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A change in plans. A mysterious location. New rules. Much has changed.
A Stitch In Time - Chapter 5 - The Impaler

1477, Transylvania. Mark's mission has gone seriously off course as he has been abducted by unknown men from the future. Where in the future he doesn't yet know. What their plans are is also a mystery. Lying in a wagon, being jostled by the rough road rising into the hills, Mark's guess is they don't plan to kill him. They could have done that at any time since his capture. The man who identified himself as Alexandru, seemingly the leader of this group, has said nothing since informing Mark that they would be going to the castle of Dracul.

Mark knew the history and legends. This was more correctly the recent home of Vlad Dracula. Also known as The Impaler. His father would have been the first Count Dracul. What games they were playing, why the drama and exotic location, he had no guess. They rode through the gates and up a curving path where a guard waited. Alexandru spoke to him,

"We have the target. Inform Dmitri. We'll wait in the great hall." The guard nodded and ran off to fulfill Alexandru's request. Alexandru now turned back to Mark, "Welcome to your new home. Rather grand, isn't it?" Mark looked up at the high walls, a light was on in an upper floor window.

"What is this all about? You do realize you are risking everything? You could damage the future of the human race." Alexandru waved him off,

"So dramatic. Dmitri has considered all this. The location has been chosen for a specific purpose. All will be revealed. Now, let's go inside and we will dine."

Mark was led into the hall. His bag was taken, then he was shown to a seat near the head of a long table. Candles flickered in an overhead chandelier, also from sconces along the wall. Paintings showed a series of serious looking men. Alexandru sat facing Mark across the table. The other two men who had been with him stood back against the wall. They all turned when a door opened at a corner of the room. An older white haired man entered. Alexandru spoke first,

"Dmitri, good to see you again. Everything worked as you said it would. May I introduce the famous Mark Severns?" Dmitri nodded to Mark,

"Welcome Mark. We have much to discuss." Dmitri then took the seat at the end of the table. He rang a bell which summoned a young man. "Otto please see that dinner is served. Thank you. You all must be hungry." Mark scowled at Dmitri,

"Would someone please tell me what's going on?" Alexandru looked at Dmitri,

"He's very impatient. Perhaps we should start?" Dmitri nodded, then addressed Mark,

"Please listen, this needn't be unpleasant, but it is necessary." Mark made a face, but remained silent. "Your mission, the overall plan created by your superiors is working. It worked for your time period and into your future. However, it was successful for mainly a certain portion of the population. Western Europe, leading of course to the United States. Your people concerned themselves, and you, with your needs. Many of us were left outside the scope of your mission. We are bringing you, in scope." Mark raised his hand,

"You do realize of course, that me being who I am, and with the knowledge I have that certain places and times were deemed more likely for success?"

"Agreed. You're only one man with only so much time. Did you ever consider that there may have been people in your leadership with other, ulterior motives? A way to innocently rid their world of enemies, undesireable nations?" Mark had to admit to himself that he was naive, if that was true. He sat back to listen. "It took us ninety years to come up with our own travel devices. I dare say we made some improvements. We can remotely control our destination." Mark decided not to mention Gerry's device. "Now what we request is your cooperation. We could not design an appropriate lab here, so this will have to be done, the old fashioned way. We will provide women of various eastern European nationalities. You will do what you've been doing. Only you will do it faster and at a larger quantity." Now Mark had a few questions,

"Maybe you could have just asked?" Dmitri scoffed at this. "OK, so if I go along, there's only so much I can do."

"First of all, you WILL go along. Alexandru and his team have been given full authority to do whatever is required."

"You'd kill me?"

"And kill the human race? No, no. We would bring in a pretty young woman. Let you see her, let her beg you to bed her. Then we would kill her. And another. Until you agree."


"One would say, desperate times. And all we're asking you to do is fuck a series of attractive women. The men here would gladly do it, but they are instructed to leave them alone."

"How long? And why here. Why this show?"

"As long as it takes Mark. We have brought some modern medicines. We can keep you, able, for long hours. A healthy young man like you. It will be interesting to observe. As to the location. How else to conceal our little project? As you know, there are legends in the future of this time. Vlad the Impaler. Count Dracula taking virgins by night. This castle, a place people will avoid. And anyone who refuses will be found along the road on a stake. A tribute to the previous occupant. But don't let any of this bother you. Follow along and no one need be hurt." Mark had one more thing to add,

"All along. Nearly five years of my time now, I've taken no woman against her will."

"Commendable. Not very efficient with all the relationship and romance, but commendable. We don't have time for that. Our numbers are dwindling. The decimation leveled off for some decades after your time, but then in recent years it has surged again. We are desperate. You will be doing a great service for a large group of people. Now, let's eat."

After dinner Mark was shown to his room. More like an elaborate cell. It was comfortable, but there were bars on the windows. Alexandru explained,

"You may have anything you require. However, needless to say, the room is locked and there is a guard outside the door. Rest up. You will, as they say, get busy tomorrow." He smiled at his attempted humor, then left Mark alone. Mark walked the room looking for doors or hidden panels they may have missed. From a speaker hidden high up in a corner he heard Dmiitri's voice,

"I assure you the room has been inspected by Alexandru's best man. Also, as you can now tell, there is a camera in the room. Please, rest up and accept the need for your stay."

Despite all that had happened Mark was exhausted and fell into a dreamless sleep. In the morning he was awakened by a guard with breakfast and another with a set of clothes. Dmitri waited in the doorway.

"Eat. Then put on the robe. You may start with the clothes, if you choose, but.." He shrugged. "Still, some of the ladies may be expecting the Count to appear dignified." After he had eaten Mark dressed and was led back to the hall. Dmitri and Alexandru waited for him. Mark asked,

"So how does this go? You throw women in a room and I rape them?" Alexandru smirked, Dmitri seemed put out,

"No, no. We have many volunteers. One doesn't know about the others. They will be sent back to their villages with gifts from the Count. The more superstitious will also believe they have received eternal life. Really no different than what you've done before." A man in a white smock walked towards Mark, Dmitri explained, "And now we will give you the gift of stamina. You will be able to become erect and produce semen for hours. I assure you, it is not dangerous." Mark made a move away, but backed into one of the guards. He stood still and accepted his fate. Then he followed Dmitri to another large bedroom. Dmitri waved him in. "The Count's own quarters. If old Vlad knew what was to happen here he'd be jealous. We will be monitoring the proceedings. Women will enter from this door over on the left and will exit over there. You WILL copulate with each, whether they are desireable or not. No worries, most of these are young, attactive and all are healthy. And now we will leave you to your work. Enjoy Mark, enjoy."

When the room was cleared Mark sat in a chair and waited. He wasn't sure how he would react to each. Most would speak languages with which he wasn't familiar, or at best had limited skills. He hadn't studied late medieval slavic or eatern european languages. At best he could try some modern words to get by. If that was even needed. Whatever they had given him was working, very well. Mark's cock felt as hard as it ever had and he had a need right from his balls on out for relief. He was horny as anything.

The door opened and a woman of about Mark's age entered. She was also wearing a loose gown which she quickly let fall. She was no doubt a volunteer, maybe feeling it an honor to be with the Count. She walked confidently to Mark and opened his robe where she found his cock ready to go. She threw herself onto the bed and gave Mark her best, "fuck me" look. Wanting to get this over with and having an urgent need Mark was quickly between her legs. He rubbed his cock on her wet pussy and drove it deep into her in one thrust. She gasped at the sudden intrusion then lay back and let Mark have his way. He thrust, long and hard, pushing deep willing his cum to explode from him, feeling as if he could fill this women for hours. Then suddenly he felt it building in his balls, contracting, his cock throbbing, and yes, relief. His cum released and flooding the dark haired woman below him. He'd hardly taken notice of her appearance his need had been so great. Now as he pumped his cum into her, he saw the soft tits of a more mature woman of the time, the full hips, the harder features of a hard life. When he'd finished, he pulled out, his cock barely softened. The woman looked up at Mark. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do now. Then he remembered that they weren't doing this in total privacy. The other door opened, the woman gathered her robe, dressed, and left. From the speaker he heard, Dmitri,

"Very good Mark. The drug seems to work well." Then maybe to keep him in his place, "The men are mostly impressed, though Viktor says the women would like his big cock better." Mark answered,

"Are you all really watching this?"

"Oh yes. The men are bored. We have a room set up so they can watch." Mark, thought to himself how his mission had gone so off track. Now he was basically a porn performer. He looked down to see his cock ready for the next. Then the door opened revealing a younger woman with blonde hair. When she dropped her robe Mark took in the perkier tits, the darker blonde hair of her pussy and an inviting smile. Mark sat on his chair, inviting her to join him. She quickly straddled Mark and sat down onto his cock. He pulled and sucked at her tits as she rolled her hips feeling his cock touching her in a way she liked. The drugs they'd given him had Mark feeling more aggressive. He bit on a nipple and pulled her tit up, his hands squeezing her ass hard as he drove his cock up to meet her each time she rolled forward. She gasped and cried out as she came, Mark sucking her tit into his mouth, pulling her into him as he again came, as much as the first time, something that was unusual for him. When he'd finished, he sat back, saw the red marks on her left breast, touched it lightly, then laid a light kiss on it as she moved off of him and to the now open door.

Despite having just cum twice in a row, Mark still felt the need and had the hardness for more. They sent it two more, then had a break for lunch. Mark dressed and was led to the hall. Dmitri was there and was interested in the effects of the drug. Mark was not all that pleased.

"Dmitri, it's a bit much. How long will it last?"

"We expect about four hours for that dose. Are you still hard, sitting here?"

"Not exactly fully erect, but not resting either."


"Is this dangerous?"

"We've tested it of course. For a man of your age and health, no, it's not a risk. We've learned much over the years. Now eat. You have a busy afternoon."

Mark's afternoon was much of the same. He was losing count of the number of times he'd cum in one day. Yet, there was still more. He noticed that there were women of many ethnicities brought to him, from blondes to dark haired women of the steppes. So far all had been willing to couple with the life giving Count. None had tried to engage in conversation. They willingly gave themselves to Mark then left. At dinner Mark asked how long this would go on. Dmitri was non-committal.

"We are making up for lost time. We are also being more inclusive than your country's program. You see how effective the drug is. Four hours today, maybe tomorrow, then possibly we will give you a larger dose to last longer."

"I may be able to fuck these women, but I will be physically exhausted."

"Should that happen, we can give you a day to rest."

"At this rate in just a week, it would be a hundred or more."

"There are a lot of women out there Mark."

It went on for days. Mark resigned himself to his fate and hoped that it wouldn't be long before they'd let him leave. He was sure they'd calculated the probabilities. He could get through this. Then in the second week things changed.

A young, quite young woman was pushed through the door, naked. She had short black hair and was trying to cover small breasts and her dark bush with her hands. She saw Mark's hard cock and cried in terror. He tried to assure her, offering his seat to her. She backed away, shaking her head. Mark went over to the other door and knocked. When the guard opened he was surprised to see Mark. Mark ordered him,

"Get Dmitri, she's terrified. She can't be a volunteer." Mark waited, but it wasn't Dmitri who returned. It was Alexandru. He walked into the room with Viktor.

"Alexandru, what's this, where's Dmitri."

"Dmitri is, observing. This falls under my jurisdiction. What's the matter?"

"She's no volunteer. She's young and afraid. I won't do this."

"Mark, you will. But first Viktor will speak to her. She is from his part of the world. Viktor." Viktor began speaking to the woman, then began berating, maybe threatening her. Mark couldn't tell. He looked at Alexandru questioningly. "He's telling her she must. That she was offered by her village, that she would bring shame and retribution on her family if she refused."

"How can you expect me to do this?"

"You must Mark. If you don't I have a room full of very horny commandos who have been watching you fuck for a week. If she leaves this room she will be pushed into that one and they will all have her. Then she and her family will be killed. Those are the rules."

Suddenly the game had changed. For Mark this was now more than forcibly being made to give his immunity to an excluded population. Alexandru continued,

"She will be made an example. We're getting past the volunteers. Now we will begin with those who were put forward by their people."

"A sacrifice?"

"Not quite as dramatic." Now Mark saw Viktor unbuckling his pants.

"What's he doing?" Alexandru smiled and answered.

"A bit of persuasion." When his pants dropped Viktor reached into his shorts and produced a very, very large hard cock. The young woman fell back covering her face. Viktor moved closer, hovering over her, still speaking. "He's telling her, to make a choice. Your cock, or his cock, then ten more after it." The woman, crying, pointed to Mark, then crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees. "Sorry Mark, she doesn't want to look at you. Best go get it over with."

Mark first went to a table where there was a tube of lubricant. He'd asked for it on the second day to help his own cock from all the friction. Now he assumed he'd need it for the girl. He looked at Alexandru,

"Are you two staying to watch?"

"I think we will. To make sure you don't try anything." Mark sighed then got on the bed behind the shaking young woman. He placed his well lubricated cock behind her, then pushed in. She cried as he pushed to her depths then sobbed as he fucked her. Mark tried to go easy, but then felt the need inside and decided the sooner he was done the better for his victim, which was how he was seeing this. As he moved faster he saw Viktor move around the bed facing the girl. His huge cock inches from her face. Viktor looked at Alexandru who shrugged. Then he looked up at the camera and smiled to the men he knew were watching. Finally as Mark was building towards the end, Viktor stroked his thick cock and sent streams of cum onto the face of the woman. As she cried he coated her face and hair, then Mark grunted and filled her pussy, pulling out as soon as he could. When she felt him move away she fell forward on the bed sobbing. Mark looked at the other two men,

"You two can leave. She'll be out as soon as she's ready. I need a break. This, this is fucking evil." When they had gone, Mark wet a washcloth and gave it to the woman. He wanted to console her, to explain, but he didn't have the words. And as far as she was concerned he'd raped her. He felt miserable. He couldn't do this again. When she'd cleaned herself she picked up her robe and covered her nudity. When the door opened she left. Mark sat with his head in his hands. Then the door opened and another innocent young woman entered. She looked at Mark and smiled, then let her robe drop. Her lithe young body called to his drug enhanced libido. She came to him and cooed as she felt his once again hard cock. He joined her on the bed.

At dinner Mark vented his anger at Dmitri.

"The terror, the threats, it's all too much. You had me RAPE a woman. You're as bad as these commando bastards and that Alexandru. And what the fuck was with Viktor and his show for the guys?"

"Yes, yes, a bit much. But I need these men to guard us."

"From whom? Any angry peasants with torches and pitchforks?"

"Actually, that's very close to the truth." Mark thought a moment. Then asked,

"One of Alexandru's men took my things when I came here. I'd like them. I have medicines, designed for me. You know, all these women, diseases of this time period."

"I assure you we have whatever you need."

"I would like mine. After this drug you keep putting in me, I don't trust your medicine."

"Very well, I'll have him bring you your things." Mark left dinner and waited in his room.

His own room, not the count's. He was depending on this being the correct guard. It was. As the guard put Mark's things on the table, Mark brought the lamp down on the back of the his head. The guard crumpled to the ground. Mark knew he had only moments, first gathering his own items in his hand, then searching hopefully through the man's pockets. Time was quickly ticking away. He heard Dmitri asking what he'd done. He heard footsteps. Then a hand on the doorknob. Finally, there it was in a side pocket. Mark fished it out and as the door opened, pressed the button on his emergency device. In a flash he was gone.

Standing in a field, wearing only a robe Mark looked at London in the distance. He quickly dug into his sack and removed the shirt and trousers he'd worn here. He dressed then discarded the robe. Then hit the emergency device again. A flash and he was in another field, one her really didn't recognize. Making an assumption, he pressed it again.

And he was in a field, a hill behind him. He guessed that if he walked down to his left he'd come to a small hut that used to be occupied by a brother and sister named Aengus and Alis. Dr. Fargo had been a bit vauge about the emergency exit, indicating that they weren't entirely sure of time and place. Mark now thought he knew about place. It seemed to be sending him in reverse from location to location. He'd make a short walk and then have a better guess as to time.

Mark was a bit disappointed when he saw the smoke rising from the hearth. Still it would be good to see Alis, even if she didn't recognize him. He knocked at the side of the door. He heard a shuffle inside, then an older woman opened the door. With a sigh of relief Mark asked about Alis, or Aengus. The woman looked at the man in strange clothes, possibly with an erection and stepped back.

"No one by those names here. Just me and my husband." Mark meant to thank her and move on when he heard a voice behind him.

"They used to live around here. Rumor has it they went to live with Gaius. This is ours now." Mark turned to see the pitchfork. He put up his hands,

"No offense, I'll be moving on." Mark walked away, realizing how he looked and calculating how long the drugs would be in him. Mark was sure that he had returned to each location in turn at the time he'd left. This might work. He walked up to the village of Ratby where Maegen welcomed him. Mark saw that she had a toddler sleeping in a small bed. She smiled when he went to look at him.

"Marcus, he's a strong boy. You gave as promised." He looked at her then asked a favor.

"Maegen, I've been cursed. Not a joke, but I, well, it won't go down." Maegen looked from his face to where he was pointing. She called Mark to her, slid down his trousers and inspected his now very hard cock. She looked up at him,

"Is this really a curse?"

"When it never goes soft it is."

"Then I have a cure. I don't want another child now, but.." She took him into her mouth, letting him rest on her tongue which she moved from side to side. Then pulling on his cock she exposed the head and sucked at it while stroking him. She continued sliding her hand, while cupping his balls, rolling them in her hand, feeling their weight, how full they were, sucking, liking, stroking. When she felt Mark tense she sucked him deep and took his load fully into her mouth, swallowing him down, accepting him into her. When he was done she observed that he still wasn't going flaccid. "It seems you do have a problem."

Mark assured her, "I think it will pass in time." He visited with Maegen for awhile, holding the boy when he woke and talking about her cures. She told him,

"For what you describe, you should see Alis. She knows what I know and more. A true healer." Mark thanked Meagen for her hospitality and assured her he would leave some coins with her when he again passed through. "You've given me all I could ask for Marcus." She said this as she stood with her boy alongside her watching Mark walk on through the village and on to the city.

As Mark approached Ratae in the late afternoon he walked around the city until finding what he was expecting. A small but well built house set off from any others. From a distance he observed a boy throwing feed to chickens. Then a woman watching him from the doorway. Alis.

She looked up and despite Mark's attempt not to be seen she spied him, told the boy to go inside then confidently walked towards him.

"Marcus Servius. You HAVE returned." Mark walked to meet her holding a finger to his lips imploring her to be quiet. Leading her back to her house he informed her,

"I have much to do, a short time to do it, and I need your help."

"Anything Marcus. For you anything."

"The first part should be easy enough for you. Then, I have a favor to ask that I have no right to ask."

"If all you've told me is true, then I would help you if it's in my power to do." So Mark explained his plan. Alis listened intently. "I think I can do this. For you."

They waited until well after dark. Alis had found Mark a more appropriate tunic and a hooded cloak. They had slipped in through the gates just before closing and waited by the stables. Alis left Mark there and brought her boy to see Allsun. She told Allsun that she must travel to heal a sick person and asked if she would care for young Marcas.

"Of course Alis, Aengus will love to have the little man to run around with him."

"Thank you Allsun, I must be going."

Next Alis made her way through the long hallways. If noticed she would make the excuse that she had been called to tend to someone. She observed who was about and slipped into Gaius' room while he was visiting with one of his dancing girls. She added some powder to his wine cup then waited in a nook along the hall until she saw him return to his room. She checked on him to find him sleeping soundly. Returning to Mark she assured him that Gaius would sleep until morning.

They went first to Gaius' room where Mark searched his cabinets until finding a hidden compartment with the traveling device. Mark left a note,

---Sorry my friend, but I must have this. An emergency, Mark.---

Mark left the note, then followed Alis to the store rooms where they searched for various powders and chemicals. With these they made their way back to the stable and at first light exited through the now opened gates and back to Alis' house. Alis and Mark both worked on their own concoctions, each assuring the other that they would be successful. It was late afternoon when they left Alis' home for the walk back through Ratby. They stopped at Maegan's hut where Mark left her a pile of coins that he had lifted from Gaius' table. Then Alis and Maegen caught up on new remedies they'd tried or heard of. Alis explained what she had made. Maegen listened, nodding. Then told them,

"And when all else fails, pray to the gods for a miracle."

It was full dark when they reached the open field near Alis' first home. She looked around, listening, then asked Mark,

"And what will this do?"

"The are bad men, evil men who have learned to travel. I believe this will stop them. At least for awhile. It's not something I do easily. Some people may be hurt."

"If you believe it the right thing to do, then go ahead."

Mark took out the device he'd taken from the guard. He found the setting to return back to their original destination. Then he took the small pot of foul smelling paste he'd made. He put in a waxed wick he'd taken from the storeroom. He'd tested a few times and thought he had it timed to ten seconds. He placed the pot on the ground and used his flint to get a spark. When the wick held a flame he began counting down as he joined Alis lying on the ground. He let himself get to four then pressed the button. The was a flash and the pot was gone. He expected that it would explode as it appeared within the original machine. It was the best he could do to deter the other program.

Now he prepared himself for another trip. Mark had Gerry/Gaius' device. He knew when and where he needed to go. He had the package from Alis. She was giving him more and more instructions. Things that had to be just so. He kissed her, then stepped back. As he pressed the button on the device he yelled,

"Noooo." As she leapt into his arms.

Mark was in the parking lot outside a large modern hospital. He was dressed in a tunic and cloak that was over 1800 years old. In his arms was a young woman who looked good for being 1860 years old, give or take. Mark looked at Alis, still clinging to him. He asked,

"Why? You could have been killed."

"I needed to see. If this was real." Now she let her feet touch the ground. She looked down at the black top, then around at the cars. Then up to the lights hovering over them. She clung to Mark. He held her and spoke quietly,

"Much has changed. So many amazing things. But still we don't know everything. And maybe you know something we've lost over the ages."

"We're going in there?"


"This is where, Susan, is?"

"Yes. She will die soon from the disease. There is no hope from our medicine. But you have knowledge and concoctions that are unknown to us. And maybe."

"When all else fails, pray for a miracle?" Mark nodded. Tears welling in his eyes.

"I've done what I can for everyone else. I have to try."

"How do we get in? She pointed at Mark's clothes and hers." Mark gathered himself. Thought a moment.

"Follow me." They went around back, as expected there were trucks at the loading docks. Mark looked around and found a laundry truck leaving clean hospital gowns and picking up the day's soiled ones. He quickly looked through some piles finding what he thought would be correct sizes. Moving to a room down a hallway they changed into the light blue coveralls. Alis asked where everone was.

"Clothes are left for anyone?"

"No, but with so many sick, there just aren't enough people to do everything. Follow me." Alis shivered a bit when the elevator began moving, then stepped off cautiously when the doors opened. Mark looked at her. "All perfectly normal here. I don't think others of your time could accept so much at once."

"This is a lot of magic. I have so many questions, but later. Where is Susan?" Mark led her along quiet halls. The staffing was light, there wasn't much to be done for the patients in this wing. Mark found a hazmat suit for Alis.

"You're not immune, so just in case." They slipped into a room. A woman on a ventilator slept, breathing fitfully. Mark again was near tears. He held her hand. "Susan, it's Mark." Her eyes opened slightly. She tried to smile. "I've brought someone with me. An, uh, experimental treatment." Susan looked over the the woman in the hazmat suit who was holding a cup to her. "Go ahead Susan, drink it. It may taste bad, but we have to try." He helped her to sit up. In his timeline it had been years since he held her. He removed the mouth piece and helped her to swallow the Alis' concoction. Susan made a face but forced it down. Alis looked at Mark.

"She will need to take more. Tomorrow. And the next day. Can we wait?"

"No that won't work." He looked around for a pen and paper and wrote a long note. He folded it carefully and showed it to Susan. "When I come back tomorrow, be sure I read what I wrote here. It's very important. Susan nodded in understanding. Mark took the rest of what Alis had made and hid it in Susan's bag in the closet. Then he told her he needed to leave, but that he would be back soon. When they were back in the hallway, Alis asked if they would be returning.

"No Alis, we need to get you back home. I will be visiting Susan tomorrow. The me that hasn't travelled yet. I left a note with instructions I would understand. If this works it could change everything." He led Alis out of the hospital and to the parking lot. He set the device and held Alis close to him.

There was a flash....
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