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A girl confesses to her best friend how her first sexual experience was
"So, are you going to tell me or not?" Bri asked me. Again. I was sleeping in her house, that night and we were drinking tequila from a bottle her older brother had gotten her after she covered for him last month when he got home from a party completely wasted. We were both already dressed for bed, wearing tank tops and panties, my long blond hair was in a braid while her chestnut one was loose, reaching her shoulders. She wanted to know about my first sexual experience with someone. Hers happened two weeks ago with this boy from one of our classes she had gone to a date with. They went to the movies, and all that happened was mostly second base stuff, but since then she kept rattling about it nonstop, knowing full well I never had a date with a boy. My parents were strict and they always made quite clear that I would only be able to have a boyfriend once I turned eighteen. This didn't bother me as much as it should, it was a good excuse to get rid of some annoying jerks at school, but sometimes it was hard to say no to the hot nice guys that asked me out. Not that this happened a lot, but when it did it made frustrated and angry.

"Kayleigh please! I'm your best friend!" Bri said pleadingly, giving me her best puppy eyes, making me roll mine. She got me so annoyed with details of her date and the things Mike did to her, that after two shots of the tequila, I made the mistake of telling her that just because I never had a date, it didn't mean I never have had anything sexual with someone. I regretted immediately.

"I made a promise to never talk about it to anyone."

"You know me, we've been friends for years, you know I would never tell a soul what you'll tell me!" Bri said almost offended. It was true, she was the most trustworthy person I've ever met and she knew me well enough to know I wouldn't deny this fact. She wouldn't drop it, knowing her like I did, she would keep asking me about this every day from now on, so I looked at the tequila bottle in my hands and without pouring the liquid into my glass I took the bottle to my lips taking a swig of it to give me courage.

"Anything I say stays between us. You won't say a word until I finish the story and you'll promise me right now that you won't judge what I'll tell you," I said feeling a little afraid of losing her friendship. Brianna was the first friend I made when I moved here, and we became inseparable. I was terrified of ruining our friendship telling her what I was about to tell.

"I promise you that whatever happens within this walls will never leave this room. There will be no judgment on my part and I will keep my mouth shut," Bri said looking into my eyes without blinking showing me that she was serious.

I nodded my head and looked down, searching for a way to start.

"Okay. You know that I lived in a farm until and was homeschooled by my mom. My upbringing was very shattered, so I never learned much about sex. Actually, I never even learned about it, except that my mom always told me that I should never touch myself between my legs, except for cleaning myself, saying that young ladies didn’t touch themselves there. As a good daughter I obeyed without question. I mean, until I started to become curious about my body when my boobs started to grow..." I said and looked at Bri uncertain. Her blue eyes were glued on my face, her expression telling me to keep going and to not skip anything. I looked down at my hands before continuing.

"So one night I was in our old bathtub and, feeling curious, I started to explore my body, feeling the swell of my breasts, my nipples getting hard as my fingers brushed against them... I looked at the locked door, and taking a deep breath and mustering all the courage I had, I spread my legs. I put my hands on my legs and I started caressing my thighs up and down, moving my hands on the inside of them, going upwards. I remember looking at the door again, afraid my mom would break in and scream at me. When nothing happened, I reached my pussy and started touching myself lightly, just to see how it felt. It was a weird sensation, but as I explored it with my fingers, I found my clit and it started to feel good. I mean you know what I'm talking about, so I don't need to tell how it felt... Anyway, it felt really good and so in every bath I took after that, I touched myself, rubbing my clit with my fingers. A while after that, I discovered it felt really good if I humped a pillow and so I kind started doing that... quite often.

One day we got news that my grandma hurt herself falling down the stairs and my dad sent me to her house to help her, since he needed my mom's help at the farm. I got there and it was really nice seeing her. My grandma was spending most of her time in bed because of her injury, and Gregory, her second husband needed some help around the house since he needed to take care of his company. I was there basically to be my grandmother's companion, reading, talking, watching TV and helping her on whatever she needed."

The room was silent, making me look up to see if Bri was still following me. Our eyes met and she gave me a tiny encouraging smile, making me smile back. I kept my eyes on her face as I continued.

"On my second day there, my grandpa, I mean, Gregory - he was married to my grandmother since I was small, so I always called him grandpa. Anyway, on my second day there, he came home with this giant teddy bear as a gift for me for being there… You know, the one that I keep on my bedroom chair with a red ribbon around his neck. Anyway, a couple of days later I started to feel really horny, but I was way too embarrassed to do anything being in someone else's house. As the days went by, I felt myself feeling stressed and annoyed so one day before bed, I just gave up and did it.

I was staying on their guest bedroom, and since it had a vintage queen bed, I had the teddy bear beside me. I was laying in bed one night, feeling super horny and bothered, the lamp illuminating my surroundings and without giving much thought, I climbed on top of the giant brown bear straddling it like I used to do with my pillow back home. The bear felt so good between my legs, it was a lot bigger and larger, and it's fur was soft against my legs..." I told Bri. I could see her biting her bottom lip wanting to say something and I knew right away what it is going on in her head which made me laugh.

"No, I wasn't talking about the teddy bear when I said I had had a sexual experience with someone." I said shaking my head, a smile still playing on my lips. I looked down on the bed between us, a little embarrassed with what I was telling her.

"I started to move my hips, grinding against the bear, releasing small throaty moans. Our farm was big, my room was on the second floor and my parents’ bedroom was on the main one so I got used to not being extremely quiet when I played with myself and I didn't even realized I was making any noise. My hands were on the bear's chest area helping me keep my balance. The feeling was starting to get good, I could feel my panties getting stick with my wetness as I moved against it. I closed my eyes letting myself get lost on the pleasurable sensations, throwing my head back and moaning low. My hips started to move faster against the bear as my pleasure build and I think my moans got a little louder without me noticing because as soon as I came, I fell on top of the bear, my body shaking and covered in a thin layer of sweat and as I opened my eyes a little facing the bedroom door on my left, I found my grandpa, I mean, Gregory, standing there watching me. My eyes opened wide and I jumped out of the bear to the other side of the bed covering my face, completely ashamed, wishing a hole opened under my feet and swallowed me. I had no idea what to say, I felt my eyes starting to fill with tears.

"Hey, is okay, you don't have to cry," I heard him say. I heard him walking towards me and felt his arms surround me, pulling me against his chest as he hugged me tight letting me cry. I kept saying I was sorry and sorry, and he just caressed my hair until I started to calm.

As I calmed down, he pushed me slightly away and pulled my hands down, taking my face in his hands, making me look up at him.

"You have nothing to apologize for. You're a beautiful girl who've done nothing wrong." He said wiping my tears with his thumbs, making me feel a little better. I lightly nodded and he smiled at me. The next thing I know, his lips were on mine and my eyes were wide open with surprise. I didn't push him, feeling too shocked by what was happening to react. It was the first time someone had kissed me on the lips and I will never forget how soft his lips were against mine. I mean, you saw a picture of my grandparents at my house, so you know that even though my grandpa is an old man, he’s still very handsome, tall, fit, charming… Anyway, he released me and caressing my cheek with a smile, he told me to go to sleep because it was late. I climbed back in bed, crawling over the bear, not even realizing that my nightgown was too short and that he could see my panties. He didn’t say anything thankfully, or I would have been mortified. Right after that he left, leaving me wide awake in bed. I... I actually touched myself one more time after it, the fear and embarrassment being replaced by arousal as I thought of him standing in silence at the door the whole time, watching me while I did something I wasn't supposed to. I came quietly this time, the memory of his lips on mine setting me off.

On the next day at breakfast, I was feeling very embarrassed trying not to look at him as we ate. My grandma always joined us at the table so I was worried she might know what happened last night but as she kept talking to us, I realized she had no idea. I spent the whole day with her, watching old movies, reading to her, bringing her coffee, feeling a mixture of guilt and excitement for having kissed her husband behind her back, even though, he’s the one that kissed me.

At night, grandpa came home with pizza, and as I helped him, I still avoided looking at him. We all ate together while watched a Fred Astaire movie on the living room, something to cheer my grandma up. As the movie reached to it’s end, I decided to go to bed, giving my grandmother a kiss on her cheek. When I turned to my grandpa, I felt myself blush when our eyes met and leaning forward it kissed him on the cheek, before running upstairs, afraid I was being too obvious to them.

Almost an hour later, when I was almost asleep I heard a light knock on my door.

"Come in." I said turning on the lamp and lifting my body, supporting myself on my elbows. My grandpa entered the room and closed the door behind him, my heart starting to beat fast.

"I think we should talk" he said and I just nodded quietly sitting down in bed. He sat down on the bed and took my hand in his.

"Last night after you jumped out of the bear, why were you crying and apologizing to me?"

I looked down and told him what my mom always told me, that young ladies don't touch themselves between their legs, that it was wrong. My grandfather listened quietly holding and caressing my hand.

When I finished, he pulled my face up to look at him, "Your mother is wrong sweetheart. Is not wrong to touch yourself there, is natural and is important for you to know your own body, what you like or dislike," he said smiling at me. I couldn't help but give him a tentative smile, relieved that he wasn't mad or thought bad of me.

"So, I'm not a bad person?"

"No, of course not! You were enjoying yourself. Your mother should have told you how natural and important this is. I bet she even neglected telling you it would feel even better if another person touched you there, didn't she?" He asked me and my eyes opened wide. I shook my head no, imagining that if touching myself there was wrong, it was probably worse if someone else did it, but at the same time the idea of having someone's hands there was exciting.

"Tsk tsk tsk, that's what I thought." He said, and releasing my hand he touched my thigh over the bed sheet. I looked down at his hand and I didn't do anything to move it away. I was really curious about what he said, what it would feel like if he touched me there. I looked at his face and realized he was looking me closely, waiting for my permission before he did something more. I swallowed nervously and slightly nodded my head. He looked at his hand as he started to pull the sheet slowly down baring my thin cotton nightgown and thighs to him. My nightgown had ridden up when I moved, covering only my panties now, exposing my thighs to his gaze. When the bed sheet was completely off of my body, he got up and circled the bed, picking up the bear and putting it on the floor, taking its place beside me on the bed.

"Sit on my lap darling." He said to me and I nodded and moved on top of his legs, pressing my back against his chest like he told me to. His hands moved to my arms surprising me a little, caressing them lightly. I closed my eyes, enjoying his fingers moving on my skin, feeling myself relax under his touch letting my head fall against his shoulder. Grandpa reached my shoulders and moved down towards my boobs over my nightgown. I never enjoyed playing with my boobs but as soon as his hands touched them, I could help but release a gasp of surprised at the pleasurable sensation.

"This is nice isn't?" he asked me, whispering the question on my ear as he circled my nipples with his fingers.

"Yes..." I said, pressing my palms on my thighs. His hands left them, moving up towards my shoulder and pulling the straps of my nightgown down, baring them to the cold air of the room. He took my breasts in his hands squeezing them lightly, making my body shiver and a throaty moan slip from my lips. The touch of his warm hands on my bare skin was a lot better than through the nightgown. He circled my nipples again, and started to pinch them getting them even more hard than they already were, making them ache. I was getting horny and greedy, my body started to move unconsciously, wanting more from him.

"Doesn't this feel better already?", he asked in another whisper. He grabbed my garment in his hands and I lifted my arms, helping him to pull the garment out of my body, leaving me only in my panties.

"Yes, it does grandpa." I moaned, closing my eyes and reclining back against his chest.

"Good." He said and keeping his right hand on my breast, he started to move his left one lower towards my panties. When he made contact with the white cotton fabric, he found the crotch to be wet, which make him release a throaty groan of satisfaction. I arched my body as his finger touched me through the wet fabric, making me gasp and moan. It felt so much better than everything I've ever done and we weren't even skin to skin yet.

My grandpa moved his head and started to kiss and suckle on my neck as his hands worked on my body. I felt I was going to cum really soon, he knew how to touch me and were to touch me to get me closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly he stopped touching me, when I was a breath away from coming.

"I want to show you something else" he said when I was about to complain. We both got up, and he took a step away to look at me fully. I was so turned on that I didn't even think of covering me, I just wanted more of his hands on me. His eyes traveled through my body and he smiled at me when our eyes met.

"I want you to let me know if you want me to stop, do you understand?" I nodded and said yes. "Take off your panties and lay down in bed with your legs spread open."

Without hesitating, I got on the bed, crawling on my hands and knees until I was in the middle. He moved to the end of the bed, watching me and making me feel bolder, I rested my head on the pillow and moved my hands to the waistband of my panties, sliding them down, feeling the fabric stick to my skin due to my wetness as I bared my butt and pussy to his hungry gaze. I turned around, laying down and took it completely off. His eyes were burning as he looked down at me, watching me spreading my legs. He removed his shirt, throwing it on the floor and crawling over my body on the bed he stopped as he reached my stomach.

"Now I’m going to show you something really good…" My grandpa told me and I smiled at him, knowing that anything he wanted to show me would bring me pleasure. He gave me a wicked smile in return and touched my stomach with his lips, kissing, licking and sucking my skin moving down and stopping at the top of my pussy. Grandpa looked up and as our eyes met, I watched as his tongue dipped between my legs. My body shivered and I closed my eyes moaning with the pleasure. He opened my pussy lips with his fingers and licked me again. I was in heaven, moaning and writhing in bed as his tongue licked my pussy, my left hand moving up my head to grab the iron headboard as my right one descended on his head pushing him against my pussy, my legs spreading more wider for him. His tongue moved up, flicking my clit at the same time as I felt one of his fingers entering me, making me gasp at the pain. I tried to scoot away releasing his hair, but his finger kept moving.

"Grandpa is hurting, please stop."

He lifted his head to look at me, his finger still lodged inside of me without moving. "I promise you, you will enjoy it. Relax and let me work your tight pussy baby." And with that he dove back to my pussy. I tried to relax as he moved his finger in and out of me, the pain giving way to an uncomfortable sensation and then finally to a pleasurable one. I moved my hips seeking more, feeling myself getting close to an orgasm. He noticed this and started to move his finger faster, his mouth started to suck my clit, my moans grew louder, the pleasure was so strong that I forgot to be quiet. I felt his finger crook inside of me, finally pushing me over the edge.

"GRANDPA!" I screamed as I came, my body undulating on top of the bed, my legs shook, but he was relentless, his finger leaving me so he could open me and devour my pussy, fucking me with his tongue. My orgasm kept going and going and I had to push his head away as I started to feel too sensitive.

I was panting completely spent, my eyes were close, my body was still spasming with small pleasure waves. I never felt anything like that before, all the orgasms I've ever had before were over in less than a minute, but this was something completely different. It was very strong and it kept going and going. As my breath returned to normal, I opened my eyes and was greeted with the sight of my grandpa kneeling on the bed between my legs, completely naked. His eyes were locked on me as he pumped his cock up and down with his right hand. I couldn't look away, I felt like I was hypnotized, my eyes followed his slow hand movement, the sight of it arousing me, even though I had just come.

"Are you enjoying the sight of my cock?" He asked me breaking the spell I found myself in. I looked up meeting his eyes, and said yes with a smile playing on my lips.

"Come here." My grandpa said, and so, moving around the bed, I got on my knees in front of him. One of his arms went to my back, pulling me closer to him, and I gasped feeling his hard cock pressing against my tummy. I raised my head to look up at him and putting my hand behind his head I pulled him down smacking our lips together. His hand moved to my butt and he squeezed it making me moan against the kiss, taking the opportunity to slide his tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues stroke each other, our bodies rubbed, seeking more friction. He released my butt and then slapped it hard, making me gasp and break the kiss. Looking up at him with wide eyes I saw a wicked smile form on his face. I had never been slapped before and even though it hurt, the pain sent pleasurable tingles to my core. Bending towards me, my grandpa started to kiss and nibble on my neck making the tingle rise. His right left hand took my right one in his, and started to slide it lower on his body, stopping when the tips of my finger touched something wet. I looked down and saw that the tip of his cock was covered in pre-cum. He closed my hand around it and moved it up and down, groaning against my neck as I went. I was fascinated with it, my hand was so small I could barely close it around it as I moved, more pre-cum leaked from his tip sliding down and coating my hand, the sight of it turning me on. My grandpa moved away from my neck to watch me jacking him off, his hand going back to my butt, squeezing it as he murmured encouragements in a low husky voice that dripped with desire.

My pussy was so wet I felt my juices running down my thighs, so I removed my hand from him, and locking eyes with him, I took my hand to my mouth and started to lick it clean. It was my first taste of pre-cum and I was surprised it didn’t taste as bad I was expecting, so I kept licking without looking away until my hand was completely clean. I looked down at his cock and without saying a word, I scooted back on the bed, getting on my hands and knees and sticking my tongue out, I licked the pre-cum from the head of his cock, earning a pleasurable groan from him. I raised my head to look at his face, and saw his eyes locked on me, and with my mouth open I took his cock into my mouth, watching him close his eyes as he moaned, making me feel powerful. He told me in a low voice to cover my teeth with my lips and doing that, I sucked him, swirling my tongue around his head, trying to take all the pre-cum I could.

"Fuck baby, you’re doing so well… Keep sucking it, I want to flood your mouth with cum." He said, taking my hair in his hand and fucking my mouth. It was really hard to keep my teeth hidden since he was big and large, I was drooling all over him, and every time he pushed his cock into my mouth I gagged, but he seemed to not care. He moaned and groaned, the sounds being too much for me, so I put my hand between my legs so I could play with my pussy.

"Are you playing with yourself while you suck my cock? " He asked me, pulling my head away from him, a trail of saliva connecting my mouth to his cock.

"Yeah, this is making me so horny grandpa," I said without stop touching me. He took his cock in his hand and slapped my cheek with it before sticking it back into my mouth, calling me his dirty little girl. Instead of making me feel embarrassed and ashamed, that made me moan with pleasure around his cock.

His movements started to accelerate, he started to push harder, the tip of his cock hit the back of my mouth. I was close to coming too, rubbing my clit faster and faster, moaning and gagging around him. My grandpa fucked my mouth frantically, and then once his cock hit the back of my throat one more time, I felt him spasm inside my mouth and a jet of come hit the back of my throat. He pulled it out, keeping only his head in my mouth as he started to come, jet after jet filled my mouth faster than I could swallow.

"Yeah baby, be a good girl and swallow it all, milk my cock." He said, and so I did, but some come leaked out of my mouth because there was just too much of it, and slid to my chin. When his last jet hit my tongue, I started to suck him, wanting to make sure there wasn’t more, swirling my tongue, licking all the come. My grandpa pulled my head away hard, making me moan with the pain, and pulled me up on my knees again. He pressed me against his body again, and took my mouth in his, kissing me hard, his hands moving down my body, squeezing both my butt cheeks.

"Grandpa my pussy is so wet, touch me please," I said pleadingly, and right away his hand went between my legs and I felt his finger enter me. It didn’t hurt this time, but it still felt uncomfortable even though I was literally dripping with wetness. The palm of his hand rubbed my clit as he fingered me, making me moan and rub my boobs on his chest. It took less than a minute for me to come, and he kissed me again so I wouldn’t scream, holding me tight against him. The pleasure took control of my body, I would have fallen if he wasn’t holding me. He kept fingering me and rubbing my clit and I felt another orgasm start to build and soon, I was coming again, my body shaking against his. I felt like my body was made of jello, I had no strength left in my body, I thought I was going to pass out. My grandpa removed his hand from my pussy and released my mouth. I was breathing hard, dizzy and exhausted, my body was covered in sweat and I never felt so sexually satisfied in all my life. I forced myself to open my eyes to look at him.

"Thank you grandpa." I said in a weak voice, which made him chuckle. He laid me down in bed with care and covered me. I didn’t even care I was all sweaty and sticky, I was so tired I knew I would sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

"Now sleep tight baby girl… I’ll see you tomorrow." He said, kissing me lightly on the lips. I didn’t even saw him leave, I slept right away.

I looked from the tequila bottle to Bri’s face. She had a shocked expression on her face. I took a swig from the tequila, terrified she was going to judge me, or find me disgusting. My mind was running fast with the possibilities, I didn’t realize she said something until her hand touched my bare knee. I looked up meeting her eyes.

"I’m sorry, what did you say?"

"I said that, that was incredibly hot! I can’t believe this, I was feeling so adult because I had a boy touch my boobs, while you… wow!" She said and laughed. I was dumbfounded, I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be but I didn’t expect this one. She took the tequila from my hand, and took a large gulp from it. I looked down, and by accident I saw that the crotch of her panties were wet, surprising me even more. Bri dropped the bottle and cough a little, cleaning her mouth on the back of her hand.

"So, you’re not disgusted?" I asked, just to be sure.

"Not at all. I mean, I know I should be, because what you just told me was wrong, but I’m really not. I’m just surprised, I never imagined something like this had happened to you, like, to be honest I thought you had never kissed someone!" She said with a wicked smile. I laughed feeling my body start to relax. I couldn’t believe I broke my promise and told Bri about my grandfather and she didn’t feel disgusted, she felt aroused by the way her panties were wet.

"We should go to sleep, is almost 2 a.m." I said. We went to the bathroom to brush our teeth, trying really hard not to fall on the way there, and then we were back in her queen size bed. She turned the lights off and I closed my eyes feeling slightly dizzy from all the alcohol.

"Kay, can I ask you something?"


"Did your grandmother never found out about that?"

"No, my grandpa told me the next morning that her medications were knocking her off, so she never heard anything." I told her, moving to my side giving her my back. I felt Bri move around on the bed, probably feeling the same dizziness as me.

"Did you and your grandfather ever done more stuff?" She asked me in a whisper. I smiled at that.

"Yeah, we did." I said releasing a low laugh. "But these stories are for another day."


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