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This is my first time posting one of my stories somewhere, so please feel free to comment what you think of it!! Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.
I have been friends with Vanessa for a long time now, our Mum's were best friends and that is how we met each other. Till this day we are still in contact we are both full grown adults who no longer play in the sand pit but work full time. We both decided a couple of years ago that we would try to hang out at least once a week so we don't end up drifting apart like our mother's have over the years. Today is one of those days, Vanessa is coming over to my house and we are going to watch some shitty romance movie she has been begging me to watch with her since the start of the week. Like the weak man I am, I caved to her begging when she bought up the snacks she was gonna bring along, so here I am waiting in my lounge for her to arrive so we can start this movie and get this the hell over with. The doorbell rings and I get up to answer it and sure enough there is Vanessa in her tiny booty shorts that hug her delicious thick thighs, with a crop top that sits flush against her skin leaving nothing to my imagination. I get rock hard just looking at her scantily clad body, I wish I could pin her against this door and rip those tiny shorts off of her and take her right here in my doorway. She would look so good pinned against my body with my rock hard cock buried deep inside her tight wet pussy, moaning into my ear wanting me to push deeper into her. Sadly this is all my own fantasy which I come out of when Vanessa pushes past me complaining about me taking so long, I close the door and head into the lounge where she is sitting on my couch with her legs pulled up against her chest. I catch a glimpse of her pretty little red thong underneath her booty shorts before she notices me looking, I head to the other end of the couch as far away as possible from her so I am not tempted to reach out and do something I could regret.

Halfway through the shitty romance movie Vanessa begged me to watch I noticed her squirming around on her end of the couch. I take note of this since she tends to sit through a movie without moving like some jacked up zombie. She suddenly turned to me and said "I have to go to the bathroom, pause the movie for me" then rushed off towards my bathroom. I paused the movie and sat there waiting for her to come back. After almost 5 minutes had passed she came back "you all good?" I asked "yeah i'm fine just had to take care of myself" she replied in a tone that went straight to my cock. I turned the movie back on and when I thought her full attention was back on the t.v I palmed my cock trying to relieve some of the tension built up in it "are you excited about the movie or is that for me?" came from Vanessa's side of the couch. My head whipped over to look at her in shock. It had to have been her that said that but I couldn't believe it so I asked her "What did you just say.?" I watch as she slowly crawls over to where I am sitting on the couch until she is practically touching me and she whispers " I said are you excited about the movie or is that for me?" as she looks down to where my cock is semi erect inside my pants. I can barely get two words out of my mouth I am so confused by this sudden move by her. I always thought my sexual attraction was one sided but this tells me it is not "wait, WHAT." I feel her leaning in closer and then she whispers into my ear "do I need to spell it out for you, I want your hard cock inside my soaking wet pussy before the night is up or I will be taking matters into my own hands" I feel her hand reach out and palm my cock through my pants as she says this. This makes me snap out of my stupor I grab her thick thighs and pull her so she is straddling my waist, pushing my cock into her pussy I feel her grind into me moaning out when we both feel the friction I pull her head down and say "you better want this as much as I do because there is no way I am going back after this I will be buried deep inside your pussy tonight." She grinds harder in my lap pushing her covered pussy on top of my covered cock the layers between us is unbearable but I will have her say that this is what she wants "yes, god I need you inside of me Daniel I want you to thrust your cock inside of me and make me your whore." I am shocked by the dirty words coming out of her pretty lips but if dirty is what she wants, dirty is what she will be getting.

I pushed Vanessa off of my lap and onto the couch she whined about the loss of my cock touching her protected pussy but I promised her that the little slut wouldn't have to wait long to have my cock again. I knelt down on the ground in front of her and started to pull her pants off. I kept her pretty red thong on because we would have some fun with it shortly. I trailed my fingers up and down her thighs lingering close to her panties but never getting close enough to touch, by the time I slipped a finger up her drenched panties the little slut was a moaning mess in front of me. I commanded her to pull her legs apart for me so I could get a closer look at her wet panty covered pussy mound I leaned in and sniffed her pussy inhaling her musky scent, she protested to this closing her legs taking her pussy away from my sight saying it was dirty and she hadn't had the time to shower yet. I groaned out when I heard she hadn't had the time to shower making her musky scent all the more sexier. I forced her legs open and said "you do not hide yourself from me you dirty little slut I want your pussy however I want it ok" She moaned louder when I trailed one of my hands up her hips to her panty line, where I pulled hard on her thong so it sank deep into her wet pussy slit. I did this a couple more times so that her juices ran out of her slit and onto her panties where they soaked up her juices. I ripped off her tiny red thong and brought it up to my nose and inhaled her delicious dirty scent. By now my cock couldn't have been harder. I looked down to see that Vanessa had created a puddle of her own juices on the couch where she had her legs pulled apart presenting me with her pussy. I lowered my mouth down to her sopping wet pussy and trailed my tongue from her little patch of hair through her slit to her ass were I licked around the puckered hole I brought my tongue back up to her wet entrance and pushed my tongue between her slits, pulling them apart with my hands. I lick up and down catching any of the juices leaking out of her pussy savouring the salty taste of her. I bring my tongue to her clenching pussy hole and thrust it inside of her "oh god yes fill me up" she moaned above me. I keep pushing my tongue in and out of her wet hole twirling it around inside of her, lapping up all her juices that keep flowing out of her slutty pussy. I feel her hand lowering to her hard clit I grab her hand and force it aside "you do not touch what is mine without permission, alright slut" she whimpers from the loss of contact but I see her pussy clench when I call her slut and groan at the sight of her leaking even more pussy juices.

I stand up and take my pants and underwear off letting my hard cock spring free and smack my stomach "I want you to suck my hard cock and get it nice and wet for your pussy, slut" I groaned out to Vanessa. We switch positions, I sit on the couch with my cock in hand pumping it up and down while Vanessa sits in front of me with her legs spread apart so I can see her wet cunt. She leans in and licks the tip of my cock while grabbing the base and giving it a pull. She takes me fully into her hot wet mouth deep throating it, I groan out loud loving the feel of her mouth on my cock sucking it deep into her throat. I grab onto her hair thrusting my cock into her throat forcing it deeper down her throat loving when she gags on my hard cock. I feel the pressure building up inside my balls and drag the hungry bitch off of my cock, as much as I want to cum down her throat so she can taste myself on her tongue I want to shove my hot cum up inside her pussy and watch it leak out of her well fucked cunt even more. I look down when I hear Vanessa whimpering complaining from the loss of my cock "Don't worry slut I've barely started with you." I grab Vanessa's waist and pull her up onto the couch pushing her down so she is on her knees with her fat ass up pointing towards me. I give her ass a hard slap making her moan out in pleasure which makes my cock even harder, interesting she likes it to hurt huh I will have to keep that in mind the next time I play with the nasty slut. I lean down closer to Vanessa pushing my hard cock into the crevice of her asshole and whisper in her ear "I am going to take you from behind like you're a bitch in heat alright slut?" I bite down hard on her ear and pull. I feel her grinding her ass into my cock whimpering "yes, fuck my tight bitch hole I have been a bad slut who needs punishing." I groan out loud loving how she talks dirty and admits to being a slut hungry for my cock, I pull back and give her another hard slap on the ass making sure there will be marks tomorrow morning. I grab my hard cock and rub my precum all over the head making sure it is all slimy and wet for the sluts cunt. I doubt it's needed since I can see the dirty sluts juices running down her thigh from this angle. I run my cock head up the slit of her wet pussy then lining up I thrust completely into her tight cunt. I groan out loud her cunt is so tight and warm it feels like she is milking me, Vanessa had screamed out loud from the sudden intrusion into her pussy but I feel her slowly pushing back onto my cock now. So I pulled out until only my cock head was inside her cunt then rammed my cock back in, Vanessa was a moaning mess and kept begging for more so I gave it to her. I started thrusting into her cunt going harder, everytime I could feel her cunt muscles clench around my hard cock when I pulled back and thrust into her. I could feel the sloppy mix of both our sex juices spilling out of her pussy and soaking my balls, each time I thrust into her they would hit her ass and a loud wet smacking sound started to fill the room. I reached under Vanessa and grabbed her boobs giving them a hard squeeze. I twisted her nipples until they were nice and peaked then pulled on them hard while I started to thrust into her wet cunt harder. I could feel Vanessa's cunt start to clench on my cock tightly but I kept driving my dick into her, knowing how close she was to cumming I brought one of my hands to her clit and rubbed her juices around it teasing her. When I slipped a finger over her hard knob she started to spasm moaning out loud to fuck her harder. I felt my balls tense when Vanessas cunt constricted tightly around my cock "FUCK i'm cumming, fill your dirty sluts cunt, cum inside me" she screamed out. I rubbed hard on her clit and she started spasming, cumming all over my cock. The extra fluids helped me to thrust a couple more times inside her prolonging her release and bringing me over the edge. I felt my balls tense up then I began to spill my seed inside the dirty sluts cunt, with my face buried in Vanessa's neck licking and biting it I started to fill up her cunt emptying my cock. With Vanessa's cunt tightly constricting my cock my orgasm kept rolling around, my cock was pulsing inside of her, pumping spurt after spurt of my cum inside her cunt I could feel her inner muscles milking me. We were both moaning messes, once my cock was finished pumping my cum inside of her I slowly pulled my cock out of her battered pussy and watched as our combined cum leaked out of her and onto the couch "fuck that is so hot" I groan out. I pull back one of my hands and trace a finger through our cum bringing it up to my mouth I suck on my finger tasting our combined sex juices. I love the taste of our salty yet sweet cum on my tongue. I trail three of my fingers through our cum and bring it to Vanessa’s battered pussy and shove them inside, plugging my cum deep inside of her. She groans from the intrusion into her already worn out pussy but doesn’t pull away from me. I force her head around and kiss her plump lips, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, nibbling and biting on her bottom lip. I pull away and give one last push of my fingers in Vanessa’s pussy then rip them out letting our cum dribble out of her pussy onto the already soaking wet couch.

Once I let go of Vanessa she collapsed onto the couch in a panting heap, I drew her up and into my chest and whispered "you're not done yet slut, I think you deserve to clean my cock and taste both of our cum." She whimpered into me but I knew she liked the idea of that so I let her go taking a seat on the couch we just fucked on. She climbed off the couch, got onto her hands and knees in front of my wet cum covered cock and grabbed the base of it bringing it to her mouth and started licking off our cum "how does that taste you slut?" I moaned out. She looked up at me and presented me her mouth full of our cum showing me how much she loved it. She swallowed it all "how about you try some for yourself?" she must not have noticed me tasting ourselves when we had finished fucking before. She got off her hands and knees and straddled my waist bringing her face to mine and started making out with me. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and licked up our cum from inside, pulling back I tasted our dirty salty cum for the second time "fuck we taste so good" I moaned out to her. Vanessa got up off my lap and started to walk away "where do you think you're going slut? did I give you permission to leave?" she slowly started turning around and making sure I was watching she brought one of her fingers to her cum dripping pussy and slide it up her body "I thought we might need a shower after all that fucking daddy" then turned back around heading to the bathroom. I could already feel myself getting hard again as i got up off the couch and strode towards the bathroom ready to fuck my little slut all over again.


2021-09-12 01:01:18
Do you know what paragraphs are? Without your use of them, this story, which started with some merit, quickly became unreadable as the words kind of merged together.

Try formatting your story better and repost it.

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