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Death appears.
Sam watched the progress of those with him, he had to go a lot slower as he and Thantas were the only ones who open the worm holes. Then again, Thantas wasn't that used to it as she'd only done it twice. She still wasn't projecting as much power as was needed to get more than a few million miles.

He was thankful that he could accommodate all of them. As he thought, the more they used it the better and stronger they became.

Another look at those with him he could see that no matter what, his sister Thantas and Mellos were a force to reckon with. He knew that Drivas and Thellus weren't completely ready though they were a hell of a lot stronger than they looked.

The last, here Sam shook his head, they weren't here in corporeal form, so he wasn't all that sure. Another look at the ghostly form of the last member had Sam wondering if they really had a chance at all.

They all emerged from the worm hole half way to the IP homeworld. Sam bristled slightly. He could feel a massive build-up of the IP forces surrounding the world.

All right when we next emerge, we will," Sam started then found other thoughts intruding.

Sam? Came the thoughts, Sam searched through his mind these thoughts felt familiar. Sam? Came the thoughts again, this is Atata, I and the people on my planet wish to aid you.

I thought that you and them needed far more time to recover, returned Sam's thoughts.

No, when you destroyed the machine, it released a huge amount of the energy that was stolen. We thought, it would take far longer to heal the planet than it did. Our people wish to aid you and your group when the time comes. Atata's thoughts said.

I thank you, Sam thought, you do know that this will be dangerous. I am afraid that many might cease.

Sam, you gave us back not only our planet but our thoughts, not others. To be free in our minds, even for a few days? Makes a cessation of our lifeforce, fighting to stay that way, well worth it. Especially for one as caring about others as you are.

Sam was shocked, I only did what I thought was right. I do not wish to put you and your people in peril.

I and the others will gladly aid you; our lives are yours as yours was ours when you aided us. Came Atata's thoughts.

I thank you if you can follow us then I believe you will know when we require your help. Returned Sam's thoughts as all went quiet.

The others could only wait as they caught brief snippets of the conversation. Again, Sam was about to open the final worm hole, when he 'heard' two more voices.

Sam, this Queen Triada, I have the leader of the as you called them, the greys. A different voice came to Sam.

Dear friend, we wish to aid you. Our mental power is nothing as great as Queen Triada's planet. We will do all we can to help end the terror of the IP and those that controlled them.

As I told Atata moments ago. I do not wish your people to be harmed. It took a great amount of time just to free all your people. I am also sorry, that I had to end as many as I did. Sam's thoughts said.

We are free for the first time in a very long time, we gladly wish to aid you. Our thought are our own, are actions are our own. Know that we go into this of our own volition.

Sam could only shake his head; he was afraid that a great many would be harmed or killed. According those he'd spoken t;, they were glad to sacrifice their lives to help him.

I accept your help though; I do not want you to try attacking them unless you have to. Preferably when I ask you to move in. Sam's thoughts said.

We agree came the thoughts of the greys.

We also wish to add to force that is going to fight the Tetricons. You know that of the races aiding you now, my people have great mental power. We will be there with you when you call. Said Queen Triada's thoughts.

Sam looked at the other five there with him, quickly he explained the allies that had just contacted him. He then turned toward the three different groups of minds he felt. You will stay close 'til we exit the portal. Then I wish you to remain there as we go in.

All three of the groups agreed, Sam turned to open the portal. He waited a moment as he felt more minds start to add to each group. At first a few hundred, that quickly grew to thousands, within moments each group was in the millions. Sam's mouth dropped open, shit were everyone, on all the worlds, adding to this?

Sam's eyes went large when each group hit billions, then tens of billions. Shit Sam thought, was the portal going to be big enough?

Sam concentrated opening a huge worm hole larger than any he'd ever opened. It was exhausting, then strangely enough he felt energy flow into him. Smiling he could feel the touch of all three of the races.

Finally stabilized all started to move into it. A moment later Sam moved forward as fast as he could, feeling the worm hole closing behind him as he moved forward.

It seemed a hour later when all of them emerged into space. Sam could see that they were at the edge of the IP world's system.

Alright, I want all of you that have added their aid to wait here. If any of the IP get near, destroy their equipment try not to destroy them if possible.

All of the three races agreed, then wished the Sam and his group luck as the six streaked off toward the IP planet. Again, Sam and Thantas had to go slower for the rest to keep up. Then again, Mellos was damn near as fast as him and his sister were.

The had just made the middle of the system, when several thousand IP ships opened fire. Sam put his hand up as he pointed at the ships, almost every one of them stopped going almost completely dark.

Well, Sam heard Thantas thoughts, I see that you've been holding out on us.

What Sam thought back. You think I had that much time to teach all of you the things I have learned recently? Shit, I wish I was that good.

They had hardly moved forward when they were met by an almost solid wall of fighting ships. Sam started to raise his hand when Thantas, mirrored the motion. A smirk appeared on her face when over three fourths of those in front of them stopped moving.

Ok Sam thought, I have to admit not too damn bad for a first time. With that he finished the rest. I do believe that it's about to get crowded.

All six of them turned toward the direction of the IP home world. More than twice what they had already faced were heading their way as fast as they could.

This was insane Sam thought they had to know that they had no way of winning. Sam knew they were going to be at this for a long time if it continued on like this.

Finally fed up, Sam, held up a hand stopping the others. Rubbing his hands together, Sam, then suddenly clapped them together. This sent out an energy wave that rapidly washed over the approaching ships disabling them.

Sam moved forward a few million miles then repeated the process. Each time they advanced there were ships everywhere disabled. A small smile on his lips, Sam started to advance further and further. It appeared that the energy wave was reaching farther and farther each time.

Can you believe just how stupid they are Thantas thought. Can't they see that they haven't a chance against you? Let alone with the rest of us.

They are going by past history, with as many that saw that we were all immune, I'd think they'd learned. Sam thought.

Looks like we have a hell of a lot more, Let me handle them, I need the practice. Thantas's thoughts returned.

Sam nodded as he watched Thantas, she was stronger than he thought. As fast as she was picking things up you'd think her Osmosis ability was growing as fast.

A commotion behind the current line Thantas was working on, drew Sam's attention. Then Sam saw the huge type of battle ship that was moving into position.

Sam extended his hand surprised when nothing happened. Concentrating Sam poured more power into his attack. Looking at Thantas he saw that she had a worried look on her face.

With a determined look Sam put up as strong an attack as he could frowning when not much happened.

I believe that they were somewhat prepared for this type of attack. Sam's thoughts told the rest of them. It was at that moment that a titanic blast of energy was released from the ship.

Sam was about to block it when he felt his skin start to crawl. What in the hell was this he thought? The energy beam passed within a mile of him, for a moment his body slightly convolved.

So, Sam thought, they had developed something to use against him. A look back at the others showed that they had felt it also. Reaching inside Sam started adjust his own energy, a few moments later he was hit by another beam directly.

He had almost finished the adjustment when it enveloped him. Sam breathed a sigh of relief, he'd barely gotten enough adjusted to save his life. Obviously, the IP wasn't as dense as he thought they were.

A nod of his head, he rapidly touched the four females changing them to resist the beam. Sam then turned toward the huge ship as they started to fire every weapon, they had at him.

Sam could hear the crew of the large ship cheer when he was enveloped by the next beam. Cheers that quickly turned into screams o0f horror as Sam was not only still moving, but advancing.

Sam could see that this ship, had a much different type of shield. One that more than resisted the energy wave that he and Thantas had used.

Sam looked the large ship over deciding just how much damage he was going to cause. A moment later they launched what could only be described as a "dirty bomb" missile at him.

Sam's face suddenly grew dark as his anger started to come to the surface. Pointing a finger at the ship Sam's anger grew more when he heard the commander of the ship order another missile. This one was like the last, though twice as powerful.

A wicked smile came to Sam's lips as he was suddenly next to ship even as the rocket left it. Sam took hold of the missile as it was moving away, turning it directly back toward the ship.

Sam grinned as he watched the missile streak back to the huge ship, exploding just before it hit. The huge hole in the side of the ship made Sam smile more, no more of that he thought.

The others with Sam had their mouths open. They knew that Sam wasn't your average Cliverstone, they didn't think he was capable of this.

I am through being nice to a race of people that would rather kill everyone than find another way of doing things. I have given the IP and Tetricons more than enough chances, that stops now. Know that we are at war, against the both of them. I also suggest that if you can't handle it? Stay back, I have seen how they truly are, the pain and suffering they have dispensed. They are about to receive it back tenfold! Came Sam's thoughts.

Sam had just turned away when he felt a hand on his shoulder. A look back up the arm revealed his sister Thantas.

Please don't become like them my brother. Even raised somewhere other than our world, you are still better than they are. You are not some uncivilized creature, bent of the destruction of all that disagree with you.

I can feel in here, Thantas touched above her heart, you are so much better than they are. Thantas looked at what was left of the huge wrecked ship. I do realize that there are times we have no choice to destroy, the thing is we still, usually have a choice.

Sam stared at his newly discovered sister, when had she gotten? Then he nodded his head, of course, she had over five hundred years on him. She had to be wiser than him to say the least.

Thantas face turned to a sour look as her mouth dropped open. I was a prisoner remember that, you did more than save me, my brother. Wiser? Perhaps, though you have a great deal of it yourself.

Sam looked shocked, him? Wise? No, if anything he was rash and impetuous, most of the time.

You are far wiser than you think my brother, Thantas thoughts replied. Wisdom isn't always knowledge there are other things. You are a natural leader much like our father is. In the words of the planet, you lived on? Don't sell yourself short, you are a hell of a lot more than you think you are.

Sam thought a moment on all she had said, he'd been at this since he started almost completely alone. Not all his decisions had been the best though at the time, they were the best he could think of.

Alright, Sam finally decided, then turned to the rest of them. We're about half way in, I am afraid that we are going to meet a lot more resistance. Stay with the group, don't let any take you away from it. I have a feeling that they are trying to divide us. Stay alert, ok, here we go.

Sam and the others started to advance again, Sam and his sister once again sending out energy waves, shutting down almost all that were before them.

The Lord Doctor had been following the progress of Sam's group. This energy wave that the Sam bastard was using was something new indeed. They were a lot closer a lot sooner than the Lord Doctor thought they would be.

"I want all the new batteries brought online., The bastard Cliverstones are closer than they should be." The Doctor spoke into a com.

"Yes sir, all new weapons are online now. Was the new battle ship effective sir?" The commander's voice asked from the planetary defense station.

"It was at first, though it appeared that the Cliverstone leader was able to change his energy to negate it. I suggest that, when you begin firing? You rotate the frequency as often as possible; it might catch them of guard actually destroy some of them." The Doctor said.

"It will be done," The commander said as he shouted orders then cut the communication.

The Lord Doctor nodded he was about as ready as he could be. Still, something was nagging at the edge of his mind. It still had something to do with the elite offspring, still though with all that was going on, it was evading him.

Within the chamber where the offspring were being held the male smiled. It wouldn't be long now, looking at the female with him, he sent her a short message.

The female also smiled as she looked at the device that her male sibling was hiding. Like he'd thought to her, it wouldn't be long now.

She unlike her male sibling could feel both their sires just outside the normal thought communication range. She was proud she had worked on it as long as she had. She sent a very short, very quick, thought burst to their sires.

A moment later she received an answer that made her happy. They both knew though they were hanging back to see exactly what the group of Cliverstones would do. The simple fact that one of the council had ceased, gave her and her sire's hope.

Far from the IP planet where they had remained after Sam and the female left, the two elites waited. They had lowered their energy almost appearing to no longer be alive. Next to them, the elite they had resurrected the memories of, was still weak. The male had managed to stave off death, the little energy Sam had given him had helped. He was still weak though he could help to eliminate the council that had discarded him like trash.

The elite reached deep within trying to find it's energy to move it higher. It soon found it's reserves, though not as much there as it thought.

It's power nearly at half, the third elite smiled. At least now he wasn't dying. He owed Mellos a great deal much as he did the two elite next to him.

The three elite reached out feeling the progress of Sam and his group. The group was far closer than any of them thought that the group would get.

All three elite were anxious to get into space to help Sam's group. They had heard Sam's plan each nodding it was a sound plan. The whole thing hinged on Sam and his group gaining the IP homeworld. A reality that was nearly true.

Still the sires of the elite off spring were anxious about them. They were sure that the offspring could escape given the time, that’s the thing they just needed enough time.

Sam and his group were now within site of the IP homeworld. Behind them for millions of miles were the wrecked remnants of the IP fleet. Except or the large battleship there hadn't been any other deaths. Sam hoped that it stayed that way for a bit.

The IP people had been told for so long that they were superior, that they should rule. The lies supplied by the Tetricons, had then IP thinking they were invincible. That Sam decided, was over confidence, extremely far from the truth.

As they came within site of the IP homeworld, Sam shook his head. You really couldn't see the planet from the sheer number of ships that were ringing it.

Sam and Thantas extended their arms and hands letting loose a titanic energy wave that washed over the ships. All of the group quickly moved forward when a beam shot out striking Drivas.

All of the group as the heard Drivas cry out in their minds. Sam saw where the beam had come from hearing the crew of the ship cheer in glee. Cheers that quickly turned to screams of horror and pain then were suddenly quieted. Sam looked back at the wreckage of the ship he'd just flown through several times.

He immediately flew to Drivas touching her shoulder. Shit he thought as he felt the pain that was radiating through her body. As easy as he could he changed her body to repel the type of energy. He then quickly did the same to the others.

With a slight growl Sam decided that this had gone on long enough as she suddenly streaked off. On a collision course with the council building, Sam, accelerated to far faster than he'd ever gone. Several sonic booms sounded as he crashed through the building walls then through the bodies of the first, third and sixth councilor.

Sam passed through the outer wall on the other side, about to return to finish the rest. Sam noticed that he'd barely been able to exit the building. What the hell? It felt as if half his energy was gone.

Making for space helped to reduce the draining feeling by more than half. Still Sam thought, they had something in or near that building that's siphoning energy at an alarming rate. At least he thought as he left the atmosphere, it was almost gone. Sam felt the sun start to repower him, almost as fast as the siphon had taken his energy.

A look at the line of ships let Sam know that the others hadn't made it through yet.

The Lord Doctor looked at the crushed bodies of the first, third and sixth councilors. The Lord Doctor felt another emotion he hadn't in a long time, rage. An almost all consuming, blinding rage. Who did this Cliverstone think he was to end the greatest most superior race in the galaxy?

"All ships that are still in operation, I want all beam weapons turned to full. Use all that you can to end this waste of space. They just destroyed three of the councilors, they must be destroyed or our way of life is finished. For the glory of the IP go forth and destroy the Cliverstones!" The Lord Doctor screamed.

A thin smile appeared on the Lord Doctor's face, these simple-minded fools, They were and have always been so gullible and desperate to be led. The perfect slaves the Doctor thought.

Grabbing several packets of nutrients, the Lord Doctor started to concentrate feeling his mental power start to climb. An almost evil smile came to his face, there was more than one way to kill this bastard he thought.


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