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Tethys is a polyamorous girl who is expanding her social/sexual network, while still remaining in love with her main man Taylor. It gets complicated, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Part 2: Growing the Tribe

Chapter 7: Sonia and Friends At The Lake

I’ve made this trip dozens of times. I know how long it takes, I know how it feels, I know the bumps and textures and turns of the route, and I know just what to do to keep this precious cargo bottled up inside me. It’s only a couple of tablespoons, but it’s thin and slippery, and gravity is pooling it just above the narrow, muscular section of my tunnel. What sperm was mixed in with the semen is slowly swimming the other direction, still energized in its futile quest to fertilize the egg that will never arrive. I concentrate on keeping the muscles tightly closed, not letting the roughness of the road open me up for even a second. I don’t want to lose it, yet.

There are those who would proclaim that Carl’s fascination with sloppy seconds, his desire to feel another man’s cum coating his cock as he forces it out, stroke by stroke, is a symptom of repressed homosexuality, or maybe some weak acknowledgment of submission, the acceptance of cuckoldry, the humiliation of being the afterthought. But Carl doesn’t see it that way, and neither do I. As Carl sees it, it’s an act of dominance, of taking something from another man and making it his own, displacing the competing seed and overwhelming it with his own. It’s an act of power, of triumph, but it’s not one that can be delayed.

I’ve spent some time musing on it, especially during these trips between two lovers. It’s about twenty minutes of thinking each time, and I’ve even done some research online. I’ve arrived at an explanation which satisfies me, and meshes perfectly with my own vision of my place in the cosmic order. It’s the most primal but fully human expression of our evolutionary development, a behavior that precisely matches our anatomy. It’s sperm competition, promiscuous mating, ambiguous fatherhood, and the foundation of tribal loyalty.

Our closest primate relatives, I reason, are chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas. They each have some nearly-human traits, but each have very different reproductive styles. Gorillas live in harems, in which a single silverback protects and watches over a group of females and their young. The odds are high that he is the father of the great majority of the offspring. He doesn’t worry much about competition. Consequently, gorilla sex is nothing to write home about. The male gorilla has the smallest testicles of all the great apes, the penis is small, and sperm volume is low. Mating is perfunctory, and not done with much urgency. The noncompetitive environment makes for a benevolent and tolerant male, and the youngsters are safe, unless the silverback dies and the harem is invaded by a stranger, outsider male with no possible relationship to the offspring. Then there’s a real danger of infanticide.

Chimpanzees, on the other hand, have a no holds barred approach to sex. A receptive female might mate with dozens of males in a single day, as often as 50 times. Chimpanzees fight about a lot of things – territory, food, power – but not access to females. Everyone gets a shot. There’s no individual competition between males, but sperm competition is fierce. Chimpanzees have the largest testicles and the greatest sperm density of all the primates, and a penis twice as long as that of a gorilla. For all that anything goes behavior, though, it goes fast. Sex in chimpanzees only lasts about ten seconds, then it’s off to the next partner. Any individual male chimp is unlikely to be the father of any particular infant, and infanticide is an occasional result.

We humans do it very differently. Women don’t advertise their ovulation, yet we’re always receptive, so a man can never be certain whether sex will result in pregnancy or not. Human males produce copious amount of semen, but the sperm density is low, another reduction in the chances of conception. For a man to have good odds of impregnating a woman, he’s going to have to fuck her frequently. And if she’s been fucking another man? He needs to remove the other guy’s cum from her pussy and replace it with his own. The human penis is great for that kind of task. It’s big and fat, and fills up the vaginal space, squeezing out other fluids. The head of the glans makes a nice reverse scoop, catching any semen in the canal and drawing it out with the withdrawal stroke. And if the guy knows what he’s doing, he can take his time, thrusting repeatedly until the vaginal tunnel is thoroughly swiped before depositing his own load inside. Just the kind of motions that make a woman want to come back for more, that make a man a fantastic cocksman and lover, are those that also tend to most efficiently remove the sperm from potential rivals. It’s sperm competition, but a type unique to humans.

It’s almost a cliche that a man wants to spread his seed around, to fuck as many women as possible to increase the number of children he might sire. He also wants his women to be exclusive and faithful to him alone, to prevent their having children that are not his. A lot of social structures have been built up to encourage this disparity – harems, vows of monogamy that are more easily broken by the man, male ownership of female property, concubinage – but these are all artificial structures raised by cultures that have “advanced” beyond their original, hunter-gatherer, small-clan roots.

It’s also a common trope that a woman wants to attract a man to be protector, provider, and nurturing father for her children, and that when she finds this ideal mate she will never look elsewhere. This is also a learned expectation, not one firmly rooted in biology, and there are too many women who, even with the best of intentions, can’t uphold this ideal to think of it as more than an imposition.

No, our origins speak differently. There was a time before agriculture, before pastoralism, before property ownership, before clothing even, when social groups were small, outsiders were rare, and the welfare of children required the efforts of every man and woman in the group, no matter who was the parent. The wisest choice of action, and the one chosen by biology, was for women to form close bonds with the men who were available, holding for them the realistic hope that at least some of the children would be theirs. With the hope of paternity and the promise of frequent sex, they would be willing to share their hunting successes, to act as mentors and protectors and teachers for the children (not only those that might be their own, but possibly those of their sisters as well), and to enhance the success of the community that they all depended on.

Women would be attracted to men who promised not only to be good providers and fathers, but who looked likely to be able to compete well in the sperm competition game. Thus the big, prominently displayed penises and large hanging scrotal sacks to attract partners and intimidate rivals, and our coy, ambiguous hiding of ovulation along with our constant receptivity, the ability to have more orgasms than any individual male could provide, but not the chimpanzee’s hopelessly remote chances of being a father, with the consequent low level of commitment to the children.

It’s a good system, I think, a triumph of evolution. But am I embracing it with my multiple male lovers, or undermining it by my blocking of conception? We still feel the same desires, whether we’re fertile or not, the bonds, the pleasures, and the passions exist regardless of the chances of pregnancy. Maybe some day I’ll bring children into the world. How I will do it, under what sort of paradigm, will be for me and my partners to decide at the time, for now I’m living with the purest, rawest, most primitive, and to me, most satisfying of human behaviors. That attunes my desires closely to Carl’s.

I’ve been deep in thought, and the car has been practically driving itself, so I’m actually surprised when I realize I’m pulling into Carl’s driveway. I’m equally surprised when I notice there’s another car already there. It’s a familiar car, a sharp little BMW 2-door sedan, but it’s unexpected. I raise my eyebrows, exit my own car, and head for Carl’s front door. It’s open, except for the screen, as usual. The windows are open, and the sounds of fans are running inside. Carl likes it hot. There’s music playing from the rear of the house, but it’s not Carl’s usual playlist. I recognize “Make Me Feel,” by Janelle Monae. Very un-Carl-like. I slip off my clothes and lay them on the arm of a living room chair, and pad towards the back.

Past the kitchen, Carl’s house has a sunken den, which he has converted into a fully equipped gym. No commercial gym can give a better workout. It’s the source of the music, and it’s also the source of the familiar, pungent smell of sweat, and sex. Carl is in the middle of the squat rack, sitting on the bench, darkly tanned and naked as usual. His arms are slightly raised and positioned forward, not to lift a weight, but to wrap around the flawless black ass of the most beautiful woman I know. Her smooth mound is leaning forward, her lower lips against his lips and tongue, and he’s licking and sucking happily while he kneads her ass with his hands. They’re oblivious to my presence, and I’m awed by the sight. Sonia is dark black, with smooth, luminous skin, high cheekbones, perfect lips, slightly Asian eyes, and very short curly hair that covers her round skull like a well-tended carpet. She’s about my height, and a natural, muscular athlete, built like a cheerleader or a gymnast, which she was in college. I love Sonia, but I can’t watch for long. I have a cunt full of Taylor’s cum, and the view in front of me is threatening to flush it out amidst my own juices. Fortunately, I don’t have to. Sonia quickly goes from rapid panting to a full-voiced, moaning orgasm. It sounds as nice as it looks, and now I don’t have to feel guilty about interrupting.

“Hi guys,” I announce cheerfully. “I hope you have something left over for me!”

“Tethys!” Sonia comes bouncing over as fast as her rubbery legs will carry her, while Carl stands with a bit of a sheepish look on his face. “You’re just in time! Carl’s already fucked me once, but he says he won’t cum in me until you’ve had your turn. He says you have a tradition. Do you really have Taylor’s cum in you now?”

She grabs me in a big, sweaty hug, and we share a sweet tasting kiss. There’s a little bit of pre-cum in her mouth that I can taste, but no major ejaculate.

“I sure do, and it’s Carl’s job to fuck it out of me. I hope he’s ready, because I am. And what are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you!”

“I should have told you,” she hangs her head and I see the faintest shade of a pout. “But I didn’t plan it, really. It just suddenly hit me that I wanted to see this gym you guys were talking about, and I need to start working out regularly, and hey! I want to go with you guys to Hippie Hollow, if that’s ok. I haven’t been out there in forever, and I’m jealous of you guys getting all that naked sun. I’m not going back to work for a few weeks, and I don’t want to be sitting around all day and not doing anything productive. If I can get back in shape and hang out with good friends, that’s will be productive!

Sonia and Carl only met last Wednesday, somebody’s moving fast to have achieved the status of “good friends.” But I approve. I’d been wanting them to meet for months now, I knew she would adore Carl. She took to him quite readily on Wednesday.

“I’d love that!” I answer sincerely. “Carl, you held off cumming in that beautiful woman for my benefit? You’re a hero and a saint, and I hope you don’t feel like waiting any more!”

I step down onto the sunken floor, and move towards Carl’s waiting arms. His cock is already at full attention, and it’s gorgeous. He’s often sweaty when I arrive, but it’s from starting his workout early. He lifts harder and longer than I’m capable of, but he’s been doing it for many years. I’m only two years in to my weight training. Today, though, his sweat has a different source, and it also has a noticeably different scent. Not that I don’t like this one just as well.

“Carl,” I intone huskily as we wrap our arms around one another. “I have a cunt full of another man’s cum. I need you to push it all out and replace it with a cunt full of yours.”

Sometimes Carl doesn’t take me right away. Sometimes he makes me go through a set of bench presses or squats before he fucks the cum out of me, just to challenge my holding ability. Today, we both want to take care of sexual business first. He turns me and bends me over, my hands resting on the safety bar at the side of the squat rack, and Sonia takes a position directly in front of me, giving her hands access to my front and her lips access to mine. I just need the barest of moisture around my outer lips, and Carl’s abundant precum takes care of that. A few seconds of his oozing cockhead slipping up and down along my slit, and Sonia’s sexy cooing and delicious kissing, and all friction has disappeared. Carl pushes all the way into me, and I hear the gurgling sound of Taylor’s fully-thinned semen frothing onto his shaft, and feel the wetness of it splashing off of his testicles onto my clit.

There’s no gentle lovemaking here, that’s rare enough from Carl anyway, and now he’s already worked up from having fucked Sonia earlier without release. It doesn’t matter, because I’m worked up too, and Sonia’s hands, sliding along my breasts, tweaking my nipples, and reaching down between my legs to catch droplets of mixed Tethys and Taylor, and bringing them back up again for me to taste, are adding an extra urgency to my fire. There will be plenty of time for more skillful fucking later, right now we all want everything we can get immediately.

A few minutes of cunt-pounding, squealing, grunting, sweating, girl-kissing fury, and Carl’s liquid passion can no longer be held back. He has been saving it, Sonia has driven him to the edge, and his glands have been working overtime. There a huge initial spurt, and then several long, warm voluminous pulses, as the last of Taylor’s stored jism is completely obliterated by Carl’s gusher.

“Ooh, I gotta get this on record!” Sonia gasps, and she runs to her purse and pulls out her phone before Carl has had a chance to pull out of me. When he does, he withdraws slowly, his cock glistening, and Sonia has the camera in full closeup mode. My knees are weak and shaky, and it’s all I can do to stay on my feet, even with most of my weight resting on my hands, grabbing the bar on the side of the rack.

Sonia takes advantage of my state, and there’s no competition from me as she slurps Carl’s shaft into her mouth and cleans it until all of the glisten on it is from her saliva. The camera stays busy, and the couple of stray drops of cum that drip from my pussy are captured for posterity.

“Ready to start with bench press?” Carl is ready to go after a few more quick gasps. “Sonia will probably want to get some shots of that too!”

“Yeah, right. I’m gonna set a couple of records right now,” I’m a little sarcastic, but as long as the bar’s not loaded too heavily I think a couple of bench press sets might be a good way to turn my sexual breathlessness into something more focused. I straighten up, and Carl positions the bench in the proper position inside the rack. The bar is already on the hooks as I lay down – at least I get to start out laying down. He slides a couple of ten pound plates down the sleeves, and secures them with collars. I have 65 pounds above me. Not a bad starting weight for me.

Last Saturday I had held Taylor’s cum in me through all the bench press sets before Carl fucked it out of me. Today, I’m in no shape to hold anything inside while lifting weights. Sonia takes up position between my legs, camera at the ready. I’m sure my pussy is well coated and shiny.

Carl stands over my face, in the spotter’s position. God, I love that view! Carl’s face isn’t handsome in the same standard way that Taylor’s is. I call him “My Denisovan.” He’s got a real Homo sapiens chin, but there’s a lot to his face that strikes me as archaic, even primitive. His forehead slopes noticeably into his shaved, shiny scalp, there’s even a bit of a brow ridge, his face is wide and big boned, his nose broad and prominent, his eyes a little small and beady. Even so, it has its charm. But it was his physique that I first noticed about him, and still do. A body to make a Greek god blush, to make Arnold swear off steroids. And no, Carl doesn’t use any enhancements beyond vitamins and creatine. Rare genetics and years of hard work have built a physique that I consider flawless. He’s not like the swollen, injected monsters you see on the professional bodybuilding circuit, more like the old school, Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Vince Gironda, Clancy Ross. I’d never heard of any of these guys, except Arnold, until Carl introduced me to them from old pictures and articles. I know them now, and I agree with him that they set the real standard for masculine muscular perfection. Like them, he carries a big chest and shoulders, slender waist, tight stomach, and nice round ass.

From my perspective, laying on the bench, with him hovering just past my head, his muscular assets are largely blocked by a close-up image of another unusual and attractive asset. It’s not dangling above me, it never dangles. His cock always projects outward a bit, it doesn’t get completely flaccid like all the others I’ve seen. It’s large, but not disproportionately so. Unlike Taylor’s flat-topped “Flight Deck,” Carl has what I call a “Rocket Cock.” The shaft is almost perfectly round, with little of the prominent veining I often see. Its thickness is consistent over almost its entire length. There’s a slight dip just behind the glans, which with it’s intact foreskin then widens out before tapering down to almost a conical point, much like a nose cone. The effect is even more pronounced when he’s hard, because the foreskin doesn’t spontaneously retract, it just looks even more like a rocket thrusting skyward. At the moment, it’s still a little engorged, and projects underneath the bar as he hovers his hands just over it.

At the base of his cock, two streamlined testicles complete the impression. These are unusual too, in that there’s no big hanging scrotum. His balls are neat and tucked close into his crotch, seemingly attached to the base of his shaft like drop tanks under a jet fighter, or solid boosters on a rocket. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it never fails to fascinate me. He never objects to my frequent close inspections of the whole assembly.

His form is even more striking for me due to his complete hairlessness, other than eyebrows. I’ve always preferred bald pubes, and now that I’m enjoying women I have extended that preference to them. Very early on, Carl and I decided that if we were going to ditch the pubic hair, we’d go all out and get rid of all of it. Now, part of my playtime with Carl is shaving his entire body and scalp three times a week. Even his eyebrows get a reasonable trimming. The result is a smooth, sculptured bronze god, whose every movement and every touch turns me on intensely.

I can’t muse on viewing pleasure at the moment, I have a bar to lift. It’s not a hard weight, more like a minimal working set. There will be more and harder sets to follow. I wrap my fingers around the bar just outside of the beginning of the knurl. My eye is still drawn straight up to Carl’s overhanging penis, but with concentration, I grip properly and lift the bar up over the hooks. Carl moves his hands up and backs off half a step. I’m aware of Sonia hovering between my thighs with the camera.

“C’mon girl, let it down straight. Push it up – push – push – push!” Carl’s voice spouts his enthused encouragement.

“Damn, I can see more cum leaking out!” Sonia’s squeal is interspersed with the synthetic clicking sounds of the camera’s shutter.

I do five reps without undue strain, and rack the bar. Carl adds more weight, I’m at eighty five pounds now, and up goes another five reps. The breathing is a little hard now, and the atmosphere is decidedly less erotic. After each set I have a couple of minutes to recover, and then more weight goes on the bar. Finally we’re at my personal best for last week, 115 pounds. It was the first time I’d done five reps, and I’m sure I can’t do more than that now. I don’t even try. But I do notice just a smidgin less shaking and straining on that last rep. It goes up slowly, but mostly smoothly.

“Great job!” Carl exults, and Sonia can only say “Dayumm!”

“Okay, we can fit another five pounds on there,” Carl rules, and I wonder if I can do it.

“See if you can get three reps at 120,” he orders. “That’ll be a good result.”

“I don’t know...” I hesitate.

“Yeah, you can do it. Remember, girl, you’re starting to approach the status of elite athlete. You’ll knock it out of the park!”

Carl lets me rest an extra couple of minutes, time that Sonia spends idly stroking his cock until it’s fully hard again. This time when he stands above me over the bar, it’s an engorged, thick upward pointing rocket, that’s actually brushing against the center of the bar. I can’t drool over it, though, I’m nearly beat. Three reps! I barely lift the bar over the hooks, and lower it to my sternum. Now the shouts are in unison.

“Go girl! Push! C’mon! Get it! Fuck Yeah!”

Rep one is a little shaky. Rep two is very shaky. Rep three, Carl has his hands ready to grab the bar if it drops. It’s not strictly necessary, there are safety bars at my chest level, but those kinds of impacts aren’t very good for either the barbell, or the safeties, or the lifter who drops the lift.

The safety bars don’t matter, my mind says. Carl’s hands don’t matter. Right now, his cock doesn’t matter. My eyes glaze over, my elbows hurt, my breath bursts out of my chest in the closest thing to a roar you’ll ever hear from me. Carl and Sonia roar right along with me, and despite the rapidly spreading numbness in my arms and chest, I reach the top. Lockout! Carl grabs the barbell out of my hands and pulls it back onto the hooks.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re a fucking machine! Shit yeah!”

I can’t discern who’s saying what, the blood is pounding in my ears. I lay on the bench and pant for a few seconds, then let out a squeal of my own when I feel a wet tongue brushing along my labia up to my clit.

“Old cum and new sweat!” laughs Sonia. “Tasty combination!”

I may be horny. I may have an unusually high libido. I may be a slut. I might even be sex-obsessed. But I sure as hell am not in a sexy mood right now! My legs close, and I sit up, still rather shaky.

“Your turn now, bitch! Let’s see how sexy you are under a full load!”

The atmosphere becomes more businesslike now, as Carl switches into coaching mode. He sends me to the pullup and cable row machine in the corner of the room while he evaluates Sonia on the bench. I do several sets of five pullups as he slowly works up the weight on Sonia’s bench. I expect him to spend more time with her. He should. I’ve been working out with him for a couple of years, and I know my way around the exercises pretty well. Sonia’s an unknown quantity, and she’ll need some real coaching. Carl is a good coach. He could probably make a living at it, if there was much demand for naked weight lifting.

“Hell yeah!” Sonia racks the weights and bumps fists with Carl as she completes her fifth rep at 95 pounds. She sits up and catches her breath for a minute. I walk from the cable row machine to congratulate her.

“In all the years I spent doing gymnastics and dance and cheerleading, I never lifted a fucking weight,” she shakes her head. “This is awesome, and I hurt!”

“You did fantastic,” Carl smiles. A lot of men can’t do 95 pounds when they’re first starting. You’re already athletic, you’ve got some muscle, you just developed it in different ways.”

“I haven’t developed anything in a couple of years now,” Sonia moans. “I really need to get back in shape. Especially if I’m going to be doing sexy stage shows.”

“You’re seven years younger than I was when I started,” I offer. “And you’re naturally athletic. I’m not. With Carl training you, you can get a lot farther than I ever will. You’re already the hottest looking girl I know. You’re going to be at a higher level than everybody in your business!”

“You’re the hot one!” Sonia smiles. “I’d love to have your body.”

I’m inclined to argue, but Sonia continues. “Carl, I think I told you guys last Wednesday about how well my China tour went, and how I’ve been invited back? I’m going to be getting a tour contract for China AND Japan, and it looks like I’ve got a recording contract about to be signed. I’m looking at some serious money for the first time in my life. I’m going to be taking it easy for a few more weeks, and then I’m going to be back at work. I need to up my game a little, and I want my stage show to be a killer. I’m going to need to be looking super sexy, and not from makeup or surgery. I know I’m going to have to be hitting the weights big time, and I’m going to need a trainer.

“So Carl, what if I hire you? We can work out naked when I’m in town, and you can be a trainer-slash-bodyguard when I’m on tour. I’m sure I can pay you more than you’re making installing solar panels. The downside is that you’ll have to fuck me regularly. Not exclusively, of course. Deal?”

Carl looks over at me with what I can only describe as a look of shock and bewilderment. I look from his eyes to Sonia’s, and my look is probably just as surprised. Sonia shrugs.

“Bad timing, I guess. I should have waited until we were done working out, at least. How about you, Tethys? Would you be able to part with him a few months out of the year?”

I stare at Carl a few seconds, and he looks at me questioningly. “Say yes, goddammit!” I growl, and Carl nods, smiles, and turns back to Sonia. She’s still breathing deep, and I love the way her perfect black breasts, and even blacker nipples, rise and fall with her chest.

“Ok, but I want to be able to take other clients too, and trade off your reputation to bring in my own business,” he announces. I’m shocked again, this isn’t the shy, anti-social Carl I’m used to.

Sonia smiles at me again. “Girl,” she laughs. “This is all your doing. You’ve created a monster! Lets continue this workout and then hit the lake.”

My mind is reeling. I wish I could say I’ll go through the rest of the workout in a dream state, but that would be too romantic. It doesn’t work that way. Lifting weights is hard work. You’re right at the edge of failure, and you need every bit of concentration to push that last set over the top. But it still makes a difference. I feel energized, and my last few sets go amazingly well. My top squat at 160 pounds goes from four reps to five. I throw in extra reps on the stiff-legged deadlifts, the dumbell lateral raises, add a couple of pounds to my overhead press, and even a set of 20 pushups goes off without a hitch. Mindset makes a big difference, but I can’t fool my body. By the time I’m done, it knows it’s been worked harder than it ever has before. Sonia’s not the only one hurting.

Carl’s not unaffected either. His demeanor is still professional, but I see it in the way he works his own exercises in between supervising Sonia and me. He puts 330 pounds on the bar for the bench press and does six reps, then five reps at 360. I’ve never seen him do that much. He then tosses off a set of 500 pound squats, and I know he’s inspired.

None of us can move very well by the time we’re done, and we sit together in a sweaty heap on the towel-covered couch that decorates one wall. I rest my hand on Carl’s soaked lap, and as if resurrected, or at least restored, his cock begins to swell. I see Sonia’s had the same idea, and she’s massaging his auxiliary fuel tanks – er… testicles from the other side.

“Your serious, right?” Carl seems a little skeptical now that we’ve started coming down to Earth.

“Fuck yeah,” she reassures him. “I’ve actually been thinking about it ever since I got back from China, and as soon as I met you, I thought you might be the guy. And now that I’ve been here and seen how you operate, I’m sure. You got a passport? We can help you get one.”

Carl is fully hard quickly. I don’t know who I feel hornier for right now, Carl to celebrate what might be a major turn in his fortunes, or Sonia, who I feel so grateful toward right now, on top of my natural attraction for her.

“Tethys, if I’m not here, you have a key. I’ll write up a program for you to follow when I’m gone, and you can work out as often as you want, or sleep here, or play in the yard, or whatever. Hell, you can even bring your other friends over for orgies if you want – or hey, if you can get Taylor or Jo or Joe interested in lifting, you can bring them over. “

“And Henri too,” laughs Sonia. I’ve already told him what I was thinking of, by the way, and he’s fine with it. You know he’s not the jealous type. I just wish he wasn’t so tied to the restaurant. I know he wants to get more exercise. And shit, when I’m gone, he’s not getting nearly enough sex. That bullshit about all the girls coming on to him because of his big dick is just bullshit. He hardly gets a chance to use it on anybody but me, but he doesn’t go out and take advantage of the opportunities he could have. He’s always working.”

I know I’d be willing to take some of the pressure off Henri’s big dick whenever the opportunity arises. But like Sonia says, it rarely does. I’ve had him twice this week, on Monday and during our Wednesday orgy, but that was the first time in several months. I know that he’s at The Taino right now, on Saturday morning, and will be there until it closes late tonight. He probably didn’t sleep much last night either, and Sonia, the number one love of his life, only sees him about three times a week. But she keeps pretty busy too. It’s tough being a celebrity chef, and a budding pop music star.

“You know, we can do this at the lake,” Carl reminds us, and he’s right.

Ideally, we’d be getting in the shower now and freshening up, but Carl’s shower just barely fits two, and cozy as it would be, having three of us in there wouldn’t be comfortable.

“Hey, I know...” Sonia sounds enthusiastic. “Let’s do what we did when I was a kid, and use the hose and a bucket out in the back yard!”

It’s a great idea. We extricate ourselves from the couch and run to grab the gear. Carl gets the towels and soap, I grab the razors and a sponge, and Sonia scouts out a spot in the back of the house. Carl has a perfect concrete patio, a couple of clean buckets in the attached storage shed, and the hose is already hooked to the spigot.

The water is cold to start with, but we adapt quickly, and in the hot early August air it soon feels wonderful. The bucket is full of suds, and the sponge is distributed generously between the three of us. We’re squealing like kids, but my libido is quickly feeling very adult, and Carl is completely man-hard, and completely comfortable with it as we play. He looks magnificent naked in the sun, bronze body, pumped up muscles, and big, hard, uniquely built cock. The washing part goes quickly, and then we break out the razors. Sonia and I take turns shaving Carl head to toe, although there’s some friendly competition when it comes to who gets to do just which part. We work it out, though – I shave the front of his pubes, and Sonia gets his ass and his balls. I take the left leg, she takes the right. We’re all happy, and Carl probably the most.

Then it’s the girl’s turn, and there’s another friendly tussle between Carl and Sonia over who’s going to do which part of me. They split it by sides, Carl on the left and Sonia on the right. There’s a lot of overlap on my pubes, and I’m not sure whether they’re going to be extra smooth or razor burned when we’re done. It feels great, though. I stand still, legs parted, while they work on me, and it’s interesting to feel the difference between Carl’s firm, short, precise strokes on my left labia and Sonia’s smooth, delicate tracing on my right. They’re both wonderful. I no longer need the hose to be wet, but I’m going to need some rinsing. I’m shivering, but not from the cold water.

Carl and I split the shaving duties on Sonia as well. She obviously doesn’t need it, she must have shaved this morning – or…

“Do you wax?” I ask innocently.

“Hell no, woman, I ain’t in to pain. That’ll take half my skin off down there!”

“No pain no gain,” Carl intones rather unhelpfully.

“That’s different,” she sighs, “Damn, I feel so fucking pumped right now. I didn’t realize how good that can feel. It’s almost as good as sex, but I bet it lasts longer.”

“We can make either one last as long as you want,” I smile, and lift the razor up momentarily while I wiggle a finger into her opening. She bucks a little, and sighs again. I take my finger out and taste it. At least the soap didn’t get in there. Sonia has a delightful taste of her own, but sadly, there’s no male essence mixed in with hers. That’s going to have to change later.

I’m kneeling in front of Sonia as I continue to work my way with the razor down her left leg. I have to lean back and gaze at her from time to time. She’s truly the most beautiful woman in my world, at least. She has the darkest black skin of anyone I’ve ever known except for Henri, but it’s also the brightest black skin I’ve ever seen, smooth, shiny, luminous even. I can’t really describe it, but it gives her a certain ethereal quality that I’m sure adds to her stage presence. It must be a factor in her success.

Her breasts jut out above me, proud, firm, slightly conical towards those dark dark nipples. I know I want to take them in my mouth now. But not yet. I just as badly want to kiss those lips. I’ve yet to see her wear lipstick. She absolutely does not need it. Her lips are naturally moist, full without being puffy, and just a bare shade darker than the skin on her face. That perfect, smooth, black, shiny delicious skin. I look into her eyes, and she smiles back at me. I can see my lust returned. Her eyes are captivating, gorgeous, penetrating, dark, deep, with an almond shape to them that’s a little Asian-looking. Her hair is very short, and tightly conforms to the roundness of her skull, setting off the oval shape of her face and the height of her cheekbones perfectly. Even her chin is a delight, not weak, but not too prominent, and it’s somehow as expressive as the rest of her. Her teeth, as she smiles at me are perfect – straight, white, and even.

There is no blemish on her body, no out of place pad of fat, her waist is tight, her mons is broad and prominent, and her labia are well tucked in, her clit is noticeable without being, well I want it to be in my face! No tattoos, no piercings, she’s perfect just the way the Goddess made her. I consider myself a lucky girl, but Sonia is blessed. For a moment, I picture Hera’s pale face and red hair nestled between Sonia’s shiny black legs, and think of how powerful the union of two goddesses must be.

I can’t imagine any man successfully resisting Sonia’s magnetism. Even I, who never even thought attraction to women could be a thing, have been completely converted by her. I’m glad she’s in my life, and now that she’s in Carl’s life too, I’m even gladder. I’ll be happy to share any man with Sonia, as long as I’m along for the ride as well.

The leg is finished, I took longer than I needed, and longer than Carl did, even though his admiration for Sonia is no less deep and no less obvious. We’re all smooth, all clean, and the cold water has been refreshing to our sore muscles.

“Ready to go?” Carl sounds eager.

“Do we have to wear clothes?” asks Sonia.

“Only until we get there,” I answer, “but don’t overdress.”

It doesn’t take long to throw on some semblance of clothing. I wear what I arrived in, what I wore to Taylor’s house yesterday evening, a light pullover with nothing underneath. Sonia wears a very sexy pair of yellow shorts with a yellow bikini top, and Carl throws on a pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt. We pile into Carl’s Jeep, I get in the back seat to let Sonia sit in the front. It’s a matter of seconds before she has her hand down the front of Carl’s pants, and they’re both wearing big grins.

It’s not the most exciting drive in the world, and my mind turns to musings of all kinds. Suddenly I realize I have an opportunity to ask Sonia a question that’s been growing in my mind this week.

“Sonia,” I begin, leaning forward to put my face close. “How did you get so sexual? I mean, I know I have an unusually high sex drive, and I’d say we both have unusual sexual lifestyles. We can’t even pretend to be mainstream. I’ve thought a lot about how my own preferences evolved, but I don’t know much about how it works in other people. So, how did you become the total sex goddess that we all adore?”

She laughs. “I guess I haven’t thought that much about it, but we are more than a little on the outlier spectrum! Well, if I have to think about it, I blame my parents in part, part of it on Henri, and part of it on you.”

“Me!?” I’m taken aback.

“Yes, you, big time,” she smiles. “So do you want my life story? Since I’m still young, it won’t take that long.”

“I do!” Carl breaks in, and I nod in agreement.

“My Mom and Dad used to cheat on each other all the time, and then they’d fight about it. And I don’t mean arguing fighting, I mean they got physical. They’re both pretty small people, but they’re both mean. And sneaky. Both of them ended up bruised and bleeding every time, but it never stopped them. Then they’d go right out and do it again. God I hated it. I’d scream at them to stop, but they acted toward me like it was no big deal. My Dad would just shrug and say ‘I cheat on her, she beats me up. She cheats on me, I beat her up,’ like it was just some kind of natural thing.”

“So I thought why go to the bother of getting into an exclusive relationship if people are just going to cheat and make things horrible for each other. I was a bit of a slut – ok I was a lot of a slut, but at least I wasn’t going to lie to people and make promises I couldn’t keep. But really, I wasn’t enjoying sex all that much, and I was starting to wonder why fucking all these people was so important to my parents that they were willing to hurt each other over it. In hindsight, if it wasn’t cheating, they would have found something else to beat each other up over. They’re both pretty angry people. Not a good vibe at home.”

“And then I met Henri, and damn, that changed everything. At first it was like you’d think, that monster dick, and feeling adventurous, and acting like a porn star and shit. But you know Henri, he’s such a sweetheart. He doesn’t judge, he acts like a true friend, he’s gentle, and always has a good word to say to everybody. I fell for him pretty quick. But he had like three or four other women he was seeing, and face it, a cock that big can’t be tied down!”

That’s good for a laugh. She continues.

“So he wanted me to keep seeing other guys, and hell, he’s busy most of the week anyway, so if I had any libido at all I’d want more than he could offer, no matter how good he is. But then he had the idea that we should try threesomes with some of his other girlfriends. That way we could spend more time together! I thought that was cool, but it didn’t work out that well. Those women wanted Henri, and they didn’t want to share him. It was kind of an all or nothing attitude, which ended up not being good for anybody.”

“And then I met you that day I was modeling. I told Henri about you right away, and it was clear to us both that you were special. At first we weren’t really sure what to expect. But not only was the sex so much better than with anybody else, it was just the way you handled yourself that impressed me. You’re so classy, you talked about Carl and Taylor like they were important to you, and that what we were doing was enriching your life, theirs and ours. When I got to know you better, I could see how you so comfortably integrate your sexuality into every part of your life, I love how you love being naked, I love how you appreciate beauty, I love how you’re so passionate yet so generous, and so interested in treating it like a learning experience as well as a moment of pleasure. I decided a long time ago I wanted to be more like you.”

“Wow!” I respond. I’m silent for a minute or two. “I guess we’ll have to thank Carl and Taylor for whatever good attitude I’ve developed. And years of watching porn. It might not have been the best relationship lesson, but it gave me some technical skills worth practicing.”

I’m a little embarrassed. Sure, I like sex. I love it. I love everything about it. I want to be good at it. I enjoy learning about it. I like the people I’m practicing it with. But I’ve always thought of my partners as being better at it than me. Well, at least since Carl. Before that doesn’t count. Henri and Sonia had been awe-inspiring during that first encounter, and every time since, actually. I always felt like I was the amateur at the feet of two masters.

“I agree with everything you said about Tethys,” Carl chimes in. “She’s made a huge difference in my life, and not just sexually – even though sex is always part of it.”

Sonia looks like she’s holding back tears. “Fuck, I wish I could take both of you on tour with me,” she says. “I feel like this is kind of a family, even though I hardly know you, Carl. I’d say I feel like Tethys is a sister, but that’s kind of incestuous, isn’t it?”

“I feel like we’re in a tribe of people who belong together,” I respond. “But members of the tribe do go off on adventures sometimes. They can always come back.”

“Oh, I’ll come back,” Sonia nods emphatically.

I like the idea of us being part of a tribe together. I might want it to grow a little more, though.

“You girls are making me horny,” Carl reports.

“As usual,” I interrupt.

“And that also means hungry,” Carl ignores me. “Anybody want to grab a burger?”

We’re at the corner of FM 620 and Bullick Hollow Road, getting close to our destination. Mighty Fine Burgers usually lives up to its name, and today is no exception. Nothing fancy, we’re here to fill our gullets so we don’t have to leave a mess at the lake. Of course there are trash containers there, but we’d just as soon not leave room for accidents or any momentary carelessness. It’s pleasant enough, but even so I eat mostly in silence, while Carl and Sonia chat happily, getting better acquainted. They live in very different worlds, but those worlds are soon to come much closer together. I can’t help but muse on the things Sonia said about me.

We’re both artists, so on a certain level we’re bound to think alike, and see similar patterns. Some of what she said resonated immediately with me. Of course I view sex as a learning experience, and why shouldn’t I love generously? I only benefit from doing so. And of course I will always value and be open about my debt to Carl and Taylor, without them I’d still be a frustrated masturbater wondering why all the men I date are losers. No one will replace those two, neither man nor woman, and anyone I choose to fuck will be comfortable with my other relationships, or they simply won’t fuck me. And of course, being naked is a given, especially since I’ve been with Carl. It was nascent before, but he’s elevated it to a major aspect of my identity, and I’m thankful for that. It makes me happy.

But a role model? Classy? She talks of me as if I’m the confident sex goddess that I dream of. But she’s seen my paintings. She’s seen the endless iterations on the theme, the shy, lonely girl surrounded by, lost in, the vast landscapes of nature. That’s who I really am, isn’t it? Don’t I reveal the true me through my work? I remind myself that my latest painting, soon to be finished, the one with the cum of four men mixed into its gesso, is a major change from that theme. The woman IS a goddess, boldly and confidently naked, with the natural landscape as her backdrop rather than her hiding place. Is this the new me? The real me? The me that was always there, waiting to come out? But it was two years of Carl’s inspiration, a year and a half of Taylor’s encouragement, many months of Sonia and Henri’s enthusiasm, and finally, Hera’s example, to push me into displaying this new – or old – me in my work.

I’m a lucky girl. I’m surrounded by beautiful, loving, and sensuous sex partners, after years of frustration and loneliness I’m getting all the attention, support, and orgasmic joy that I’ve always wanted, and so far it seems to be improving my work rather than interfering with it. I’ll have to be careful, though. I still haven’t reached my sexual peak, and I don’t know what my physical limits are. My sex drive could easily bring me down if I don’t set some boundaries.

But maybe that’s already taking care of itself. I had wondered how I was going to handle multiple men in my life long-term, but now there’s an influx of wonderful women into the tribe. I’m getting more pussy than I ever dreamed (which wasn’t much in my dreams, since until Sonia, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of sex with women), but I’m also getting less cock than before, at least starting this week. I find I’m having to share it with the ladies. I also find I don’t mind it at all.

My final finding while I’m musing, is that that my burger and fries are gone, and I’m taking the last sip of my drink. I look up at my friends, who have stopped talking, and finished eating some time ago, and are both staring at me.

“You sure were zoned out,” Sonia nudges me. “Something was going on in that pretty head of yours.”

“I was thinking about what you said in the Jeep,” I answered. “I realize that I love you.”

I feel completely secure, accepted and loved in my little group, and my face feels like it’s burning with the glow of happiness. My smile must look pretty silly.

“Well, sexy ladies,” Carl interrupts. “Do we want to sit here and make eyes at each other, or go to the lake, take our clothes off, and make eyes at each other?”

“You leave us no alternative!” Sonia tilts her head with a grin, and we head back out again.

The parking lot is crowded, especially since we’ve arrived a little later than usual. It takes us several passes before we find a spot nestled off the pavement, in a recently vacated gap in the bushes. At least we don’t have to park outside the entrance. This way we can get naked and leave our clothes in the car. It’s not strictly legal, but no one who might see us will be offended enough to complain. Carl grabs a cooler with drinks and sunscreen, and each of us carries a rolled up towel. I feel the rush of exposure as we cross the parking lot and make for the opening in the juniper woodland that marks the beginning of the nude area.

It’s a short walk to the paved pathway that parallels the lakeshore, and the slopes and rocks around the waterline are crowded. A little more than half of the people are nude, and there is a smattering of not-quite-nude women who feel comfortable enough to remove their tops, but keep their bottoms on. There is also the ever-present contingent of male oglers, who come here to sit back in the bushes, drink beer, and watch the naked people, but don’t have the balls to join them. As we move further down the shoreline and begin to skirt the first of several small coves that provide minimal shelter from the main part of the lake, I notice that the proportion of full nudists increases, the tans get darker and more even, and faces begin to look familiar.

Sonia’s been here once, but it’s been a few years, and it’s all like new to her. Her face turns constantly to take in the sights, her smile is surgically implanted.

“This is so fucking cool,” she says repeatedly. “How have I let this place go off my radar?”

Soon enough we arrive at our own cove, and head a little away from the water, up to a knee-high limestone ledge that seems well placed for us to do a little ogling ourselves. The ledge is already occupied by what seem to be several small groups, but one couple has left an open space for our convenience.

“Sonia!” A small reddish brown woman squeals with surprised delight, and leaps off the towel draped rock she’s been lounging on. Jo only met Sonia for the first time this past Wednesday, during the orgy at my house. I’ve been meeting Joanne and her husband Joe here at Hippie Hollow for several weeks now, so I’m not surprised she greets Sonia first. It’s ok, and Joe compensates by giving me a generous hug.

“Where’s Henri?” Jo asks with sincere curiosity, as she hugs Carl and I in our turns.

“Working as usual,” Sonia sighs. He doesn’t get away on Saturdays. He gets a few hours of sleep in the morning and then he’s back at the restaurant. I’m not sure if that’s his wife, or his baby, or both, but he’ll never leave it. We only get to play in the middle of the week, so I’m on my own for the weekends, kind of. I’ll help him out at the restaurant later tonight, but it will be mostly business.”

“We’re glad you chose to come our way, then,” Joe interjects.”Henri’s loss is our gain.”

Joe and Jo are second-generation nudists and swingers, and childhood sweethearts who grew up with the understanding and acceptance that they would continue the lifestyle they’d learned from their parents. They’re as happily married as can be, and proud of the fact that neither of them has fucked anyone without the encouragement, presence, and participation of the other. It’s an interesting form of monogamy, and works well for them.

They’re in their mid forties, slender and fit, Joanne is of Mexican descent and Joe is Italian, which combined with a lifetime spent naked in the Sun allows them to sport very dark tans, but with skin that’s held up surprisingly well. Having also spent a lifetime comfortable with open and shared sexuality, they have no inhibitions about expressing it. Joanne in particular oozes casual sensuality, a salacious outlook, and a sincere appreciation of physical human beauty. In other words, she’s a toucher. She’s already got Carl’s cock in one hand, the other lightly rubbing his chest as she reaches up to greet him with a wet and tongue-rich kiss.

Joe is usually a little more subtle, But I get a welcome ass-squeezing from him as he kisses me in greeting, and I’m able to grab a handful of testicles before I pass him over to Sonia, who directs one of his hands to her right breast, while he receives a friendly tug on his shaft from her. It’s a nice greeting all around. We sit close, Jo between her husband and Carl, without ever having released her grasp on his shaft. It naturally responds. Her other hand instinctively reaches to Joe’s lap, and without even looking she’s got both men in hand, stroking and squeezing absent-mindedly while we chat.

We settle down to a nice, relaxed conversation, that for a long time manages to stray far from sexual things, unlikely enough as it may seem from Jo’s never-pausing strokes. The men are handling it quite comfortably, casually, and erectly. Much of it is Jo and Joe getting to know Sonia. They’ve fucked, but they haven’t really talked, and that imbalance needs to be corrected. We’re all new to one another, and there’s much to learn between the five of us. There’s something about casual nudity and open sexuality that makes the revelation of personal details feel safe and easy. I learn more about Jo and Joe’s life in San Diego, and why they’re now in Austin.

“The swinger scene in San Diego, if that’s what you want to call it, is pretty tribal,” Joe explains. “Or maybe cliquish is a better word. There were little groups, usually not much overlap, although we’d meet up sometimes at Blacks Beach or various social events, we usually kept pretty much to our own tribe.”

“I like the idea of a tribe,” I offer. “It would be nice to have something like that here.”

“It would be ideal! I hope with you and Carl and Sonia and Henri and Taylor, we can put together the seed of something like that here,” Jo nods.

I tell my story of Hera, her Goddess identity, and her eroticism uber alles approach to life.

“She sounds like just our type,” smiles Jo. “I hope we meet her. So you’ve got her alone with Taylor today? I hope he survives!”

“It’ll be touch and go,” I laugh.”I’m not sure anybody knows what she’s capable of yet!”

“Well, at least it’ll balance out the genders, more or less. Of course we need to see more of Henri. I’d like to see a lot more of Henri!”

“I’m afraid it will be a frequently fractured tribe,” Sonia sighs. “Not only is Henri’s availability limited, but before too long Carl and I are going on tour together.”

“What????” Jo and Joe both sound taken aback in unison.

“I’ve hired him as my personal trainer,” Sonia responds. “He’s going to be keeping me in top shape, he’s going to be watching my diet for me, he’s going to keep me out of trouble, and he’s going to fuck me often when we’re far from home.”

This triggers demands for extended explanations, and details of Sonia’s life as an international touring singer/songwriter captivate us for nearly an hour. Carl adds few details, but he’s smiling frequently.

I notice that the others sharing the ledge nearby have wandered off, and we have the little clearing to ourselves. The conversation drifts back to our tribal lifestyle.

“We had six other couples in our immediate circle,” Joe continues. “That kept us pretty busy. Like I said, there wasn’t a lot of overlap, there were other tribes, so to speak, that we were friends with, and one of our couples did have relationships with some of them.”

“I do miss that,” muses Jo. “We had some good times, and some people were real characters. There was that one couple, the tall nordic guy and his tiny filipina wife, that were part of our parent’s group? We used to babysit their kid when we were young and they went out to play together. They’d be in their late fifties or sixties now. They were a hoot. We still saw them at Black’s Beach even after we grew up and got married. I think they probably own the place now. They were gym rats too. You remind of us a younger version of him, Carl. He was pretty much a perfect physical specimen at any age.”

“Give us a chance,” Joe breaks in. “We just joined a good gym yesterday, and we’re going to be more jacked than all of you!”

“Good on you both!” cheers Carl. “I can’t wait for our mutual pose-downs!”

“Speaking of beautiful poses,” Jo leans across Carl towards Sonia and pretends to lower her voice. She tightens her grip on his cock, pulls his foreskin down, and massages the rubbery tip with her thumb as she speaks. “Last Saturday, right here, Carl and Tethys had about the most glorious fuck session I think I’ve ever seen outdoors. I would have creamed my pants watching, if I’d been wearing any. We were so inspired, I think Joe and I had the best sex that night since we moved here!”

“Oh, really?” Sonia looks conspiratorially at Carl.

“He fucked her standing up, he fucked her doggy style, she fucked him on top… I took videos, and there was a pretty enthusiastic audience.” She reaches for her bag with her free hand and digs out her phone. We all crowd close for a view. I have a copy on my computer at home, but it’s more fun to watch it with friends. It’s pretty fucking pornographic. I love the sight of his shiny slippery cock slamming into my wet cunt from angles that I can’t see myself. I can tell it’s having an effect. Carl and Joe are both already hard, but I’m feeling like I’m about to stain the towel I’m sitting on, and Sonia is squirming.

“I want to watch him fuck you like that,” she says almost breathlessly to Sonia, “If Tethys doesn’t mind.”

Of course I don’t mind. Sonia hasn’t had Carl cum for her yet, and I’m still carrying some of his last orgasm. It’s only fair. Still, I want compensation.

“Ok, but who’s going to fuck me? I feel so lonely over here!”

“You know we have that covered,” Jo smiles, and Joe smiles too, very broadly. I never doubted the outcome, of course.

“Isn’t there a vice squad or something that patrols this place?” Sonia asks with just a hint of worry.

“There’s usually a couple of cops that come by in the morning, and then another pass in the evening,” Carl reassures her. “I’ve never seen them around midday.”

“The morning crew already came and went,” nods Jo. “We’re safe. And we might get some of our fans to keep a lookout for us.”

I cross over to the other side of our group, and sit next to Joe. Joanne has moved her grip to the base of his shaft, with her thumb flicking the front of his scrotum, and her pinky gently patting back and forth over his hairless pubes. That leaves the top half for me, and I delight in the feel of his retracted foreskin, unsleeved beneath the gently spreading mushroom of his glans. It’s not the biggest cock I’ve ever had by a long shot, but it’s exquisitely beautiful; warm, smooth yet rippled with veins, soft at the surface yet harder inside, than most larger members, an even brown color on the main shaft and outer foreskin, which contrasts enticingly with the soft pink of the swollen head and retracted foreskin. I look at Joe’s face, and his expression is beatific.

I like cocks of many shapes and sizes, cut or uncut, they each have their own beauty, but there’s something special about an intact penis that feels extra male, making me feel like there’s more there to play with. Foreskins fascinate me, regardless of what state they’re in.

Currently we’re in Texas, and this California cock is attracting most of my attention. Not all of it, because there is another man here and two other women. Sonia takes her cue.

“If I must, I must,” she smiles, and bends over Carl’s lap. Joanne moves her hand to the base, and Sonia takes over the head with her mouth. She bobs gently, a few light tickling licks, some soft kisses, and a mild suction from the bottom of the glans upward, drawing his foreskin tighter over the top. Carl is grunting and gasping. Sonia bends down again, this time uncovering the glans, moving the foreskin out of the way downward. Carl sounds a little like he’s choking, but the gurgling in his throat is approving and enthusiastic. Sonia pauses, smiles and looks up at his face.

“At this moment, Carl,” she quips brightly, “Sonia doesn’t want cocks with good taste, Sonia wants cocks that taste good. And you are delicious, good sir!”

Jo is in a bit of a quandary now, as both Carl and her husband are being blown on either side of her. She can observe, record, or participate, but not for both couples at once. For now, she decides to participate, and she turns her attention to Joe and I. As I go down again on Joe, I feel her finger, slippery, gentle but insistent, parting the folds of my cunt and gently brushing my clit. I reposition myself for easier access, and Jo kneels behind me. Her tongue replaces her finger, and she applies it with expertise. I’m squealing and squirming, a little distracted, but still able to continue my deep and drooling attentions to Joe’s cock. I look up momentarily, and see Sonia’s impressive work on Carl. She’s taking him as deeply as I ever have. The contrast of her shiny black cheeks enveloping and then exposing Carl’s golden brown man flesh is simply beautiful.

Unsurprisingly, we have drawn a bit of a crowd. It’s mostly single men, of course, but there are some smiling couples as well. It seems a little more vocal than usual. I want to give them something to cheer about, and experience a few whoops for myself as well. As good as Joanne’s lips and tongue feel, I want something more substantial in there. Joe’s already conveniently situated, it’s a simple matter for me to simply lift my face away from his lap, climb over it, and sit down atop his now completely ready manhood. It works. A cheer comes from the crowd.

Carl is not to be outdone. He gently lifts Sonia’s face off of him and stands up, pulling her with him. He reaches behind, grasps her ass, and lifts her up and over his spectacular cock, guiding her back down over it. She wraps her legs behind his back, wraps her arms around his neck, and wraps her lips around his mouth. The cheers grow louder. Jo uses this opportunity to finally grab her phone, and she busily moves from one couple to the other, snapping photos and making videos. I’m glad I’ll be able to watch it later, because right now I’m totally focused on the pulses of fiery pleasure, their staccato explosions radiating through my thighs, into my belly, and up my spine into my skull. My own breath is pulsing, but as I look into Joe’s eyes, I’m almost shocked to see that his gaze is steady, his smile is calm, almost amused, his face projects total, serene confidence.

I’ll admit, I’m a cock-centered girl. Ever since I first discovered porn as a confused and untutored youth, I’ve been fascinated by the male appendage. I like long ones, fat ones, and unusual shapes. I don’t have penis envy, but I definitely have penis admiration. Sure, I like big muscles, I like tight asses, and I like handsome faces and creative personalities, but nothing turns me on so much as a spectacularly well put together, firm, warm, fleshy trouser snake. I have that with Taylor, Carl, and Henri. Joe’s cock is totally vanilla in appearance, size, and structure. It’s pretty, no real flaws, but nothing about it would draw my attention in a crowd, it doesn’t have the visual impact that my other men have. So why is it driving me so uncontrollably wild at the moment? Joe has a secret skill, and he fucking well knows it. I’m being controlled, played, used, wielded – and I’m the one doing the work! I’m loving every second of it.

Joe’s not completely idle. His fingertips slide up and down my torso and along my thighs, now moving up, brushing my breasts, grasping and gently pulling each nipple in turn like milking a cow. It sounds ridiculous but it’s exquisite. He continues over my shoulders, now scratching my back in ways that add to the tingling sensation flowing across my scalp. Joanne continues act as camera operator, alternating between her husband and me, and Sonia and Carl. Sonia has already had one loud, expressive orgasm, she’s been vocal and vividly detailed the whole time.

“Oh, Carl, your big fucking cock fucks me so deep! It’s such a big hot cock, makes my hot cunt even hotter! Oh, shit, keep fucking me… thrust me… fucking tear this black pussy up with that golden cock pole!”

I know she’s playing to the crowd, she’s a born performer. But her orgasms are real, and the cheers and whistles of the onlookers merely enhance her intensity. I’m registering all this, but I can’t focus on it. I’ve got my own delights to experience. I get in an occasional “fuck yeah!”, and a lot of “ooohs”, but I’m mostly gutturally gasping, and still Joe looks cool and tranquil as a fit, happy Buddha. I know I’ve had two orgasms, but they aren’t nearly as crowd pleasing as Sonia’s.

Things change after Carl’s reached his limit. A rapid series of rising inflected short moans, culminating with a loud groaning “Aaaaaaauuuuuuuurrrrrrch!” and his spasming body jets its seed deep inside Sonia. His legs may be massively muscular, but their strength suddenly disappears, and he sinks down onto the ledge, with Sonia still firmly latched onto his crotch. Joanne doesn’t miss a single quiver with the video.

Joe grabs me at the hips, and interrupts my humping of his cock. He turns me around, facing away from his face, and leans me back towards him. I’m in the reverse cowgirl mode now, my feet are raised up and set on his thighs, and my pussy is wide open and exposed to everyone. It’s delicious. I come again almost immediately. Joe is still only doing minimal thrusting, and it’s slow and deliberate. Jo has finished with Carl and Sonia, as they extricate themselves and all turn their attention to Joe and me. That attention magnifies my thrill even further.

Jo and Sonia take turns passing the phone back and forth, one recording while the other leans forward to lick my clit and lap at Joe’s shaft and scrotum as the angle of insertion presents itself. After a few minutes, Sonia stands up and shuffles forward, spreads her legs to straddle us, and shoves her crotch towards me. Joe immediately gets the hint, and straitens me up, leaning me forward to face Sonia’s dripping, oozing cunt.

“Got one of your favorite men in here for you to snack on, Baby,” she coos. “Would you like a little taste?”

I would. And not just a little. I love the flavor of Carl’s semen, with its manly, musky aroma that exudes good health, good eating habits, and sexual power. Sonia also has her own unique and delightful taste, sweet, exotic, and almost citrus. She actually reminds me of a mango when I taste her pussy. To have them both mixed together can only be a gourmet luxury. Of course, Carl’s taste dominates, as one would expect. He’s injected a gusher into her, and it’s coming out almost at full volume as I nuzzle my lips into her still-slippery portal. I have the ability to lock a man’s cum inside me indefinitely, but Sonia has never practiced that particular skill. So it has to be taken care of quickly.

I indulge, all the while trying to manage my breathing as I ride Joe’s cock. No sooner have I dispensed with the current flows of ooze when I feel Joe finally starting his volcanic rumble. His breath begins to gasp, he puts a voice to them and they become groans. Jo re-directs the phone camera, with the announcement “Here it comes, everybody, he’s going to blow!”

I’ve read that men produce less semen as they age. Either a guy like Joe in his mid forties hasn’t aged yet, or he’s doing something to preserve a very youthful level of volume. It’s almost as copious as Carl’s, and the first three pulses feel especially powerful. It’s all I need to trigger my fourth orgasm, and it’s a deep one. I’m aware of my face squenching up as if I’ve just sucked a lemon, the intensity is like a singularity at the base of my brain, collapsing my face, skull, and even my shoulders into it. I have no idea what kind of sounds I’m making, whether a squeak, a squeal, a sigh, or even a scream. All I know is that when it’s over, my breath is gone, I’m weak, I’m incoherent, I’m stupid.

The crowd dissipates. A few applaud. Most are smiling. Joe is smiling. Jo is smiling. Carl and Sonia are smiling. A few deep recovery breaths later, I’m smiling too. I gaze around at my friends, members of my little tribe. According to most of society, what we just did was low debauchery, perversion, filthy, twisted, anti-social, even criminal. Then why is everyone so happy? I accept with gratitude the fact that we are out of the mainstream. Maybe we don’t belong to the civilized world. But I feel like we do belong together.

I’ve made much about my ability to hold a man’s cum inside me without it leaking out. But I don’t need to do it all the time. Sometimes, like now, I enjoy the feel of it slowly dribbling out of my used cunt, and either dripping directly onto the ground or running down my inner thigh. It tickles a little as the slippery little droplets leave shiny trails down my inner leg. It feels erotic, naughty, and brazen.

Sonia, Carl and I wander down the rocky ledges to the edge of our cove, and splash into the quickly-deep water. Joe and Jo have stayed behind; looking back, I see Joanne leaning over his lap, lapping the residue off of his cock, and working on getting it working again. Within a few minutes, they’re fucking doggy style on the ledge, oblivious to anything else around them. They’ve attracted no spectators this time, it’s a beautiful sight to me as they can now focus their attention completely on one another.

The three of us splash and swim for about 20 minutes, chatting aimlessly and happily about no particular subject. I feel a tremendous contentment simply spending pleasant time with two close friends, friends that are only now truly getting to know one another, and quickly becoming closer.

The sun is getting visibly low, filtering through the tree leaves, when we all decide to call it a day. It’s been a very good day.

“One more thing,” Joanne announces. Next Sunday, a week from tomorrow, Joe and I are going to host a party at our house. We enjoyed your hospitality earlier this week, Tethys, and I think we’ll finally be moved in enough to reciprocate. We’d like all of you to come. Bring Taylor, and your new friend Hera, if she’d like. And anybody else that you think would enjoy it, and that you trust. It’ll be naked, of course, and very sexy, of course.”

“Not to mention good food,” adds Joe.

We all agree enthusiastically, and I will try to get Taylor and Hera to show up with us. My mind shifts to them, and I wonder what they are doing at this moment. I strongly suspect that Taylor is at Hera’s now, and didn’t merely drop her off. I wonder if Hera’s mother showed up. I’m sure I’ll get a detailed report from Taylor tomorrow.

Tonight, though, I belong to Carl – or vice versa. We arrive back at his house just after sunset, throw our clothes back off, and throw some leftovers in the microwave. Dinner is informal, dress is informally nonexistent, and the conversation is totally informal. Sonia has blended in so well that the three of us talk like old friends, as if Sonia has been part of our group for as long as I’ve known Carl. The talk is comfortable, trusting, and intimate, without being – for once – sexual. We talk of food, of art, of music, of fitness, of love, of politics, of philosophy, of history, and even deep topics of time and space, stars and planets, animals and plants. Sonia, and even Carl, surprise me by the depth and breadth of their knowledge. I’m especially surprised at Carl. I’ve never discussed these topics with him, never seen him pick up a book about them, he’s always been “My Denisovan,” anything but an intellectual.

“I do read,” he claims, a little defensively, when I call him on it. “Not so much when you’re around, because I focus my attention on you. And I guess I never learned about Greek art and who Praxitite was.”

“Praxiteles,” I correct him. “And I owe you an apology, because I just assumed you weren’t interested, so I never brought anything like that up.”

“Whoa, two years of poor communication,” whistles Sonia. “Looks like we’re going to have to schedule some couples therapy for you two.”

Carl laughs. “I believe you’ve helped us achieve the breakthrough!”

“On that note, I guess I’d better leave while I can claim victory,” she sighs. “I’d love to stay the night and fuck you both a couple more times, but Henri needs my help at the restaurant, and frankly, I need his dick. It’s always worth waiting for. Don’t take it personally, Carl.”

“I don’t,” Carl laughs.”Henri’s a good man, and y’all are a good couple. But I’m glad you’re able to spare a little bit of that hot body for Tethys and me.”

“You’ll be seeing a lot more of it, and fucking it too,” she reminds him. “You’re still on, right? You’re going to be my trainer and coach on tour?”

“Sure,” he nods. “As long as I can also still train Tethys, and take outside clients.”

“Absolutely. And, for those outside clients, don’t sell yourself cheap. Even a minor celebrity gives you name credibility, and I intend to be more than a minor celebrity. You’re going to have some rich women coming to you to give them sexy bodies.”

“That will make an interesting twist to the naked workout series,” I laugh. Carl shrugs, and Sonia cocks her head to one side. “You’ll have to juggle different types of clients, but as long as Tethys and I get our naked fitness fixes, everything will be fine.”

Sex with Carl tonight is different than it was last Monday, and the pillow talk is very different. A few days has given us a new perspective and understanding of each other and of ourselves, and has reset our expectations. Gone is the shy narcissist, the social reject taking comfort in a geeky girl. We’ve both had major boosts to our confidence, we both feel vindicated in our deep eroticism, and the fucking is joyful, celebratory, and very energetic. And it seems even his cum, always delicious, somehow tastes sweeter. Between sessions, we lie back and stream a porn video, laughing at it rather than taking inspiration or techniques from it, because we know we’re so much better than the so-called pros.

Sunday morning we sleep in for a while, but the morning light inspires one more fantastic, happy morning fuck. When I travel from Taylor’s house to Carl’s, knowing how much he enjoys his sloppy seconds, I expertly retain Taylor’s semen inside me until Carl fucks it out of me. Taylor doesn’t share that kink, so I feel no compunction about letting it slowly dribble out down my butt crack and my inner thigh, as hunger drives me out of bed and into the kitchen. Carl loves seeing the trails of spent spunk slowly drying on my skin. Another omelet, another shared meal, and it’s time to head for my next destination. I text Taylor, to let him know I’m getting ready to leave, and he replies immediately, with a “Can’t Wait!” Attached to the text is a photo, a closeup of a pale, pink, shaved pussy with a little jeweled loop passing through the clitoral hood. I smile. He’s going to have stories for me when I get there.

I give Carl an affectionate farewell kiss, complete with a gentle testicular squeeze, and get a sweet caress on my tits as a reward. I slip on my dress, and Carl stands naked in the doorway as I walk out to the car.

“See ya tomorrow night,” he waves.

“Yep. I’ll be expecting a vigorous workout!”

I pull out of the driveway, and begin the drive across town. It’s hot and humid outside, as Austin summer days tend to be. It’s a beautiful day. More beautiful experiences lie ahead. I’m a lucky girl.
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