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The girls get stranded on a strange planet.
Hyperspace swirled around Trix’s J-type 327 Nubian starship. Jena and Lisi could not help but be hypnotized by dazzling display of hyperspace before them. Somehow both Jena and Lisi felt a strange but stronger connection to what they knew as to be the ‘Cosmic Force’, as for a time they existed outside the normal realm of time and space. This was only the second time the girls had been to outer space and were entranced from the moment they saw the stars blur, then streak and finally morph into the mottled mosaic before them.

They heard Trix moan from behind them, “I need you both inside me, it’s been far too long since I had that glorious Onderonian she meat inside me!” Jena looked back to see Trix laying spread eagle, two fingers gliding up and down her already rock hard she cock while two fingers plunged in and out of her tight ass. While Jena had creamy dark brown skin as the wild Nerfs of Alderaan, Lisi had almost ice white skin like the Wampas of Hoth, Trix was somewhere in the middle. She had jet black hair and her skin was a creamy mix of light brown and yellow as the Loth-cats of Lothal. Trix jiggled her enormous creamy tits at the two girls and Jena had a fleeting memory of the three girls tangled like a creamy Neuvian sundae once served at the famous Dex’s diner back on Coruscant.

Suddenly an alarm blared. “What’s that flashing?” Lisi squealed as Trix leapt from her seat and sprinted towards the cockpit. Two more alarms sounded and multiple lights on the control panel began blinking and flashing and flashing and blinking… Trix muttered under her breath, “Sithspit! We’re out of hyper fuel!!” Hyperspace coalesced back into stars and the hyperdrive engines gave a stuttering whine. Trix flipped switches and let out a few choice Corellian curse words as the ship began to tumble. By the luck of the Force there was a planet nearby covered with pink, purple and yellow clouds. “Strap yourselves in this is gonna be a rough landing!”, Trix shouted. And as Jena and Trix slapped the crash restraints on, Lisi giggled. “Did she say strap in or strap on??”

Trix was able to coax the ship into somewhat of a controlled glide. As they sped through the atmosphere the girls could see the outer hull of the ship begin to glow red then yellow then white as the ship rushed towards the surface of the unknown planet, Massive oceans covered most of the planet yet they could see two or three large continents below. Trix was able to aim towards the largest land form and with a great screech she was able to land the ship in mostly one piece. “Another happy landing”, Trix murmured and the girls unstrapped themselves grateful to be alive. Trix consulted the navicomputer which seemed to be the only piece of functional hardware. “By the Original Light…”, Trix sputtered, “Zeltros!!!”

Zeltros was home to the fabled Zeltron race, who were known throughout the galaxy as one of the sexiest sentient race ever. In addition to being extremely arousing and sensual, both the males and females had the reputation as being not only hyper sexual but also extreme partiers. They were rumored to secrete powerful pheromones that made most other sentient species lose themselves in the seductive beauty of the Zeltron people. Many beings who visited Zeltros never wanted to return to their home planet.

The ramp lowered and the the girls stepped carefully down to surface to find two young extremely sexy Zeltron girls. “Newcomers! I’m Misti, will you be our very good friends??” Misty was tall with lighter pink skin, smooth creamy body and a pair of huge breasts that seemed to bounce seductively with every step. “Oooh, Onderonians!!”, the other one nearly screamed, “I’m Torri, please be my friend too!” Torri, nearly as tall as Misti had creamy purple skin, legs that went on for multiple planetary rotations and a set of tits that rivaled even Misti’s. Through the Force Jena and Lisi could sense something emanating from both Misti and Torri but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. It wasn’t long before Jena and Lisi wanted to put more than a finger on it.

Trix all but growled, “Look, we didn’t mean to crash on your purple planet, we’re just in need of hyper fuel and maybe a few quick repairs”. Maybe it was her hard First Order training but Trix seemed not as affected by whatever was oozing from Misti and Torri. “Mmmm, come with us! We’ll take good care of you!” Misti all but gushed and grabbed Jena by the hand. “Who wants some Spotchka?”, Torri lisped and snatched Lisi’s hand and led them all towards a shimmering city not far in the distance. Trix yanked Jena and Lisi’s hands away and glowered at the two Zeltron girls. “Look you little Nerfherders, we need repairs and fuel not frolicking!!”. Misti and Torri pouted yet at this point even Trix was starting to feel whatever Misti and Torri were dishing out.

After a few short minute the two Zeltrons and the three Onderonians entered the beautiful city. Tall shimmering spires thrust up into the cloudscape and the area was busy with shops, watering holes, dancetarias and other assorted attractions. Zeltrons of all shades of pink and purple littered the streets and attempted to come up and touch, hug, or even kiss the trio off off-worlders. Misti and Torri were quick to shoo them all alway. “Go! Shoo!! We saw the sexy strangers first!!” Shortly the two Zeltrons led the trio into what could have been a classy bar in Coruscant. Misti turned and gave Trix the one over. “We’ll get you ship taken care of and your fuel, but first you have to do something for us!” She pointed beyond the dance floor to a stage with several shiny poles coming up from the floor of the floor. “Get on up there and show us what you’ve got and make it good or you’ll never see your precious planet of Onderon ever again!!” She slowly pulled a gleaming Blas-Tech DL-44 blaster from her backside for added emphasis.

Trix sighed and stepped on to the stage, Lisi and Jena followed. Trix slid her tongue across her wet lips and slid off the few pieces of shiny silver armor she was wearing. She slid her finger in her mouth and slowly pulled it out letting strands of saliva dripping off it as she ran it up the front of her already bulging panties and up the middle of her tight tummy. Jena and Lisa slid their robes down their creamy shoulders to reveal the slutty lingerie they were still wearing. They pulled each other tight and shared a hot wet lipstick kiss. Their bodies ground hard against each other and Jena could not help but let out a wet moan as she felt Lisi’s tongue dragging down her neck and between her jiggling breasts. Lisi’s hot tongue flicked circles around her rock hard nipples while she dragged two wet fingers between the crack of Jena’s juicy ass. Trix came up to join them sharing a dripping three way kiss and as their tongues danced, soft hands slid down creamy bodies over bouncing tits, smooth stomachs and gorgeous tight asses.

Misti and Torri were sitting spread eagle on two chairs just in front of the stage. The rest of the clubs’s patrons were now standing behind them. They were mostly Zeltrons, male and female but also a few lusty Rodians, a group of spice drunk Bith and a trio of smoking sexy Twi’lek girls. Misty slid a dripping wet finger down inside her panties and began to slide up and down seductively. Torri reached over and slid her fingers in Misti’s panties their fingers intertwined and began stroking up and down. With her other hand, Torri snatched the blaster away and began stroking it between Misti’s heaving breasts. Misti’s eyes rolled back and as her tongue slid out of her drooling mouth, Torri wrapped her oozing lips around it and sucked, licked and kissed Misti’s tongue, lips and mouth.

From the stage, Trix could see Misti and Torri sucking on each others tongues and what looked like rock hard bulges under their panties. “Get your sweet Zeltron asses up here with us” she moaned loudly. Misti and Torri crawled up on stage in between the three girls. Misti crawled seductively over to Jena, opening her lips wide and sliding Jena’s already rock hard she cock between her delicious lips taking her easily down her throat. (Zeltron’s do not have a gag reflex of any kind). Misti’s other hand slid up between Trix’s cheeks and a wet finger quickly found her quivering hole and slid inside. Torri slid before Lisi and swiftly slid her huge girl cock deep down her throat. She moaned as she felt that hot she meat fill her throat and with her other hand began stroking Trix’s cock up and down brushing the tip and fingering off globs of oozing pre cum which she eagerly slid into her mouth. Trix began to ooze freely as she felt two soft Zeltron fingers in her tight hole while another set slid up and down her throbbing cock. Misti lapped away at Jena’s cock and with her other hand, started at Jena’s soft ankle, up the back of her creamy thigh and cupped her tight ass sliding two wet fingers up Jena’s hole as she took her luscious balls completely in her mouth. Torri’s fingers invaded Lisi’s sweet hole as she licked sucked and lapped her way up and down Lisi’s raging hard she cock.

Trix began to moan, ”Uhhh, I’m gonna…”. Torri and Misti scrambled over in front of Trix mouths open wide with their gooey pink and purple tongues wiggling seductively. Hot spurts of gooey cum spurted from Trix’s cocks and Torri and Misti did not miss a drop of that sweet Onderonian girl spunk. Jena and Lisi watched and stroked their straining girl cocks and stepped in front of Misti and Torri who were sharing a hot gooey cum kiss. Jena and Lisi exploded over the two lapping tongues adding to the huge creamy sticky mess that slid back and forth between their cum covered tongues. Trix, Jena and Lisi knelt down on the stage floor to add their lips and tongues to Torri and Misti’s hot gooey spunk filled tongue kisses.

Misti pulled away letting ropes of sweet cum spill down the top of her low cut blouse. “Your ship will be ready by star fall, so in the meantime let's see how nasty Zeltrons and Onderonians can really get! Double shots of Kowakian Monkey Rum on me!!”
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