her. Annie's eyes were hopeful. "If you don't want to, that's fine. Just say so and I'll leave you alone."

I gazed at a girl who was once my twerp of a little sister, but was now the most important person in my life. I had spent my entire day trying to avoid it, but it was the truth.

I kissed her forehead. "Annie, I would love to be your first, and for you to be mine."

She gleamed. "When?"

"Soon. Very soon. Now let me get dressed. Dinner should be soon and I haven't eaten since breakfast." She skipped out of the room, and I bent down to grab my towel. When I stood, I saw Dick's reflection in the mirror. I turned behind me, and he wasn't there.

"How are you doing that?" I asked the reflection.

"Okay, guy meets a real life fairy. No problem. Fairy grants him some minor magic. Guy is fine. Magic gets the guy laid constantly. Everything is fine. Fairy makes it so he's a reflection in the mirror, and THAT is what the guy questions? You are a weird sort, bro. You know that?"

"Sorry, Dick. It's cool. Just caught off guard is all."

"No problem, buddy. Just wanted to tell you that once you get Annie sorted out, I have a request."

"What's the request?"

"You get me a look at Elise naked. I'm in love, man, and I've gotta live vicariously through you."

Great, the perverted fairy that has become my stalker wants me to fuck his crush.
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