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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Please read chapter 1 and 2.

Kellie got back home a bit later that afternoon. “Ethan? I’m home!”, she shouted. No response.

She listened to see if she could hear any sounds in the house as she made her way towards the master bedroom. Passing through the kitchen she noticed her hastily discarded bra from earlier, the open pill bottle on the counter (good, Ethan had one!), and several (4??) empty bottles of water. Did Ethan have someone over?

She got to the master bedroom and heard the shower running. She opened the door and saw Ethan sitting on the floor of their large walk in shower.

“Sweetie! Are you ok??”, she asked over the sound of the running water.

He turned and looked at her, responding, “uh… yeah just felt very hot so I thought I’d take a cold shower. I might have a fever or something. I’m super thirsty too… have been all afternoon.”, He stood up shakily while talking and she noticed he had a huge erection despite the cold water of the shower. Then she suddenly noticed his testicles were massive and swollen, almost the size of racquet balls.

“Oh my god Ethan! Look at your balls! They’re huge! Go lie down on the bed and I’ll get you some water. Maybe you’re having an allergic reaction to that medicine!”

“Ugh… yeah they are really sore… thanks honey.”, he replied as he dried off. “Maybe I will lie down.

She ran into the kitchen and grabbed some water from the fridge, and stopped to grab the pill bottle on the way back to take a look at the instructions as she walked back into the bedroom.

was printed on the side of the bottle. She noticed a flap that opened with additional instructions that hadn’t been opened. there was more information but she thought she got the gist of it.

She grew concerned as she entered the bedroom noticing Ethan lying down naked. “Ethan…? How many of these pills did you take?”

“I took 13. It said to take 13. What are they for anyway…?”, He replied.

“Shit! 1 TO 3 not 13!!! And not all at ONCE!”, She told him, worried. She walked around the bed toward him, handing him his water, and turned on the light on the nightstand. He was laying on his back and his semi hard penis looked even larger than normal. It was pointing up toward his stomach with the tip nearly reaching his belly button! His balls were almost sickeningly engorged and distended. They were hanging down low beneath his slightly spread legs.

“Thanks honey. Jesus my balls hurt…” he replied as he sat up carefully to begin drinking.

Kellie opened the flap and continued reading the inside of the flap. . “Yikes… umm… honey. These pills are designed to increase semen production, and you shouldn’t have taken 13. I’ll explain why I got them for you in a bit, right now we need to relieve your symptoms.”

She pulled off her shirt as she got on her knees to the left of him beside the bed, grabbed his cock gently, and pointed the tip straight up. Immediately a huge glob of precum ran from the tip onto her hand, which she immediately licked up. she began stroking slowly. Every other stroke another huge glob of precum appeared, which she immediately licked off of the tip of his cock and swallowed. Soon she had to place her mouth over the tip to collect it all. She was swallowing more and more with each stroke.

Ethan was moaning now and after several minutes she was having trouble swallowing the fluid constantly flowing from his cock. She noticed the empty water bottle next to him and grabbed it, angling his cock slightly, placing the water bottle at the tip.

She watched in amazement as the steady stream of precum flowed into the water bottle.

“Uuuugggggghhhh… I’m going to cum, Kellie!”, Ethan gasped.

She stroked faster and soon he was erupting an uninterrupted river of cum into the water bottle. She opened her eyes wide with shock at the massive amount of jizz he erupted… it filled up half of the water bottle!!!

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!”, Ethan let out a very long groan and tensed up. Holy shit! She realized in that split second that this was merely his FIRST shot of cum! He blasted another long stream of cum nearly filling the remaining half of the water bottle. Fuck! She carefully but quickly set the water bottle on the nightstand, and then immediately angled his cock to the left, angling it in her direction, latching her mouth onto the tip of his cock, not knowing what else to do and not wanting to waste any cum!

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!”, Ethan groaned and tensed up again! Kellie’s eyes got wide in fear as she estimated the volume of a third shot. His cock unleashed a third forceful blast straight into her mouth. She couldn’t swallow in time and cum completely filled her mouth with such pressure that some shot out of her nose, dripping down her upper lip and around his shaft. She gulped 3 times quickly as he moaned and tensed up yet again. Fuck!!! This was like a jizz nightmare!

She opened her mouth to try and gasped for air, “Jesus Eth… agghhhhhhhhglluuuurghhh” he spurted exactly as she spoke, spraying cum directly into her mouth and then all over her face and hair. She was almost completely glazed in cream. She angled his cock toward her neck and chest as she elevated her body slightly, panicking and trying to figure out what to do. His fifth blast covered her tits, neck and upper chest, pooling at her collarbones.

“Ethan!! Help me get it down my throat!” She quickly jammed as much of his cock down her throat as possible. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed down hard, the tip passing her throat barrier just as he filled her cock stretched esophagus with cum headed straight to her stomach.

She stayed buried there as he sprayed 3 and then 4 more shots straight into her throat before his orgasm finally subsided. She pulled off of his cock gasping for air loudly, cum pouring out of her mouth, running obscenely down her chin and dripping even more to her chest. She was breathing heavily and looked as if someone had dipped her headfirst into a vat of heavy cream. She couldn’t even open her eyes. She didn’t know what to do other than to catch her breath while sitting back on her knees at the edge of the bed.

Ethan was out of breath too, but he finally spoke first, “Jesus fucking Christ, Kellie! I don’t know whether to feel mad or lucky, but I need to take a picture of you NOW. Don’t move an inch!”, he said as he searched for his phone. She soon heard his phone clicking pictures from all directions around her.

Kellie came to her senses after the 10th click. “Ethan? Please run to the kitchen and grab the empty water bottles on the counter. I need to save as much of this cum as possible.”

“What??? No way sweetie, I’ll run the shower and get you cleaned up. Besides my balls still hurt too much to run.”, he said with a laugh.

“Ethan! I’m serious, go get the empty water bottles… I need them for… nevermind, please just get them.”, she didn’t want to tell him about Kristin just yet. But she was forming an idea about how to get Kristin to guzzle some cum straight from the source.

She heard Ethan shuffle slowly out of the room and return shortly. “Ok… uhhh… here they are… not sure if you want a towel or something to clean your eyes??”

“No! Ethan, collect as much of this off of my face and chest as possible, don’t worry about my hair. But yes, please start with my eyes.”, she finished.

She could feel him start scooping the cum off of the area around her eyes with his finger. She could also feel the ridge of a water bottle opening close to his finger. Once she could finally open her eyes she looked down and surveyed the massive amounts of cum she could feel all over her chest. She was totally fucking glazed and gravity was causing most of the cum to slowly drip down towards her pants.

“Hurry! Clean my chest and stomach, starting with the cum dripping onto my pants!”, she nearly shouted, adding, “hand me another bottle!” She noticed that his balls were still huge and he was moving carefully because they were so engorged.

They worked together for a few minutes collecting as much as possible. They had collected almost 2 additional bottles of his jizz before Ethan finally spoke. “Kellie, Are you going to tell me what’s going on? Why the fuck are we storing my cum in bottles, and why aren’t you just jumping in the shower to clean it off? Also… ummm… well… I realize it is my fault for not reading the pill bottle instructions but why would you want me to take these pills?? My balls are fucking killing me!”

Kellie needed to set her plan into motion before giving Ethan an opportunity to think things through. “I’ll tell you in a second, first give me your phone.” He handed her the phone and she forwarded all of the pictures to her own phone and then decided to delete them off of his.

“Hey!! I wanted those!”, he complained.

She ignored him and sent a message to her sister, Kristin. This last part might be true if they couldn’t relieve him as much as necessary before the effects of the pills wore off. Kristin was always willing to help them, and could be only be convinced to help herself if she knew she was helping others.

She headed towards the shower motioning for him to follow and began speaking as she showered, summing up the entire doctor’s visit to him. She left out the Gatorade bottle details for now. She washed herself completely while explaining everything. Ethan stood just outside the shower completely silent, letting her finish the story. She began shaving her pussy, and glanced over at him and noticed his cock was rock hard again, and he was trying to angle away from her slightly to hide it. Apparently the idea of his wife’s cute virgin little sister NEEDING his cum for survival was more than a little arousing.

“Oooookayyy…”, Ethan was dumbfounded and chose his words very carefully, “so… what is the plan? Obviously… I’m uhhh… willing to help your sister… in any way that I can… but, well… umm… how does she feel about it? How do YOU feel about it. Maybe we should choose the option where they synthesize my dna for her.”

“Ethan, I love you, and I know you love me. You don’t have to worry about me being jealous. I’m not in the slightest. The idea of my sister needing your cum as much as I do is actually pretty fucking hot to me. The idea of watching you fuck her has been a fantasy of mine since I met you.” She began rubbing her freshly shaved pussy at the idea as she continued. “I’ve always noticed how you and Kristin look at each other. I don’t think you’ll take much convincing, since your cock has been hard the entire time I’ve been talking. The only challenge now is convincing HER, and the only way to convince her is to make her feel like SHE is helping US. I thought it would take months to convince her, but with your current condition we really WILL need some help.”

Ethan began stroking his cock while watching his wife run her pussy just a few feet away, “Jesus Kellie, are you sure?? I mean… your sister has always been so reserved. I’m not ok with forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do… though there isn’t a straight man alive that wouldn’t find the idea more than a little appealing.”, he said as he continued stroking his huge cock with both hands. Kellie shut off the shower and began drying off.

“She’s probably on her way here now. I have a plan, I think, to get her into the room to help, but it will require you to pretend that you aren’t conscious. If you can’t control yourself, pretend you’re delirious and call her by my name. Don’t let her know you’re aware she is in the room. Now go lie down, stop stroking, and wait just a few minutes. I know you need some relief ASAP but waiting will be worth it, no matter how much your balls hurt.”, she finished.

Kellie headed to the closet and put on some white, lacy, see through bra and matching panties. Then she grabbed a silk robe, put it on and collected her phone and had a thought. “Ethan, I need to take a picture of your balls. Sorry… part of the plan…”, she had him spread his legs while he was lying down and snapped a photo of only his balls, then stroked his already hard cock a few times and was pleasantly surprised that a huge glob of precum emerged from the tip. She snapped a close up photo of that, and then another photo of both his cock and balls from another angle. Kellie licked up the precum eliciting a groan from Ethan, “Ok now pretend to be asleep.”, she slapped his leg playfully with a grin.

Kellie grabbed the pill bottle to provide Kristin with some evidence of Ethan’s situation and headed to the front of the house to wait for her.

She noticed she had a few missed text messages from Kristin.

Kristin would be arriving soon. Kellie saved the text messages of her covered in cum to her most recent photos so she could “accidentally” show them to Kristin after the other photos.

It was evening now and just getting dark outside. Headlights appeared on their driveway. Kristin had arrived.

To be continued in chapter 4


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