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Part three of my third attempt at story writing. Hope you enjoy.
Tracy woke up early on the first full day at the cabin. She rolled over and unplugged her phone that was charging on the nightstand. She spent the next twenty minutes answering texts that had come in while she slept and going through her social accounts. Finally hunger got her out of bed. She threw on one of her dad’s old t-shirts that looked like a short dress on her small frame. She didn’t think anyone else was up so she would have to make herself breakfast. As she left her room she thought it wouldn’t hurt to see if the twins were up and if so she would offer to make them breakfast. It would be a nice gesture and it would make her dad happy.

She was not too far down the hall when she heard giggling. So the twins were up. As she was about to knock on the partially open door she looked through the opening and saw the old dresser across the room and her hand stopped. The dresser had a large mirror attached to it and in the reflection Tracy could see the twins. Cassie was laying on her bed only wearing a small pink t-shirt and between her legs was Chris’s head. He was laying on his stomach in just his underwear. Tracy lowered her hand and just watched.

Cassie had both her hands on her brother’s head and a big smile on her face. Chris’s head was moving up and down as he licked her vagina. Tracy could tell he didn’t really know what he was doing but Cassie seemed to be enjoying it. After about a minute Chris raised his head and asked, “So? How does it feel?”

“Feels weird, but also good,” was Cassie’s reply.

“Well Mom really liked it when John was doing it to her last night,” Chris said.

Tracy was startled to hear that. Had the twins seen her with her dad and Nicole last night? They must have.

“Those sneaky little shits,” she thought to herself but smiled. She had spied on her Dad and Nicole a few times so she couldn’t really fault them for it. Plus she was spying on them now so it they were even.

“You want some more?” Chris asked Cassie.

“No. Lets just do it like we usually do.”

Tracy watched from the doorway as Chris got up from the bed and pulled off his underwear exposing his hard penis. He got back on the bed and raised his sisters legs putting her ankles on his shoulders and then used his hand to guide his penis to her moist little slit. The head of his penis pressed against her until it finally slowly sank into her. He gently pushed until he was buried fully in her.

“Ok. Wait for a sec,” she told him.

“I know,” he said and just waited there with her legs on his shoulders and his hands holding her thighs.

As they waited Tracy’s hand reached down and she rubbed her pussy through her t-shirt.

Finally Cassie said, “Ok. You can go now.”

And with that Chris started to fuck her. Not fast at first but the pace started to increase as he continued. Tracy noticed that he never stopped looking at his penis going in and out of his sister. Even when she said to him, “That feels good.”

He replied, “I know,” and just kept watching himself slide into her.

Tracy was surprised to see Cassie start playing with her clit as her brother fucked her. “They have definitely done this before,” Tracy thought as she raised her t-shirt and began rubbing her own clit.

It wasn’t to much longer before Chris started to grunt and Tracy knew he was about to cum. She wondered if he was going to do it inside of Cassie. The thought really turned her on and she felt herself getting close. Chris thrusted into his sister three more times before pulling out and shooting cum across her pussy and stomach.

As Tracy watched his sperm paint his sister she began to climax. She slowly and quietly stepped back from the doorway when her orgasm had finished. She headed back down the hall but made a detour into the bathroom for a little clean up before continuing on to the kitchen.

When John and Nicole finally emerged from their bedroom Tracy had just finished making pancakes. A tall stack was waiting on the counter and Tracy was pulling the last few sausages out of the frying pan.

“Well, well. Look at little Mary Homemaker here,” John teased as he came into the kitchen.

“Shut up,” Tracy said, “This isn’t for you. It’s for me and Nicole.”

“And maybe the twins,” Nicole added.

“Yeah. If there’s any left over maybe you can have some,” Tracy said as she made up two plates. She handed one to Nicole before taking hers to the table. Nicole stuck her tongue out at John and followed her.

“I can see I have made a grave mistake bringing you two together out here.” John made himself a plate and joined them at the table. “I have no backup other than Chris, and Cassie only adds to your numbers. The men are outnumbered and hopelessly outmatched.” He paused for a mouthful of food. After a few chews he continued,“I think I have no choice but to offer my surrender now and hope for mercy.”

Tracy and Nicole exchanged a look then they both replied, “No mercy,” before laughing.

John smiled, shook his head and continued eating his breakfast.

When they finished breakfast Nicole went to get the twins up and out of their room and John went to take a shower. Tracy decided to go put on some shorts and sit out on the deck and check her phone. Maybe take some pictures of the lake. She was just about to her bedroom door when she stopped and looked back at the door to the twins room. She hadn’t heard Nicole or the twins talking when she had passed and the door was shut but not latched. On a whim she walked back and listened at the door. There was no noise. No talking. She stood there for a few seconds before she slowly raised her hand and with one finger gently pushed the door open just enough to get a sliver of a view of that mirror.

Chris was laying back propped up on his elbows at the foot of Cassie’s bed. His legs bent at the knee hung over the side, and kneeling between them was Nicole, sucking his penis. Chris was staring down at his mother as her head bobbed up and down on him. Cassie was beside her brother laid back just like him and she was also watching Nicole giving him head. It was until Cassie’s head turned and looked down at her own crotch and closed her eyes that Tracy realized that Nicole was fingering her while she sucked Chris.

Tracy slowly pulled the door shut and stepped quietly and quickly from the door.

John stepped into the shower and just stood under the warm water for a minute enjoying the heat. His phone on the counter by the sink was playing some old classic rock and the bluetooth speaker on the shelf above the toilet was filling the bathroom with music. He sang along as he washed.

He was rinsing the shampoo from his head when he felt a hand on his back. He jumped a little and pulled his head out from under the water. He turn his head and saw Tracy standing naked behind him.

“Jesus, honey. You scared the shit out of me,” he told her.

She stepped up and wrapped her arms around him. She found his cock and started to play with it.

“I just saw something,” she said and kissed his back.

“Really,” he replied as he went back to rinsing his hair, “What was it?”

“Something really hot,” she said and started to stroke his dick as it stiffened.

“And what was that?”


“Well I’ll agree with you there. She is pretty hot.”

“She was blowing Chris and fingering Cassie.”

Tracy’s hand slipped off her fathers wet cock as he turned around and faced her.

“When did you see this?” he asked looking down at her.

She took his cock back into her hand and began stroking it again before answering.

“Just now.”


“In the twins bedroom.”

“Were you spying?”

Tracy gave him and innocent smile and began stroking him a little faster, “Maybe a little.”

“You shouldn’t be spying on them Tracy,” he scolded.

“I know. I didn’t watch very long.”

“And what did you think?”

“I think it was so hot I came right in here so I could do to you what she was doing to Chris.”

“Well lucky me.”

Tracy squatted down and took John into her mouth. She got right down to business so quickly and forcefully John had to steady himself against the shower wall. She was working her mouth back and forth on him quite vigorously.

“Wow,” he said as he grabbed a fist full of her long red hair, “You really did get worked up.”

As an answer she grabbed an ass cheek with each hand and started to pull him into her as she came down on his cock. She gagged a couple times before she got the rhythm down. She wanted to take all of him in but couldn’t. She loved the feel of him filling her mouth. She eventually pulled him from her mouth and stroked him as she looked up and asked, “Did you know she did that? You didn’t seem surprised when I told you.”

“Yes. I did,” he replied looking down at her. “We were going to let you and the twins know about everything later tonight. It’s really why we planned this whole trip.”

“I’m sorry I’m such a little snoop.” She kissed the head of his dick.

“Maybe I should spank you.”

“Oh,” she said and released his dick. She stood up, turned to the wall and leaned against it. She pushed her butt out toward him and said, “Maybe you should.”

Tracy let out a startled yelp and looked back in surprise when John gave her a stinging slap on her ass. “Daddy!”

“Be quiet,” John said as he grabbed her hips. He smiled to let her know he wasn’t really mad. “You’ve been bad.”

He bent his knees to bring his dick into position. Tracy felt the head rub up and down on her pussy. She didn’t wait for him and pushed back. His dick sank into her and she began to move on it. Pulling herself almost completely off him before pushing back onto him. John just stood there with his hands on her hips. Other than pulling on her hips a little every time she slid back on his dick he was letting her do all the work.

She kept up the pace for several minutes until John felt her tight pussy get even tighter on his dick as she started cum. A quiet grunt escaped her throat and John could feel her legs shaking.

He took his hands from her hips and pulled her up and wrapped his arms around her. His dick slid from her still quivering pussy.

When he thought her legs were a little more steady he said, “Let’s get out of the shower.” She stepped out and he followed.

“Get up on the counter,” he told her. She did as he said. When she was up she leaned back against the mirror and spread her legs. He stepped between them. She was raising them before he grabbed them. She knew what he was going to do. When he had an ankle in each hand he brought his cock back to her pussy and slid it back inside her. He started off slow and gentle. A nice long slide in and pull it back real slow. When he could tell she was getting close to another orgasm he increased the pace a little. The slide in a little more forceful.

Tracy's pussy clamped down on his dick again but he just started going a little more faster. His balls slapping her ass as he plunged in.

He felt her cum on him two more times before he had to pull out. A long rope of cum shot out off his cock as soon as he pulled it from her and landed between her tits. Several more followed and soon she had cum running down her tits and belly. John’s dick head was resting in her thin patch of red pubic hair leaking the last of his cum onto it.

When they both had caught their breath John looked down at her and said, “Now let that be a lesson to you.”

“Yes sir,” she replied and they laughed.

They both got back in the shower and cleaned up.

When they were both done Tracy slipped back into her t-shirt while John went to the closet to find something to wear.

“I’m heading back to my room Daddy,” she told him as she left.

“Ok baby.”

As she passed the twin’s room Nicole was leaving. Tracy said hi to her as she walked to her room. A big smile spread across her face.


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This is getting better and better !

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