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Girly night dare game leaves Jade naked when a cute man arrives
The Exposure that started it all

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

It was shortly after that that Ethan told me that he was taking me to meet his family for a weekend. During all our conversations I’d gathered that they had quite a bit of money but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when we got there. Wow, what a house. You could get the whole plot of land that my parents house takes up in just the front garden of Ethan’s parents house, it was huge.

Five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a library, a games room, a fitness room, a swimming pool outside that could be covered to become an indoor pool, and a huge garden. But the best thing was that Ethan’s parents, his brother and sister were really down-to-earth and so friendly. Within minutes I felt at home with Ben and Mary (father and mother) and Emily and Jake (sister and brother).

We made small talk over a cup of tee with all the expected questions and I soon realised that Ethan must have told them that he was taking me there because his parents had organised a party for that evening to celebrate him finally finding a long term girlfriend.

I felt honoured and then amazed when he told me that he’d had a dress specially made for me to wear at the party. He’d kept it in his bedroom and he took me up there see it and to try it on. It is black, very thin fabric, strapless with a skater style very short skirt part. I fell in love with it even before I’d tried it on.

Ethan put his hands on my shoulders and eased the spaghetti straps outwards and my dress slid off me and puddled at my feet. I stepped out of it and bent to pick it up and as I did so I heard a noise behind me. As I stood up I turned and saw all of Ethan’s family behind me and my hands immediately went to cover my little tits and pussy.

“Relax Jade,” Mary said, “being naked in this house isn’t a big deal for us girls.”

Ethan stepped behind me and put his arms round, took hold of my wrists and gently eased them down to my sides saying,

“It’s okay Jade, mum’s right, mum and Emily are often naked around the house.”

I just stood there, frozen, letting all of Ethan’s family stare at my naked front. Ben and Jake were the ones that I was mainly looking at. I’d only met those two men minutes ago and they were seeing me naked.

The two way staring seemed to go on for hours but was probably only seconds before Ben said,

“Oh good Jade, you have no pubic hair, and you have a very nice body too. Do you workout? We have a mini gym here that you can use.”

“Err thank you Ben.” I replied as I wondered why on earth he had said that and how long he was expecting me to stay there. Ethan had told me that it was only for the weekend and I had to be back at work on the Monday.

“Come on Ethan, get out of the way,” Emily said as she walked over to us, “let us girls check that Ethan got your measurements right Jade.”

Ethan started to say that he hadn’t measured me but he stopped before he’d finished and he stepped back and let Emily help me get into the dress.

It didn’t take long and it fit perfectly. That girl in the shop had done a good job of measuring me. Emily checked the dress all over, frequently smoothing her hand down it. One time her hand went down my back, right down to my bare thigh millimetres below my bare butt. Another time her hand slid down my front and pressed the fabric against my pubis and actually touched my pussy causing me to gasp a little.

With the fabric being so thin and the design of the skirt part I felt like I was naked below my waist.

“Yes,” Emily finally said, “they did a good job, it’s perfect for Jade.”

I looked in one of the mirrors in the room and said,

“It’s beautiful Ethan, thank you so much.”

“Do a twirl Jade, a slow one then a quick one.” Ethan said.

So I did. Even doing the slow twirl I could see the skirt floating out a little in the mirror and I wondered if my butt was showing. When I did a fast twirl I could see my butt and pussy in the mirror and I just knew that everyone there had seen them as well – again. I wondered if there would be much dancing at the party and what genre of music it would be.

I stopped and was facing Ethan, my back to the rest of his family.

“Thank you Ethan, I love it.”

“Bend over Jade, let’s see how far you have to go to show your pussy.” Ethan said.

I was a little surprised at that but I did as he asked and he didn’t stop me until my torso was parallel to the ground. I knew that his family were getting a great view of my butt and what was between the cheeks, and before Ethan told me to stand up I felt one of his hands slide down the top of my dress and cup my left tit.

“I can see that you are definitely going to be the star of the party.” Ben said.

I lifted Ethan’s hand out of my dress and stood up straight. I know that I was blushing a bit as I turned and replied,

“No not really Ben, Mary and Emily will be those,” I replied, “I’ll only be a little starlet in the background.”

“Don’t be so modest Jade.” Mary said then added, “I like this girl Ethan.”

I smiled then I felt the zip at the back of the dress going down and within seconds I was again naked in front of Ethan’s parents, brother and sister. This time I didn’t try to hide parts of my body.

“Best keep it clean for tonight.” Emily said as I stepped out of the puddled dress.

I just stood there staring at Ben and Jake. I could see bulges in their jeans and had a sudden flash in my brain of Ben fucking me over the back of one of their sofas.

Possibly because I hadn’t rushed to put my dress back on, Mary said,

“You can stay like that if you want Jade, no one will complain and if you decide to go for a swim you’re ready to go.”

“I haven’t brought a costume.” I replied.

“Don’t need one.” Ben said, “Mary and Emily always skinny dip.”

I was a little confused, I didn’t know if I was expected to stay naked or if Mary was just saying that to try to make me feel comfortable. Ethan obviously saw my confusion because he said,

“Can you give us the room please folks, I need to talk to Jade.”

As the family left the room Ethan took my hand and led me to the bed where we sat.

“I’m guessing that all this is a bit over-whelming for you Jade.”

“You got that right mate, I just never expected all this.”

Ethan leant over, put his arm round me and gave me a hug.

“Thanks, I needed that, it’s just that, ….”

“I know, here, let me help you with your dress.”

As Ethan was helping me get into my dress I said,

“Do the women in your family wander around naked a lot then?”


“Does that include Eva when she comes here?”

“She doesn’t come here very often but the last time she was here she was naked all day.”

“Really!? She never said anything.”

“Why should she?”

“Yes, okay. I guess that that’s why she didn’t freak out when you came over to her place that first night that you saw me naked.”

“Probably, but that wasn’t planned.”

“I believe you Ethan, do you want me to be naked all the time that I’m here?”

“Only if you want to Jade.”

“But do YOU want me to be naked Ethan?”

“That would be very nice Jade but it has to be your decision.”

“Well if you want me to be naked then I want to be naked.”

I stood up and pushed the spaghetti straps off my shoulders then picked up the puddled dress that appeared around my feet.

“There,” I said, “but I warn you Ethan Hammond, I might just jump your bones a few times.”

“That’s okay Jade, I won’t complain but I warn you, dad and Jake might just, no, probably will try to jump your bones Jade.”

“And you’d be okay with that would you Ethan?”

“We share everything in this family Jade.”

“Wow, what have I got myself into? What about Jake’s girlfriend Riley, does she walk around the place naked as well, and does she let your father fuck her?”

“Sometimes but I swear, I haven’t fucked Riley or Emily since I started going out with you.”

“I believe you Ethan, but if I have to fuck the other men in your family then it’s only fair that you fuck the other women. Hey, you don’t fuck your mother do you?”

“No Jade, and you don’t HAVE to let the other men fuck you.”

“But you want me to Ethan?”

“It would be nice, as I said, we are a sharing family.”

“You don’t fuck Jake do you Ethan?”

“Hell no, there’s no gay men in this family but the girls do have some fun with each other occasionally.”

I sat down on the bed, sighed and said,

“Wow, what a family, I guess that I’m happy that you didn’t bring me here just after we started going out, I’d have freaked out. Can you just give me a minute to process all this?”

I lay back on the bed, still naked and with Ethan sat near my butt. He turned and started to caress my thighs. When I didn’t say anything his hands started moving all over my body. It was nice and before long I could feel my nipples and clit tingling.

Soon after that we were making love, wonderful, glorious sex.

As we were recovering I heard a noise over by the door and looked over there and saw Jake and Emily standing watching us. Instead of being embarrassed or annoyed I smiled and waved at them. The both turned and walked out.

A minute or so later I had a thought and said to Ethan,

“So do members of your family spank each other Ethan?”


“So that’s where you got the idea to spank me.”

“That cute butt of yours just invites a good spanking Jade.”

“Well I’m glad that you like it Ethan and you can spank it anytime that you want.”

“What about Jake or our father?”

“You want them to spank me as well?”

“Would that bother you Jade?”

I was silent for a few seconds then replied,

“I guess not, but if I get the urge to fuck straight afterwards I want it to be your cock that I can jump on.”

“So do I Jade, so do I.”

“So what now Ethan, do we go downstairs with me like this?”

“If you want to Jade.”

“I think that I do, but I need to get cleaned up a bit first.”

“There’s a bidet in the bathroom, do you want me to come and help you?”

“Yes please, I’ve never used a bidet before.”

Ten minutes later my pussy area was feeling quite clean and fresh and we were walking down the wide stairs hand in hand. That sounds quite normal except that I was totally naked, not even shoes.

My nipples were still rock hard and so was my clit that was sticking out of my lips but I felt good.

“Magnificent my dear.” Ben said when he saw me walking into the room still holding Ethan’s hand.

Ben got to his feet, walked over to me, put his hands on my shoulders and kissed my forehead before whispering,

“If only I was thirty years younger.”

I smiled and gripped Ethan’s hand harder.

“Come my dear,” Mary said, “sit and tell us everything that my son has been doing with you.”

I think that I blushed a little as I thought about the making love in the open and being seen, and the spankings and fucking at our girly night. I suddenly wondered if Eva had told Mary what had happened. I decided to leave those fun moments out and started telling Mary about our first date to the theme park but leaving out the juicy bits.

After about thirty minutes I was starting to feel quite relaxed about my nudity. The rest of the family had wandered in and out of the room and obviously seen that I was naked but none of them said anything.

A while later Ethan came and rescued me saying that we were going for a swim.

“That’s a good idea,” Mary said, “I might come and join you.”

Ten minutes later the whole family were in the swimming pool, all as naked as I was. We’d been swimming and throwing a ball around for about ten minutes when a girl about my age came round the corner.

“Hey Riley,” Jake shouted, “come and join us.”

I watched as Riley stripped naked revealing that her body was similar dimensions to mine and that she too wasn’t wearing any underwear. As she walked towards the pool I could see that her nipples were erect and that her clit was also sticking out between her lips. Riley bombed into the pool right next to Jake.

When she surfaced she kissed Jake then he turned her to face me and he introduced us.

“Ah, the mysterious Jade,” Riley said, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All good I hope.” I replied.

“Oh yes, I hope that you are going to show us your little party piece later.”

I had a look of surprise as I replied.

“I don’t know what you mean Riley.”

“Oh yes you do, I work with Eva, she tells me everything.”

I did blush right then but Ethan came up behind me, wrapped his arms round me covering my little tits with his hands and kissed my neck.

“Don’t worry Jade,” Riley continued, “Emily and I have both been spanked by Ethan in public., if you’re lucky it might happen tonight as well.”

I stood there with Ethan’s hands still holding my tits as Riley swam over to each member of the family and kissed their cheeks. I was sure that Ben copped a feel of Riley’s butt as she kissed him. Then she went to Jake, wrapped her arms round his neck and gave him a long, passionate kiss. I wondered if his cock was rising to the occasion and if Riley could feel it on her stomach like I could feel Ethan’s pressing between my butt cheeks.

About thirty minutes later we heard a noisy vehicle in the drive and Mary said,

“Come on girls, that must me the caterers, we need to make sure that they know what they are doing.”

With that she got out of the pool followed by Riley and Emily. Mary had brought out a towel that she wrapped around herself but Emily and Riley had no towels so they followed Mary totally naked.

“Off you go Jade,” Ethan said,” All girls together.”

I hesitated for a second as It thought,

“What the hell,” and climbed out and followed them. Me as naked as Emily and Riley still were.

The catering man stood and stared as the three naked young women walked up to the back of his van as Mary said,

“Come on girls, grab a tray and take then into the kitchen.”

We did and followed Mary inside. We were just turning to go back out when the man walked in carrying a couple of boxes.

“Where would you like these Mrs Hammond?” He said.

Mary told him and we all went out to finish unloading the van.

Once that was finished Mary said,

“Can you move the van out of the way round the back somewhere then get on with whatever. We should be ready to eat in about three hours.”

Then she turned to us naked girls and continued,

“Time to get ready girls, let’s go.”

We all went inside and up to the bedrooms. Ethan was waiting for me and he immediately hugged me and asked me if I was okay.

“Yes, I think so, I’m still getting used to all this, you could have warned me.”

“And risk putting you off or getting very nervous, no, it was best to keep you in the dark and I’m pleased that Eva kept her mouth shut.”

“I guess that you’re right, Mary said that we’ve got three hours to get ready, you know that I wear very little make-up so it will take me about ten minutes, what shall we do with the rest of the time lover?”

That was a rhetorical question and Ethan knew that it was. As we kissed we walked to the bed and we made love on it for the second time that day.

I’d watched Ethan put a tuxedo on whilst I was brushing my hair then he went downstairs to see how things were progressing. A little later he came back and told me that they were ready to meet me and he helped me put the dress on. I’d already put on my three inch, black heels that he’d told me to bring. Then he stood behind me and we both looked in the full length mirror.

“Dad was right Jade you do look magnificent, I love your pokies but there’s just one thing missing. Don’t move.”

I didn’t and in the mirror I watched him go to a drawer and come back with a long, thin box. He opened it and put this amazing necklace round my neck.

“Is that for me?” I asked.

“It is Jade, just a small token of my love for you.”

“It’s gorgeous Ethan, I love it, thank you so much.”

“The diamonds are real.”

“Wow, but I don’t care about that, it looks totally awesome. If we didn’t have to go downstairs I’d thank you properly but that will have to wait, I guess that your parents will get upset if we kept them waiting too long.”

I felt a bit like I imagine a princess would feel as Ethan held my hand and we slowly walked down the stairs, although I doubted that a real princess would feel like she was naked below her waist.

About two thirds of the way down the stairs there is a small landing where the stairs continue down to the left. When we got to that little landing Ethan stopped and I looked around. I could see about fifty people, all adults, all smartly dressed and all looking at me. Ethan and I were stood with our thighs about head height to all the people and I smiled as I wondered how many of them could see up the ultra short dress and see my bare pussy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and the rest of you lot, for those who don’t already know my soulmate, the light of my life, my best friend and my true love, this is Jade. Please go gentle with her because if you don’t I’m sure that she’ll give you a karate chop somewhere where it will hurt real bad.”

As the laughter died down Ethan continued,

“Before I let Jade be at your mercy there is just one more thing that I have to say.”

With that Ethan put his hand in his pocket and got down on one knee and said,

“Jade Clarkson, will you marry me?”

I was stunned, my thoughts had never got as far forward in my life as marriage, that had always been something that I’d get round to thinking about when I got much older but as I stood there with my jaw hanging down, my thoughts about marriage changed and I replied,

“Yes Ethan Hammond, I will marry you.”

My knees were shaking and I was nearly wetting myself as Ethan slipped the ring on my finger. To noisy applause I kissed Ethan, jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck then did my best to swallow his mouth.

Ethan’s hands went round me and I felt one hand supporting my bare butt and the other sliding up my bare back. Everyone was able to see that I wore no knickers but I just didn’t care. I just wanted to go back upstairs with Ethan and fuck his brains out.

Sadly that didn’t happen and when the kiss broke and Ethan lowered me to the floor I straightened my dress and we walked down the rest of the stairs where Ethan started introducing me to the ninety odd percent of the people there that I didn’t already know.

When we got to Eva and her boyfriend, Tom, I said,

“Eva, you bitch, you could have told me.”

“And congratulations to you too Jade, you look gorgeous, no bra or knickers I see and you know why I didn’t tell you Jade.”

“Yes I do, and in a way I’m pleased that you didn’t. We have some serious talking to do when we get the chance girl. And how did you know I’m not wearing any knickers or a bra?”

“Everyone in the room saw your bare butt when you jumped on Ethan on the stairs and before that when you were just stood there facing everyone we all saw your slit and bare pubis. A few of us saw your pussy when you bent over to put your glass on that coffee table. As for a bra, I’m surprised that your nipples haven’t drilled through that thin fabric by now.”

“Oh my gawd,” I replied, “I’ve never been so exposed, what will people think of me?”

“That your going out with a Hammond boy and you like it Jade. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have lasted this long.”

“We really do have some serious talking to do Eva, you have a lot of secrets girl.”

“And you are starting to get a lot yourself Jade. Any of your family here?”

“No, it was only intended to be a ‘meet the boyfriend’s parents weekend’.”

“Well that might be a good thing, we’ve never talked about your parents have we?”


“Don’t worry about it Jade, everything will be just fine.”

Ethan steered me away from his cousin and her boyfriend and shortly after that Ben announced that the buffet was open. Ethan held my hand and we walked over to the food tables. Ben was there and as we got to him he said,

“There you are Jade, I’ve been missing my son’s gorgeous piece of eye-candy.”

“Oh stop it Ben,” I replied, “there’s nothing special about me.”

“That my dear is definitely a matter of opinion. Now get a plate and get some food into you. Can I get you a drink?”

“Thanks Ben but Ethan’s been looking after me in that department.”

“Other departments as well I hope young lady.”

I looked at Ben and just smiled. I knew exactly what Ben meant. I thought about saying that my sex life was a lot more than adequate but I didn’t, I picked up a plate and filled it with food. All the seats were occupied so Ethan led me to the stairs and we sat a few steps up and started eating.

It was only when Jake and Riley came over to us and I saw Jake looking down between my legs that I realised that my pussy was clearly visible to anyone who cared to look my way, and it had been like that for ages. I started to slide my feet together and lower them down a step but Ethan said,

“No don’t Jade, let everyone see the pussy that I’ll be fucking later.”

I looked up at Jake and Riley and saw them both smiling.

Riley welcomed me to the Hammond clan adding that I’d love all the benefits. I didn’t know what she meant but I was too happy to think or worry about it.

Small talk was exchanged and shortly after we had finished eating I heard Ben call for order and he announced that dancing would start and that he was going to deprive his son of the first dance with his new daughter to be.

“That’s you Jade.” Ethan said.

I got to my feet and walked over to Ben. Everyone had moved away from the centre of the huge room and Ben put out a hand for me to take. I wondered what sort of dance music was about to be played but Ben took my hand, lifted it to his mouth and kissed it.

That didn’t really surprise me but the music that started playing did, it was Dirty Dancing Time of Your Life. This was a song that I loved when I was a young teenage girl and I danced to the video in my bedroom thousands of times. Ben really surprised me as he started do a quite reasonable impression of Patrick Swayze.

Of course we weren’t as good as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray but Ben had me spinning round and round. I knew that the skirt part of my dress was spinning up around my waist and that everyone was seeing me effectively bottomless but I didn’t care, I was happy.

Even when Ben really surprised me and lifted me up, parallel to the floor and above his head I wasn’t surprised, I didn’t care that my dress was around my waist and that people could see all of my pussy as he slowly spun me round.

As the track started to come to an end Ethan moved in and took over from Ben while Ben danced over to Mary and got her dancing.

Ethan isn’t as good a dancer as Ben is but he still had me spinning and bending over backwards which also meant that the dress was up above my pussy quite often.

When the tracks finally stopped I moved to hug Ethan but no sooner that I felt his hard, hot cock against my nearly naked stomach, Jake appeared and asked me to dance.

Jake was the first of probably all the men there who asked me to dance. During the lively tracks I got quite animated as I danced, sometimes thrusting my pelvis forwards. During the slow numbers the men held me firmly against them and I could feel their hard cocks against my stomach. During most of those slow dances I had a male hand on my butt above my dress, but a couple of times the hands went under my dress and copped a long feel of my bare butt.

There was even some Salsa numbers and again I got spun round a lot with the resultant exposure that I just didn’t care about.

Finally the dancing ended and most of the guests, mainly the older ones, started to leave. After about ten minutes of relaxation and drinking Ben got up and said,

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have observed that my future daughter in law has been neglecting her duties as a fiancé and has spent most of the last couple of hours in the arms of other young men. As a caring parent it is my duty to dictate that this young woman should be punished for her crime and I call upon her future husband to teach her a lesson to keep her in-line. Ethan, Jade, come here.”

I guessed what was about to happen and I have to say that I was both nervous and excited. My pussy showing that it was excited by producing copious amounts of lubricant.

Ethan took my hand and led me in front of Ben. He turned me to face everyone who I saw had all moved to be in front of Ben and me, then Ben said,

“Ethan, you know what you have to do so whenever you are ready son.”

Ethan looked me straight in the eyes, smiled then went round my back. Seconds later I heard and felt the zip of my dress going down. I gasped a little as first my tits were exposed, then a split second later I was naked apart from my heels.

Ethan came round to my front and I automatically stepped out of the puddle of the dress. Then he turned me so that I was facing the audience with my nipples and clit throbbing.

Ethan let everyone absorb the sight of my naked body then one of the guys brought a chair over and Ethan sat on it.

“You know what to do Jade.” Ethan said.

I went to his right side and lay over his lap, spreading my legs as much as I could and putting my hands on the floor to make sure that I didn’t fall off. I could feel his boner through his trousers and pretending to get comfortable I moved around enjoying the feeling of his hard cock pressing on my stomach.

Then the swats started. I guess that it was all the exposure to people that I hardly knew, and all the hard cocks that had pressed against my stomach so far that evening that caused it but the vibrations that were going from my butt to my clit seemed to be stronger than ever before.

I didn’t even try to count the swats, just revelled in the orgasm that was building in my pussy. I loudly and involuntarily announced that the orgasm was arriving and when it did I was screaming,


All whilst my body was was going rigid for a few seconds then collapsing like a rag doll over Ethan’s lap. I had a few seconds of respite during which I could hear applause and cheering then the spanking started again. On and on it went and soon I could feel another orgasm building inside me. The swats kept landing until that second orgasm exploded out of me before I again collapsed like a rag doll.

Ethan let me just lay there for a few seconds then asked me if I was okay. I didn’t answer him. I did what I had dome every other time that he had spanked me, got to my feet, moved between his legs, unzipped his trousers, got his cock out then turned and sat back, impaling myself on that wonderful, hard cock.

I revelled in that full pussy feeling for a minute or so then started lifting myself up and down. As I did so I looked around expecting to see all the faces of the audience watching us but instead I saw more chairs being brought over, girls being stripped by men and them too taken and told to lay over men’s laps.

The thing was, I never saw one pair of knickers or one bra as the girls were stripped and the amazing thing was that the girls were laying over laps that didn’t belong to their male partners including Eva over Andy’s lap. I didn’t register the ramification of that at that time, that wasn’t until the next morning.

Up and down I went and I was still so horny that I orgasmed again quite quickly but this time I managed to keep going up and down and then a fourth orgasm was triggered by Ethan cumming inside me.

Finally my body was able to relax as I sat on Ethan’s cock as it slowly softened. When I started thinking straight again I looked around and saw five girls being spanked. Two were crying and two more were looking like they were about to cum.

Ethan lifted me up and then carried me to a sofa. Sitting down, Ethan pulled me onto his lap but sitting sideways this time and I snuggled into him as we watched the other couples having their fun.

Ethan’s hand went to my thighs and I opened them enough for him to get his fingers to my clit which he gently toyed with as we watched.

Orgasms arrived and girls mounted the cocks that had, no doubt, been pressing on their bare stomachs and by the time it was all over Ethan’s fingers had brought me to yet another orgasm.

The girls stood and went back to their partners and I watch all of them hug and kiss.

Just when I thought the show was over Ben led Mary to the middle of the room near a chair and he started undressing her. Mary too wasn’t wearing knickers or a bra and as she became naked I hoped that my body looked as good as hers when I get to her age.

Ben sat on a chair and Mary lay over his lap then the spanking started. Again and again Ben’s hand landed on Mary’s butt and I was starting to think that Mary had that medical condition that means that you don’t feel pain when Mary suddenly let out a deafening roar and her body started shaking.

Ben stopped swatting her butt and when she was able she got up and did what I and the other girls had done. I, we, watched her tits bounce up and down like the other girl’s tits had except mine which barely wobbled.

Over the years Mary’s tits had sagged but again, I hoped that if mine grew that they would sag as little as Mary’s had.

Mary orgasmed again, and although we couldn’t see Ben’s face, his legs rose off the floor and I presumed that it was as a result of him cumming. When Mary stood Ben got to his feet and as he hugged Mary he said,

“We’ve still got what it takes folks.”

Everyone applauded them as Ben took a bow then he said that him and Mary were going to bed.

That was the cue for the party to end and after the girls who weren’t staying overnight got dressed they all left.

Ethan got me to stand up then he picked me up and carried me to his room where we collapsed on the bed, me on my front. Ethan started kissing me all over my butt saying that he was making it better but I fell asleep before he could do anything else to me. Or maybe he did but I was asleep and didn’t know it.


I woke to the feeling of Ethan’s cock entering my pussy and we had a very satisfying love making session. When we were laying there in post coital bliss I started thinking back to the party. I lifted my left hand and checked that I did in fact have an engagement ring on my finger then said,

“Is this for real Ethan?”

“It most certainly is Jade, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re not having second thoughts are you Jade?”

“Hell no, I want to spend the rest of my life with you too. That’s providing you make love to me at least once every day.”

“Just try and stop me Jade.”

Then my thoughts went to what happened at the end of the party.

“Ethan, last night I saw girls being spanked and fucking guys who weren’t their partners, what’s that all about?”

“Oh that, that’s this family’s version of wife swapping, I told you that this family shares everything. Would it bother you to be spanked and fucked by any one of the guys in this family?”

I thought for a few seconds then replied,

“I guess not, if that’s what you want.”

“Well it’s sort of a family tradition.”

“Then I guess that I’ll have to get used to it. Is this girls being naked a lot of the time also a family tradition?”

“Yes it is.”

“What about us making love where people can see us?”

“That’s more me, and you. You like doing that don’t you Jade? One of my aunties told me that she was addicted to having people watch her and my uncle when they screwed.”

“It is sort of fun isn’t it Ethan, for our honeymoon can we go somewhere where I can be naked a lot of the time and we can make love with people watching us?”

“I’m sure that we can find somewhere like that.”

“Did you fuck me after we came to bed last night Ethan?” I asked.

“No, you looked shattered.”

“Well you can fuck me if you want, my body is your body to use however you want and whenever you want, and that includes when I’m asleep, like you woke me this morning.”

“I love you Jade Clarkson.”

“And I love you too Ethan Hammond.”

We got off the bed and went for a shower and I was again pleased that it was big enough for us both to use at the same time. When I started shaving myself Ethan told me that he was going to buy me a Laser Hair Removal thingy so that he could use it all over me so that I’d never have to shave again.

Then he finished my shaving for me, making me cum as he did so.

When we finally left the bathroom I started to put on a different dress but Ethan stopped me and told me that I didn’t have to get dressed if I didn’t want to.

“Okay then I won’t.” I replied.

“I’m pleased that you said that Jade, I want to show you off to everyone.”

“I think that everyone here has already seen me naked.”

“True but all the guys will be like me and want to see you naked again and again and again.”

“Well I don’t have a problem with that so let’s go.”

We went downstairs and found Mary in the kitchen. She had a dress on and was getting some breakfast ready.

“Good morning Jade, Ethan, I’m pleased to see that you are getting used to our family ways Jade. It can be a lot of fun at times, especially when we get male visitors.” Mary said.

“So yesterday,” I replied, “what was that all about, why weren’t you and Emily naked when I first got here?”

“Ah well, I’m getting a bit old for running around without any clothes on all the time, too many wrinkles and Emily didn’t want to risk frightening you off but I can see that that thought was totally unfounded. Oh, and Ben, I’ll apologise for him in advance, he can get a bit handsy but he’s quite harmless but if he gets too much for you just let me know and I’ll sort him out for you.”

“Well Mary,” I replied. “I can understand what you did, and I’ve already forgiven Ethan for his deceit but none of you has anything to worry about, I’ve really been enjoying Ethan and my little, shall we say ‘adventures’ when we have been seen enjoying ourselves out in public and as for the end of party entertainment last night, does it only happen at the end of all your parties, if so how often do you have these parties? Every weekend?”

Ethan squeezed my thigh to let me know that he was with me.

“I wish, I like you Jade,” Mary said, “our Ethan made a good choice with you. How did you two meet?”

Over breakfast I told Mary about the girly night at Eva’s place and how Ethan arrived just after I had lost a dare and had to strip down to my knickers. Then I lost again just after Ethan arrived and I had to take my G-string off leaving me naked in front of Ethan and that he ‘borrowed’ my G-string until I met him again in a pub a few days later.

“Well Jade, that’s quite some way of meeting a boy but it obviously worked out well in the end.”

“It certainly did.” Ethan replied.

“Yes it certainly did and I’ve never been happier.” I added.

“Do you always orgasm when you get spanked Jade?”

“I’d never been spanked before I met Ethan but I’ve cum every time that he has spanked me.”

“You’re a lucky girl Jade, not all girls cum when they get spanked.”

“It must be Ethan’s magic hands.”

“I guess that he gets that from his father.”

“Have you two finished talking about me? Ethan asked.

“I think so lover,” I replied, “but as a woman we reserve the right to talk about you anytime that we want, don’t we Mary?”

“You’ve got a winner there Ethan, you look after her.”

“I will mum, come on Jade, fancy a swim?”

“Let me clean my teeth first please Ethan then I’m all yours to do with as you wish.”

I saw Mary smiling as we walked out of the kitchen.

We did go for a swim and I have to say that nude swimming is a very pleasant experience. Ethan and I also messed about a bit in the pool and I had another first, being fucked under water.

After that Ethan took me to the hot tub where we had a very relaxing experience. That is until Ben came and joined us.

Ethan was sat on my right with his left arm round my shoulder and Ben came and sat close to me on my left.

Ben got me to tell him my life story and he kept asking me me questions to keep me talking. Ethan had been playing with my right tit with his right hand under the bubbles and after a couple of minutes I felt Ben’s right hand on my left thigh. When I didn’t object, Ben’s hand started exploring and as his hand got higher up my thigh I eased my knees apart hoping that he’s take that as permission to explore my pussy.

He did, and as we talked Ben played with my clit and fingered me whilst Ethan was still playing with my right nipple.

Ben is good with his fingers and he soon made me cum. It took a lot for me to keep myself under control but my telling him about my job got a bit disjointed. Ethan obviously knew what was happening and his right fingers really pulled at twisted my nipple.

None of us verbally acknowledged that I had orgasmed and I kept on talking. What I also did was slide my left hand onto Ben’s right thigh and then his boner and I slowly wanked his cock.

Oh, I forgot to say that both of them had taken their shorts off when they got into the hot tub.

Shortly after my orgasm Emily and Andy and Jake and Riley joined us in the hot tub, all were as naked as I was. The hot tub was getting a little crowded but we all stayed there and there were hands and feet going all over the place, especially my left hand that kept wanking Ben’s cock.

I was just telling everyone how Ethan and I first met when I felt Ben’s cock jerk and then I felt his cum being pumped up his cock, all under the bubbles and all whilst I continued talking.

After I finished my life story there was a lot of small talk and as we talked I watched Emily and Andy and Jake and Riley. It was obvious what was going on under the bubbles but I couldn’t tell who was doing what to who.

Shortly after that Mary came out and told everyone that lunch was ready so we all got out of the hot tub and dried ourselves. All the guys put some shorts on but Emily and Riley didn’t put anything on so I didn’t, not that I had anything down there to put on. I took hold of Ethan’s hand and we walked inside to the dining room.

It was strange eating a meal in such a posh surrounding not wearing any clothes but Ethan was beside me and he kept squeezing my thigh to reassure me. His hand also crept to my clit a couple of times and that was even stranger, but nice.

Us four women cleared away and loaded the huge dishwasher before getting a glass of wine and joining the guys sitting outside. It was then that Ben told us that a few more family members would be visiting that afternoon, those who couldn’t come to the party.. I was near Ethan and I whispered telling him that I was a bit nervous.

“Don’t be Jade, Emily and Riley won’t be putting anything on.”

That did and didn’t please me. Okay I wouldn’t be the only girl naked but that was good and bad. By then I’d got to the stage that I liked being the only naked girl in the group.

Anyway, about thirty minutes later three couples arrived, all around their late twenties or early thirties. I got introduced to the new arrivals and got a few pleasant comments about how I looked as well as the congratulations on our engagement. We all went back outside into the sunshine and sat around talking.

They all seemed nice people and they were certainly friendly towards me but after a while I realised that the three ‘new’ women were still clothed. Not that it was a problem, just a bit of a surprise after what Mary had told me.

Anyway, the wine was flowing and the conversation got round to the previous night’s party and the the spankings. When that started I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and get wet.

I looked at Ethan as saw that smile on his face.

“You’re not, are you?”

Ethan smiled and my heart rate increased.

“Please don’t Ethan,” I said, loud enough for everyone to hear me.

“It’s okay Jade,” one of the ‘new’ women said, “we’ve all heard that you get a lot of pleasure out of being watched while getting spanked. We all have out little fetishes and we’d hate to deprive you of yours, especially as you are going to be joining our family. Go ahead, have your fix. We promise that we won’t take more than a couple of dozen photographs – each.”

That last bit caused a little laughter and some more tingling. I watched as two of the men went inside and came back with the coffee table.

“They not expecting me to dance on that.” I thought.

No they weren’t Ethan led me to the table and told me to get on my knees on the end of the table then bend down until my face was touching the table. Then he eased my knees apart until they were right at the edge of the table. My butt was up in the air and my pussy was spread wide open, I could feel the warm air going inside me.

I couldn’t see what was happening but I could hear people and camera clicking behind me. They really were taking photographs of my butt and spread pussy.

Then the first swat landed and I winced. Then the second, but it wasn’t quite the same as Ethan’s usual spanking, something was different. Then the third and my butt was starting to hurt.

On and on it went. Something was definitely different but the end result was the same, not as much, but the vibrations were going to my clit.

Then one swat landed along me slit and I yelped, that one really did hurt. Then another, then another. My pussy was really hurting and my clit felt like it had doubled in size. It had doubled in sensitivity as well and as more swats landed on both my butt and my pussy I felt that the arrival of an orgasm was imminent.

More swats landed and a very intense orgasm exploded out of me as I shouted loud enough for anyone half a mile away to know that I was having an orgasm. My body was jerking and shaking so much and I felt hands lifting me off the table and laying me on the grass.

On and on went wave after wave of pleasure. It felt like it went on for hours but was probably only a minute or two.

Shortly after the orgasms stopped and I rolled onto my back and shouted,


Two of the men came and rolled me onto my knees and lifted me back onto the table, me putting my head down so that my butt stuck again and I expected Ethan to come over and play his part in the performance but it didn’t feel like Ethan’s cock that entered me, again something felt different, not that I cared, my body was getting what it needed.

The cock thrust into me over and over until I felt it shoot its load inside me then withdrew. I orgasmed as another cock thrust inside me again and again until I got another load inside me.

Then the cock inside me withdrew and then went back in and the slightly different feeling made me realise that I was getting gang-banged but I didn’t care, I just wanted more cock and more cum inside me.

I wasn’t counting but Ethan later told me that all seven men there had their way with me but I certainly wasn’t complaining, I must have cum five or six times before it was all over. It was when my brain was starting to register the normal things in life that I heard the applause and congratulations, Ben coming over to me and telling me that I was going to be a great asset to the family. Even Mary came to me and congratulated me.

“Did Riley get the same welcome to the family” I asked.

“Yes I did,” Riley said from behind me, and I even volunteered to leave the family then come back.

I managed a smile and found my brain trying to work out how I could do that.

Ethan had been beside me since the last cock left me and he had held my hand all through my recovery. I finally managed to look at him and smiling I said,

“I’m like your family.”

Ethan lifted me up and carried me over to the hot tub. He lowered me in then dropped his shorts and joined me, and with me sitting sideways on his lap he just held me until I was feeling strong enough to turn and sit beside him.

“Wow, I finally said, what a welcome your family has given me.”

Mary was walking by and she heard me. She stopped and turned to face me and said,

“You are so welcome Jade, I hope that you are going to perform like that at all our parties.”

“That will be my pleasure Mary.” I replied then turned to Ethan and asked how often they had parties.

“Oh about every day that starts with a letter ‘S’ and end with ‘day’.”

“Wow, I am really glad that I met you Ethan Hammond.”

“And I’ll never forget the first time that I saw you Jade Clarkson.”

We kissed, long and passionate, then I mounted him under the warm bubbles.

“Leave them.” I heard one of the women say as I bounced up and down on Ethan’s cock.

Then a few bounces later Ethan told me that the guests were leaving but I had more important things on my mind.

That evening Ethan drove me home and stayed with me. I was too tired to have a long fucking session before I fell asleep but Ethan woke me early by sliding his cock into my wet pussy and as we both brought each other to a climax I suddenly said,

“Do you think that we can get married with me naked?”

Ethan didn’t answer until we were sharing the shower when he said,

“It might just be possible, this nude wedding thing, but you’re going to have to work on your parents.”

“Maybe we’ll have two weddings, one for parent and one for the rest of us.” I replied.
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