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Lisa gets more than she ever thought she could handle
“Lisa, Lisa it’s time to get up and ready for tonight.” Candace was gently trying to wake me up.

I opened my eyes and saw her smiling down at me. Her hair and make up were done and she looked absolutely breath taking. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and sat up. I noticed she was wearing a blue sheer, see through more like it, nightie with holes where there would normally be fabric to cover her tits. Instead they were out for the world to see. I already knew she wasn’t wearing panties and I was pretty certain she had her blue butt plug in.

“How are you feeling?” She asked running her fingers through my hair.

“Very relaxed. Thank you. I didn’t realize how tired I was.”

“Good. Now tonight is a big night and if you do exactly what you’re told then by the end of it you’ll have more fun than you ever thought possible.” Candace seemed to be holding something back from me but I figured it couldn’t be anything I haven’t already done over the last couple days.

“Now I want you to get up and get ready. I want your hair and make up done like it was your wedding day. I want you looking absolutely perfect tonight. In one hour I want you to put your heels back on and your plug back in and come downstairs. But not before one hour. Understand?”

I nodded and said “yes ma’am.”

Candace leaned in and gave me one of the most sensual kisses I’ve ever had in my life. Her tongue on mine instantly made me wet.

She left the room and I started getting ready . After an hour I put my heels on and plug back in. It was hard to believe but I kind of missed having my big butt plug inside me. I came downstairs but didn’t see or hear anyone.

Candace came out of the kitchen and scared me as she put the collar and chain back on.

“This way.” Was all she said as she pulled the chain and led me to a basement I didn’t even know they had.

I was shocked at what I saw. They turned their basement into a sex room. A huge couch wrapped halfway around the room. In front of the couch was a huge cushioned ottoman that looked like it could hold six people.

There were a large variety of sex toys and lubes on a few shelves. There was a sex swing and various hooks and ropes coming from the ceiling. Every wall, and most of the ceiling were covered with mirrors.

Al was standing off to the side messing around with some ropes. “Come here Lisa.” He said, bringing me out of my thoughts of this room.

I walked to over to him and he began tying the rope around me.

When he finished my hands and arms were tied behind my back, my legs were tied at the knees so they stayed bent under me and kept my legs spread apart. He tightly tied rope around each of my tits and they were starting to turn red. I was face down on the floor with my ass high in the air when I was suddenly picked up into the air. Al had hooked me to a pulley attached to the ceiling and was hoisting me up. Once I was where he wanted me he tied off the rope and left me to dangle and twist facing the floor.

Suddenly there was a light from a door opening and I saw what had to have been 15 men and 10 women walk into the room. My heart sank and I was having trouble catching my breath. I was beginning to panic.

They all ignored me. After a few minutes of small talk and drinking everyone began stripping down. Some of the women began sucking off the guys while a few other women began playing with each other.

Candace had two gorgeous women eating her ass and pussy while she sucked a cock that wasn’t her husbands. I tried to find Al but I couldn’t see him.

Then I heard over the speaker system someone trying to get the crowds attention.

“Hello everyone!” It was Al.

Everyone stopped what they we’re doing to hear what the host had to say.

“I’m damn happy to see everyone here. As most of you might have noticed we have a special toy tonight. Anyone and everyone here can do whatever they want to her. The only rule we have is that she is not allowed to cum. So I’m trusting that you won’t let her.”

Everyone in the room acknowledged that they weren’t going to let me cum.

When Al was satisfied he said, “alright everyone let’s have a great night!”

Everyone went back to what they we’re doing. I felt someone grab the rope and spin me around. I was greeted by a huge black cock attached to a very muscular black man.

He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his huge cock down my throat. I coughed and gagged but he kept his cock in my mouth. As he was face fucking me I felt a tongue in my pussy. I wasn’t sure who it was, but they were licking me so good I thought I might cum any second. I felt a finger at my pussy opening and then one slid in. I could tell from the nails that it was a woman. I was soaking wet by now and I felt another finger enter me, followed by a third and then a fourth. I was feeling really stretched out when I felt her pushing her whole hand inside my already stretched pussy.

I moaned in protest and tried to shake my head no, but with the mans hands on my head and his thick ten inch cock down my throat it probably sounded like I was enjoying it.

Two men joined in and got under me. They were sucking and rubbing my tits. Pinching and pulling at my nipples and their piercings. I was getting wetter by the second. They began getting tougher with my tits. Grabbing and pinching them hard. They were already red and extra firm from the ropes, they were also extra sensitive too. When they started slapping my tits I cried out in pain on the huge cock in my mouth.

Then another surge of pain raced through me when the woman finally got her entire fist inside my pussy. She began fist fucking me hard, like she was training for a boxing match. My pussy had never been so stretched out. Then there was a tongue on my clit and I nearly passed out from mixture of pain and pleasure.

The woman pounded my pussy with her fist a few more times and then pulled out. The man pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked behind me. Without a word he shoved his cock in my pussy. I screamed out and he spanked my ass hard and shouted, “shut up slut, you didn’t make that much noise when she had her whole fist in you!”

He fucked me hard and hit depths in me that no one has ever reached. There was already another cock in my mouth and he was face fucking me as hard as he could. I felt the man behind me grunt and I felt him release his balls into me. He came so much that it gushed out of me while his cock was still pumping away. He pulled out of me and spun me around. He fed me his softening cock while the other guy began fucking me.

Soon another cock took his place in my mouth. The man fucking be had cum and walked away to talk to the group. I felt someone playing with my plug. When he pulled it out he held it up. “Holy shit everyone! Look at the size of this thing! She’s definitely ready for some ass fucking.” He said as he rammed his cock in my ass.

He felt so good inside me that I almost came, but I was able to hold it back. He didn’t last long and was soon filling my ass with his cum. A woman came up behind him and began licking the cum out of my pussy and ass. Three men had cum in me in less than a half hour.

I needed to cum so bad I think I really was losing my mind.

I was flipped over so I was now suspended facing the ceiling. Another cock was fucking my ass while a blonde woman I didn’t know was licking my pussy. Another woman walked up to me and straddled my face. I began eating her delicious pussy, sucking her clit and tongue fucking both of her holes. It only took a couple minutes before she was cumming on my face.

This excited the other women and soon there was a line forming to get their pussies eaten. I lost track of how many women I made cum, and how many cocks had been inside me. I was lowered to the floor but not untied when a man with a beautiful cock slid under me. He sat me down on his cock and began fucking my pussy hard and fast, but stopping every couple of minutes to ensure I didn’t cum. Someone pushed me from behind and I fell face first onto the man with his cock inside me. I felt pressure on my asshole and then a sharp jolt of pain followed by ecstasy. I had two cocks in me again, and it was even better than the first time.

They fucked my holes in perfect rhythm. And each time I felt my orgasm surfacing they’d stop. After a few more minutes the men got up without cumming and two more took their place. This time I sat down on the mans cock facing away from him and taking him in my ass while the other fucked my pussy. These two were a lot rougher than the first which only made it more difficult not to cum. The man in my pussy pulled out and poured some lube on his cock and onto my pussy letting it run down to my ass. I wasn’t sure why since my pussy was more than wet enough.

As he brought his cock back to me he didn’t go for my pussy. He began shoving his cock into my ass along with the other guy. It hurt like hell and I didn’t think he’d get it in but he pushed hard and stretched my ass to its limit. Tears were falling down my face from the pain but the two men just continued to pound and stretch my ass. Eventually the both came at the same time and their cum exploded out of my already full ass.

I was flipped around again and was impaled onto another cock. He was big and filled up my pussy nicely. When I felt another man behind me I figured he’d go for my ass. I was wrong, he rammed his cock into my pussy. I then felt a third man straddle me from behind.

I didn’t know what he had planned but I knew it was going to hurt. He squeezed in by the man behind me in my pussy and I felt him pour lube onto my asshole.

“No! Not that! Now now! I’m already to full and stretched out! Please do…” I begged but before I could finish my plea he rammed his cock into my ass.

“Oooowww! Fuck you! Get out of me! Fuck! Please! Uuuhhh uuuhhh uuuhhh please it fucking hurts you bastards!”

“Someone shut this whore up!” One of the men fucking me said.

Then there was a cock in my mouth gagging me into silence. With two cocks in my pussy, one in my ass and another in my mouth and I felt more full than I ever have. I was in so much pain from how much they were stretching my holes that I was in tears, but I had also never felt anything so satisfying in my life.

Al and Candace walked up to me, four cocks still inside me, and Candace began rubbing my tits and slowly untying me. Al yanked my mouth of the cock I was sucking and held me close to his face by my hair.

“You’ve done better than I could have ever imagined Lisa. How bad do you want to cum?”

“So bad sir! I don’t even just want to cum I NEED to cum!” I was on the verge of a total melt down.

Al then leaned in and kissed me, not rough but soft, a lovers kiss. I noticed that Candace had untied me completely and the three men inside me were barely moving.

“I want you to cum Lisa. I want you to cum more tonight than you’ve ever cum in your life. We’re all still going to fuck you any way we want but now you get to enjoy it.” Al rubbed my nipples and walked away to stand with his wife.

The men went back to fucking me hard and it only took about ten seconds before I had the biggest orgasm I’d ever had.

“Aaahhhhh aaaahhhhh fuuuuuuck! Fuuuuck! Keep fucking, keep fucking. Holy shit I’m cuuuuuumminggggg!” I exploded over the three cocks inside me. They kept fucking and I kept squirting. The cock inside my mouth erupted and I swallowed every drop of cum from his cock which brought on another orgasm.

Being denied an orgasm all week with all the sex I’ve had made me an animal. All I could think about was cumming. The three men began cumming inside me and it shot another jolt of pleasure through me. As they pulled out I flipped onto my back to wait for the next cock that was going to make me cum. I got something better instead. Candace was in between my legs licking up all the cum and eating my pussy with enthusiasm. She had me cumming again in minutes but she didn’t stop until I came two more times, all the while different men were feeding me their cocks and fucking Candace form behind.

Just about every guy in the room had cum at least once except for Al who hadn’t cum at all. I called Al over to me and took his big cock in my mouth. I got on my hands and knees and he walked behind me. He slid his cock in my pussy and fucked be hard but slow. He had me cumming in no time. He picked up the pace a little and was fucking me harder and faster. Candace laid down and spread her legs in front of me and I began eating the cum out of her used pussy.

I turned back to Al “Al would you please fuck my ass? Don’t be gentle either. I want to finally feel what it’s like to cum with you in my ass.” I winked at him and went back to his wife’s pussy.

He pulled out and shoved his cock deep into my ass. It felt like heaven. He fucked me hard and deep, with long strokes. Then he began fucking faster and I could feel another huge orgasm approach. Al had all he could take and shot his load into my ass, this caused my orgasm to crash into me and I started screaming and moaning into Candaces pussy which brought on another orgasm for her.

As we lay there catching our breath the rest of the group was getting dressed and slowly leaving the party.


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