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Mom hasn't had a good orgasm in months. I plan to help
Jill Strasburg stood in her sons' driveway and scowled. Her eyes fixed on the object sitting in front of her sons' garage door. Matthew stood on the front stoop and watched his mother; he knew the moment she had stopped walking from her car to the front door what had happened. He had forgotten and left the bike out. Shit, Matt thought, I should have put the damn thing in the garage.

With a sigh the twenty-seven year old walked down the sidewalk to his mother. He could tell by her expression she was not very happy right now.

"Yes mom" Matt said. "It's a motorcycle."

"You know how I feel about these things" his mother continued to scowl.

"I know" Matt sighed. "Look, I wear a helmet, I took every safety course." He told his mother. "I'm twenty-seven mom, and I LIKE riding OK."

Jill sighed heavily. She knew her son was a man now. God forbid his physical appearance reminded her of it whenever she saw him. His piercing blue eyes and broad shoulders, along with his strong embrace when they met were constant reminders of the lack of attention her husband had been giving her for almost the last year.

But this...a motorcycle...he knew how much she hated these things. The idea of him riding about unprotected sent a shiver of fear down her spine.

"I see people every day come through the emergency room mangled from these things" Jill said as she turned to her son.

She tried not to stare at his chest as the shirtless young man stood beside her. She had to get a grip on herself, she realized. This was her son for God's sake.

"Look" Matt said, stepping closer. "The only way to put your mind at ease is to try it."

"Try it?" Jill asked confused. His nearness made his cologne fill her nostrils. The smell of his sweat mixed with aftershave made her head spin. She tried to clear her thoughts.

Her son reached forward and plucked two helmets from the seat of the motorcycle. He extended one towards his mother.

"Let me show you why Katie likes it so much" Matt chuckled.

Katie was her sons' most recent girlfriend. One in a string her had changed over the last few years. Each lasting no more than six months at best his mother knew. What had struck the forty-eight year old woman was the uncanny resemblance the last three had to her own self.

All three had been over thirty at least, they all had soft shoulder length red hair like herself, and most important all three had been rather well endowed in the breast department. For Jill, her 38D's were something she had always been proud of, especially the fact that there had been little sag as the years had crept up on her.

The thought of some woman crouched on this thing, clutching her son from behind, sent a pang through her body. She shook her head to clear the thought, it couldn't be jealousy.

Matt took her head movement as a continued refusal, but he pushed forward regardless. Leaning in he slipped the helmet over his mothers, head and then slipped his own on.

"Matt..." Jill tried to protest. She watched as he swung one leg over and then flipped a key, the rumble of the engine filling the air. She sighed; he wasn't going to take a refusal.

With resignation she climbed on behind her son, reasoning a quick run around the block, and then she could restart her tirade about motorcycles. As her leg slid over the seat, one thing became instantly obvious; the short summer skirt she was wearing was not the best choice for a motorcycle. She felt the hem slide up her thighs, and then was startled when her panty clad pussy came in contact with the leather seat.

"Honey..." she tried to say.

"Hang on mom" Matt's voice crackled in her ear. She looked up surprised.

"Yeah, we have two-way mics in the helmet so we can still talk" her son laughed.

Before she could even respond, she felt the bike start to roll down the driveway. Instinctively her arms wrapped around her sons' bare torso, as she leaned into him, feeling her breasts press firmly against his back. His scent almost made her head swim again.

As Matt opened the throttle, Jill felt a unique sensation. The vibration from the engine right below their seat went straight through the leather and right into her over heated loins. It sent a tingling sensation that caused her juices to start to leak into the cotton panel of her panties.

"OH God" she moaned as Matt opened the bike up even more, forgetting Matt could hear her.

"Great isn't it" Matt enthused over the noise in her helmet. "What a feeling."

"You have no idea" his mother moaned as the thrum of the machine sent tingles through her now pulsing clit.

"Want to bet" his voice filled her ears. "You're wet as hell right now, aren't you?"

"Matthew!" his mother exclaimed. "That is not something you say to your mother."

"No, it isn't" Matts' voice filled her ears. "But it is to a hot and sexy woman riding behind me."

Jill couldn't suppress the shudder that rippled through her. That her son thought of her as hot and sexy created a sudden gush of fluids against the soft leather.

Matt knew exactly what his mother was feeling right now. He couldn't tell her how many women had experienced the same physical response to his motorcycle she was. His mind swirled, dreams since he was a teenager came to his mind. Should he? With a quick banked turn, he headed them up the on ramp and towards the highway, opening the throttle even more.

Oh my God, Jill thought. He has to stop...or something she never dreamed of was going to happen, and very soon. The yearlong drought of inattention from her husband, coupled with the constant vibrations coursing through her, was turning into a hot knot deep in her belly very quickly.

"See if you like this Mom", Matt told her.

Then, Jill watched in horror as they edged closer to the shoulder. Her grip tightened on him as she thought they were going to crash.

"Ohhh Matthew...please." she keened softly.

Matthew steered the motorcycle on to the rumble strips along the side of the highway.

Suddenly, her whole world exploded in white heat, as the motorcycle roared through steady bumps. The intense rhythmic bouncing drove the seat deep between her legs like a wedge, grinding her clit against the leather. The intense vibrations caused a bolt to rocket straight from her now throbbing clit, slamming through her hardened nipples, and swamp her brain.

"Matthheeewww!! You have to get off these bumps, or I’m going to have an accident!!”

“Don’t worry Mom we aren’t going to crash.”

“Not that type of accident”, moaning into the microphone. “I’m close to having an orgasm, and you KNOW IT YOU BASTARD!!!”

"That's it mom...cum for me" his voice echoed in the helmet.

"Oh my fucking GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD" Jill screamed as her body convulsed, having a powerful orgasm. She sank her teeth into her sons' back as her mind almost melted from the sensations. She could feel her juices gush out to soak her panties and coat the seat under her.

As her body shook against him, Matt pulled the bike back into the lane; he could hear his mother gasping through the microphone.

"Liked that didn't you" his raspy voice came out. "How about another round?" he asked.

"Oh, shit no" Jill gasped as she felt the bike drift again. "I'm your motherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" the last word came out as a wail as the wheels hit the rumble strip once again.

Matt ignored her and sped up over the bumps. "Do it sexy, cum for me again," he whispered.

He heard a guttural groan, and felt his mother convulse once again behind him. He could feel the dampness against his jeans as her fluids soaked between them.

Jill cursed and screamed her way through a second intense orgasm as the bumping seat ground against her clit. Her nipples now dragged along Matts' back as her body shook and trembled.

As Matt pulled back into the lane, he felt his mother sag against his back, and then her voice came through the helmet. This time there was huskiness to her voice.

"Bastard" Jill hissed. "Pull this thing over right now."

"Hey...I'm sorry if..." Matt said, worried he had done something to really upset his mother. He couldn't see her face but felt the tension in her body as she clung to him.

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...ouch" Matt yelped as the next thing he felt was his mothers' teeth sink into his back.

Jill slid her hand down her sons' taut belly, her hand finding a hard steel pole between his thighs. The bastard is hard, she realized. Her fingers gripped the hard flesh through his jeans, she was shocked when she felt how thick and long Matts' cock was in her tight grip. All that was secondary in her mind right now, the only thing driving her was the pure fire burning in the pit of her belly, fueled by the constant hum from the engine of the motorcycle.

If he hadn't been sitting on the moving bike, Matt would have jumped at the sudden contact in his crotch. He was shocked at the directness of his mother as her grip tightened on his cock, making it throb through the fabric of his jeans.

"I swear to God" his mothers, voice growled through the speakers. "If you don't find somewhere to pull over right now, I will rip this damn thing off."

As her grip tightened, Matt didn't doubt a single word. He noticed a sign for a rest area, and quickly took the off ramp. He coasted the bike into the rest area, which, fortunately, was completely empty.

He had no more than come to a stop and dropped the kickstand, and his mother was off the bike, staring at him. She made no effort to remove her helmet as she waited.

"Get off NOW" she rasped.

Matt swung one leg off the bike, took his shirt off to see if she drew blood when she bit him. He then stood next to his shaking mother. Her eyes traveled his body, staring at his bare chest, and then locking to the obvious bulge in his jeans.

Part of her mind tried to tell her this was her son, but that small voice was quickly drowned out by the roar of need between her thighs. Stepping closer, she once again reached out and gripped the steel hard cock trapped in those jeans.

"Making your MOM have multiple orgasms on the back of your bike makes you hard?”, she questioned.

"Mom...I...Yes, you’re sexy as hell", Matt sputtered. He had never seen his mother behave like this, almost as if she was possessed.

“This is so wrong!” Jill snapped.

“I’m sorry mom. Katie told me you told her you haven’t had a good orgasm in months. And I know have powerful of orgasm Katie gets when we ride, so I wanted to help you.”

Jill new this was wrong but couldn't stand it any longer. She needed a hard cock!

“I need to be FUCKED!”, she shouted at him. “PLEASE FUCK ME!!”, she continued.

"What about Dad?", his only resistance trying to find a foothold.

The laugh his mother gave was as cold as he had ever heard. Her words, telling him not only did she want this, but she also needed it.

"You mean the same man who is banging some twenty-year-old secretary in a hotel right now" she spat back. "Where do you think he’s been spending his weekends for the last year, it sure the hell wasn't golfing." His mother said.

Her hand shot out, unsnapping his jeans she yanked down the zipper hard, causing his tight jeans and boxers to shift down. Matt felt his thick cock spring free into the cool air, then surrounded by his mothers' warm fingers.

"You started this by helping me to TWO powerful clitoral orgasms. Now I need my pussy to be fucked. WILL YOU?”

"Yes" Matt could only gasp back.

Jill released her grip on his cock, reaching up she pulled her skirt to her waist and then shoved her soaked panties to her knees. Matt stared as his wanton mother leaned over the seat of the still running bike, moaning as the vibrations course through her belly.

Matt could only stare as his gaze took in her fleshy ass as she stuck it straight at him. He could see the juices slick on her inner thighs as she spread her legs for him.

"Come it" Jill stared back at her son over her shoulder. "Fuck me you bastard, you started this, now finish it."

For Matt, it was like every dream he had ever had since he was in puberty stared back at him. He stepped forward and pressed the engorged head of his cock against his mother’s soaked lips.

"OH shit" Matt groaned. His hips shifted and just the swollen head slipped inside his mother. Her steaming lips wrapping around the crown.

"Fuck yessssssss" Jill hissed as she felt the walls of her pussy starting to stretch. After a year, she knew she would be tight, and Matt wasn't exactly small. This was like a tease to her.

Matt felt her ass shift, trying to pull more of him into her tight channel.

"Mother fucker" his mothers' voice echoed inside his helmet.

The idea sent his body into overdrive, as Matt rammed the entire length of his cock up into his mothers' body with one stroke. He was fucking his mother...dreams DO come true.

"Gawwwwwwwww" Jill screamed as she felt herself stuffed like she couldn't remember.

The steady rumble of the motorcycle vibrated through her belly as she leaned over the machine. She felt the walls of her pussy stretching to try and fit her sons' invading cock as he pounded into her over and over. Now this, she dimly thought, is fucking.

"Fucking tight" Matt grunted as he felt the velvet walls of his mothers' dripping pussy grip his cock. His hands reached down and gripped her hips, pulling her shaking body back into him as he powered into his mother.

It was almost surreal to the young man as he stared down between their bodies, watching the shaft of his thick cock disappear into her. He saw the thick white cream clinging to his cock, mute evidence of his mothers' pleasure.

"Shit...oh fuck yes..." Jill chanted as she felt her sons' hips slap against her ass. This may be forbidden incest, but this was the best fucking the forty-eight-year-old woman could ever remember receiving.

"That's it baby" her voice crackled in his ears through the helmet. "Fuck your momma good." She praised him.

Matt's vision began to swim as he felt her clutch at his cock with every thrust. His mothers' soft throaty voice kept driving him on.

"You've wanted this a long time", his mother told him. "I know you have, now make it count. Fuck me hard!! You started this game with this damn bike, now finish it. Give me that hot load deep inside my pussy you bastard." Her voice rasped.

The thought his mother actually wanted him to unload inside her, exploded inside Matts' mind. His hips picked up speed as he rammed hard into her, making her ass shake with the power of his blows.

"OH godddddddddd, going to cum againnnnnnnnnnn" Jill wailed, her voice filling his helmet. "Cum with me baby, please." She gasped

Matt felt his mothers' hot fluids gush out, coating his cock and balls, and then run down her quivering thighs. He was making her cum; his own mother was cumming on his cock.

"FUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" Matt roared as his balls ignited. He rammed as deep into her as he could as his cock jerked, and then spewed his hot seed into her needy cunt.

"Yes...yes...yessssssssssss" Jill screamed. She thought her orgasm had been intense just being fucked. The moment Matts' hot cream washed her walls, her entire body convulsed.

The sound of gurgling and whimpers filled his ears as he unloaded every drop from his balls he could. No other woman had ever responded with the primal lust his mother was right now.

"Fucking hell" Matt gasped as he slid his still pulsing cock from his mother. "You, my dear mother, are the hottest fuck ever" he said.

Jill rose up off the humming motorcycle, and reached down with shaking hands. She pulled her panties up over her cum drenched pussy, trying to capture as much of the hot load inside her. She swung one leg over, settling her dripping womanhood onto the leather seat.

"Take me home Matthew." Her voice filled his ears.

Matt quickly pulled his underwear and jeans back into place and mounted the bike. His numbed mind wondering if now that the heat of the moment had passed, would his mother rail on him for what had happened.

As they were leaving the rest area, another man and woman rode in on a motorcycle. Jill noticed the head of the woman resting on the man’s back.

“I think we know what’s next for her”, she told Matt.

They both chuckled, as Matt pulled back on to the highway. Once on the highway, Matt guided the bike to the bumpy strips.

Immediately, Jill noticed and told her son. “Don’t make me cum on the bike again. Get me home and use your tongue”.

Matt smiled and pulled the bike off the bumpy strips and increased the speed.


2021-09-17 18:47:29
good story and well written, want to see part 2


2021-08-27 11:22:04
Really great story I would love to read a part 2.

L KingReport

2021-08-26 18:12:10
I enjoyed it, a bit unbelievable but sometimes its ok to just suspend your disbelief


2021-08-25 17:10:48
As always, love your stories! Tried to give you a thumbs up, but it said too many votes already? Part 2, maybe about what happens, when they get home??


2021-08-23 12:03:49
Well written with very hot triggers depicted make a great short story. Keep writing!

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