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This is the forth segment of a science fiction story of one man's quest to save the world. Will he be victorious or will he fail and will he be able to fullfill his hidden agenda for his crew along the way. Find out the answers to these and other questions as you read the continuing sage of Major Hardy Cochran in DESTINATION MARS
My name is Major Hardy Cochran. It took about two hours in the academy for my buds to give me the nick name: Hard cock. It was a name I rightfully deserved as well. Back in the day at the Aeronautical University in Japan I was a member of what was called an “inner circle” which was a group of men or women handpicked for training in hopes of being chosen for the first journey to Mars. Inner circles were created everywhere around the world by wealthy individuals from the private sector, who felt they were recruiting the best of the best, in order to save mankind.

My inner circle happened to be comprised of all male gay members. We were a good team but as time went on, one by one my fellow hopefuls either dropped out of, or were rejected by the powers to be, and kicked out of the program until only I was left.

I graduated with top honors and was given my first job in the military as lead engineer in charge of organizing mission details from scratch on how our team would successfully complete the mission to Mars. This was a prestigious position for anyone, especially for someone right out of the University. I was sure I had daddy general to thank and I wasn’t about to let him down. I took the position and the task seriously and never looked back.

But that was years ago and when I was promoted to Major, the nick name fit even more. Earth’s supplies were dwindling as its population continued to increase. The need to find a new location for mankind to thrive was becoming critical and Mars was becoming an option which could no longer wait. My plan was in place and I was going over every detail to insure there was nothing I had missed. My only dilemma was that I was not entirely happy with the qualifications of the military astronauts I had to choose from.

One group of individuals had set up operations in Germany. When their funding was becoming weak they tried to cut corners. They launched in hopes of being the first to succeed, but two weeks into their journey they met with catastrophe when a substandard fuel valve failed resulting in an explosion which disintegrated all the years of their hard work into a single ball of fire, debris and human flesh. I had the military behind me and an unlimited paycheck of tax payer’s dollars. I was not about to make their mistake. This was how my plan was designed.

The first mission to Mars was to be a simple one. Transport enough material to build a habitat that could sustain life, long enough for others to come and establish colonies. The ship would be designed with all the cargo space necessary and food and water sources that had been invented and could provide us with meals that would keep us healthy and strong. Granted they were not steak and potatoes dinners but flavor was a secondary consideration.

The time had come to make final arrangements and launch within the year. As the mission leader for this historic flight I needed to decide on my crew. There would be myself, (the team leader and pilot), a navigations expert and co-pilot, a doctor, an electrical engineer, a communications expert, as well as design engineer and finally a weapons and explosive expert. The commanding generals were not pleased when I informed them I would be interviewing candidates from around the world and not just from the military. I wanted to insure I had recruited the best and it was my decision to make. They finally agreed.

As we would all have to be laborers as well, I fought the military leadership and won the argument that the crew should be all male. I claimed that it was no place for child bearing women on this mission. They could come later in ships designed to handle family life. Of course I also had my own private agenda as to who I would retain. There would be a lot of lonely nights in the cold dark expanse of space and I wanted to bring with me ……. Let’s just say like minded crew members.

Now I pride myself on my appearance and stature created from working out and working hard. I stand six feet tall with a broad chest covered with chestnut hair. I have a square jawline and deep green eyes which I’ve been told can melt hearts with a glance.

I have to admit that in the manly department I stand out as well. I’m proud of my thick cut 8 inch long love tool complete with large rock hard testicles in a sack that is covered with the same dark brown hair as my chest. As I said the nick name Major Hard Cock was well deserved.

Enough about me; I needed to make the final decisions for my team out of thousands of astronauts from all four corners of the world, all seeking the same six positions. It seems there was no loyalty to their employers when it came to the mission to Mars and I was inundated with more applicants than I would have ever imagined. The first seat I wanted to fill was the doctor.

After interviewing hundreds of applicants and narrowing it down to ten tremendously qualified astronaut physicians, I decided the final test was to give each a chance to give me a physical examination and see how there bedside manner was.

I was examined by doctor after doctor in the usual manner, being asked to remove my shift and shoes and blah, bah, blah. This wasn’t going anywhere and I was becoming discouraged until I set up an appointment to see Doctor Hung Long, an astronaut from Japan. He had attended the same university as I and although I didn’t know him he had heard of me.

I arrived at an office set up for him and he asked me to enter the examination room and remove all of my clothing, then put on a paper gown sitting on the examination table. He said it was impossible to be thorough if he was encumbered by clothes. I did as he asked and realized that the paper gown I was given was so short that when I sat down it barely covered my flaccid cock and genitals.

The doctor entered the room wearing a set of soft green scrubs and light weight rubber gloves. He was short in stature being about five foot seven or eight. But where he lacked in height he certainly made up in bulk. His arms and legs bulged with flexing muscles as he walked across the floor. His tight scrubs outlined an impressive package hanging down to the left. It took no imagination to realize he was going commando and the look began to stir my cock into action.

One look at me and he said, “I can tell you are nervous. This won’t hurt a bit. If you are worried about being interrupted, why don’t I just lock the door.” The doctor then crossed the room and locked the door.

When he returned he said “A good place to start is with bone structure.” Hung Long stepped behind me then placed his hands on my shoulders and began giving me a massage pressing hard against my skeletal system. His grip was firm and controlling as he rubbed my shoulders and then down each arm. He moved around next to me as he got to my hands. Doctor Long began using pressure points on my joints and palms, which I found exhilarating. He pressed up against my side and I could feel his half hard cock rubbing against my hip, which I was sure wasn’t by accident.

I couldn’t help myself as he began to examine my legs squeezing them from top to bottom. My cock already stirring from his appearance began to become fully erect. The doctor looked at me and smiled, “Don’t worry; it’s a natural response to stimulation. May I?” He pointed at my now raging hard on and reached in to hold and feel my testicles. He wrapped his gloved hand around the shaft of my cock and slowly moved it forward and back as part of his examination.

He was intently staring at my penis and took an exceptionally long time gently squeezing it and sliding his warm gloved hands up and down my rigid shaft. I got the impression he was waiting for me to make the next move. I wasn’t about to tell him to stop!

I lowered my hand and brushed it against his crotch. He was completely aroused and for a small oriental man he truly carried a big stick (so to speak.) He didn’t back away and in fact slid his legs slightly further apart and leaned in toward me. I could feel the tie string on his scrub pants and decided to go for broke. I gently took the end of one of the strings and pulled the bow undone. There was not a word said or a bit of resistance as the doctors pants fell to the ground.

I moaned softly as Hung looked at me and smiled. He removed his gloves, turned and took a bottle of lubricant I had not noticed sitting on the side table and rubbed it on his hands. Then once more he wrapped one of his hands around my thick shaft the other cupping and massaging my hefty ball sack.

As he began to stroke my throbbing member, Dr. Hung bent in close to me and kissed the tip of my mushroom head. He then slid his tongue around the top of my piss slit and licked the drop of pre-cum already forming. He lifted a leg and kicked off his pants and then repeated the action with his other leg as he stood and removed his scrub top, wiping off his hands with the fabric before tossing it to the floor. His chest was a washboard of muscle free from any hair. Oriental type tattoos danced across his skin as his muscles flexed with each of his every movement.

.In the next moment he dropped to his knees, opened wide his mouth and deep throated every inch of cock I owned. I could feel his throat muscles tighten as he tried to keep from gagging. It was clear that as he swallowed my shaft it was larger than he first thought. He slowly pulled his head back while using his tongue to explore and caress every inch of my manhood buried beyond his tightly closed lips.

I reached over and began to stroke his soft pitch black hair. Hung moaned as he swallowed my cock once more then while pulling back covered it with warm saliva. He then stood, turned around in front of me and let me see his firm and supple ass. I was surprised at the amount of hair he had on his lower back and ass compared to the lack of it on his chest, but didn’t let it slow me down. I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him back against me.

My raging cock now covered with his spit slid up and down along his crack. His hot muscled buttocks clinched and relaxed as he added to the pleasure I was experiencing. Dr. Long applied fresh lube on his hand. He reached back, and slathered the lubricant up and down the full length of my shaft drawing from my mouth a low satisfying moan. He took the head of my cock in his hand and guided the throbbing mushroomed gland of my love pole toward his waiting hole.

He eased back against me and forced my cock head inside his already lubed sphincter. I pressed forward and with a pop from penetration eased my rod deep inside his hot steamy ass. He rocked back against me as if wanting more. I began pumping in and out, shoving myself deeper if that was possible with each thrust. Hung began bucking back on my cock matching each and every one of my thrusts with power and pure unadulterated passion. From behind him I could hear his own cock slapping against his stomach as it swung up and down with each of our joint thrusts.

I paused for a moment with my massive tool buried deep inside of him. His chest was heaving from the excitement and beads of sweat were beginning to appear like tiny clear crystals across his firm skin. I placed one hand on his hip and with the other reached around and grasped his firm uncut penis. I began stroking his hot and throbbing manhood as I once again began to pound his ass with long powerful strokes, bringing my cock all the way out of his anal orifice except for my now tingling tip with each calculated thrust building with passionate momentum. This time it was the doctor who moaned with erotic pleasure. I continued to pump away and stroke his cock as I felt my balls tighten in anticipation of their release of my cum. Hung Long felt it too and pulled himself off of my rock hard shaft which was on the verge of no turning back. He turned and dropped to his knees taking my hard and glistening cock into his mouth, swallowing it deep into his throat, and holding it there.

He began to massage my testacies which had drawn up close to my shaft and to hum in a low and sensual tone. The vibration of his throat muscles took me by surprise. I groaned and thrust forward grabbing his hair in order to keep his head still and me from tumbling forward.

The surge of sexual energy was more than I could handle. My back arched involuntarily and my hips shuddered as I began shooting stream after stream of hot steamy cum uncontrollably directly down his waiting throat and filling his mouth to overflowing . Hung enjoyed every drop as he stroked himself off. When he was sure he had every last drop of my jizz he stood and grabbed the back of my neck. He pulled me close and pressed his lips against mine forcing my mouth open with his tongue. The next thing I knew, I tasted the sweet and salty flavor of my own cum mixed with his saliva. Hung’s breathing became shallow and quicker as we kissed. I knew he was going to unload his entire wad of man juice in moments.

I thought the least I could do was return the favor and I dropped to my knees pulling his uncut shaft deep into my already cum filled mouth. I had slid his cock past my lips and teeth just in the nick of time. My mouth wasn’t even closed when he showered my tongue with his creamy white semen mixing it with my own which lingered on my pallet. I took it all and then stood. Now it was my turn. I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled his mouth next to mine. The sensation of swapping his seed, mixed with my own, in our mouths as we embraced and grinded our cocks together was exhilarating.

For the longest time we French kissed swirling the combination of each of our semen back and forth with our tongues until there was no way to tell who had more of who’s cum in each of our mouth’s. Finally our cocks began to become soft; we each swallowed our reward, then we stepped back and smiled’. Doctor Long nodded his head and announced, “This concludes the examination. How did I do?”

I ripped what was left of the paper gown off of me and leaned against the examining table. “Looks like I found my doctor, but how did you know?”

“I didn’t.” Hung said as he stepped closer and took my cock in his hand once again as we spoke. “Oh there were rumors about your ‘inner circle’ at the university but no proof. I figured if you rejected me you would be on your way to Mars soon and it wouldn’t matter. But if we did do what we just did, I would be going with you and it would be the beginning of a great friendship.”

Hung then bent over and took my cock in his mouth again and gently sucked it one last time devouring the last drop of cum oozing from my now flaccid tool. We both then redressed getting ready to leave.

“I want to announce the entire crew to the world at once, so please don’t say anything to anyone just yet.” I said as I unlocked the door. “But please if you have any recommendations for the rest of the crew, don’t hesitate to let me know.” With that I left, trying to figure out how to pick the next crew member: my co-pilot and navigator. I was sure something would come to me, which put a smile upon my face as I left the Dr. alone once more in the examining room.

To be continued………
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