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Part two of my third attempt at story writing. Hope you enjoy.
John had just finished packing up the SUV. He was walking back into the house when he called to Tracy.

“Hey babe, you about ready?”

“Oh my god. I said give me 15 minutes,” Tracy yelled from her room.

John walked down the hall and stuck his head in her room. “That was 20 minutes ago.”

“Oh. Well let me finish packing and I’ll get dressed.” Tracy was pulling clothes from her closet and tossing them onto her bed creating a sizable pile. She looked like she had just finished showering. Her long curly red hair was damp and hanging loose. She was only wearing a pair of white panties.

“What have you been doing?” John looked at his watch, “We should have been gone half an hour ago.”

“Sorry Daddy. I just got done with my shower and I’m having trouble deciding what to take.”

“Honey you look great in everything. Just pick something and let’s go,” John said as he turned and left.

Ten minutes later Tracy was running across the driveway to her dad waiting in the SUV. She was wearing a pair of red shorts that ended just below her ass cheeks and looked like they had been painted on. A tight white tank-top that obviously wasn’t covering a bra because John could just barely make out his daughters nipples as he watched her boobs bounce as she ran. She had left her hair hanging loose and it flowed out behind her.

She jumped into the SUV and quickly kissed her father on the cheek. “Sorry for the wait Dad.”

“Finally,” John said putting the vehicle in gear, “Let’s get this show on the road.”

Tracy pulled out her phone as they got on the road.

“Hey babe. Before you get lost in that thing I wanted to talk.”

Tracy put her phone down and said, “Sure. What’s up?”

“You and Nicole seem to have gotten along the few times we’ve gone out together.”

“Yeah. I like her. I told you that.”

“I know,” John said, “I’m just worried about how you and her kids are going to get along. I know they are a couple years younger than you and I’m worried you guys might not have common interests.”

“Stop stressing Dad. I will be on my best behavior and will be nice to them even if they annoy me. I know this is an important weekend for you.”

“Thanks babe.”

“I’ll keep the kids busy so you and Nikki can have some alone time,” Tracy said using air quotes on the word alone.

When John looked over at her she giggled.

“Thanks,” he said, “That would be much appreciated.”

The drove for a few more minutes before Tracy spoke up again, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” John replied.

“Have you told Nicole about our alone time?” She used the air quotes again.

“Yes I have. We wouldn’t be going out to the cabin if I hadn’t. She didn’t have a problem with it.”

“Really?” Tracy exclaimed. She had been worried about this since her dad began seeing Nicole. She worried that they would have to stop.

“Honey I wouldn’t be with a woman who didn’t understand about our relationship. Me and Nicole discussed this when we first got together. We both were looking for someone who was understanding. She had a similar relationship with her father.”

“Really?” Tracy exclaimed again.

“Really. So don’t be worried. We can be ourselves this weekend.”

Tracy smiled wide. “How long until we get there?”

“About an hour. You can get lost in your phone now,” John told her. He heard the snap of her seatbelt unlatching and looked over.

Tracy had her seatbelt off and was leaning back into the seat and lifting her butt. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and in one smooth motion shed her shorts and panties. She turned in her seat and threw her leg over the center console and rested her foot in her dads crotch. Her hand began rubbing in little circles on her clit.

“Keep your eyes on the road Daddy,” she scolded when he glanced down at her pussy. Her foot rubbed him through his pants.

John quickly glanced around to see if anybody noticed what was happening in his vehicle. The windows were tinted and they were on the highway so he figured they were safe.

“Jesus baby. You’re going to make me crash this thing.”

Tracy didn’t say anything. She just worked her clit and stared at her dad. Her other hand went under her tank-top and began pinching a nipple.

John did his best to keep and eye on the road between glances at his masturbating daughter.

John and Tracy were about ten minutes from the cabin when John came in Tracy’s mouth. Tracy greedily took every drop of semen her dad gave her.

As soon as they had turned off the highway, and Tracy had finished her third orgasm of the drive, she had taken her foot out of her dad’s crotch and replaced it with her head. She had unzipped his shorts, took his cock out, and slipped it in her mouth.

Tracy raised up off her father’s dick and sat back in her seat. She got her shorts and panties from the floorboard and slipped them back on. “We there yet?” She said with a smile.

“Just about,” John said as he stuffed his penis back in his shorts.

They finished the short ride to the cabin in silence but each had a big smile.

John saw Nicole’s car parked in the driveway as they pulled in. He hoped they hadn’t been waiting too long. As he and Tracy got out of the SUV Nicole walked out the front door and onto the porch. She waved at John and asked, “Run into some traffic?”

John waved back, “No. Just got a late start. I see you found the place. Have any problems?”

“No, your directions were great. Didn’t have trouble finding the key either. The twins are swimming in the lake. They saw the water and jumped right in. I’ve been getting everything put away and straightened up a little,” Nicole said as she came off the porch and gave John a hug. She waved to Tracy, “Hey there. Did you enjoy the trip?”

Tracy smiled at Nicole and looked at her dad and said, “The trip up was great.”

“Well good,” Nicole said, “I was just about to make some lunch if you guys are hungry.”

“I’m starving,” John replied pulling his bag from the SUV.

“Need any help?” Tracy asked following Nicole inside.

“No thanks. You can drop your stuff in a room and keep me company though. The twins were in such a hurry to swim they didn’t pick a room so you get first dibs.”

“Great,” Tracy said and headed off down the hallway.

John came in with his bag and dropped it by the door. He walked into the kitchen where Nicole was making sandwiches and hugged her from behind. “Hey there,” he said as he kissed her neck.

“Hey,” she said. “Glad you’re finally here.”

“I’m glad we’re all finally here. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for over a month now.”

Nicole stopped making the sandwiches and turn around. She raised up on her toes and gave John a kiss. “Me too,” she said as she pulled away, “I can’t wait for Tracy to meet the twins. I hope they get along.”

“I’m sure they will.” John gave Nicole another kiss before saying, “I’m going to go out and say hi to the twins and let them know lunch is about ready.”

“You may have to drag them out of the water,” Nicole told him as she went back to making the sandwiches.

John walked out onto the back deck and took a second to admire the view. The mountain lake looked like a mirror reflecting the cloudless blue sky and the tree covered mountainside across the water. He could hear laughing and splashing as he came down the back steps. When he got down to the water he saw Cassie was on the beach laying on her towel. Chris was in the water kicking his feet and laughing while he tried to splash his sister. He wasn’t getting any water near her so she was just ignoring him.

“Hey guys,” John called to them.

“Hey John,” Chris said and waved.

“Oh good your finally here,” Cassie said as she jumped up and came running to give John a hug.

“Yep. Me and Tracy just got here.” John gave her a hug and said, “Your mom has lunch just about ready so let’s go in and you guys can meet Tracy.”

“Okay,” Cassie said. She ran and grabbed her towel before running up the deck stairs and inside. John waited on the beach while Chris got out of the water and dried off.

“Are we still on for some fishing?” He asked Chris.

“Oh yeah. You still going to let me drive the boat?” Chris replied.

“We’ll see,” John said.

Chris finished toweling off and they went inside to join the others for lunch.

The five of them had lunch and watched a movie inside. Tracy and the twins seemed to get along just fine. When the movie was done they went back out to the beach again and Tracy joined the twins in the water while John and Nicole found some shade and watched then swim while they talked. When dinner time rolled around they all took a trip into the little town about 15 minutes away and ate at the diner.

When they returned to the cabin they all hung out in the living room. John and Nicole had some wine while they watched tv and the twins ended up both fall asleep on the couch. Tracy was glued to her phone laying on the floor. Nicole eventually woke up the twins and sent then off to bed.

The three of them sat in silence for a short time as John and Nicole finished watching their show and Tracy texted to friends. As the credits started to roll on TV Nicole looked over at John and said, “Well now that the twins are in bed..” She reached over and rubbed his crotch. John smiled and said, “I like the way you think.” He unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped them. Nicole reach in and pull out his penis and tugged on it until it was completely hard. Then she leaned down and took it in her mouth. John leaned back and enjoyed the feel of her mouth working up and down on his cock.

It took Tracy a few minutes to realize the show was over and nothing was playing on the television. She turned her head to see what her dad and Nicole were doing. She saw Nicole going down on her dad while he had his head laid back and his hand on the back of Nicole’s head.

Tracy immediately felt herself get wet. She just watched for a little while but eventually she rolled over and her hand went into her own shorts and she began to rub slow little circles on her clit.

John raised his head and opened his eyes and saw Tracy on the floor playing with herself. He smiled at her and said, “I bet Nicole wouldn’t mind some help.”

Nicole came up off his cock and said, “I would love some help.” She waved Tracy over, “You can show me what he likes.”

Tracy got up from the floor and quickly removed her clothed before she joined them on the couch. Nicole had her hand wrapped around the base of John’s cock as she offered it to Tracy.

Tracy eagerly began blowing her father. Nicole stood up and began removing her clothes. John watched as she undress. Nicole had a voluptuous hourglass figure and long dark hair that fell to her waist. Her breast had large dark nipples that stood out like pencil erasers. Wide hips and an ass John referred to as onion booty because “It was so good it made you cry.” A nicely trimmed dark triangle of pubic hair framed her vagina. She sat back down on the couch and threw a leg up giving John an unobstructed view of her pussy as she began to finger herself as she watched his daughter suck him. Nicole slid two fingers into herself as she used her other hand to pinch her nipple.

“You like the view,” Nicole asked John. He nodded his head. “Does watching me masturbate while your daughter sucks your dick get you nice and hard?” He nodded again.

Tracy slipped his cock out of her mouth and said, “I can verify that it does get him nice and hard.”

“Thank you Tracy,” Nicole said.

“You want to know what would make it harder?” John asked.

Both Nicole and Tracy answered, “Yes.”

“Let me eat your pussy,” John told Nicole.

Nicole looked at Tracy and asked, “What do you think?”

“I would,” replied Tracy, “He’s pretty good.”

“Don’t I know it,” Nicole said as she stood up on the couch and straddled John. She looked down at him and smiled as she lowered herself onto his waiting mouth. As John attacked Nicole’s clit with his tongue Tracy went back to sucking his cock. Nicole had a hand full of John’s hair clutched in her hand as she pressed down onto his eager tongue.

Tracy worked on the head of her dad’s cock with her mouth as her hand stroked the shaft. Her other hand was between her legs rubbing her clit. She took the cock from her mouth after a few minutes and began licking the shaft and ball. As she sucked one of John’s balls into her mouth she heard Nicole begin to moan and looked up at her grinding away on his face.

“Just like that,” Nicole moaned, “Oh shit!”

Tracy released the ball from her mouth and stared up the two of them as she continued to stroke her father.

“Fuck baby! I’m gonna cum!” Nicole called out.

Nicole’s legs trembled as she came on John’s face. Tracy could see juice running down her dad’s chin and on to his chest.

When her legs were a little more steady Nicole lifted herself from John’s mouth and sat back down. She collapsed back into the couch. “Damn. I have to catch my breath,” she said.

“Can I have a turn?” Tracy asked as she stroked John.

“Sure thing baby,” John replied. He patted the couch next to him, “Come on up.”

Tracy laid down on the other side of John with her head on the arm of the couch. John positioned himself between his daughter’s legs and went down on her. Tracy closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of her father’s tongue as it slowly moved on her clit. When a short while later she felt him slip two fingers inside her she opened her eyes and looked down at him. His nose was buried in her light patch of red pubic hair as he plunged his tongue into her. She noticed Nicole looking at her from the other end of the couch. Nicole had one hand rubbing her clit while she watched and the other was making slow circles around one of her nipples. Tracy met Nicole’s gaze and held it. They stared at each other while Nicole played with her clit and John licked Tracy’s pussy. The feeling of her father’s mouth on her vagina and the visual of Nicole rubbing hers while she looked on was getting Tracy very worked up. It didn’t take long before Tracy’s hips started bucking as she came. John grabbed her thighs as she bucked but kept his mouth on her and kept licking her clit. Nicole kept her eyes locked with Tracy and worked her own clit faster as her climax started to build.

Tracy’s head was swimming as her orgasm worked through her. She could barely think but kept looking at Nicole. She could see Nicole’s hand moving faster and her breathing getting quicker. Finally Nicole broke the stare as her head dropped back and she started to moan. Tracy looked down as Nicole’s pussy began to squirt. It shot a stream onto her dad’s ass and pumped out a few more squirts. Tracy could see Nicole’s thighs quivering.

As both Tracy and Nicole’s orgasms subsided John lift his head out of his daughter’s crotch.

“Well. That was awesome,” he said as he sat up.

“You can say that again,” Nicole replied.

Tracy stayed silent as she caught her breath.

Nicole sat up and gave John a kiss. As she came away from his mouth she licked her lips.

“Mmmm. You taste good,” she said before kissing him again. She then licked the juice from around his mouth and chin. “Very nice.”

“Would you like to try some,” Tracy asked with a smile.

Nicole looked at John.

“If she’s okay with it so am I,” John replied to the look.

“I would love that,” Nicole said.

John got up and switched places with Nicole.

Nicole leaned over to Tracy and began kissing her. Their tongues explored each others mouths. Nicole’s hands moved to Tracy’s tits and started to caress them. She eventually stopped kissing Tracy’s mouth and began trailing kisses down her neck. Her mouth moved to one of Tracy’s nipples and began to suck. As Nicole worked on the nipple her hand moved down to Tracy’s pussy and she slid in two fingers. She gently bit and sucked the nipple while her fingers worked in and out of Tracy.

Tracy was watching her dad now as Nicole sucked and fingered her. He was sitting back stroking his cock and enjoying the show.

Nicole released her nipple and trailed kisses down her stomach. Nicole gave Tracy one last kiss right above her wispy patch of pubic hair before burying her face in it. Tracy immediately moaned. Nicole had found her g-spot and was gently rubbing it with her finger tips as she sucked Tracy’s clit. Her tongue began making quick little flicks on the clit before sucking it again. She kept switching between the sucking and flicking but not at any rhythm Tracy could figure out, so she never knew when the switch was going to happen and the anticipation was increasing her pleasure when it did happen. Her dad was good but Nicole was on another level.

Tracy noticed her dad begin to move behind Nicole. He was positioning himself behind her with his cock in hand. His other hand found Nicole’s hip and steadied her as he guided his cock to her. He slowly sank his dick into Nicole’s pussy. She moaned into Tracy’s vagina but never stopped fingering or licking her.

John fucked Nicole while watching her eat out his daughter.

“Does that feel good baby?” He asked Tracy.

“Yes Daddy,” she purred.

Nicole lifted her head up from Tracy long enough to say, “It feels wonderful.” Then she was right back to the clit.

Tracy was really enjoying the new feeling of Nicole’s mouth being pushed into her with each of her dad’s thrusts. Plus, she had never seen her father fuck anyone else before and it was very thrilling. It didn’t take long before she felt another orgasm building.

As Tracy began to cum on Nicole’s mouth John knew he didn’t have much longer before he was cumming too. When Tracy finally finish he told them he was about to cum.

Nicole lift her head and pulled herself off his dick. She turned around quickly and grabbed his cock as it began to pump out semen. The first two shots were out before she could get him in her mouth. She took the rest and swallowed it down as he pumped into her mouth. When he was finished he collapsed back onto the couch. Nicole had cum from the first two shots on her cheek and some that had fallen onto her tits. Tracy helped her with that. She sat up and licked her dad’s cum from Nicole’s breasts. Then she licked it off Nicole’s cheek. Before she could pull away Nicole grabbed her and started kissing her.

Soon both of them joined John on the couch as he was catching his breath.

“Well. I don’t know about you guys but that was pretty fucking amazing,” Nicole said.

“Yes it was,” John replied.

“I could go again,” Tracy said with a smile.

John and Nicole shared a look, and both felt smiles start to form on their faces. This was going to be a great weekend.


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