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Candice Gets Abused

The horror story is purely fictitious and is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are over the age of 18. This chapter may be distributed freely as long as you don’t charge for it.

Price of Fame, Chapter 6.2


She punched and scratched the hand that squeezed her windpipe. Her thighs flapped in the air. Santiago increased the pressure on her larynx. This made her lungs burn even more. The hand squeezed until she was blue in the face, then released. Candice grabbed her throat. She coughed and sputtered. She tried to pull in as much oxygen into her lungs as possible.

Candice laid on the bed delirious. From the corner of her eye, she saw Santiago grab the rope. He started to tie loops and knots with it. She wanted to get up and run but there was no place to go. The door was locked, and the room was so small that there was no place to hide.

He flipped her onto her stomach. She fought ineffectually. He moved the small loop onto her wrist and then tightened it. She persistently tried to resist but he easily overpowered her. Santiago pulled her legs back and tied the ankles together. He then pulled the legs to where the wrists were restrained and linked them together. Candice shouted at him with her damaged voice. Her wrists and ankles were now tightly secured. They were held in such a way that her legs could not close.

Everything happened so fast. Santiago stood there and admired his rope work. He has tied many people before for different purposes. It always gave him great pleasure, whether it was to punish a traitor within the cartel, or extract information from a police officer. For Santiago, the best part was when the victim resisted. He would rough them up even more. But the rules were different in this situation. For he was not allowed to permanently damage this victim. Which was a shame he thought.

Santiago took the time and felt her all over. He rubbed her thighs. He rubbed the back of her neck. He then moved his hand between her legs and rubbed her vagina. He grabbed the body and flipped Candice on her back. He massaged her face and ran his fingers through her hair. He admired how soft each strand was. She protested loudly when he squeezed her breast forcefully, causing her great pain. He leaned down and smelled her. He loved the natural smell of her flesh.

His hand moved back down to her vagina. He parted her vagina lips with his fingers and rubbed for a while, making sure that they were covered with her juices. He then moved the fingers back up to her mouth and told her to lick it. She spat on his hand and threatened to bite his finger off if he were to put it in her mouth. He smiled and told her he loved her impudence.

Being tied in such an awkward position, Candice’s muscle began to constrict tightly. This caused her immense pain. She felt burning throughout her muscles, and her wrists and ankles felt like they were being cut. Candice’s brain knew it was futile to resist, but she still wrestled against the rope in order to try to break free. She hurled threats at him. Her hair flung left and right as she twisted her head and shoulders trying to free. Her ankles and wrists strained against the rough rope. It was picture perfect.

Santiago leaned down and took one of her exposed nipples into his mouth and started to suck. He would also lick circles around the nipple. She cursed all kinds of rude words at him. She screamed in agony when he bit down on her nipple. It felt like he tore it off. She arched her back, her face anguished, trying to break free from his mouth.

Candice swung her head back and forth against the bed. The burning in her muscles increased. She rolled left and right on the bed trying to get her breast out of his mouth. Santiago then stood up and moved his hands all over her body, playing with her tender flesh. He placed his right hand on her cunt and used his fingers to make circular movements on the lips. He then moved his fingers back up to her face. He was about to place the finger in her mouth, but she bit down as a warning to him. He got angry at her.

In a flash, he smashed his fist into her belly. She gasped for air. Her face turned red as she strained against her ropes. She gasped out loud multiple times. There was intense pain in her stomach. She looked up at Santiago as if he was the devil. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she prayed for her mom to come and help her. She cried even harder when she saw Santiago pick up a leather whip.

This was a specialized whip that Santiago had made just for this special occasion. The whip was made of soft leather, and it is designed to hurt, but not break skin. This way he would still have the joy of hearing her scream, but not permanently damaging her skin. She stared at him with fear as he ran the leather strips through his fingers.

Her Imagination ran wild on how the incoming contact would feel. Her entire body was covered with perspiration. Candice continued to struggle against ropes, even if it was futile. She flinched and shut her eyes when she saw him raise his hand. The whip flew into the air. First came the hissing, then came the pain.

“Argh!" She shrieked.

Santiago shouted something in Spanish. Candice could only construe that he was cursing at her or calling her some derogatory name. Her wrists jerked back and forth, trying to break the rope. The whip raised again and flew down at her right breast. Even though her right breast was covered by the tattered cloth, it still hurt immensely. The pain that flowed through her body increased in intensity with every hit.

Candice hated this man. She was beginning to hate all men. Her voice was shrill. He whipped her again and again. Her toes curled. Her hands formed into a fist, and she gritted her teeth. He would whip her stomach, her thighs, and her feet. She was soaked with perspiration and pain. He whipped her again on her breast and her eyes bugged out in agony.

“Why are you doing this?” She cried.

“Because you were warned not to try to escape. You ignored the warning. My opinion, I am glad you disobeyed them.” Santiago said.

He hovered over her frightened body. He slowly dragged the end of the whip along the length of her body, then her vagina. It signaled to her what he was about to do. She quivered and she pleaded incessantly. Her breathing became heavy. He pressed the whip against her vagina, using it almost as a masturbating tool.

“Please, no, no!" She implored.

Santiago lifted the crop and smashed it against the folds of her vagina. Her hip shook violently, and she made a wailing cry. It was unbelievable the amount of pain that shot through her vagina. She tried to move away from the devil. But he used his other hand to slap her across the face. Then he started to whip her breasts repeatedly. It was leaving many light red marks on her skin. Candice stared painfully at the ceiling. Her eyes were completely covered with tears, which made everything blurry.

Candice tried to blink the tears away, but it did not work. Many parts of her body were now completely numb. Now she was more angry than scared. She threw all kinds of curses and threats at Santiago. He loved the fight in this one. He spread her thighs even further and started to whip the insides savagely. One hit. Two hits. Then he would switch to whipping her pussy instead of the thighs.

Electro Fun

He struck her many more times. The large Columbian man then flipped her on her stomach. He untied her ankles from her wrist so that her legs were now straight again. Candice felt so relieved as blood was now flowing back into her feet. The pain of being so constricted was slowly vanishing. She suddenly let out a horrifying scream as the whip landed violently on her buttocks. Her legs jerked viciously, and her body flailed like a fish out of water. She tried to get up and run. It felt like the skin was peeled off her buttocks.

“Argh, fuck! fuck!” She bellowed.

He dragged the whip along the length of her buttocks, causing a tingling pain.

“No more! no more! Argh!!" Candice cried.

The whip smashed her again on the buttocks. Her face was red, she was crying and angry at the same time.

She clenched her teeth in anticipation of another hit. Her prediction proved to be correct. She put her face down on the mattress, trying to smother the screams. She took some of the bed sheets into her mouth and bit on them. Anything to reduce the pain. She kept flopping on the bed as he kept whipping her buttocks. The next whip was so intense that she lifted her head off the bed and screamed in agony. Tears flowed down her cheeks as the mouth gaped open and cries blasted from it. Clear snot rolled like rivers from her nose.

She swung her body from side to side trying to avoid the blows. He even used his left hand to spread her buttocks so he can whip lightly against her anal cavity. Candice was a kind person. However, now, she would murder if given the chance.

“Leave me the fuck alone!" She shouted.

He just smacked her on the back of her head and continued to whip her buttocks. He also whipped the back of her thighs. It did not matter that her hands were tied behind her back. Using her shoulders and knees, she tried to push herself up off the bed. She was trying to move like a grasshopper without legs. She squealed and squealed and squealed. Santiago went into a violent craze, he whipped over and over. Her nostrils flared and she shrieked for her God to rescue her.

Santiago stopped whipping. He was exhausted. He stood still, gasping for air and all sweaty. He put the whipped down and went back to his set of tools. Candice being on her stomach, could not see what the evil man was doing next. Santiago pulled out a small silver dildo. It was about 3 and a 1/2 inches long. The small dildo had silver dull spikes sticking out along the length of it. The spikes were very dull, it was not designed to damage or penetrate skin, but merely to deliver electricity.

Attached to the dildo was an electrical cord that was about two feet long. At the end of the electrical cord was a large battery pack. On that battery pack there was an on and off switch. Santiago reached under Candice and flipped her on her back. She laid there sobbing softly. Snot and tears covered her face. Santiago took some thick gel and covered the entire dildo with it. She protested as she felt something very cold being inserted into her vagina.

He used his left hand to spread her pink pussy lips apart. Then he slowly inserted the small dildo with his right hand. She felt somewhat sharp pain from the spikes. She swallowed some oxygen in preparation for the pain. She did not know what kind of pain. She just knew that intense pain was coming. Candice breathed slowly and sharply. He turned a dildo circular motion clockwise. He then turned it counter and slowly pushed it further into her. Her toes curled as the tiny spikes sent shock waves of pain through her body.

When he had all three inches inside of her, he backed away and admired his work. He smiled at her. Santiago grabbed the battery pack and turned the switch on. Electrical pain spread from her vagina to all parts of her body. She grinded her teeth loudly. Her muscles spasmed brutally as a response to being electrocuted. She arched her back and grunted. Her body bounced up and down as the electricity tortured her. She jerked from side to side, unable to see anything.

“It hurts!" Candice screamed.

The intestines in her stomach churned. She felt the pain moving from her lower body to her brain. She clawed her fingers into the mattress. Candice let out multiple howls of terror. Her arms jerked against the ropes. She lost total control of her muscles. Santiago turned the vibrator off. The young woman laid there breathing heavily.

Loss of Virginity

Candice breathed slowly; she was tired, very tired. She was grateful that Santiago withdrew the dildo from her vagina. She looked up at him and was even more furious at what she witnessed. She knew what was coming. He was unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down. She saw a large cock emerging. She was a virgin and was hoping she would stay that way until the day she was married. Now it was being robbed of her.

She once again objected vociferously. He climbed on the bed and parted her legs. He laid on top of Candice and placed his body between her thighs. She appealed with him not to penetrate her. Candice did not want to get pregnant. He said something in Spanish and her breathing became heavier and heavier.

He reached down and grabbed his cock. He steered it up and down the length of her vagina. He used the wetness of her sex to lubricate himself. With his other hand he ran the fingers through her soft hair. Santiago held her face still. He could not believe how beautiful of an angel she was. In another life, he would have made her his wife. He would be loving and gentle with her. But only if it was in another life. He looked deeply into her eyes and was stunned by their beauty.

“Please stop.” She pleaded.

She was so gorgeous and angelic in appearance that she almost convinced him to change his mind. He slowly started to move. Candice felt the head slide back and forth along her vagina folds. She wanted to throw him off. However, the six-foot frame was too heavy and too large for her to do anything. Especially in the position that she was in. She would reach out and bite his nose off if she could. Candice bit her lip, and her face grimaced as the head parted her vagina lips.

It drove into her womb. He held it midway in for thirty seconds, then pulled it back out. He left just the head inside. Her muscles constricted as he pushed back in. She grunted as he began making love to her. She bounced her hips, trying to use any leverage to knock him off her. She was so tight that Santiago believed she must have been a virgin, which she was. When she saw his head come close to her mouth, she reached her head up and tried to bite his ear off.

However, Santiago was not inexperienced. He understood what she was trying to do. He laughed at her and slapped her hard. Her nostrils flared as she looked at him angrily. He started to piston inside of her. Santiago enjoyed her legs floundering around his waist. The cock drove all the way in, and Candice screamed in agony as her hymen ripped. The sounds of her screams made him even harder. He never felt something so wonderful. All the nerves in his cock were in overdrive. Candice felt full.

He became very rough with her, using her without Mercy. She took deep breaths to fill her lungs with oxygen and tried continuously to force him off her. Her arms were still tied behind her back, with the weight of her body on the wrists. The shoulder muscles burned. Santiago grabbed her biceps and used them as leverage. She whined and grunted in pain every time he pushed in. The strokes were getting longer and deeper. Candice tossed her head from left to right and vice versa.

The pain was still as strong as when she first felt her hymen wrenched apart. Candace's brain was splintered with anguish. She almost lost her voice as she howled. Her brain had no understanding that the more she screamed, the more turned-on Santiago became. When there was no more voice, all she could do was whimper and cry as her body slapped against him.

The vagina walls clenched tightly around him. The phallus moved in deep strokes. His gaze focused on her face and enjoyed the anger that was reflected at him. Santiago buried as deep in her as he could, before pulling out almost all the way. Again, he left just the head in. The breathing became linked between the two of them. Through all the grunting noises, Candice could still hear the reverberation of his cock plunging through her vagina.

At certain intervals, Santiago pumped so fast that he was just a blur. Occasionally, he would lower his mouth on to one of her nipples and bite. He bit so hard that her body shuddered and screamed in misery. Other times he would use his finger to pinch her nipples, just to witness her face grimace in anguish. Her sugar walls clenched him so hard that his cock ached. He instinctively knew that he could not hold out much longer. But he also knew that he was not allowed to cum inside of her. Santiago was disappointed, but her mouth was better than the alternative. He pulled out of her and stood next to the bed. She was relieved that her ordeal was over.

The Columbian stood tall next to the bed. He grabbed Candice by the shoulder and dragged her face to the edge. Her hair hung freely. The penis was hard and horizontal. It was inches from her face. The left hand grabbed her by her cheek bones. The right hand squeezed on her jaws and forced the oral cavity to open. The hands were so strong that the jaws could not close. He then placed the head of his cock at her mouth and then pressed.

The plum head was so large that she thought her jaw would be dislocated. The mouth was wedged open. Candice wanted to bite the penis off, but she could not. The cock sat there in her mouth. He pushed it a little further in and it slammed against the back of her throat. Her legs went in the air and started to kick, but she was not able to connect any blows.

Her hips bucked hysterically as she choked on Santiago. She wanted to puke everything up. Her eyes bulged as he started to cum. Her tongue was covered with foul tasting sperm. He kept squirting and squirting. Candice felt like she was being forced to drink a gallon of foulness. Some of the sperm went down her throat so fast that it blew back up her nose. Only two large streams of thick sperm went down her throat before she choked and regurgitated everything back up.

Gooey cum flowed back into her mouth from her throat, and she blew everything back onto the cock. Large bursts of saliva and sperm flooded out of the wedges between her lips and the penis. The mixture covered the invading cock and its balls. Candice sputtered; her chest heaved. He trembled with the last volley, then pulled the cock from her mouth. He let her go. She hacked and coughed. Her body seized up. She vomited a mixture of snot, mucus, and sperm. It landed everywhere on her body. Candice convulsed then stopped. She laid on the bed and cried her heart out.

Santiago took a few minutes to put his clothes back on. Candice wept on the bed as he gathered all his tools and put them back in the suitcase. He untied and inspected Candice. He made sure that there was no permanent damage anywhere on her body. She rubbed her wrists and ankles trying to alleviate the pain. He told her not to be concerned, as those rope marks will disappear with time, and she will look as good as new.

He explained to her that the punishment was exceptionally light. It could have been a lot worse and will be if she tries to escape again. He did say that he would prefer that she tries again, so he would be invited back. He grinned at her and told her she was the most beautiful thing he has ever come across. That he was blessed to meet her. Santiago left and the guards guided Candice to the bathroom so she could clean up. Candice sat on the toilet extremely distraught.

She filled the tub with hot water and threw in some vanilla bubble soap. She stepped into the tub and relaxed in the warm water. She thought of her life and all the things that have happened to her so far. Thoughts spun in her brain. What had she done to deserve this? The sponge, the warm water, and the soap felt wonderful. She put the sponge down, covered her face, and broke down. She cried out loud. She then slammed her fist into the water in anger at what was happening to her. She cursed her life. Candice leaned back against the tub and cried the night away.

To Be Continued
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