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Clara and Brick finally make it home. This is the last chapter for these two for a while. If demand is high enough I will bring them back for more.
Clara squinted as the morning sun blinded her. Brick's hand moved to her back as she paused. A all to familiar scene looked back at them. He couldn't help himself as he smiled. Many bovine moved around the fields that nestled up to small wooden homes. Children laughed and played along long fence lines. A few chasing one another, others playing games.

"Is this it?" Clara asked him.

"This is my home lands.” He answered.

"Is it always like this?"

Brick looked down at his small companion. "Yes, my kind are a loving, peaceful race. Clara, I will not swear this to be an easy adjustment for you but I do hope that you will call this home."

"I know that game!” suddenly her ears perked up. Though still a bit floppy she looked excited. Her hand pulled on the cloak he wore, “Brick I know that game. Father always said it wasn’t appropriate for girls to play but Alpine and I would sneak out of the castle and play it with visiting children.” Her lips pulled back in a grin, her sharp teeth showing. She giggled as one child called out having lost.

He chuckled, "Come I wish to be sure everything is as I left it.” They moved through the remaining trees to the village.

"Lord Brick!” a few children came running up to him. “Lord Brick, you have returned!”

Brick smiled at the children that ran to them. "I have.”

“Did you bring us gifts? You promised you would!”

“Unfortunately i was unable to do so this time.”

“Aww.” Many of the kids called out disappointed.

"Brick!” a woman minotaur ran toward them. Her hooves thundering along the ground. She leapt through the air and tackled him to the ground. “I’m so relieved to see you safe.”

Brick chuckled, “I see you faired well with out me.”

She giggled rubbing her face against him as she lay over him. “Mother will be so happy you have returned.” She removed her body from his and stood. Quickly she grasped his arm and pulled him up. “Come on! The whole village has worried for you.”

Brick laughed as she pulled him hard. “Clara. Come.” He motioned for her to follow as he was drug away.

A few of the children stayed close to Clara as she followed. “Ow!” she jumped when one pulled on her tail.

"It's so soft!” the boy called out. “Miss wolf, your fur is so soft.” He grinned up at her making her lose any irritation nearly immediately. She paused and moved to her knees, “My ears are softer if you wish to feel.” The children of her home town had loved to play with her soft floppy ears. her mother had always said that she was an idol to them. proving that even royalty had what could be seen as flaws but show how these things made them more beautiful. her father though strict had always told her, her kindness towards children and adults alike was astonishing.

The child grinned big at her and nodded. His small hands moved to her floppy ears. “your coloring is so pretty!” another child said as the group moved close to her. She smiled and giggled with them for a bit until a large shadow moved over her. She and the children looked up. She smiled at Brick.

He smiled down at her. "Children allow me to steal this fine wolf from you for a it. Tomorrow should she still wish to remain in our village I will allow you all to meet her properly and perhaps if she wishes you may all play.”

The children cheered. “Lord Brick.” A small girl tugged in his cloak. “Lord Brick, will you play with us as well?”

"Once I am sure my work is through I will.” He patted her head. “Come Clara.” Brick held his hand down to her.

She placed her hand in his and stood. He moved them toward a large house in the center of the village. “This is my home.” He told her. “My twin sister lives with me when she is not bouncing from one farm to another.”

“Was that your sister that drug you off before?”

Brick chuckled, “no. That was my eldest daughter. Her mother is my second."


He paused looking down at her. “Gesibell is nearly 300 years old.”

She resume walking at his side, “How old are you?”


Her eyes grew wide as he pushed open the front door, “how long does your kind live?”

“Bovine tend to live at least in to their 1000’s.”

"Wolves have a much shorter life span than Bovine." She said.

Brick motioned in to his home, "I am aware." He gently pushed her in to his home. Inside stood the woman from before and another woman who stood with her hands on her hips. an angry scowl on her face.

Clara instinctively moved behind Brick when the Minotaur's eyes settled on her.

"What is this?"

"This is Clara. It was with her aid that I was freed of the Castle's blood sport."

The woman's eyes move to Clara once again, "What did a cub do?"

Brick looked down at Clara, "Clara is gifted in the magic arts. She posed as a guard and freed me."

The woman's face still held a frown but she moved to her knees, "Then for our Village I thank you."

Clara's eyes moved from her to Brick and back slowly, "I need no thanks." she said softly. She wasn't sure Brick wished to make their relationship known. She didn't know who this woman was or how close she was to Brick.

"Clara, this is my second in command Chessabell. Everyone calls her Chessa, this is our daughter Gesibell." He motioned to the other woman. "This is Clara."

"That is a Bovine name." Gesibell said as she looked down at the small wolf.

Brick nodded, "It is. For wolf kind if they accept a name their past is absolved." He watched the two women before him, "Clara will live here in our village at my side."

Chessa stood, "At your side? Brick you cant mean to take this cub as your lover."

"I do."

She sighed, "As your second it is my duty to remind you that taking a lover of another race is not only forbidden.. it is… Brick it could mean to distory your leadership."

"If that is what is to happen then it is to be." He answered, "Clara was my comfort while imprisoned. It was she that fed my stomach and heart while I was confined and shackled in nothing more than a mold filled cell."

Chessa's eyes moved to Clara. "Very well." she turned to Gesibell, "See to it the elders are made aware of this situation. Tonight we will celebrate our Lord's return and properly thank his savior."

Clara shook her head, "I don't need thanks. Really."

Gesibell smiled, "Mother is harsh with her words for good cause. she too at a time took a lover not of Bovine. I am sure that she wishes you not go through what she went through. Come, I will make you each a hot bath." she turned to her mother, "I will seek out Daisy and Bessie. I’m sure they can make some fine clothing before tonight for our lord's savior."

Chessa nodded, "Yes. Then see the elders are notified."

Clara was led to a lavish bathroom where a large tub was being filled with scented water. "I hope the scent is not to strong. Our kind is known for our herbal oils."

"I have always loved the smell of Bovine oils." Clara said as she took a deep breath. the scent of rosemary and peppermint filled her nose.

"Was it Lord Brick that gave you the name Clara?" Gesibell asked as she tested the water temperature.

"Yes. In our travel he did give me a name."

"Then he must be fond of you to have given you the name of Clara."

Clara blushed.

"Come let us get you out of these rags." Gesibell moved to Clara and began to assist her in taking off her robes. "You have very fine fur." she smiled, "May I ask how old you are."

"I am nearly 25 summers."

Gesibell paused. "Truly? Are you a runt?"

"No. They say that I am a late bloomer."

Gesibell giggled, "I was too." her smile warmed Clara, "My mother was afraid that I would not grow in to my hooves. By the age of 30 summers I was still very small for my kind. but Lord Brick always told me that I'd grow. That one day my hooves would thunder down the road as I ran."

"He said he was your father yet you call him Lord Brick."

"Of course. Not many of our kind know who their sire is. To call the lord of our home lands father would be seen as insulting to not only his position but to others. Not many of our men are able to be called father by their spawn. I don't know much of wolven traditions but Men are held in high standing here. they are the givers of live while women are the nurturers of that life. I myself only know one or two of my children's fathers yet all men who are in this town act as father to my calves."

"So your kind is a true community."

"It takes a village to raise a child." she smiled as she assisted Clara over the high wall of the bath. "No man is called father for our kind, for all men are mighty life bringing bulls." she set a basket next to Clara on the tub's ledge, "I will see that you are made proper clothing for our celebrations tonight. Thank you again for assisting our leader in returning home."

Clara nodded and watched Gesibell leave. She smiled at the brushes and soaps in the basket. after sniffing a few she ***********ed a Tea Tree scent that accented the Rosemary and peppermint oils of the water. she scrubbed her fur heavily then washed her long hair. after a time she laid back and let the warm water soak in to her tired bones. traveling for so long had exhausted her. Brick had ended up carrying her much of the journey. she leaned her head back wondering how tired he must be. he had not shown any signs of fatigue as she had.

Brick leaned back in his own tub, "Please check on Clara for me."

"Brick, are you sure you wish to take a wolf cub as your lover?"

he looked up at Chessa, "While imprisoned She visited me nearly every day. She swore on her dowery that she would assist me in escaping." his hand moved to his chest where his nipple ring was missing. "Her only payment was my own word that I take her with me. She had already done much to ease my pains and heart."

Chessa sat on the side of the tub, "what of the capital's assistance?"

"I was unable to obtain it."

Chessa looked up as thunder began, "The winter storm is rolling in early."

"We will hold our celebrations tonight in the communal barn." he said closing his eyes, "See that everything is prepared. Clara will need meats."

Chessa stood, "A wolf and his traveling companions left this morning long before your arrival. I am sure there are still meats that are prepared. We tried to convince them to stay longer with this storm coming in, the wolf lands to the north have already flooded. but he was insistent on heading to them as soon as possible."

"What was a wolf doing here?"

"Looking for his betrothed. he was a prince of some kind. I did not ask as we had no information for him."

Brick nodded, "See to the preparations." After a bit longer in the tub Brick stood, Dried himself and dressed. It had been far longer than he had thought since he last had worn proper clothing. He walked down the long hall of his home toward the room that Gesibell had taken Clara to. He knocked lightly on the door, "Clara?"

She turned from the floor length mirror as he pushed the door open. Around her torso was only a towel. "I don't have any clothing and I wasn't sure how your people felt about nudity."

"I will say I am not against your nudity." He smiled as he entered the room closing the door behind him, "I am sure it will not be much longer before they have something ready for you."

"Your second doesn’t seem to agree with my being here."

"Long ago when humans first came our lands she took a human lover. It did not end well for her nor the man."

"Oh." she looked up at him sadly.

"She is only trying to voice her concern, Chessa is a very blunt woman but what she speaks is always from the heart." He moved toward her his nose dipping down to her snout. "She and I have spoken. Come Gesibell has returned with a meal for us."

"I hope you don't mind but asked her why she doesn’t call you father."

"I do not mind. I’m sure she explained herself."

Clara nodded.

After a meal Clara and Brick retired to his room until her clothing was brought in she laid in the bed beside him her hand moving along his engorged cock. "I have always been fascinated by you from the moment I first saw you in the arena." she said.

Brick laid back with his eyes closed enjoying her soft hands on him. he felt the bed shift. a moment later her mouth was attempting to get one of his stones in to it. her long tongue laving over the large testicle. he let his body relax farther as she licked and nipped at it. his eyes shot open and his hips flexed when her mouth moved upward. licking along his long shaft. he heard her giggle just before her mouth engulfed the head. as she had several times over their time together her mouth moved along him. he still was unable to see how her small mouth was able to move along the thick appendage. But she was very skilled and never brushed her sharp teeth along his manhood. Suddenly with no warning her hands tugged on his balls, he heard her try to speak but the muffled sound was unrecognizable. however whatever she did had him sending his hips upward as pleasure ran from his balls through his cock. "Clara." He groaned her name as her mouth bobbed a few more times he felt the back of her throat open up and she swallowed him. He looked down, her eyes where watering as she looked in to his. He groaned his head flopping back in to the pillows as he began to pump his sperm down her stretched throat. after a moment he finally stopped cumming. she began to pull away her long tongue wrapping around his softening shaft as she came up for air.

She smiled as she sat on her knees looking down at him. "I’m guessing you liked my magic."

Brick nodded suddenly woozy. "I did not realize your magic was able to do that."

"I am able to do any things." she told him. She moved to straddle his now soft cock. her mound pressing down on it. "When rested and at full concentration I am even able to make a man cum from a single word." her face neared his. He looked up at her as her nose touched his nose ring. "I am able to keep you hard for hours as well." she whispered. She lifted her hips and moved her hand between them her finger touched his pelvis, "Do you wish to try it. Like a woman you will be able to have multiple orgasm with no need for rest."

Brick growled his arms moved around her and pulled her tight. "After the celebrations."

Not long later a woman knocked on the door, "Lord Brick!" she called out.

Brick pulled on his trousers and moved to the door, "Daisy, it is good to see you are well."

She smiled at him. "I have the clothing that Gesibell asked for. I may need to alter a bit as we guessed the sizing."

Clara stood in a towel once again deeper in to the room.

Daisy frowned, "They did not tell me…" her lips pursed she glanced to Brick then back to Clara.

Brick looked to Clara then to Daisy, "That she is a wolf?"

"No, I knew that but they said she was tan. My lord, I'm sorry, the colors we chose. I do not think they will do her justice."

Brick smiled, "I am sure you and Bessie did your best." He motioned her inside, "For now whatever you chose to make will work. tomorrow I wish to ask you for a wide range of clothing for my lover."

"Lover." her eyes grew wide, "Lord." a smile curved her lips, "It will not be cheap Lord Brick." She moved to Clara, "Tomorrow I will come and take proper measurements." she moved around Clara and stopped infront of her, "Oh the ideas." her voice was on the verge of giddy, "these eyes." her hand moved to Clara's chin drawing the wolf's face upward as she leaned down, "My goodness only the finest jewels will due to accent these eyes." she giggled, "And this fur, this fine coat should be shown off not hidden." She dropped Clara's chin and clapped her hands excitedly. "Bessie will be so excited." she turned to Brick and grinned, "Out." she motioned toward the doorway. "I will get your lover dressed for tonight and tomorrow Bessie and I will bring fabric samples to compliment this fur." she turned and smiled at Clara.

Clara's eyes opened wide at the Minotaur in front of her.

Nearly an hour later Daisy stepped away from Clara, "I don't like the colors on you, I swear as our leader's lover you will be dressed must better from after today."

Clara looked at herself in the mirror. The whites did look dirty and almost yellowed compared to her white undercoat but the soft fabric that held up her small breasts and clung to her waist felt nice. The style was simple but beautiful and not something Clara had ever seen before. She was used to being wrapped in many layers and long flowing robes. but only her breasts where covered and then from low on her waist just above her hips to her knees where covered. the fabric was clingy but not restricting. "I have never seen this style before."

Dasiy fussed over Clara's hair a bit, "It is all the rage right now with our women. simple but if done right can even been worn to extravagant parties. I copied the style from humans. but of course adapted it for our kind."

Clara looked behind her to her tail. normally weighted down by her heavy robes her tail was able to stand as it was when she was naked due to a quickly placed hole that sealed around the base of her tail with a simple bow. Showing off the slight curve to her tail that few knew about.

Daisy finally stopped fussing over her after she braided Clara's hair in to a crown around her head. leaving long wavy locks down her back. "Had I more time I'd have made a crystal head band for you." She directed Clara out of the room, "Lord Brick, I hope this is satisfactory for tonight for you."

Brick adjusted his tie, "Very well done on such short notice, Daisy." He moved his hand in a circle motioning for Clara to turn.

She obliged and gave him a slow spin. her tail now upright knocked over a nearby vase. "Oh.. I'm sorry…"

Daisy chuckled, "Lord Brick you will have to redecorate so that her tail does not knock things over." she giggled, "would want anything to happen to such beautiful fur."

Clara blushed.

Brick took her hand, "Clara will be free to redecorate our home as she wishes once she is fully settled. "I expect you to not be to late in arriving Daisy."

"Of course my lord." she beamed, "Bessie and I will be along shortly. Gesibell and Ms. Chessa are already at the communal barn."

Brick took Clara's arm and lead the way. Immediately Brick was approached by nearly everyone. all clamoring about how they were glad he had returned safe to their lands. Brick introduced Clara as his savior and his intent to take her as his lover. Many welcomed the news. as the true celebrations began many began to dance as music played through the barn. A woman approached Clara as she watched Brick spin his daughter on the dance floor. "Madam."

Clara turned to the woman beside her, "Yes?"

"As you are lord Brick's savior our village wishes to gift you." In her hands she held a box. "As custom for our kind, those who show valor and risk themselves for others are branded with such marks as proof. as you are not of Bovine we will wished to gift the mark of Valor." She opened the box in her hands. Inside was a small ring with an emblem on it.

"It's beautiful."

"Our craftsman worked all day at Gesibell's command." She pulled the ring from the box, "I am Dottie of the elders." she explained, "Lord Brick is a pillar of our community. as you brought him home to us." She took Clara's hand in her own. "On behalf of our kind we thank you." She slid the ring over Clara's finger.

Clara smiled, "Thank you for this gift. I did not need thanks though."

"It is our custom."

Clara's eyes move to the dance floor as Brick danced with several women. "You said normally one is branded?"

"Yes." she pointed to two men who stood near them, "Tankard." she motioned him over, "This is Tankard."

Clara looked up at the large bull. In his nose like Brick he had a golden ring, on the right side of his chest above his pectoral muscle was a deeply raised brand.

"Tankard is of our guard. he had saved many of our kind from Humans that meant to kill or harm us. Last week a child was found being hunted in the forest near here. it was Tankard that saved the child."

Tankard nodded, "Lady Dottie."

She motioned to Clara, "Tankard is also the one who fashioned the ring we have gifted you."

"Can I ask is the actual brand only for your kind or…" she paused her words.

Tankard's nose flared rattling his ring, "The band is a symbol of your doings. if the ring is not your satisfaction then, if you truly wish, even for one of your kind then we extend the offer of the brand."

"Oh no, its not that.. its not that the ring isn't satisfactory. its remarkably well made and to have only had the day I am truly astonished with the craftsmen ship but… I have accepted the Name Clara from your leader. To my own kind I am no longer wolf…" Her eyes moved to Brick once again. "If your village will have me at his side then… I wish to be treated as bovine."

Tankard's eyes moved to Dottie, "My lady?"

Dottie nodded, "I will speak to our elders on your behalf. If you are no longer of Wolven kind as you have brought our leader home and wish to stay at his side then I am sure there will be a lack of pause."

Brick moved toward them as the music died and began to lead in to the next song. "Clara?"

She looked up at him, "I was speaking to one of your Elders about being treated as bovine."

Brick smiled, "I trust Lady Dottie will speak well on your behalf." he extended his hand to her, "come, as you wish to be treated as bovine join me in dance."

"Oh.. but I don't know your kinds dances."

"Then you will learn." he grasped her hand and pulled her along with him.

She smiled and laughed as he taught her the steps. her small paws left the ground a number of times as he pulled her up and span her around. As many of the children were close to her size the boys lent a hand in assisting her with the steps. Eventually she ended up in a line dance with the children laughing with them as they moved to the music.

By the time the mid of night fell Clara was exhausted. Brick lifted her in to his arms, "Thank you all for the warm welcome home as well as your welcome for Clara." He bowed to his community, "Chessa and I will begin in getting things back to normal with in the week." He headed out through the storm carrying Clara in his arms.

She shivered as they entered the house. "We are lucky to have gotten to your village when we did."

Brick nodded, "Had we been caught out in this storm I'm not sure we'd have made it."

She looked through the window, "Will everyone be safe getting home? it is beginning to hail."

"I am sure they will. Chessa informed me that they have been preparing for the winter storms for some time now." He set her down on the floor, "Let us rest. though you met many of my people today I am sure you will have more introductions with in the coming days."

Brick was right. as the months began to move by for them she was introduced to everyone in the village. as spring began she stood in Tankards home Brick at her side, "I have customized the brand to be smaller in size so to match your mate's form." Tankard explained as over a fire a metal branding iron heated. he looked down to the small wolf, "Are you sure you wish this. brands are not without pain."

Clara nodded, "Yes." her head raised high, "I am sure. I wish to be treated as bovine, that means everything, even things that frighten or hurt me."

Tankard nodded and held out his hand, "The ring you where given then."

Clara's eyes moved to the ring on her finger, "It will not go to waste correct? the craftsmen ship is far to fair to be just melted down."

Tankard's eyes led a bit of humor to them, "Are you sure you do not wish to keep it instead?"

She dropped the ring in to his hand, "I am sure."

Tankards hand closed around the ring, "I will promise you this ring will not go to waste." he moved to the side and set the ring in a glass display. "It will be marked as a treasure of our Leader." he closed the case and locked it.

Clara took a few deep breaths then removed her shirt. she had chosen to have the brand put on her lower side near her kidneys.

"Lie down." Tankard told her.

Brick moved to Clara's head as she laid face down on the table. "Drink." he handed her a glass.

Clara tipped the glass to her muzzle and drink down the tart thick liquid. it was a pain killer that the local doctor Clover had made special for her. she closed her eyes, "Pain pain go away." she whispered.

tankard paused as Clara's power rolled off of her. he raised an eye brow at Brick.

"Clara is gifted in the magical arts. surpassing even that of her brother."

Tankard nodded and moved to her side, "Do not move. take a deep breath."

Clara nodded, her teeth clenched as she anticipated the searing pain. She cried out as the red hot metal touched her. She gritted her teeth determined to take the pain but after what seemed like forever she welcomed the blackness that surrounded her.

"She lasted longer than I thought." Tankard said as he applied a salve to her brand then placed a bandage over it.

Brick nodded, "I am not sure if it was due to her magic or determination."

Tankard shrugged, "I will be in the front should you need me."

brick nodded and looked down at Clara. a few tears ran down her muzzle. he leaned forward and kissed the side of her face.

It didn't take her long to wake. she groaned as she felt the pull of the bandages.

Brick stood at her side, "I will admit I am surprised you went through with it."

"I had to. I told you, I am not a wolf, I am of your kind now."

Brick nodded, "You are." he handed her her shirt.

Carefully she pulled it over her head wincing as the material moved over the bandages. After thanking Tankard Brick took Clara back to his home.

As the night fell Clara found laying on her back or her right side was painful even after Brick had reapplied a salve on her brand. She instead laid on her stomach between his hooves, her mouth moving along his thick shaft. her hands grasped his testicles tightly, she smiled around his meat in her mouth when his eyes met hers. "Hurguigg."

Brick's hips shot upward shoving all of his manhood in her mouth and down her throat. the spell she cast had immediately made his balls boil. making him shoot his seed down her throat in a seemingly never ending current of cum. After a moment his hips fell back down to the bed. Clara pulled her mouth from his cock and sat up on her knees, she smiled as his chest moved rapidly.

"You continue that and I will be unable to satisfy at the breeding grounds tomorrow."

"Who said I was going to let you do any such thing." she giggled as her tongue moved from her mouth to his now limp cock.

"Clara, we spoke of this."

her eyes met his, "I know." her tongue curled around the head of his dick as she let him sit on her tongue. after a moment she pulled back. "Do not worry I may not agree with it but I understand your ways now. I know it is needed for you to continue your duty as a sire. I will not cause you to be devoid of your life giving seed. I only wish to ensure you remember to return to me." her body moved over top of him her hand touched his member bringing life back to it immediately. "Now allow me to rut my lover once last time tonight before you rest for tomorrow."

Brick groaned as she sank her body over him. his blood engorged phallus penetrated her slick depths with ease. though she took him in to her body nearly every night he was still amazed that she was able to take any of him. He wondered if she used her magic but his wonder turned to pleasure as she began to bounce her hips up and down his hot length.

Clara's head fell back as she rode his shaft. her hands on his chest supporting her weight. Though at first she had used magic to take him in to her body she no longer had a need to. being close to him aroused her so much so that she was in a near constant state of titillation that she had no need for such things any longer. A sexual growl moved deep from within her as her own lust built to the point it over flowed through her and she called out her completions. Brick's hands moved to her breasts and gently he massaged her mounds. He noticed that they seemed larger than when he had met her. His hips bucked as without her use of magic he began to cum with in her.

Exhausted and fulfill Clara collapsed on to the bed beside him on her stomach and within minutes she fell asleep.
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