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The first astronaut has been chosen and a doctor has been secured for the flight. Now Hardy must locate a second in command and co-pilot. The application sifting and review process is going slow One night Hardy finds himself in a bar trying to pick up some adult company for the evening as a distraction.
With my medical officer, Doctor Hung Long chosen for the upcoming mission, I could cross him off the list and move on to my next objective, finding a navigation specialist and co-pilot.

As we were going to be together as a team in outer space for quite a few years, I decided to set up living quarters for us outside of Dallas Texas, in the interim; a place where we would live together while we completed final launch preparations at the NASA space training center and see how we would get along as roommates. Even though our project was under the umbrella of the World Aeronautical space Administration, I demanded as the Commander of the flight that my home country would take control of all of the preparations.

I specifically chose a secluded spot off base so there would be no distractions as we integrated ourselves into a cohesive team. I had moved in all ready and Doctor Long would be arriving within the week.

I looked over the candidates profiles for navigation specialist as I sat in the empty house. I never liked being alone and I was a bit horny, so I decided to put aside the portfolios and check in and see what was happening on my favorite adult sight.

I browsed thru the “on line now” category and saw the usual fella’s. I was still extremely careful with my profile and didn’t want to jeopardize all I had worked for in the space program over one snoopy nosed, interfering, puritan zealot. For the most part the subject of sexuality had become in recent years a moot point. Everyone was more worried about who was saving the planet instead of who was sleeping with whom. Even so I was looking for an out of towner who was just visiting. In a big city like Dallas there were plenty of those so I felt pretty confident I could find someone to spend the evening with.

I had looked for about fifteen minutes when one profile caught my eye. I looked at his work up and his online name was “Sohowdoesthiswork” He claimed to be in town for a short time for business and had never been with another man and was curious. He couldn’t act on his curiosity in his home town for fear of being seen or caught, but he figured as he was away from home he would at least meet someone and see where it went.

I looked at his picture and although there was no face shot I could tell he was very tall and thin. The picture of his aroused cock showed a long, thin, cut prick curling upward as it stood out. He had a bush of blonde hair which from the picture went from his balls up his belly and covered his chest. I sent him a chat message and went on to look at some others who were on line. I was almost surprised when in a few minutes he responded.

We chatted back and forth until he decided he wanted to meet in person in a public place. That was fine with me and I told him about a bar not too far of a drive from my home. We agreed to meet there for a drink within the hour. He told me his name was Richard but everyone called him Dick and I told him I’d be waiting at the far end of the bar.

I was the first to arrive and watched for any tall thin blonde men to enter. When he entered I knew it had to be him because he looked so out of place. He was taller than I expected being at least six foot six or more. He was slender with broad shoulders and a well-defined six pack outlined under his tight fitting shirt. He carried himself with confidence, but the look on his face as he perused the people sitting at the bar gave away his nervousness.

I raised my beer and called his name. His eyes widened and I could tell he almost turned and walked out. I stood and crossed over to him and shook his hand “Hi I’m Hardy. How are you doing?”

He looked at me and smiled a squeamish smile. “Just a little nervous I guess. I’ve never done this before so how does it work?”

I laughed as I walked back to the bar and we had a seat. “Well first there is nothing to be afraid of. Let’s get to know each other a bit and whenever you feel comfortable we can drive back to my place. No pressure; if you’re uncomfortable, just get up and leave. No harm, No fowl.”

In the next hour after a couple of drinks or more, he relaxed and agreed to come over to my place. When we arrived I let him enter the house and patted his butt as we walked in. As I closed the door he turned and took a deep breath and said, “Ok, so how does this work? What do we do now?”

“Anything you want.” I said. “I tell you what, let’s go sit on the couch and I’ll take the lead. If I do anything you don’t like just say so, I’ll stop. If there is anything you want to try, go ahead and I’ll stop you if it’s not ok.”

As we walked to the couch I undid my belt and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I told Dick to make himself comfortable. He sat on the couch almost rigid and I knew I had my work cut out for me. I sat next to him and slowly placed my hand on the back of his neck. His rigid neck muscles were tense and I could sense an aura of unsurity about him.

I decided to fix us a drink and then massage his neck and shoulders and do nothing more. After about five minutes the drinks from the bar combined with the strong one I had fixed Dick, had taken away his anxiety to a point. I leaned in and kissed his neck and breathed on his ear. The smell of cologne mixed with his natural manly aroma sent a chill down my spine.

He leaned his head back and away from me with a soft moan opening his neck for more of the same. His breathing was becoming more sensual and less nervous. After a minute or two he slowly turned his head towards me and closed his eyes. He slightly opened his lips which were centered perfectly in the middle of a rugged jaw line and began to tenderly kiss me with an awakening of passion I was sure would build.

I opened my mouth and slid my tongue into his waiting orifice. He pressed his lips tight against mine and received my tongue as he began to swirl it around with his own tongue before gliding his long sweet tongue into my mouth to explore this new frontier. I reached down and slowly placed my hand on his. He did not know what to expect to happen and jumped a little but did not pull away. I took his hand and moved it over onto my stomach as I lifted my shirt with my other hand. I could feel his hand hesitantly brush against my chest and stomach hair ever so lightly.

His breathing was becoming a little more intense as I could see his body relaxing and becoming more aroused. He reached around my neck with his free hand and placed it on the back of my head holding it tightly as if he never wanted to break from our hot oral embrace.

As his kissing became more aggressive and passionate, he rubbed my stomach and then slowly began to slide his hand down over my crotch feeling my cock as it began to swell. Through my boxers he placed his hand on my still partially flaccid penis and gently rubbed my pole for a moment as it grew. He guided my shaft upward with the palm of his hand and I got the impression he was using my boxers as a protective shield not yet ready to touch the most intimate parts of my body.

My mushroom head began to protrude from the top of my boxer’s waist band. Dick felt it and drew a quick breath then relaxed once more. He rubbed his thumb across my piss slit then slid his hand down beneath my shorts to wrap it around my now rock hard shaft. He closed his hand around my manhood feeling its warmth and rigidity. His muscles were becoming soft and welcoming as he was surrendering his hesitations to the passion building within his loins.

I pulled my head away from our embrace and Dick had a look of dismay, as if he had done something wrong. He pulled his hand back and stared at me. I just smiled and without a word began to get undressed. Dick watched me as a teen aged boy would watch his first strip tease show; trying to hold the moment in freeze frame and lingering on each sensual movement that unveiled the idol of his desire.

Taking my lead, Dick stood and unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time while staring into my eyes looking for a sign of my approval. He took it off and let it drop to the floor as he stepped out of his shoes. Slowly, but with a commitment that he had made up his mind, he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his slacks and slowly lowered them to his ankles and removed them. Now it was my turn to gawk as he purposefully and slowly pulled down the waistband of his shorts until the forbidden fruit of my desire popped free from within the confines of its soft cotton prison.

I sighed as I looked at him and was very impressed. He was well toned and perfectly proportioned. His picture didn’t do his cock justice. It was a good eight inches long and not as thin as his picture had portrayed. His huge ball sack looked as though it hadn’t unloaded in weeks. He smiled as if he had done something earth-shattering and let his tighty-whities drop to his ankles and then stepped out of them with confidence and not the least bit of hesitation remaining.

We looked each other in the eyes and I purposefully walked across the room to him, the fire in his eyes pulling me like a magnet. I pressed my body against his as he leaned down slightly toward me so our throbbing cocks rubbed against each other, like flint and steal; igniting a spark of desire we could not, nor did not, want to hold back.

There was a longing in his eyes for some familiarity as with each step he walked into uncharted territory with me leading the way, so once again I pressed my lips against his. This was the anchor Dick needed and longed to hold onto. He wrapped his long gangly arms around me and passionately, desperately forced his tongue into my greedy and waiting mouth. He stepped forward as he pressed firmly against me. He was taller than I leaning slightly over me. This unequal advantage, plus his rising desire was just enough to shift our balance off center and we unexpectedly fell back onto the couch, without losing our love embrace for a second.

Whether with his unleashing passion he had started to take charge. or by chance because of the positions we were standing in before, Dick somehow wound up on top of me. His breathing was now getting heavy with the excitement he was feeling. I was turning into putty in his hand, excited for him to take the lead.

At that moment a twinge of doubt crept between us and shown on his face. Seeing himself on top of me he suddenly had a bewildered look of “Oh sit now what do I do!”

I pushed him back, smiled and told him, “sit up for a moment. You are doing amazing things to me!” Rick did as I asked with an excitement in his eyes like a child at Christmas when he is about to open his biggest present. I Rolled off the couch and knelt down between his knees. I opened my mouth and ever so lightly licked the head of his love pole that was wet with the oozing of sticky pre-cum. The taste was exhilarating, being both salty and sweet. There were only a few drops, but I could wait; for I knew there was a Mount Vesuvius of cum and seed, churning below in his burning nut sack preparing to erupt and explode solely for my craving and anticipated pleasure.

I slide his cock into my mouth and slowly took it all the way down to the base. “OH…….. MY…… LORDY! No woman has ever made me feel this way!” Dick said as he arched his back up pushing his cock deeper into my mouth again and again. I accepted each thrust gladly sucking his cock for a several minutes while he squirmed and gyrated on the couch. I could tell he was ready to explode; but I wanted him to wait.

I got up from my kneeling position on the floor and slowly moved in close to him between his outstretched knees. He was looking at my pulsating cock like a dog looks at a T-bone steak that its owner leaves too close to the edge of the table. Filled with lust and a desire to feel the warmth of his mouth around my love pole, I asked “You want to try?” then I leaned back gently thrusting my cock in his direction.

Dick looked me in the eyes and subconsciously licked his lips, then lowered his head. He never lost eye contact as he reached up and fumbled with his hand until he grasped my cock around the shaft and held it steady. With unsure determination he then licked the slit of my glistening mushroomed helmet which was covered in pre-cum of its own.

At first he just licked my shaft slowly from bottom to top being sure to include my bulging nut sack with each downward lick, until he got the nerve up to place it in his mouth. He took to cock sucking like a fish takes to water. He had seen what I had done and was now doing the same eagerly and single-mindedly. He kept gagging and pulling back, but he never quit until he conquered his gag reflex and was bobbing up and down the full length of my rod like a pro.

I suggested going into the bedroom. He stopped pleasuring my engorged tool, smiled with a childish grin and agreed. We walked into the bed room and I lay on the bed on my back with my head off of the edge with my neck extended downward. As Richard approached the bed he looked at my awkward position and asked, “So how does this work?”

I chuckled and told him to use my mouth as a cunt and fuck it. Now porking a woman was something I could tell Dick had no problem doing. He leaned in like a master, and using his hand guided his cock into my waiting mouth. He leaned forward placing a hand on either side of my hips and began thrusting in and out. Now it was my turn to gag as his heated, deep and almost frantic stokes chocked me and left me no time to breathe. Sensing my distress, but having no intentions of quitting, Dick stopped for a moment and recalculated his depth, angle and speed. Before long he had a rhythm going that kept slapping his balls against my nose with each stroke yet allowed me to breath and actually heightened both of our erotic pleasures.

I was concentrating on taking it all in as well as trying to breathe when I felt his wet lips and tongue caress my blood engorged, throbbing prick. He adjusted his arms and hands for support to allow him the most freedom of movement. As he pumped his cock in and out of my hungry mouth and throat, he bobbed his head up and down along the shaft of my quivering love pole reaching my balls with almost every stroke in a see-saw motion that made him look just like a pro. He was so excited and engrossed in what he was doing that all I could do was enjoy and hang on.

I could feel his cock growing even larger and more rigid as I knew he was about to explode. Then the unexpected happened. He shoved his cock deep into my throat unloading a flood of steamy white man juice down into my gut, at the same time involuntarily clinching his teeth on my cock which was still in his mouth. I bucked with pain and he realized what he had done.

He pulled his head away and craned his back up as he still continued to shoot volley after volley down my throat. The experience was so erotic that I couldn’t help myself and began squirting a powerful load of my own, which splattered against his chest and stomach.

Finally he gained his composure and pulled his prick from my mouth. I raised my head and looked down at the red ring where his teeth had clinched down around my shaft. I silently thought to myself, “Now that’s gonna leave a mark!”

“I am so sorry” he said! “I couldn’t stop myself. That was soooo amazing and I’ve well never had anything in my mouth before when I came like that!” He sat down on the bed next to me fell back. We both erupted in spontaneous laughter as I said, “So, THAT is how this works!”

We exchanged numbers and I asked if we could meet again tomorrow night. Richard got dressed and thanked me again but said he had to leave because he had to get up early for work the next day, and would call me if everything worked out well.

I showered and fell asleep. In the morning I gathered my applicant’s folders and headed off to the interviews hoping that Richard would be free in the evening.

The first interview would be the designer of the navigation system on the spaceship we would be traveling in. I didn’t know much about him except he had a very impressive resume’. He was a last minute candidate and I didn’t even have a picture of him to size him up. I asked the secretary to usher the candidate in and was looking over the file one last time when I heard a voice from the door way say, “So….. how does this work?”

I smiled and knew without looking up that I had just found my co-pilot!”

To be continued.
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