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It started out as a raunchy bet, to see who would be willing to be bred by one of the male dogs in the animal rescue shelter. Whomever would do it would be "Volunteer of the Month" This is a work of fiction. Please comment on the story.
Volunteer of the Month.

Part 1

There is a private animal shelter in our town. It is always hurting for donations and volunteers to help feed the animals and try to get them adopted. I am one of those volunteers. Most of the workers here are young college kids. I could be their mother, but they treat me just like one of the gang. I hear all their boyfriend or girlfriend problems, complaints about their parents and often their sex questions. I don’t mind being the older member of our clique and I feel proud that they want to confide in me about their lives.

There are mostly just dogs at this shelter. This city has a no kill policy so some of the dogs have been here a very long time. Those long timers have become our best friends. We feed them and care for them daily and they depend on us for everything. Some of the male dogs are quite large and muscular. I think they are just naturally muscled since they really don’t get much exercise in the cages. One of the males we call Spirit. He is a brute, but gentle. He has short hair and is some kind of mixed breed. He loves to have us come into the kennel with him and rub him down.

One night we were up at the shelter rather late. It was middle of the summer and the night was hot and humid, so we were wearing as little as possible to stay cool. We were sitting around trying to dry off after washing out the kennel floor. We always get soaked from the splashing hoses. One of the girls brought out a bottle of bourbon. I did not know this, but bourbon is the fashionable alcohol to drink now. I had not had any since my college days and it was always mixed with coke. But these girls were hitting it straight from the bottle. The conversation very quickly became risqué as they started trash talking about old lovers and one-night stands. I did not know girls did these things today. Apparently giving a blowjob is as common as a kiss goodnight. The girls love to describe their techniques. I would think, from what I heard that none of their dates would ever leave them after those intense oral sessions. But maybe it was the girls who were the ones looking for more.

One of the girls, Debbie, started reminiscing about being in high school and working in the shelter in her hometown. She said that she watched one of the other girls sneak into the kennel when she thought no one was still there. Debbie said she heard grunting and moaning in the kennel, and she went to investigate. Debbie told us she saw that other girl, on her knees, being mounted by one of the large male dogs in the shelter. Debbie described to us that this dog was humping away at the backside of the other girl and it was that chick who was making all those groaning noises. Debbie thought the girl was being attacked so she raced in to help.

The other girl completely ignored Debbie as if she wasn’t there. She had a delirious look on her face and Debbie suddenly realized it was moaning with pleasure that she was hearing. The other girl did not say a word to Debbie; she just kept making noises and encouraging the dog to fuck her harder. Debbie was incredulous. She had heard of such things but never witness bestiality in person. She stood outside the kennel and watched them until the dog dismounted. The dog’s penis was huge. It was several inches longer than any guy’s dick that Debbie had ever seen.

Debbie told us that it was the most erotic event she had ever witnessed. The ravished girl was worn out, and limp. When she tried to stand up, her pussy dumped out what must have a pint of clear liquid. Debbie guessed it was dog cum. The other girl quickly gathered her clothes and left the building and Debbie never saw her again. She always wondered what it was like to have been mounted and fucked by a dog.

So, by this time, we were all getting pretty drunk. I told Debbie I did not believe it. No one would let a dog fuck them. Besides, how would the dog know what to do? The rest of the girls were positive that it could happen. We started arguing about it and someone made a dare. Whoever was up for trying it tonight would get the Volunteer of the month award.

Well, that started up all kinds of trash talk and dares among us. And we all went over to Spirit’s kennel and started talking about him as if he were the likely partner for one of us to mate with. One of the girls, Karen, got in the kennel and started petting and rubbing him. He was very attentive to her touch. She reached down to his sheath and started rubbing him to see if his penis would emerge. When it did we all lost it. We cackled like crazy people as she coaxed his penis out from hiding. We all then went into the kennel with her and watched.

I could not believe I was witnessing this, but more unbelievable to me was I was getting turned on by the thought of being mounted by an animal. The luridness of the act was so extreme that it was making me wet. The bourbon was having an effect on me and I suddenly said, “I’ll do it!” The girls all immediately went silent as my words hung in the humid night air like a mist. Suddenly I found myself stripping off my clothes. I got on all fours in front of the animal and wagged my ass at him. Spirit, of course, had no idea what to do, but Debbie jumped in and dragged the huge dog up on to my back. He covered me up. Karen took the dog’s penis and rubbed it against my naked ass. The sensation must have awakened a primordial urge with the dog, and he soon realized what to do.

The dog started humping me, like a maniac. His erection was flailing around all over my ass until Karen guided it into my waiting cunt. When the dog found my gash, he immediately speared me with that huge dick. It entered my cunt with one push. I was immediately impaled by that dick as the dog used my back as his platform for holding on to me. He pounded away like a machine. I felt his erection continue to grow in size as he pummeled me. I had no power to control or resist the animal. He was dominating me and used my cunt as his new toy. The girls all just stood there, silently mesmerized by the event. They could not believe what was happening. One of their own was fucking a dog.

It seemed to go on forever. I never climax quickly but this dog’s penis was hitting spots that a man’s dick had never reached. I climaxed very soon after he entered me and had several more during the session. Then, I felt him start to spew his cum into me. From what I could tell it seemed like he was pumping a gallon of sperm into my vagina. I was delirious with pleasure. Then I could feel a sudden swelling of his dick. He was knotting up, which I learned later, is what happens when the base of his penis swells up. Dogs knot up in order to trap their cum in the female. This is to ensure his sperm stays in the female. He was knotting up behind me so he could fully breed his bitch. I was his willing bitch.

I still could not move. The dog was draped over my back and his dick was buried in my cunt. It felt enormous. I could still feel spurts coming out of him. The girls asked if I was OK. I could not speak. I vaguely remember looking at them and mumbled something. I could not even form words. They could tell that I just experienced the fucking of a lifetime. I was having what I can only describe as a chain or series of orgasms that began inside my cunt and sent shock waves of pleasure throughout my body. I nearly passed out from the onslaught. After several more minutes, the dog started to dismount. He tugged and his tool finally slipped from my stretched-out cunt. A massive amount of his cum then poured out of me. The girls all were amazed by the size of his penis and the amount of cum he had pumped into me.

I lay there on the concrete floor, trying to catch my breath and piece together in my mind what I had just done. I had willingly allowed an animal to breed me. Wow. I could not believe it. I reached back to my dripping snatch and caught some of the remnants of his labor. I brought it to my lips and tasted it. Not bad. I wish I had thought to suck the dog’s dick right after he pulled out. It would have been a tasty treat from my new master. I will be doing this again. After all, I am now Volunteer of the month.

Part 2

The next morning, after the crazy incident at the dog shelter, I had a bad hangover. I was way out of practice for drinking and not young anymore. I lay sideways in bed with my feet dangling off the side, just barely touching the floor. My husband had gotten up hours ago and was at work. He was asleep when I got home so he did not hear me shower or come to bed. It was a typical routine for us. He worked long hours and I stayed home and managed the property.

As I began to wake up, I started recalling what happened last night. My tender pussy was evidence that it was not just an amazing and vivid dream. I really did let a dog fuck me at the shelter. I started piecing together the story of how I ended up in that cage, with the dog Spirit on top of me. I hazily recalled the story that Debbie told us of the girl she watched get bred by a dog in the shelter she worked at when she was in high school. And I remembered that we all went out to the dog kennel and ended up in Spirit’s enclosure. Karen began stroking his sheath until his cock emerged. All of us went crazy with laughter, trash talk, and dares. And the next thing I know, I am naked and on my knees in the kennel, waiting to be mounted by that beast.

My tender vagina reminded me, this morning, of the event, as it throbbed and tingled, between my thighs. My hand subconsciously crept down there and gently stroked my pussy lips as I reminisced about last night. I could feel the moisture building up inside me as my fingers explored my cunt. The more details I recalled about last night, the wetter my vagina became. It began dripping juice as I plunged more fingers inside. I needed that feeling of fullness again. Since no one was home, the house was deathly silent. Only the erotic slurping sounds of my fingers being jammed in and out of my wet cunt could be heard. My breathing was irregular, and tiny droplets of sweat beaded up on my chest as I used my fist as a pleasure tool. I badly needed a climax but was not going to get it with just my fingers in my cunt. I pulled my hand out and shoved those dripping fingers into my mouth. I greedily sucked them clean as my other hand frantically stroked my swollen clit. I could still taste a hint of Spirit’s cum mixed with my juices. I was instantly taken back to the kennel and being fucked by him. That vision triggered a glorious orgasm. I squirted cum out of my cooch, like I did when I was a college slut, as every nerve in my crotch exploded in unison. I quickly used both hands to scoop up the squirt as it dripped from my cunt and I spread it on my face, like lotion. I loved the smell and taste of it. I collapsed back on the bed and fell asleep.

Later that evening I was scheduled to feed the dogs at the shelter. I was both excited and nervous about returning to the “scene of the crime”, as my guilty conscious was treating the event. I felt like I had suddenly become a horrible pervert by having sex with animals. I imagined that I should move into a trailer park and go on the Jerry Springer show, to do penance for my bad behavior. But as I walked into the kennel, I heard the cheerful barking of the dogs and was greeted by their wagging tails. All guilt just vanished from me. There was nothing wrong with what I did. It was just out of character for me and certainly not something that polite society expects. But times change. Back when I was dating, a girl did not suck her date’s dick as a common practice, but all that has changed. So maybe accepting the idea of getting pleasure from bestiality is not far behind.

My friend Debbie was also scheduled to work tonight, and she had already made the rounds with the food. She was sitting outside the cages, on a bench, as I walked up. “Some night last night, huh?” she grinned.

I blushed momentarily, and then agreed. “Yeh, things got crazy, but it was awesome”, I confessed.

Debbie leaned back, with her hands on her thighs. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a tank top. I turned over an empty bucket to sit on and sat across from her. We continued our conversation about the erotic event. As she spoke, her hands gently caressed the insides of her legs, which were spread apart. I could see that she did not have on any panties, and that her shaved crotch was aimed right at me. I did not know what to think about that, so I ignored it as much as I could. Debbie went on as she described watching my face as Spirit mounted me. She said it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. It was even better than the first time she’d seen that girl from the other kennel get fucked by a dog. Debbie confessed that she wanted to try it too.

I told Debbie, that since we were the only ones here, now would be a good time to do it. She looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “I was hoping you’d say that”.

We turned off some of the harsh lights inside the enclosure where the kennels were. I don’t know if we thought it would be more romantic, or less obvious if someone showed up unexpectedly. We both went inside Spirit’s enclosure. He was very happy to see us. I guess he had his own memories of last night too. Debbie quickly removed her skirt and tank top and began to pet Spirit. She let him sniff her crotch before she got down on her knees in front of him. I began stroking his sack and in no time his cock protruded from it. I jacked him for a few moments, and he got very excited. He crawled up on Debbie’s back and began frantically hunching the air. I guided him to be right in front of her snatch and he quickly buried his dick inside her. Debbie gasped and groaned loudly. I was afraid he’d hurt her, but immediately she indicated her pleasure. She muttered “oh my gawd. He’s so big!” and a few other nasty comments that were unintelligible. But I knew exactly how she felt. I was jealous of her as she received his thrashing.

Since he was a large dog, his back feet were able to grip the concrete floor even though he was all the way on top of Debbie. This gave him more power to thrust his dick into her willing cunt. He was eagerly pounding away. I could not fight the temptation to join her any longer, so I quickly stripped off my clothes and was completely naked also. I got down on my knees, right behind Debbie, so I could witness, up close, as his cock disappear inside her snatch. It was a beautiful and nasty sight. Her snatch was frothing with dampness as he pummeled her. I could feel droplets splatter on my face and could smell their combined aromas of sex. After his knot swelled Spirit was lodged inside Debbie, tightly plugging her opening. He stopped hunching and laid his weight on her back. Debbie was mumbling more de***********ive curse words, but I could not catch what she said since she was kneeling head down, with her face smothered by her fore arms.

I could not resist the urge to taste her. I flipped on to my back and scooted up underneath Debbie’s crotch. I positioned my mouth so my tongue could reach her cunt. I extended up and began lapping her lovely clit as she squirmed in delight. In no time, I could tell she was close to a climax, so I eagerly continued my assault. Debbie told me to keep going….she was almost there….”don’t stop! Oh gawd…! Ohhhhh, yyyyeeesss”.

Debbie’s orgasmic spasm jettisoned Spirit’s cock out of her cunt. The trapped sperm that he had pumped into her came pouring out, drenching my face like a pornographic facial. I was able to catch much of it with my open mouth. It was a sensual brew of dog sperm and Debbie juice. I have never tasted anything more stimulating. I slurped at her cunt as it continued to drain their fluids. Then I felt my own snatch being attended to. Debbie has shifted slightly and was delicately tonguing my swollen pussy lips to return the favor of my attention to her. I was already super stimulated by the sight, sounds, and tastes of the two sex partners, so when her tongue made it to my clit, I soon exploded with my own orgasm. I was caught by surprise and climaxed while sucking on Debbie’s clit. My face involuntarily mashed into her wet crotch as my spasms hit. My gasps of pleasure were muffled by her pussy.

Both Debbie and I just laid there, spread out on the cold concrete, like rag dolls, until we could recover from our orgasms. She looked at me with complete satisfaction and said “Wow…. that was everything I thought it would be”. I nodded in agreement. She continued: “I don’t know how it could have been any better. It was the most erotic experience of my life”.

We helped each other up and paused to kiss. Her hands held my face as she placed her lips on mine. My bare breasts were crushed against hers. I could feel her warm, prominent nipples against my skin. It was an intimate conclusion to our evening of debauchery. We rinsed off with the kennel hose and let the air dry our skin before dressing. Not much was said. We relished this secret event silently, then turned the remaining lights off and left for the evening. I smiled at her as she climbed into her car. She blew me a kiss, winked, and drove home. It was an evening I will never forget. Now I guess there are two of us who are now Volunteer of the month.

Part 3

During my next scheduled work day at the animal shelter I learned that someone was in the process of adopting Spirit. One of the adoption criteria is for the animals to be fixed so that they cannot breed more offspring. I was crushed. To think that Spirit would be gone from here was sad enough, but to know that he would never be able to perform sexually was just awful. I had to get one more session with him before that happened. I could not get the thought of his massive cock out of my mind. I wanted to feel him inside me one more time. I wanted to be dominated, knotted, and bred by Spirit.

I had the keys to the kennel, of course, so that meant I could come and go at odd hours if needed. I decided to come in that night after I knew everyone had gone home. I needed one last tryst with Spirit. I did not tell my husband or anyone who worked at the shelter that I was going there. It had to be my little secret. I knew that it would be a much more intimate experience if I was there completely alone. I did not want any distractions. I unlocked the kennel gate and turned on a few lights. I did not want the place all lit up since no one was supposed to be there at that hour. I walked to Spirit’s cage and spoke to him thru the mesh wire. I told him how much I loved him and what a great lover he was. I wanted him to know that I would never forget him or the pleasure he had given me. And I just needed one more session with him. I hoped he wouldn’t mind being used as a fuck stud, but I think he liked it too.

I stripped out of my clothes and unlatched his gate. He quickly stuck his muzzle into my crotch and licked me. I spread my legs and let him at me. His long, hard tongue could reach from my taint to my clit with each long lick. It felt amazing I turned around and bent forward so he had full access to both my holes. I had never had a lover lick my asshole before now and it was mind blowing. I could have had him do that all night, but I was here for one thing, to be fucked as his bitch.

I reached under him and grabbed his sheath, as we had done before. He soon exposed the tip of his cock and started to get very excited. I plopped down on my knees on to the hard concrete. I had not thought to bring a blanket this time to kneel on. A real bitch is only there to give her mate a place to shove his dick and deposit his load and should not be concerned about her own comfort. I was ready and willing to be Spirit’s bitch and anxious to be impaled by his giant cock. My pussy, all wet from his tongue and my juices, was ready, so I got down and assumed the position. I now know firsthand why it is called “doggie” and I love it. I feel so dominated and subdued when in this position.

I patted my butt and called him to me. He started to lick my ass again, so I reached back and grabbed his front legs. I wanted him to get the message that it was time to mount his bitch. He soon figured it out and eagerly jumped on my back. His hips were stabbing at me and I could feel his shaft jam against my backside. He was hunching me but not hitting his target. I started to release his front legs so I could reach back and guide him in when he managed to get closer to the target. I relaxed too soon because his hard shaft ended up at the entrance of my butthole instead of my cunt. His penis found the entrance to my tight hole and suddenly he was embedded in it. I howled in astonishment and pain. He did not know the difference in holes, so he punched his tool straight into me. I was not ready for that. I tried to break away from him but his weight and strength were too much. I was pinned underneath Spirit and he was in complete control.

Spirit got into his rapid pace of humping and my rectal muscles slowly began to relax. I could feel my asshole open up and accept his size. The pain turned to pleasure as he rapidly stroked in and out of me, just as he had done when he fucked my pussy. I reached back and found my vacant cunt and smeared my juices on to his shaft to help with the lubrication. I then frantically rubbed my clit. I wanted to cum before he did so I could concentrate on his orgasm when it arrived. In no time, I got myself off with my fingers, and had a breathtaking orgasm. Spirit never slowed down and kept pounding away during and after I had climaxed. But my orgasm was not important. I was here to give him his last one.

My rectum had finally relaxed enough for me to comfortably tolerate Spirit’s cock in my ass. I knew he was getting close to finishing. I began to feel soft spurts of jizz as he unloaded into my bowels. It was a tighter fit there, so it was even more sensitive. I was in bliss. He was filling me with doggie cum. My bliss soon turned to panic as I felt him try to shove his knot into my relaxed asshole. I started squirming, and yelling at him to stop, but it was no use. He continued and soon buried his knot in my butt. I was in pain and could not move. I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass and with each pulse of his organ, more sperm was being injected into me. So, here I was, with a huge dog knot stuck in my ass. My colon was full of dog dick and sperm, and even as the pain was subsiding, I was helpless and trapped. The idea of being too full of cock and cum suddenly induced another explosive orgasm. That last climax sucked all the energy from me and I collapsed underneath my hairy mate. As I lay there, Spirit continued to shoot tiny jets of cum, with every pulse, into me. Eventually he was played out from his exertion and rested his head on my shoulder. Now, all I could do was wait for his knot to deflate.

I lost track of the time and don’t know how long it took before Spirit pulled out of me. When he did, it sounded like a cork coming out of a bottle. I had one last bit of debauchery yet to perform on Spirit before the night was over. After he pulled out of my ass, I flipped over on my back and scooched under him. I positioned my mouth in front of his huge dick and lovingly began to suck it clean. The taste was pleasant considering it just came out of my ass, so I guess the doggie cum must mask any other taste. Spirit obediently stood still as I licked and sucked him. It was my last act of servitude to this wonderful K9 lover. I can’t believe this is our last time together. I will miss him. I finished cleaning his cock with my mouth and got up. I did not rinse off, on purpose. I stayed naked and drove home. I quietly crawled into bed, still dirty and naked, and snuggled against my husband. I was hoping he would detect a new aroma on me when he woke up. I was ready to share my deviant behavior with my husband to see if it re-kindled his sexual interests. I can hardly wait for morning.


2021-11-12 09:33:23
Real hot story loved it that she took it anal in the end


2021-11-12 09:33:13
Real hot story loved it that she took it anal in the end


2021-10-20 15:40:21
Really enjoyed this story. You write very well, thank you


2021-10-16 12:29:22
I loved this and came so fucking hard. Thanks!

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