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Further adventures of Chloe and her best friend.
The two girls entered the lounge to be greeted by the sight of Chloe’s father sitting in the armchair, her mother on her knees before him, sucking his cock and Grandad behind her with half of his monster cock buried in her arsehole.

“What about us?” Chloe laughed.

“I heard you’ve been fucking your mother with a wine bottle,” Grandad said, “so l thought l’d give her some of my cock while she’s still loose.”

Just then the door to the hall opened and Bob walked in accompanied by Darren.

“I asked the other two to join us,” Bob said, “but they had one of their regulars to service so l just brought Darren. You must be Suzy,” he said, walking over to her. “Very nice,” he said, tweaking her nipples, “l hear you like plenty of cock.”

“Oh yes please,” Suzy replied, parting her legs as his hand went between her thighs.

“What about Darren here,” he nodded at Darren who was stripping off in the corner of the room, “you’ve seen him fucking Chloe, have you had a black cock before?”

“No,” Suzy replied, allowing Bob to bend her forward so he could inspect her bum hole.

“What about here,” he said, poking a finger at her anus, “it looks like your lubricated.”

“Yes, Chloe and l just did each other after our shower. Mmmmmm,” she sighed as his finger slipped into her bottom.

“And you want to be in porn movies too?” He said, working his finger up to the knuckle.

“Oh yes please,” Suzy said, pushing back onto his finger, “l thought what Chloe did was beautiful.”

“Well we have plans for you,” Bob said, taking his finger from her bum, standing her up and pressing his finger to her lips.

Suzy didn’t hesitate, she took his finger into her mouth, sucking it eagerly.

“Oh you’re a dirty bitch just like Chloe,” Bob laughed, taking his finger from her mouth, turning her to face Darren and giving her a sharp slap on her bottom. “There you are Darren mate,” he said, “take her and show her what ten inches of black cock feels like.”

“Cheers Bob,” Darren replied, taking Suzy by the hand and leading her to the sofa.

“And as for you you little tart,” Bob laughed, quickly undressing, “l wouldn’t have thought your arsehole needed lubricating after the pounding it’s just had.”

“You men are getting awful,” Chloe laughed, “you all want to fuck a girl up her bum these days, our poor cunts are getting very neglected, l don’t know why you blokes don’t just fuck each other if you like arseholes that much.”

“Come here you shameless bitch,” Bob pulled her towards a chair, sat down and laid her across his lap. He gave her a firm slap on each buttock. “I here you managed to get one of your teachers to fuck you,” he said, giving her a few more slaps, the flesh on her buttocks turning bright pink in response. “Then the poor bastard went and topped himself.”

“Yes that was sad,” Chloe said, wriggling on his lap as he continued to spank her. “But l change schools next term, l want to do it with one of the female teachers there.”

“That would be good,” Bob said, “try and pick an old one then get her to come out here we need some more old slags for some of the punishment films.”

Having turned her bottom bright red, he stood her up, got her to kneel on the sofa, leaning over the back. Chloe spread her legs and her Uncle Bob immediately slipped his cock into her arsehole.

“You’re still slack,” he said as he pressed his pelvis against her, giving her all of his eight inches.

“Ooo that feels good though Uncle Bob,” she sighed, flexing her muscles, trying to squeeze him.

Darren told Suzy to kneel on the sofa, bending over the back. Suzy was nervous, she didn’t want to spoil anything but she wasn’t sure if she could take Darren’s cock in her bum, it wasn’t just the length but the girth, he was much thicker than Roy. She parted her legs and tried to relax but inside she gave a sigh of relief when she felt the head of his cock slip between her labia. Even then, his cock felt huge as Darren entered her completely, ramming deep into her cunt.

“Mmmmm, thank you,” she managed to say, “oh god that feels good.” She tried to squeeze her muscles around his cock.

“You’re a natural,” Darren said, withdrawing then driving back in again, “is this your first cock today?”

“No, Grandad had his cock up me while we watched you fucking Chloe,” she said.

“Ah, that explains why you took me so easily,” he said, “what about this one?” He said, pulling his cock out of her cunt and pressing it against her anus.”

“Don’t you go ruining her Darren,” Grandad said, standing in front of Suzy, “what about you Suzy, do you want Darren’s cock up your arse?”

“I want to be good,” Suzy replied, “l won’t cry.”

“Oh crying is good,” Grandad laughed, rubbing the tip of his cock against her lips, “especially on film with a girl that looks as young as you, the customers like to see the rape scenes as authentic as possible, try it Darren.”

Suzy was grateful that Chloe had used a good helping of lubricant as she felt the pressure against her anus increase and the head of Darren’s cock force it’s way into her bum hole. She could taste Ann’s arsehole on Grandad’s cock as she managed to take the head of his cock into her mouth.

“She’s good,” Grandad said, “half way Darren, then fuck her.”

Suzy groaned as she felt Darren’s cock slide inside her, Grandad’s cock was stretching her mouth. Despite the lubrication she felt her bum being stretched to it’s limit. She wanted to cry out as Darren began fucking her but Grandad held her firm on his cock.

“How is she Darren,” Grandad said.

“She’s tight,” Darren replied, “but l reckon she’ll soon be able to take yours up her.”

He was ploughing her arsehole with long smooth strokes, pleased to feel Suzy pushing back against each thrust.

“That’s enough for now,” Grandad said, taking his cock from her mouth. He looked down at Suzy’s upturned face, seeing tears welling in the corner of her eyes. “You’re doing well sweetheart,” he said, “would you like to be fucked properly now?”

“Yes please Grandad,” she replied, “l like it up my bum but it’s nicer up my cunt.”

“I know baby,” he said, “but everyone wants to see girls fucked in their arsehole these days, and with girls that look as young as you they like to see them crying, but enough of that for now, let Darren give your cunt a good fucking and enjoy yourself.”

“Yes please Grandad, thank you,” she smiled.

Darren pulled out of her bottom, Suzy turned round, sitting on the sofa. Darren took hold of her ankles, lifting them either side of her head leaving her cunt totally at his mercy. “Do you want it hard?” He said.

“Oh yes please,” she replied, “fuck me hard Darren, make me cum.”

He plunged his cock into her, Suzy giving a squeal as he crashed down on top of her.

“Oh my good that feels so good,” she cried.

“You are one horny little white bitch,” he smiled as he began fucking her violently.

It only took a few seconds for her to feel her orgasm building. “Oh l’m going to cum,” she cried, “don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Grandad laughed, reaching down and pinching her nipples hard, “he’s a professional, he can keep going until you pass out.”

Suzy’s back arched as she came, the pain from her nipples taking her over the edge, she felt her juices being forced out of her cunt as Darren continued to fuck her. She looked across the room, Chloe was still being fucked in her bum by Bob, Suzy was sure he must be hurting her he was fucking her so hard but Chloe just looked across at her and smiled. Suzy just thought how wonderful life had become, she had a gorgeously handsome black man fucking her, his huge cock taking her to paradise, it was only a few days before she had been convinced that no man would ever want to fuck her.

She could feel Darren’s cock hitting her cervix with every thrust, her orgasm building again. She looked up and saw Grandad wanking his cock in front of her. She saw the head of his cock pulsate, she managed to get the head of his cock into her mouth just as he came, then she felt the heat of Darren’s spunk in her belly, two cocks pumping their seed into her, she tried to swallow all of Grandad’s cum but there was too much, she could feel it running down her chin, Darren was humping her as she tried to milk his cock with her cunt. Her body trembled from head to foot as she came again.

Across the room, Bob was nearing his orgasm, Chloe was urging him to fuck her harder when her father suddenly grabbed her by her hair, ramming his cock into her mouth. Both men timed their thrusts, banging her hard, her father’s cock ramming into her throat as her Uncle’s tore into her arsehole. Chloe was struggling to breathe but she didn’t want to give in, she knew she would have to learn to take it. Her father had never been this rough with her and the two cocks together were setting off fireworks in her cunt, she managed to get her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit. She managed to time her orgasm with theirs, both cocks filling her with spunk. She gagged and choked on her father’s cock but was determined to take it, she felt Uncle Bob’s cock pulsating deep in the bottom. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Suzy trying to swallow all of Grandad’s spunk but failing, the precious fluid running off her chin onto her body.

Both girls were exhausted but relishing the feeling of having two cocks emptying their seed into them. Eventually Roy withdrew from his daughter’s mouth only for Bob to pull out of her bottom and present his cock to her mouth for cleaning. Chloe licked the shaft, taking the head into her mouth and sucking it clean.

Grandad pulled out of Suzy’s mouth for Darren to give her his cock to clean. Both girls were covered in cum, it was smeared over their faces, and bodies.

“This room stinks of sex,” Ann said as she appeared from the kitchen carrying plates of food. “Open a window Daddy and let in some fresh air, and you two,” she said, looking at the girls, “go up and shower the we all need to have a chat.”

“Well, what do you think? Did you enjoy it?” Chloe said as they stood together under the cascading hot water.

“It was amazing,” Suzy replied, “have you done it like that before, like an orgy l mean?”

“Oh yes,” Chloe giggled, “but only with Daddy, Uncle Bob and Grandad, having Darren here as well was special, what do you think of him?”

“Oh he’s gorgeous,” Suzy replied, “he’s so handsome, and his cock….l didn’t think l would be able to take him completely but it just was so good and when he started really fucking me l nearly passed out, he’s huge.”

“Jeff is bigger,” Chloe said, soaping her friend, slipping two fingers into Suzy’s cunt, “and when l had all three of them inside me l thought they would tear me apart, you have to try that Suze.”

Chloe pushed Suzy back against the wall as she worked her fingers deep into her cunt. “You’re a real slut now Suze, you’re my slut.”

“Oh yes Chlo,” Suzy sighed, allowing Chloe to lift one leg as she worked her hand into her cunt. “You know l love you Chloe,” she said, “l’ll do anything for you, anything at all…..oh yes!” She sighed again as Chloe balled her fist, slipping it into her cunt.” Chloe bent down, sucking on Suzy’s nipples, biting each one in turn.

“I want you as my sex slave,” she said, pushing her fist deep into Suzy’s cunt.

“Oh yes please,” Suzy cried, “do what you want with me Chlo, just tell me you love me.”

“But l might hurt you,” Chloe said, ramming her fist in harder.

“Oh god!” Suzy cried as another orgasm burst inside her, “l don’t care,” she screamed, “do anything you want, l want to be yours, yours forever.”

Chloe bit down on her nipples again, feeling Suzy’s body convulsed in response.

Suzy was sure she was going to pass out, the pain coming from her cunt was so good, the water cascading over her was soothing but the fist inside her, pushing and twisting was all that was stopping her from collapsing in a heap. Then Chloe was kissing her, forcing her tongue into the depths of her mouth and Suzy came again.

When Chloe finally released her, removing her fist, Suzy could only slide down the wall until she was sat on the floor. Chloe turned off the water.

“Look at me,” Chloe said.

Suzy looked up at her, Chloe was above her, her legs parted, her hands between her thighs, her fingers parting her labia. Suzy saw the stream of pee being released and without being told she opened her mouth taking it, swallowing it.

“We’re going to have so much fun Suzy,” she said, directing her stream of piss over her friends face and into her eager mouth, “but you have to do what l say, in everything…you do everything l tell you to do…do you hear?”

Suzy’s response was to reach up, pulling Chloe closer so that she could hold her mouth directly against her cunt, taking her pee.

Once she had emptied her bladder, Chloe helped Suzy to her feet. Turning the water back on she kissed her. “It is going to be so exciting baby,” she said, “l do love you.”

When the girls returned to the lounge, everyone was seated around the room apart from Darren, who was dressed. He walked over to Suzy.

“Are you okay?” He said, “l just wanted to check l didn’t hurt you before l go.”

“I’m fine,” Suzy replied, “it was fun, l really enjoyed it, thank you.” She reached up and kissed him.

“I had better go,” Darren said, “the others should be finished about now.”

Once Darren had left, Chloe and Suzy helped themselves to some of the food. Chloe then went and sat next to her father while Grandad caught Suzy by her wrist and guided her to sit on his lap.

“What we’re the other two doing Grandad?” Chloe asked.

“Oh they were down in the barn giving a client her monthly treatment,” he laughed. He picked up a remote control from the table beside him. “We can have a quick look and see if they’ve finished.”

He pressed the button and the screen lit up.

“Oh my god!” Chloe shrieked, as the visions cleared.

On the screen, at a good distance away, was a woman, on her hands and knees with a huge dog mounted on her back, his back end thrusting vigorously as he fucked her.

“Can you zoom in Daddy?” Ann said, immediately making a grab for her brother’s cock.

“I can zoom in,” Grandad replied, “but this is the only camera that is wired up at the moment.”

He zoomed the picture in and it became clear that the woman was in her forties or fifties, she had huge breasts that were swinging violently as the dog pounded into her.

“Is there any sound Grandad?” Chloe asked.

“No,” he replied, “l’ve only just started setting up this system, l never bothered before as l was always down there but lately l’ve let Bob and the boys take over a bit more and l plan to just sit here and wank while l watch.”

“You have three dogs don’t you?” Suzy said, “which one is he.”

“That’s Thunder,” Grandad replied, “you can tell because he has to be muzzled, he tries to bite the back of her neck….there…. see how he tries to bite.”

They watched as the dog began ramming his cock in even harder, leaning forward, trying to bite the woman on the back of her neck.

“He has to wear those leather socks too,” Grandad added, “otherwise he would tear her to shreds with his claws, he’s a savage fucker when he gets excited.”

“I can see red lines on her body,” Chloe said.

“That’ll be from Storm and Lightning,” Bob said, pushing his sister’s head down onto his cock, Ann managing to take him into her mouth without losing her view of the screen.

“Yes,” Grandad said, “that woman pays once a month to get fucked by all three, one after the other, Thunder is always the last….look girls” he said, pointing to the screen, “when he pulls back you can see the swelling at the base of his cock, that’s his knot, he’s going to try and get that in her.”

“Oh my god it’s huge,” Suzy said, her own hand going between her legs.

“Come here and sit on this,” Roy said, holding his erect cock. “You can watch from here.”

Suzy didn’t take her eyes off the screen as Roy guided her onto his lap, her sitting with her back to him, his cock slipping easily into her cunt as she sat down.

They watched as Thunder pulled right back then rammed his cock into the woman so hard she almost lost her balance.

“He’s in,” Grandad said, “he’ll be cumming in her soon.”

As Thunder finally got his knot inside her, the woman seemed to cry out. She turned to look back at the dog and her full face came into view of the camera.

“Oh Jesus!” Chloe screamed, “do you see who that is Suze?”

“It can’t be can it?” Suzy replied, her own juices flooding over Roy’s cock.

“It fucking is,” Chloe said, “it’s Miss James from school.”

“That’s right,” Grandad chuckled, “she’s been coming here for almost a year now, she’d seen one of my films on the internet, she’d traced the logo on the film and sent me an email, she didn’t know where l was so when she found out l was local she asked to meet.”

“Did she start fucking dogs straight away?” Chloe asked, “oh fuck Grandad, let me sit on your cock like Suzy, l can’t watch this without a cock inside me.”

Just then, Thunder suddenly twisted, ending up facing away from Miss James, his cock still locked inside her cunt.

“He’s well and truly knotted in her now,” Bob said, “he could be like that for half an hour, he’ll be pumping his cum into her, you can just see it dripping from her cunt, she’s had the two other dogs cumming in her already.”

“Oh yes please Grandad,” Chloe said, “can l have a go with him, please Grandad.”

“Just hold your horses young lady,” he laughed, grabbing her breasts and pulling her down on him. “There’s no way you can start with one of those three, they would damage you, if you are serious and you want to try it with a dog l can get you one that’s more suitable.”

“But she can take it Grandad,” Chloe said pointing to the screen.

“Yes she can now,” he laughed, “but she had to start slowly, there is a woman l know who breeds Labradors, she has two stud dogs, they are ideal to start with, they’ve both got good cocks on them but they don’t go mad, they are quite gentle, if you like l’ll set one up for you.”

“And for me please,” Suzy said.

“Yes well l’ve already planned a film for you with a dog, it’s a bit like the Red Riding Hood story but in this one you end up getting raped by a dog.”

“Oh god, that sounds so exciting,” Suzy said squirming on Roy’s cock.

“Yes but not just yet,” Bob said, “we have other plans for you first, but don’t worry, your cunt will be getting plenty of exercise.”

Chloe looked back at the screen, looked at the comical sight of Thunder dragging Miss James along by his cock, Miss James had collapsed, her big tits dragging on the floor.

Grandad picked up his mobile phone, dialled a number. When it was answered he said, “That’s enough, end it.”

“Who was that?” Chloe asked.

“That was Jeff,” Grandad replied.

Just then Jeff appeared in shot carrying a bucket. He threw the contents of water over Thunder, then he grabbed the dog by his collar and pulled him forward violently. They saw Miss James cry out as Thunder’s huge coke was ripped from her cunt followed by a steam of spunk. Thunder was then lead back round in front of her, Miss James crawled over to him, lying under him and took his dripping cock into her mouth.

“Oh my god!” Chloe said, “l wish l’d known this before l’d left that school, we could have had some fun with her Suze and poor old Mr Harris might still be alive.”

“Ah well,” Grandad said, “this is why l wanted you to see her, you see, Mary there has left your old school as well, she’s going to the other school where you are going, she’s the new Deputy Head.”

“Really?” Chloe said, jumping up and down on his cock, “that’s brilliant Grandad, oh l can’t wait to tell her what l know, have you recorded it Grandad?”

“Not this time,” he replied, “but l do have recordings of her with the dogs, but you have to be careful what you do with them, l promised her l wouldn’t record anything.”

“Oh Suze!” She cried, “just think what we can do with her, she’s been a right bitch.”

“Yeah well she’s a bitch here too,” Bob laughed, “but a proper bitch, she’s Thunder’s bitch and that’s for certain, she takes him full on now.”

“He looks so powerful,” Suzy said, “have you had him Ann.”

“Oh Mummy, have you?” Chloe said, “you never said. Are there any films of you taking him? Oh Mummy, l wish you’d told me, l’d love to see you taking him.”

“You’ll get plenty of chance to see your mother in action,” Grandad said, “now get down on all fours, l want to fuck you properly.”

“In my bum Grandad,” she said, climbing off him and getting down on the floor, “l can take it, l promise.”

“We’ll see,” he chuckled, kneeling behind her, he rubbed his cock between her labia, teasing her, pulling back each time she pushed back trying to take him.

“You’re teasing me Grandad,” she giggled.

Suddenly he switched position just as she was pushing back, he grabbed her by her hips, ramming his cock into her anus.

“Oh Jesus Grandad!” She cried out as his cock drove into her. “Oh fuck…oh my god….yes Grandad….oh yes.”

He only had half his cock buried in her arsehole, she was so tight despite the number of times she’d been fucked there. “Do you want more?” He said, gripping her hard, “you little fucking slut, you want it don’t you.”

“I want to try Grandad,” she said.

Suzy meanwhile was frozen on Bob’s cock, she could see Chloe’s anus being stretched to it’s limit, Grandad’s tree trunk of a cock and huge swinging balls behind her.

“Do you wish that was you?” Bob said, pinching both her nipples and twisting them.

“Oh yes, l wish l could take it,” she sighed, “this has been such a wonderful day, l never dreamt anyone would want me like this.”

“Oh you’ll get plenty of attention,” he said, “mostly old men though, does that bother you?”

“No, l don’t mind as long as l get fucked, l want to be good.”

“Get up and let me slide my cock up your arse,” he said.

Suzy stood up, waited until she felt the head of his cock against her anus then lowered herself completely onto him.

“We’ll done,” Bob said as she settled on his lap his cock buried deep in her bottom, “a lot of the old men will want to fuck you there, it’s become very popular, it used to be cock sucking, they all wanted to dream of their granddaughters sucking their cocks but now it’s all about getting their old cocks into a tight arsehole.”

“Will that happen a lot?” She said, squirming on his cock.

“Why, do you like it up your bum?” He replied.

“I really don’t mind as long as l have a cock in me,” she giggled, “does that make me sound awful?”

“Not at all,” he laughed, “Chloe told us yesterday that you wanted to be a slut, we wondered if you would back out when it came to it but you’ve been a good girl.”

“Thank you,” she said, “would you like to fuck me like Grandad is doing with Chloe?”

“Go on then,” he laughed, “get down beside her.”

Suzy slipped off his cock and knelt beside Chloe. Chloe turned towards her.

“Happy?” She asked.

“Oh yes,” Suzy replied, “it’s even better than l imagined.”

“I’ve got a pussy full of cum for you,” Ann said, lying down and sliding under her, presenting her cunt for Suzy to eat out.

“Mmmm, yes please,” Suzy said, burying her head between Ann’s outstretched thighs, probing her cunt with her tongue as Bob proceeded to fuck her bum hole.

“I want your cock Daddy!” Chloe called out, “in my mouth Daddy, fuck me with it.”

Roy stood in front of his daughter, grabbed her by her hair, turning her face up. Chloe opened her mouth in anticipation and he rammed his cock deep into the back of her throat, while her Grandad carried on fucking her arsehole with long steady strokes.

“You’re over half way in her Pop,” Roy said, timing his thrusts to coincide with his father-in-law, “are you pleased with her?”

“Very pleased,” Grandad replied, “you’ve trained her well.”

“She didn’t take much training Pop,” he replied, “she’s a slut like her mother, never happier than when she’s got a cock inside her.”

“It runs in the family son,” Grandad laughed, “Annie there couldn’t wait to start when she was twelve, her mother was even younger and her Grandmother had her father and six brothers to service by the time she was fourteen.”

Suzy could hear the conversation and together with the sensations coming from her bottom and the taste and smell on Ann’s cunt, she could feel her orgasm about to burst, then she felt Bob’s cock pressing deep into her bum and the pulsations in his cock as his hot cum filled her. She bit down on Ann’s clitoris, causing her to cry out, juices spurting from her cunt. Suzy came, not a violent orgasm, just a flood of heat flowing through her body.

Roy looked over to his father-in-law. “Close Pop?” He asked.

“Nearly,” Grandad replied.

“Make her take it all when you cum,” he said, “she has to take it sometime.”

When her Grandad finally forced his cock deep into her belly Chloe felt a searing pain followed by the heat of his cum. She would have cried out but her father had matched her Grandad’s thrust, his cock forcing it’s way into her throat as he came. She gagged and choked, writhed on her Grandad’s cock as her own orgasm convulsed through her body. When both cocks finally pulled out she was left curled up on the floor holding her knees to her chest, shivering with emotion.

Once Roy had cum, he pulled out, giving his cock to Ann for her to lick and suck clean. Suzy saw Chloe curled up on the floor, she crawled over to her.

“Oh Chloe, you were amazing, l was so proud of you,” she said, bending and kissing her lover. She looked over her, leaning over and parting Chloe’s buttocks. “You’re not bleeding sweetheart,” she said, “but you are gaping wide open, l can see right inside your bum, was it good.”

“Mmmm,” was all Chloe could respond as she rolled onto her back, stretching out and reaching for Suzy, pulling her down on top of her, holding her tight and kissing her.

“I love you so much,” Suzy said as they hugged.

It was a while before Chloe was able to let Suzy help her upstairs to shower and recover, by the time they returned all four of the adults had showered, the men were fully dressed which meant only Ann, Chloe and Suzy were still naked.

Ann and Roy were on the sofa, they made room for Chloe to sit between them while Grandad took Suzy’s arm and guided her to sit on his lap. Bob was in on other armchair.

“Well girls,” Grandad began, “l think you’ve had enough for today, have you enjoyed it?”

“Oh very much,” Suzy said, turning and kissing him, “it has been wonderful, even better than l had hoped, were you pleased with me? Was there anything else you would like me to do?”

“You’ve been very good,” Grandad replied, giving her nipples a tweak. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to develop further but l’m sure you will be great. What about you Chloe? Did l hurt you?”

“My bottom is sore Grandad,” Chloe replied, “but l wanted you to do it, l don’t regret it, l want to be able to do everything, including the dogs, l want to do what Miss Lewis was doing, can l do it soon?”

“We’ll see,” Grandad replied, “l’ll get a better dog in for your first time, what about you Suzy, do you want a dog to fuck you?”

“Oh yes please,” Suzy replied.

“Next time you come l’ll fish out some of the old photos and films of your Grandma,” he said, “she’ll show you the sort of things you are going to do in the future.”

“You’ll like that,” Roy said to Chloe, resting his hand between her legs, “l was amazed when l first saw the things she did.”

“What, with the dogs you mean?” Chloe said.

“Not just the dogs,” Ann laughed, “Mum was a great animal lover in more ways than one, l’ll never forget the first time l saw her under a donkey sucking the end of his cock.”

“Oh wow!” Chloe said, “l’ve seen a donkey’s cock, it’s big, did she ever get one in her cunt.”

“Oh your Grandma was fucked by a donkey many times,” Grandad said, “l’ll show you the film next time.”

“Oh yes please,” she said, pushing her father’s hand against her cunt. “I wish l’d seen her doing that, did you ever see it Mum, l bet you’d have liked to try it if you did.”

Bob laughed seeing his sister blush with embarrassment. “Oh Chloe,” he chuckled, “your slut of a mother loves a nice big donkey up her cunt, don’t you Annie?”

“Really Mummy!” Chloe turned to her mother, “you’ve never said, you’re a bit of a dark horse Mummy, what else have you done?”

“Well….” Ann started to reply.

“Dark horse,” Bob interrupted, “l should say so.”

“Shut up,” Ann said playfully, “l was going to tell her eventually.”

“Tell me what Mummy?” Chloe said. Opening her legs wider as she felt her father’s fingers pushing inside her cunt.

“Oh your mother likes a bit of horse cock too don’t you Annie,” Bob laughed.

“Really Mummy,” Chloe squealed, “you actually had a horse in your cunt? Oh Grandad, have you got a film of that?”

“Of course l have,” Grandad said, “l’ll show you everything next time you come.”

It was rapidly getting dark as they left, Roy said he wanted Ann and the girls to travel naked. The girls kissed and hugged Grandad and Bob, thanking them for a wonderful day.

“Happy girls?” Roy called back to the girls as they drove down the lane from the farm.

“Oh yes Daddy,” Chloe replied, “my bottom is still sore but were you proud of me when l took all of Grandad’s cock in my bum.”

“I thought you were brilliant,” Roy replied, “what about you Suzy, did you have a good time?”

“Oh yes,” Suzy replied, “l’m so grateful to you for letting me join in, my body is still tingling, l wish l could live with you forever.”

“Well l think you had better go home tonight,” Ann replied, “we don’t want your parents getting suspicious.”

“Oh,” Suzy replied, obviously disappointed, she was looking forward to sleeping with Chloe again. “But we’re going on holiday the day after tomorrow, can’t l stay just one more night?”

“We’d love you to stay, of course,” Ann said, “but we have to be careful, we don’t want her asking any awkward questions, it’s best if you go home tonight. You should phone your mother and tell her we are bringing you home.”


“I’ll do it now,” Suzy replied,. “Oh, my phone is with my clothes in the back of the car.”

“There’s a big pull in just down the road,” Roy said, “l’ll pull in and you can get out and get it.”

Suzy looked across at Chloe, both girls kissed and hugged, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies as they hugged.

Ann turned and smiled to see the girls openly caressing each other, each one fingering the other’s cunt. “They’re so sweet together,” she said to Roy, reaching over and giving his crotch a squeeze.

Roy turned the car into the pull in, it was part of the old original road, screened off from the main road by a bank of trees. There was another car parked there, three men were stood together on the walkway.

“Oh, looks like the doggers are here,” Ann said.

“Oh goody Mummy!” Chloe replied, “you promised to take me dogging Daddy, shall we do it here?”

“Let’s see what happens,” Roy replied, “l don’t recognise any of them, we’ll see what they are like, but don’t forget, if any of them fuck you they must use a condom, l have a box of them in the glove compartment.”

“Oh l hate those things,” Chloe pouted.

“No arguing,” Roy insisted, “either you use one or you just stick to sucking cocks.”

“Okay Daddy,” Chloe agreed, “what about you Suze, do you want to do it with a group of strangers.”

“Is it safe?” Suzy replied, “it’s very exciting but what if they get violent or something.”

“In my experience doggers are usually well behaved,” Ann said, “l’ve been doing it for years and never had a problem, it’ll be good experience for you Suzy.”

“Okay then,” Suzy replied, taking the condoms that Ann was passing to her and putting them on the seat in case they were needed.

Roy moved the car closer to the group of men, stopped and turned on the interior light. He lowered the window as one of the men approached.

“Wow!” The man said when he saw three naked females in the car, his eyes immediately went to Suzy. “How old is she?” He asked in a foreign accent.

“Old enough if you want her,” Roy replied, “the one with tits is my daughter, the other one is her friend.”

“The one without tits,” the man said, “how much for a fuck with her, she looks like my daughter back home.”

“No charge mate,” Roy replied, “do you fuck your daughter?”

“No, not yet,” the man said, “but l would like to the next time l go home.”

“Well her name is Suzy,” Roy replied, “if you want to fuck her you must use a condom, otherwise she will be happy to suck you off.”

As they were speaking, another man appeared beside Ann’s window. She lowered it and immediately he grabbed her breast, mauling it roughly. “You fuck too?” He said.

“If you want,” Ann replied, “but wouldn’t you prefer my daughter, she’s the one with tits.”

“No, l like older woman,” he said, “l like bigger tits like yours, l use condom, no problem.”

Ann passed him a condom, then, as he was taking out his cock and putting it on, she opened her door, got out then turned and knelt on the seat. He immediately stood behind her, sliding his cock into her cunt, he reached under and grabbed her tits, squeezing them roughly as he began to fuck her.

Chloe was feeling left out as she watched Suzy get out of the car, she saw her give the condom to the man, then walk round to the back of the car, bending over the boot and spreading her legs.

Chloe spied the third man, he looked a few years younger than the others and was standing back watching, he had his cock out and was slowly wanking as he watched. She got out of the car and walked over to him.

“Do you want me?” She said.

The young man stared at the beautiful naked young girl in front of him.

“I not do this before,” he said in a broken language, “you very pretty.”

“Thank you,” she said, “do you want to fuck me or would you like me to suck you off?”

He looked very uncertain. “I not do this before,” he said.

“Don’t worry, l know what to do,” she said, kneeling on the grass in front of him and reaching for his belt. “Let me get your cock out.”

“How much you charge,” he said, “l not have much money.”

“I’m not a prostitute,” Chloe laughed, “l won’t charge you anything, all l want is a nice mouthful of spunk.” She hooked out his cock which was still soft but looked a decent size. She took it into her mouth, pleased to feel it rapidly swell.

“Can l cum in mouth,” he said.

Chloe just nodded her head as she began sucking him, cradling his balls, squeezing them gently.

It took less than a minute before she felt the head of his cock pulsate and her mouth filled with cum.

He groaned as he pumped his cum into her mouth, Chloe swallowing every drop.

When she was satisfied that she had taken every drop of his cum she released his cock and looked up at him.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked, “what’s your name.”

“It was very good,” he replied, “my name is Gor, l am from Lithuania, l have only been her one week.”

“Well l’m Chloe,” she said, standing up. “Are you staying near here?”

“Yes, we are working on a farm just down the road, the farmer told us that sometimes there were women here that would do sex but he said they were usually old and fat, you are very pretty and so are the others.”

“Thank you,” she smiled, “would you like to meet me again, perhaps you would like to fuck me next time.”

“I’m afraid l cum too quick,” he said, “l’m sorry, l not do that before with anyone.”

“Do you have a phone?” She said.

He nodded, taking a phone from his pocket.

Chloe took it, tapping in some information before handing it back.

“I’ve put my telephone number on your phone, if you want to meet me again, call me, we don’t have to fuck if you don’t want.”

“I would like to do fuck with you,” he said.

“Well call me then,” she replied, “but after next weekend l will be away on holiday in France for two weeks so it will have to be next week sometime, just tell me where you want to meet and Daddy will bring me.”

“Your father not mind if we do fuck?” He said.

“Oh no,” she laughed, “he likes to see me being fucked by different men, do you mind if he watches?”

“Well no l suppose,” he replied, “does your father do fuck with you?”

“Oh yes, he loves fucking me,” she laughed. She looked round and saw that her mother had finished with her man and was sitting back in the car, the man fucking Suzy was just pulling out, he took off his condom and threw it into the bushes. “I had better go,” she said. She kissed him on the cheek, “don’t forget, if you want to fuck me just give me a call.” She waved as she got back into the car. As her father drove away, Chloe and Suzy both looked through the back window and waved to the group of men, Chloe thought it was sweet when Gor shyly waved back.

“What was yours like?” Chloe asked, when they had sat back down.

“Alright,” Suzy replied, “he was a bit small and didn’t last very long, it was fun but not very exciting, what about you Ann?”

“Same here really,” Ann replied, “that can be the trouble with dogging, usually it is men middle aged and older who have wives who don’t want sex, they are afraid to go to prostitutes and they know that most of the women who go dogging, especially the more mature ones, are generally normally decent women who just want a bit of fun. It’s not very often you get a decent fuck, most of them only want a blow job or to wank over your tits.”

“They’d need to be a good shot to hit mine,” Suzy laughed.

“Yeah but you were still the first one to get picked,” Chloe kissed her, “l told you you wouldn’t have a problem.”

“A lot of them will be like him,” Roy said, “they have young daughters at home and they dream of fucking them, then they’ll see you and they can pretend they’re fucking their daughter.”

“I don’t care as long as l get fucked,” Suzy laughed and they all joined in.

When they got back to the house, the girls ran in and had a quick shower, then Suzy gathered her belongings and they took her home in the car.

“Don’t forget to take that morning after pill,” Ann told her before she got out. “Then, once your period settles you can start on the daily pill, so no more cock up your cunt for at least a month unless they wear a condom, we don’t want you getting pregnant, that would spoil everything.”

“Don’t worry,” Suzy said, “l’ll see you tomorrow before we go away on Saturday.” She turned to Chloe. “It’s going to be horrible being away from you for three whole weeks,” she said, “l bet you’ll be having all sorts of fun in France, you won’t want me when you get back.” She began to cry.

“Don’t be silly,” Chloe said, hugging her, “l love you Suzy, l’m not just saying it, l do love you, we’re going to be together forever, two old lesbians getting old together, but with plenty of cock as well.”

Suzy laughed through the tears, kissing her friend, “l love you so much Chlo, l’ll be messaging you every day, l want lots of photos and you have to tell me about the cocks you get.”

“I promise,” Chloe replied, “and you too, but don’t forget the condoms if you fuck, l don’t expect many will ask for your bum hole but you might get lucky.”

“I wish,” Suzy replied as she got out of the car and walked to her front door.
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