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As Mike and Chen's emotional bond grows deeper and stronger, so does their sexual relationship - and Mike finally cuts the toxic relationship with his parents.
Chapter Eight - Conjoinment

All day, Mike and Chen had been making trips between Mike’s apartment and Chen’s house – moving Mike’s clothing, office things, personal items, things that weren’t rented or belonged to the apartment – as they walked out of the apartment with the last of the boxes, Mike closed the door, locked it, and thought – closing the door – this time a good closing – because where I’m going is better – much, much better – it’s going to who I really am. He locked the door, and headed out toward Chen’s truck.

Later that evening, as they walked into the bedroom, Chen was first, with Mike following – Chen asked ‘do you have a side of the bed you prefer?’ Mike thought, and responded ‘really – I sleep all over my bed – and I’m really comfortable most anywhere – which side do you like?’ Chen thought, and said ‘well – I’ve got all my stuff already in the nightstand closest to the porch door – the other nightstand is empty – will that work for you?’ Mike nodded acknowledgement, opened his overnight bag that he always brought over to Chen’s house, and started putting items into the nightstand. I’m going to live here, he thought – actually live with this man – this amazing soul.

Chen walked up behind Mike – ‘you’re really staring at that bottle, Mike – something on the label interest you?’ Mike chuckled, set the bottle in the drawer, and turned to put his arms on Chen’s shoulders – ‘no love – I’m just still in shock that I get to share my life with you, that’s all’

Chen responded ‘yeah – even though I’ve been knowing this was pre-destined since we met – there are times I still get caught in a moment and don’t believe it really did happen – that you’re really here’

Mike looked a bit surprised – he’d never heard Chen admit to being caught by surprise by anything – but now he knew that Chen, just as he had, was unsure of the outcome right up until they’d touched and shared souls. Chen leaned slightly forward, gave Mike a quick kiss, said ‘let’s get ready for bed, shall we?’ – Mike nodded agreement, and with that, they began undressing and taking care of bathroom needs.

Once in bed with the lights out, Mike snuggled up to Chen, who was laying with his back toward Mike – he put his arm around Chen’s chest, nuzzled his face up into the crook of Chen’s neck, and kissed his earlobe lightly – then nibbled it. Chen giggled softly, and turned onto his back. He said ‘this has been a pretty eventful day – how are you doing?’

Mike thought, then said softly ‘would you hold me please? Just hold me?’ Even in the darkness, the slight tremble in Mike’s voice was obvious to Chen – and he knew that Mike needed him close. He turned to Mike, and embraced him as a parent embraces a hurt child – Mike began to sob softly. Chen stroked his hair, kissed his forehead, held him tightly, and asked ‘what’s wrong love? What’s hurting?’

Mike, between sobs, said ‘I’ve never been so happy ever in my life – it’s so amazing – I don’t know why I’m feeling like this, really – maybe it’s still letting go of all the stuff that hurt me for so long – all I know is that when I think of being this close to you, I’m so overwhelmed it makes me cry – but I’m so happy too’

Chen, whose eyes had also started to tear up, put his hand softly on Mike’s cheek, and said ‘feel my face, lover’ – Mike gently stroked Chen’s cheeks, and when he found Chen’s tears, lifted his hand in surprise, then said ‘you too?’ Chen just nodded – ‘me too love – when I felt your soul reaching back into mine through our touch, I felt something so powerful, I wasn’t sure at first how to respond – and for a moment it scared me, really – I’d not felt that with my grandfather – but then, he wasn’t totally exchanging his soul into mine – he was just conveying that part of his essence he wanted me to have – then I realized I needed to trust you, just as much as I’d asked you to trust me – and what I was feeling was the power of your essence, totally unbridled, reaching into me – connecting with me – and it made me so emotional – and it still does – like now – so we both are discovering together what this is all about.’

Mike put his hand on Chen’s face, wiped his tears, then moved closer and started a kiss – at first, a gentle, soft kiss – Chen returned the kiss, then lightly nibbled at Mike’s upper lip – Mike giggled, and again kissed Chen – this time with more passion, and an open mouth – he pulled Chen closer, and quickly it turned into a deep, passionate, powerful kiss – with hands squeezing buttocks, legs entwined, and engorging penises rising up between their bellies.

Mike pulled away for a moment, and between heavy breaths said ‘I want you inside me Chen – I want to feel you deep inside me, giving me your essence’ Chen asked ‘have you ever had anyone inside you before? Are you sure?’ Mike nodded his head yes, and said ‘I’ve had others inside me for all the wrong reasons – I want you to mate with me for all the right reasons – please’

Chen heard the sincerity and intensity in Mike’s request - he reached for his nightstand, and quickly found the lube – he asked Mike ‘how would you like for us to do this?’ Mike was quickly up on his hands & knees, and Chen needed no further verbal cue – he began by massaging Mike’s firm, athletic buttocks – kissing his lower back as he did so – slowly working his hands up Mike’s sides and front, massaging and stroking his sides and stomach, then his chest, as he kissed and licked his way up Mike’s back – until he could feel his lubed, throbbing organ pressing between Mike’s buttocks.

Mike, sensing Chen’s organ, began slowly rocking his hips up and down slightly, until he felt Chen’s glans pressing against his anus – then he relaxed, and pushed back – Chen slowly curled his hips forward and down – and slid into Mike. Mike let out a soft sigh, saying ‘oh Chen – give me your seed – give me your bodily essence’

Chen slid a little more forward, then laid on Mike’s back, reaching around his chest – as he began to slowly rock his hips, moving his substantial cock in and out of Mike’s man pussy, he began fingering and playing with Mike’s nipples, nibbling his earlobes, and kissing his neck – Mike was clearly in complete ecstasy – his head was back, and he was softly saying ‘oh Chen – oh Chen – that feels so good – oh Chen’ After a few moments, Chen took his dominant hand, and moved it to Mike’s throbbing, twitching cock, drooling precum. Mike nodded his assent, and said ‘oh yeah – make me cum with you, Chen’ Chen ran a finger around Mike’s swollen cock head, gathering up precum, and spreading it over Mike’s glans and down his shaft – as he rocked his throbbing cock in and out of Mike, he began stroking Mike’s cock in rhythm to his strokes.

For several minutes, the two of them, locked in their sexual embrace, continued – Chen both fucking and stroking Mike, Mike rocking his hips in time to Chen’s thrusts and hand strokes – Mike drooling precum like a small rivulet from his penis and onto the sheet below.

Chen felt his orgasm rising – as did Mike – Chen’s cock became much stiffer, longer, and fatter – his glans ridge flared out and Mike could feel it every time it went past his prostate, making it even more intense for Mike – Chen’s pace picked up, his breathing became heavier and faster, and he held Mike tight to him with his free hand, as he started pounding Mike’s ass – the clear slapping of his balls against Mike’s butt cheeks was audible, and Chen’s stroking of Mike’s cock was also picking up – as Mike’s cock stiffened and lengthened.


Chen exploded inside Mike – with a couple of quick, deep thrusts, Chen buried his cock deep into Mike – his ejaculation pouring through his pulsing cock, shooting stream after stream of his semen deep inside Mike - simultaneously, Mike let out a deep groan – and in Chen’s hand, Mike’s cock began throbbing and twitching hard, jetting cum streamers everywhere – between jets, his cum flowed like a river, making a huge puddle right beneath his pulsing penis. As Mike’s orgasm began, his anus began rapidly clenching and releasing around Chen’s ejaculating penis, intensifying Chen’s orgasm even further.

The two of them just stayed there – Mike on all fours, his still twitching penis drooling the last of his semen onto the bed – and Chen, totally spent, laying on Mike’s back, his slowly softening cock still deeply buried in Mike’s man pussy, still releasing small squirts of his man juice into Mike.

After a moment, Chen slowly started pulling his penis from Mike – as the head retracted and his cock flopped down against his ball sac, Mike’s anus released a stream of Chen’s cum – it dribbled from Mike’s anus down between his butt cheeks, down the back of his scrotum, then dribbled off onto the bed. Chen sat back on his haunches, then leaned forward and kissed Mike on the butt cheek – Mike rolled on his back, clearly spent – his softening cock still drooling his own white, sticky essence.

Chen said ‘I think I need to get us a couple of warm washcloths to clean up with – and a towel for the bed!’ Mike chuckled a little, then turned to look at Chen – their eyes met – Mike said ‘thank you’ – Chen, understanding how significant this had been for Mike, just rested his hand on Mike’s thigh and said ‘I love you more than I can say – and will share myself with you like this whenever you need me’ – Mike, his eyes wet, just mouthed ‘I love you’ back, as Chen headed for the bathroom.

Later, in the quiet and darkness of their room, Mike and Chen laid close, arms around each other, softly kissing. Chen asked ‘love – when you were a little kid – and you really wanted to sleep undisturbed – what did you do?’ Mike smiled, and without hesitation, grabbed the covers and pulled them completely over both their heads. Chen giggled, and said ‘so did I’ – they snuggled, kissed, nuzzled noses – Chen said ‘good night, my wonderful man’ – Mike deftly tongued the tip of Chen’s nose, making him giggle, and said ‘sleep well, beautiful lover’ – they pulled the covers over their heads a little further, snuggled tight, and drifted into the sleep of two heartlocked lovers.

Over the next weeks, Mike finalized the arrangements of his things in Chen’s house – all the while the two of them laughing, sharing stories as they unpacked things, Mike helping Chen finish arranging and unpacking his things in the second bedroom. They’d arranged to have a second phone line run into the spare bedroom – and the number was Mike’s apartment number – for right now, he’d keep the number until he felt it was the right time to tell his parents what had gone on.

In short order, Mike and Chen quickly became like a couple that had been together for years – they established a routine in the morning and evening for bathroom, cooking, eating, and chores that worked like a well oiled machine. After the necessities were done, they could be found either snuggled on the sofa watching their favorite shows, or sitting on the back porch, usually nude, enjoying the peace and quiet of the heavily wooded, deep green seclusion. Often on warm summer nights, they would walk into the yard, hand in hand, barefoot and naked, watching the fireflies rise out of the grass around them – they’d stop, hold hands, kiss, caress – then return to their bed – their sanctuary.

Chapter Nine – The Cord is Cut


It was the phone in the spare bedroom – Mike got up to get it.

Hello?? I’m sorry you didn’t get me earlier, I was out with friends – yes, friends dad – yes, I have those – what? What are you worried about? Why would you think my friends might be criminals and I had to be worried about them taking advantage of me? What?? You really think I’m that gullible?? Look – just because you’re one of the most paranoid persons on the planet, doesn’t mean I’m going to follow in your footsteps – what?? Yes, I am talking back to you – I’m an adult, remember?? No, I’m not going to apologize – at all!! Look – I don’t care what you think – that’s right, I don’t CARE what you think! I’m going to live MY life, not YOUR version of what you think life should be!! What?? Well if you think you’re man enough, just get in your car and come down here – I dare you!!!

With that Mike slammed the phone down. It immediately rang again – Mike just reached down and unplugged the phone, and with a smile, walked back to the living room, snuggling back into Chen’s arms.

Chen softly brushed Mike’s hair, and said ‘I heard some of that – I’m proud of you, babe’ – and kissed Mike’s head. Mike squeezed Chen’s hand, and said ‘it was just a matter of time, love – I’d been preparing for that conversation for some time’

The next morning Mike plugged the phone back in – he knew that some time his mom would try to reach him, and in her usual role, try to mediate things. In the past, it always wound up that Mike would condescend – at least on the surface – to what his family wanted, and things would move on. This time would be different – very different.

‘Mom? Yea, it’s Mike – well, you called my number, who do you think would be answering my phone? Mom – I’m tired of dad trying to micro manage my life, always making statements like I can’t take care of myself, always acting like I shouldn’t have any friends – what am I supposed to do, live in a locked vault and only come out for work??’

(long pause while Mike is listening to his mom’s tirade)

‘Mom – Mom – I don’t care – Mom, you can get as upset as you want – dad needs to just leave me alone and back off, OK?? No, you’re not coming down here because you’re not welcome!! I have my life and I don’t need you, him, or anyone else to straighten me out!!’

(another pause)

‘OK – Mom – Mom – will you shut up for a minute?? Yes, I told you to SHUT UP!! Now listen to me – I’m 24 years old, a professional with a great job, a life of my own, and I’m going to live it as I see fit WITHOUT YOU TWO!! For one thing, something you two NEVER acknowledged – and how you managed to have a kid must have been accidental because it sure wasn’t from a normal sex life – yes Mom, I said the word SEX – if you remember what that is even – you two totally sheltered me from everything and anything about it – what did you think was going to happen, somehow magically I’d figure it all out on my wedding night or something?? You never let me be me and go with the kids I liked, I had to go out with who YOU chose – oh that’s bull – thinking none of the kids I liked were good enough for me – more of your crap trying to keep me your little boy that never grows up’

‘Mom – surprise – I’m grown up – and not only am I grown up – I’m gay’

(very long pause)

‘Mom – don’t care – don’t care at all – I’ve found the most wonderful man in the universe, we’re living together, we have hot passionate sex every night – and we’re deeply in love – and that’s not going to change’


‘Mom? Mom??’

Mike, with a somewhat bemused look, hung up the phone, shrugged his shoulders, then reached down and pulled the plug from the wall.

Chen was standing in the doorway with an inquiring look. Mike said ‘guess I won’t be hearing from them any time soon – let’s get some lunch, OK?’ – and headed for the kitchen.

As they sat down to a couple of sandwiches and drinks, Chen asked ‘so – what do you think will happen next’ Mike looked at Chen, and said ‘to be honest, I really don’t care – I’ve learned so much in just the past few months about what they did to me to totally distort my view of reality – to keep me from seeing things as they are – they hid the world from me, Chen – because they were selfish and didn’t want me to grow up and no longer be their cute little boy – that’s over now’

‘Do you think you’ll ever want to see them again?’ Chen asked. ‘I don’t know – I’m going to have to think about that – I mean yeah, they’re my parents and all – but it’ll have to be on very different terms than we’re on now – very different – they’ll have to respect me for who I am, respect my feelings and wishes, and understand that I’m a man now – not a little kid’

The next day, Mike had his old phone number disconnected.

Several days after the phone disconnect, as Mike was looking through the mailbox, he found an envelope with familiar handwriting – it was from his mother.

He took the mail inside, sorted the bills and put them in the bill box, left the rest of the mail on the kitchen island, and sat down to open the letter.

He got about halfway through the first page, and put it down on the table – shaking his head. Chen walked into the kitchen and started looking in the fridge – he said to Mike ‘so what are you shaking your head about?’

Mike replied ‘got a letter from Mom – she and Dad are disowning me – like I care – they’ve even included the legal papers for me to sign – as if I’m going to sign them!’

Chen said ‘how do you feel?’

Mike replied ‘angry, actually – angry that they think their ways, their thinking, their beliefs are all that count, and if I disagree, somehow I’m in the wrong – they can all go to hell!’

Chen walked up behind and put his hand on Mike’s shoulder – ‘yeah – but they did bring you into this world – raised you – and even though you had a pretty shitty upbringing, it led you here – to me – and to us’

Mike turned around, looked at Chen – tears flooded his eyes, and he fell into Chen’s arms crying. Later, Mike would take the letter, neatly put it back into its envelope, reseal it, mark it ‘return to sender’, and put it in the mail.

Chapter Ten – Camping

‘Hey – don’t forget to get the extra stove fuel out of the corner of the shed’ shouted Chen to Mike. ‘I’ve already got it – look on the right side of the car!’ Mike shouted back.

They had been camping many times together by now – but this time, Chen had told Mike to be ready for a ‘surprise’ – Mike at first had always been hesitant about Chen’s ‘surprises’ – until Chen told him he’d never spring anything on Mike that would really make him uncomfortable. After that, Mike had enjoyed Chen’s surprises – so there was no tension about this event, and Mike was looking forward to getting out of the city.

They finished loading the Land Cruiser, and headed off – the campground was over 3 hours away, and both of them had left work at noon to get home, load up the gear, and have plenty of time to get to the camp before dark. Mike drove.

As they cruised down the highway, the two exchanged casual conversation – Mike wanted to know what kind of place they were going to, were there going to be any other people, were there trees, a lake, what kind of facilities – Chen answered most of his questions, but to some he said ‘you’ll just have to wait and see’ – and flashed his mischievous grin back at Mike.

Surprisingly, Mike wasn’t bothered when Chen dodged his questions – they’d come to have such a strong love for each other, that Mike trusted Chen completely – without any reservation – to Mike, he was still amazed at himself whenever something came up, he needed Chen’s trust, and it was just there. He reached over, and gently placed his hand on Chen’s bare leg – and took a quick glance over at Chen. Chen had the most wonderful expression on his face – soft, gentle, eyes all alight and smiling – and just the slightest hint of a smile on his lips – he gently placed his hand on top of Mike’s – Mike smiled, and looked back at the road – giving Chen’s thigh a gentle squeeze, then taking his hand back to the steering wheel.

Mike stopped at the dirt road that Chen indicated. ‘I need to drive from here Mike – it’s a tricky road, and not marked at all – if you don’t know the way, it’s easy to miss the landmarks’ Mike got out of the drivers seat, and he and Chen traded places. For the next 20 minutes, Chen drove into the deepening forest – the road got less and less easy to distinguish, and the signs of civilization of any kind were left well behind – they were truly deep into an uninhabited part of the forest. Then – after a sudden turn and a rise in the road to cross a small ridge, they entered a clearing – and on the other side were cars, a campsite, and tents already set up.

Once at the campsite, they began unloading. There were three other vehicles already there, and an assortment of tents, gear on the ground, and a fire ring that all the tents were somewhat arranged around. No one was in sight, but it was only late afternoon and Chen said ‘the others are probably all out walking in the woods – let’s get our stuff set up’

As they neared completion of putting up the tent, Mike heard some voices and the sounds of people approaching – he turned toward the noise – and coming through the woods were a group of guys – all completely naked, except for their boots!! They were chatting, laughing, and just walking along as though being totally naked in the woods was as normal as could be – Mike’s jaw dropped – Chen walked up beside him, gently lifted his jaw with his hand, and said ‘might want to close that – you’ll inhale a fly or two’ – then yelled to the group of guys ‘hey guys – we’re over here!’

In quick order Mike and Chen were surrounded by the group, and Chen was eagerly greeting them by name, hugging, back slapping, and butt slapping each other. After a few seconds, Chen said ‘guys – this is Mike – Mike, these are my camping buddies, Trent, Davie, Bob, and Tony. I guess that James and Carl are still out in the woods somewhere?’

Trent piped up ‘the last time we saw them, they were fucking their eyeballs out in the clearing by the pond – considering that Carl is pretty quick to unload, they’re not far behind!’ The others giggled, and at that same time, out of the woods came two other guys – also naked.

Chen introduced them to Mike – then Davie said ‘hey – why are you two still clothed?? We’re not having formal dinner tonight that I know of, guys – c’mon – get with the program!’

Mike now knew Chen’s surprise – this was a nude camping group. Chen piped up ‘we just got here a few minutes ago, and hadn’t had time to even get our stuff fully set up – so give us a minute, we’ll get a bit more casual’ – he turned to Mike, and said ‘let’s get in the tent and undressed, shall we?’

Now it was Mike’s turn to surprise – ‘why bother with the tent, Chen? I mean – c’mon – it’s not like we need privacy to get naked, man’ – and with that, Mike undid his belt and fly, and dropped his shorts to the ground – being commando, there was nothing left to take off, so he just stepped out of his shorts and picked them up.

‘Your turn’ Mike said. Chen, standing there open mouthed at this sudden display of openness – nay, even liberated freedom – just shrugged his shoulders, shucked off his shorts, stepped out of them – and the deed was done. The rest of the group applauded, and laughed.

Davie spoke up again – ‘y’know Mike – Chen told us about you some time back – and we didn’t know at all how this was going to go – we’d planned to be off in the woods, watching, while you two got things set up – and then to come in like we did – but honestly, we didn’t know if our appearing like this was going to generate a good reaction – or a big fight – so we’re all glad you took us so well’

Mike folded his arms across his chest, and turned to Chen – ‘So – you had all this set up, I see – ‘ in a taunting, but good humored voice – then smiled. Chen was prepared for Mike to be mad – and was so caught off guard when Mike just played along, he stammered – ‘well – well – I – we – well, we wanted to see if we – I, really – could finally get you to really relax with others, not just me – just relax – be you – have fun – no one here – especially me – is going to hurt you, embarrass you, make fun of you – we’re just not into that sort of crap – I know you told me about all the crap you had to put up with at home, and how it made you so defensive – that wall of defensiveness is still partially there - keeping you from being you – and from letting others in to your life besides just me – I just wanted to help you see that, Mike’

By now, Mike had let his arms down – and was feeling things inside he’d never felt – Chen’s face was genuinely open – sharing – totally sincere – Mike couldn’t help it – tears started down his cheeks – he took two big steps, grabbed Chen in a strong, full body hug, said through a choked sob ‘oh Chen’ – and buried his face against Chen’s neck. Mike started to softly sob as the tears flowed – Chen held Mike tightly, in a comforting, safe embrace – rubbing his back and shoulders as Mike’s emotions released.

They stood there for a few moments – Chen holding Mike – softly saying in his ear ‘it’s OK Mike – it’s really OK to just be totally you with everybody, not just me – we’re all here for you, man – I’m here for you’

After a minute, Mike started to gain some composure, pulled slightly back from their embrace, and put his arms around Chen’s neck. He looked into Chen’s deep brown eyes, alight with life and happiness – and said ‘No one has ever cared enough about me to want to really help me be just me – thank you – thank you’ – then, without hesitation, he put a hand behind Chen’s head, tilted his, leaned forward, and kissed Chen. Chen, caught a bit off guard, took a second to respond – then pulled Mike closer, and leaned into the kiss, dropping his hands down from Mike’s waist to his buttocks – pulling Mike’s groin closer to his. Mike didn’t resist – he pressed tighter as well – and felt his cock swelling between them – as well as feeling Chen’s penis stiffening, and pressing against his groin.

After a moment, Chen was the first one to back away slightly – allowing both their engorged members to spring full erect. Chen said softly to Mike ‘hey – there’s time for this later – unless – you want to now?’ Mike, now with a smile on his face and a totally relaxed feeling he’d never had before, smiled at Chen and said ‘let’s save these for later when we can be alone – OK?’ Chen smiled his big grin, then stepped back.

As they turned toward the others, apparently the significance of their emotional experience hadn’t been lost – Trent and Davie were holding each other, as were Bob and Tony – James and Carl were standing one behind the other, embracing, but looking at Mike and Chen with tears in their eyes as well. It was clear that all of them in some form could relate to the emotions and feelings that Mike and Chen had just been through, and they had shared in the power of the event.

Chen spoke first – ‘well – maybe we ought to get set up to fix dinner – it’s not going to fix itself, is it?’ With that, everyone started embracing each other, smiling, and especially telling Mike how glad they were that he’d come along and been so open and receptive when he was introduced to the ‘surprise’.

Before long, the camp kitchen that Chen had packed was out by the fire pit, foodstuffs were appearing from every campsite, beer and wine was flowing, and the evening was in full swing. The air was full of laughter, talk, cheerfulness – and Mike, in the middle of helping Chen with the main cooking chores, was back to being how he was when it was just he and Chen – happy, smiling, relaxed – and enjoying things to the fullest. Many times he and Chen exchanged glances – and they were always warm, open, carefree, sharing glances – the strength of their connection, established that first night, exchanging between them every time their eyes connected.

Chapter Eleven – Mike Leads

As the fire was slowly dying, everyone was sitting around enjoying its warmth and light – soft talk, about what they were going to do tomorrow, the dinner, catching up on personal details in each others lives. Mike was sitting in front of Chen, and Chen right behind – his arms around Mike’s belly, his chin resting on Mike’s shoulder.

A breeze started up – the fire flickered and embers lifted into the air as the breeze stirred the fire. Chen shuddered a bit, looked at his watch, and said ‘man – it’s late – I didn’t know time had gotten away from us like this’ James replied ‘yeah – we probably ought to get into our tents – it’s getting pretty cool, and unless we want to stoke this fire some more, it’s not going to keep our naked butts warm much longer!’

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Chen said ‘just put your glasses and stuff in the big wash pot as usual – we’ll get to them in the morning’ Everyone started to get up and move away from the fire – Chen grabbed the flashlight he had gotten out of the truck, turned it on, and doused the fire. In the moonlight, everyone was seen heading into their tents – flashlights in the tents came on, and each brightly colored tent looked like a large luminary that had landed on the ground.

Mike came up beside Chen, and held his hand – ‘time for bed I think’ he said. Chen responded ‘yeah – we need to get some sleep – they say it’s going to be cold tonight, too’ Mike responded ‘well – we always share a sleeping bag – so I think we’ll be fine’ Chen smiled, and replied ‘no problem – besides – I think you’ve got plans for something that will make the tent pretty warm anyhow!’ Mike pulled Chen closer – ‘I think we’ll probably have to open the tent vents to clear it out, lover’ – and with that, he put his arms around Chen and just held him close. Chen returned the gesture, and they stood in the cool moonlight, holding each other tight. After a moment, without saying a word, they headed for their tent, hand in hand, got in, and zipped the flap closed.

As Chen was closing the tent flap, Mike – who had gotten in first – came up behind Chen, who was on all fours, put his arms around Chen’s waist, and started kissing his buttocks and lower back. Chen said ‘I see you already have an idea of how to keep warm tonight?’ as he turned his head back to look at Mike – Mike was smiling, and said ‘I’ve never done it outdoors – never – and this air has really got me going’ Chen said ‘look in my red bag, you’ll find our bed towel – don’t want to get the sleeping bags sticky, now do we?’

The tent light went out – Chen and Mike slipped into their sleeping bag, snuggling, nuzzling, caressing each other – listening to the forest sounds, hearing the rustling of the trees in the breeze – their legs entwined, hands softly massaging and squeezing each others backs and butts – fully engorged cocks pressed against each others bellies.

Mike whispered into Chen’s ear ‘lover – I want to be inside you tonight – out here, in nature’ Chen nodded his head, and without a word rolled over to present his man pussy to Mike. They’d already brought the lube into bed with them so it would be warm – Mike lubed his fully erect member, gasping slightly as it tingled and twitched in response to his touch, and rubbing the warm lube up and down his sensitive shaft – he stroked himself a couple of times – no, better not – want to save all that for Chen – then he took two fingers, coated with lube, and reached between Chen’s butt cheeks – he first circled around Chen’s anus – Chen moaned in pleasure – then gently pressed – Chen said softly ‘oh yes’ as he relaxed his anal muscles – and Mike’s fingers easily entered. Mike gently worked some lube around, as Chen slowly rocked his hips back and forth on Mike’s fingers – as Mike withdrew, Chen said ‘join with me Mike – I want to feel you inside me – I want you to seed me’ – Mike wiped his fingers off on the towel, slid his pulsing cock gently in between Chen’s buttocks, found his anus, and pressed – Chen whispered ‘yes – oh yes’ – and relaxed again, sliding himself backward slightly – and Mike’s hot, hard penis slipped deep into Chen’s hole. Mike curled his hips up tight to Chen’s butt to gain maximum penetration, then he wrapped his arms around Chen in a hug – kissing and nibbling at Chen’s neck – they just stayed there – Mike’s throbbing cock enveloped in Chen’s hot, pulsing hole – then Mike began slowly working his hips – withdrawing then inserting his substantial penis in and out of Chen’s man pussy, all the while playing with his nipples, nibbling his earlobes, tonguing his neck – Chen whispered ‘take my cock in your hand – make me cum with you’ – Mike reached down, and wrapped his hand around Chen’s engorged and throbbing penis – it was hot, fully hard – the glans fully released from its foreskin, slick and shiny with precum – Mike spread some of Chen’s precum around, then began to stroke Chen’s skin up and down, slowly, rotating it some as the cuff of his foreskin retracted back over the ridge of the glans – that drove Chen wild, as he’d learned when Chen did it to him the first time.

Mike continued moving his hips, slowly at first – short strokes – then moving long, slow, sensuous strokes – his rock hard penis slipping into and out of Chen’s asshole – his head caressing Chen’s prostate with every stroke – causing Chen’s penis to begin oozing rivulets of precum – Mike continued to stroke, picking up speed until one could clearly hear the sound of Mike’s groin slapping against Chen’s buttocks – all the while, Mike’s hand – using Chen’s oozing precum as lube – was stroking and massaging Chen’s engorged cock and glans.

Chen felt his orgasm coming first – a soft ‘oh Mike’ – coupled with Chen curling his hips forward slightly – was the only cue Mike needed – he gripped Chen’s penis a little tighter, and increased his stroke speed and the twisting motion on Chen’s glans – Chen’s penis swelled, got even warmer, and his glans ridge flared so hard Mike had to open his hand just slightly to get past it – then Chen’s orgasm burst forth -

‘ooohhhhhhh lover’ – Chen uttered at the same instant his ejaculations began – his cock twitched up hard, and Mike felt the rapid pulsations on the bottom side of his cock as his ejaculatory muscles propelled gushing streamers of hot steaming spunk out of Chen’s throbbing and pulsing organ into Mike’s hands.

At the same time the hard rapid contractions of Chen’s anal muscles around Mike’s penis was all it took to push Mike over – Mike’s penis swelled, and the sensations of Chen’s anus grasping him tight overwhelmed him – his whole organ was awash in intense orgasmic sensations, his glans so sensitive it took his breath away - with a groan and a hoarse, whispered ‘oh Chen’ Mike thrust his penis deep into Chen’s deepest recesses – with Chen’s anus squeezing hard, Mike began ejaculating deep into Chen – gusher after gusher of Mike’s man juice shot forth from his tingling, pulsing cock, filling Chen with his manly essence.

They remained there for several minutes – each letting their orgasmic ecstasy subside, their ejaculations slow – both still releasing small pulsing flows of semen from their now softening members.

Mike hugged Chen tightly – nibbling at his earlobe. Chen broke the mood by saying ‘if it tastes that good, I’ve got a little ketchup you can put on it’ – Mike giggled, and said ‘no lover – I like it just the way it is’

Chen said ‘let’s wipe ourselves off and fold the towel up, then get snuggled in – it’s already getting cold’ – the intensity of their sex had produced significant condensation on the interior of the tent, and now that their energy had subsided, it was obvious the air was getting cold. Mike pulled out of Chen, allowing his juices to flow out of Chen’s anus and onto the towel. He used the towel to wipe off his penis and balls, and get the cum and lube out of his pubic hair – then gently wiped Chen’s buttocks and anal area. Chen had pulled another small cum rag out of his bag, and was wiping down his cock and bush. They put the cum filled towels together, set them in the corner of the tent, snuggled up together into the warm sleeping bag, zipped it closed, exchanged several long kisses good night – then, listening to the sounds of the woods, drifted into sleep.
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