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This happened a few months after my attack by two brothers and their cousin. I was coerced to join them back at the very place they attacked me. Again I was forced to endue their sexual attacks and please them with out protest!
Bruce continued to clean my face and spoke softly to me saying ' ... Charlie sometimes get impatient and want everything to happen all at once. Listen to me, it's only ten o'clock school isn't out till two thirty, and your folks don't get home till seven or eight! Now it's gonna be a long day for you so figure out if you want it to be hard or easy! I don't want to fuck a Bitch that's been all beat up but I will. So figure out how you want it, Charlie can beat you into submission and Daniel has already fucked one guy so hard he still have to shyt in a bag!

Bruce stood up as I laid there quivering in fear and agony. After a few minutes I felt the sole of a bare feet pressing on my shoulder. Turning I saw Bruce standing in his underwear. Bruce told me to ' ... get on your knees. You got to get busy now. Take my shorts off and start to kiss my dick! ... '

I looked around and saw Daniel and Charlie sitting on the couch watching me intently as I got up to my knees. Bruce stepped back till he was in the middle of the pad and told me ' ... crawl you stupid ass over here! ... ' Dejectedly I crawled over to where he was and started to remove his jockeys. Bruce penis was smaller then Charlie about what I would say is normal size, slightly thicker then mine. Charlie penis was larger then Bruce and twice as thick as mine nearly nine inches long with a purplish black head the size of plumb. Daniel had the biggest dick of all. Black, with veins that was so pronounced, thick as my wrist and hard as a rock. I was terrified so much that I could do nothing but what I was told!

I slowly pulled Bruce jockeys down till he stepped out of them, I took hold of his throbbing teen penis and trembling I pressed my lips to his dick head. Bruce looked at me and said ' ... part you lips and suck my dick like it was candy! ... ' Tears flowing from my eyes and whimpering I followed instructions. A stream of pre-cum filled my mouth and I gagged. Bruce quickly took hold of my head and demanded ' ... swallow Bitch, Swallow my shyt! ... ' I could not and explosives vomit flew from my lips.

I was made to clean it up and told to lay on my back on the mat. Bruce got between my legs and lift them up exposing my painful anal opening. Bruce lowered his body to mine and his teen dick slipped into my anus with little resistance. Moaning in agony I laid there as Bruce slide his penis back and forth in my rectum till he came and stood up with cum dripping from his penis. I was so afraid that he would tell me to lick him clean but Charlie stepped in and turned me to my stomach.

Charlie adjusted my body till I was on my knees and he pushed my head down telling me to ' ... keep your face on that damn pallet! ... ' With out warning Charlie pushed his mammoth size dick into my well lubed anus till his pubic hair was between my buttocks. I whimpered in agony as Charlie pulled back till only his dick head was in my anus and then slid forward till he was again well seated in my rectum. Charlie kept repeating this until he pulled all the way out and Bruce replaced him.

For the next hour or so they continued to swap out on me till I was so exhausted I could not stay up on my knees. I was flat on my stomach receiving their brutish assault till they both came in my very tender butthole. I was lifted by my arms and pulled over to where Daniel sat, my arms were held by Charlie on one side and Bruce on the other as Daniel guided my head to his crotch.

Daniels enormously huge teen dick look like a baseball bat as he guided my head down till he smeared pre-cum over my lips. In a low growl Daniel instructed me to ' ... open your dick sucking mouth Bitch! ... ' I had to stretch my lips as wide as I could to accept his vast dick head. Charlie and Bruce held me up just enough so that only Daniel's dick head rested just inside my open mouth. Daniel instructed me ' ... swirl your damn tongue over my dick head till I say enough! ... ' I could barely comply with my mouth stretched so wide. I was very conscious that if I scratched his dick with my teeth I would have none!

The position I was held was very awkward, my arms were stretched out at ninety degree angles to my torso. My wrist were twisted till my hands were face up Bruce and Charlie each held one wrist with one hand the other hand was resting at my elbow with just enough pressure to alert me they could break my elbow by pushing it inward! I was well under their control and mercy.

Daniel held his left hand at the back of my head not allowing me to pull away, his other hand held his massive teen penis straight and true pointed at my lips. To say that the three of them had not done this maneuver a number of times would be an understatement! I truly understood that they were in charge and I was theirs to use!

I was terrified when Daniel pushed me away and stood up! Bruce and Charlie sort of staggered at this sudden movement but held me firm. I did not hear or see what Daniel was doing. Charlie and Bruce pulled me to the sofa, they sat at both ends holding me taught as Daniel spread my buttocks and inspected my now very tender anal opening.

Daniel kicked my feet apart and squatted down between them sliding his enormously huge penile glans over my painful anus. I moaned in agony and they chuckled saying ' ... Damn this Bitch just can't get enough dick! ... ' Daniel chimed in ' ... Naw, this Bitch can't get enough good dick! ... ' They all chucked again.

It was at this point that Daniel lunched forth and slide that large dick head of his into my butt hole. I cried out in surprised agony as Daniel took no mercy and pushed till my anus opened wide and swallowed his dick head. Once his prominent penile ridge entered my butt and my anal sphincter closed tight around the neck of his dick shaft Daniel moaned softly exclaiming ' ... Bitch still tight! ... ' Bruce answered ' ... either that or you so fucking huge it can't stretch any more! ... ' The three of them laughed!

My body was in so much agony that it quivered almost uncontrollably, Daniel stroked my buttocks with his hands as he instructed his brother and cousin. ' ... Y'all can let this Bitch go now. My dicks in his ass and if he tries to get off it I'll rip his ass hole apart! ... ' I was terrified with fear and tried my best to hold still, my body tremble with each throb of Daniels massive teen penis.

Daniel said in a very seductive voice ' ... This Bitches ass is trying to milk my dick! ... ' Charlie and Bruce moved in closer so they could look at what was transpiring between my anus and Daniels teen dick!

Charlie was the first to comment ' ... Look at that shyt! His ass muscles are really gripping at my brothers dick. Damn, never seen that before! ... ' I was pleading as best I could for Daniel to be nice, not to hurt me. Daniel gripped my hips and asked ' ... Bitch, you ready for this dick now? ... ' Fearfully and openly weeping I tried to nod my head hoping he would pull out or stop.

Daniel slapped me across my right buttock and demanded ' ... Bitch you gotta speak up so every body can hear you ask for this dick! ... ' Daniel slapped me again across my left buttocks as hard as he could and I shrieked in agony as I muffled out ' ... Yes, damn it I want that dick! ... '

They laughed and Daniel begin to slide his huge monumental teen dick farther into my widely stretched anus. I trembled and dropped my head to the seat of the couch whimpering and crying as Daniel slide his humongous teen dick back and forth getting deeper and deeper with each stroke! I was impaled on Daniels dick with no where to run as he maneuvered his dick shaft in semi-circles.

Daniel did not get brutish and vicious as I thought he would, I think he knew he could do some damage with his immense teen dick. Daniel took his time pulling back and sinking more of his elongated thick teen dick till my anus and rectum could accept his enormous weapon! Bruce and Charlie was some what mesmerized by watching their cousin and brother slide the entire length of his gargantuan manhood deep into my intestines.
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