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She joined as a 16 year old Asian immigrant who attracted my attention soon as I saw her.  About 5'3'', a well developed 32B and very rounded ass. In those days dating was a relatively cautious and slow process, particularly that she was new to everything.  She came from a conservative culture so there was no way I can get my cock inside her quickly. 
She did not notice me since she stuck around kids in her classes and those from the same culture. I unfortunately was not in her classes. Then I found that she joined a school club so that was my opportunity!

Graduation Ball

By now we have been spending a lot time together and sometime spending hours on the phone, you know lovers do.  From the multiple invitations, I was so happy that she accepted to be my grad ball partner.  I rented a new car to take her to the ball and couldn't take my eyes off her all night.  Even though she wore little makeup and a rather conservative gown, but her perfect figure was very well enhanced.  Lots of fun with ballroom dances that we learned and practiced for this occasion.  I then excitedly held her tight against my body for all the slow dances and felt her soft tits rubbing against my chest, making me hard each song.  Fortunately I wore a tight jock that kept my cock from poking out. 

When it was time to take her home, I of course stopped in a secluded area and started kissing her.  She had accepted me as her boy friend so our kisses were long and passionate, with fluids exchanged.  I stuck my tongue in her mouth and suck her tongue.  When her breath became heavy I put my hand on her tits and started massaging.  She pushed my hand away and was successful a few times but I kept coming back for more.  They just felt so soft yet firm, so good... I was rock hard but she did not know.  I caressed her thighs and tried to put my hand inside her dress but she kept pushing me off.  I did not want to upset her so I had to settle with the kisses and gentle petting.  I  drove down the road after watching her gone home and beat my cock to an unbelievable explosion. 


Luckily we both found summer job with the same company so we saw each other pretty well every workday.  Often after work we took long walks or the bus to a local park to chat.  To be more private, we would sit under a large tree in the shade and far away from the foot path or street but there were also homes at a distance.  So just imagine how private in broad daylight we would be!  Of course we ended up with long passionate kisses.  I always tried caressing her tits and ass but sometimes she would refuse and appear a little upset.  Other times she would let me inside her shirt or pants and I touched her nipples a few times but she always stopped me at that point.  I was quite disappointed and puzzled but just assumed it was her cultural background.  (The truth will come out later on.)

Then one day we somehow talked about our relationship and sex.  I was surprised that she seemed quite ignorant.  I guess sex education was not given where she was.  So I put her hand on my pants feeling my hard cock.  She seemed puzzled so I asked 'would you like to see?'  She nodded so I looked around and saw nobody around.  I stood up, unzipped and pulled my cock out in front of her face.  She gasped, sat there wide eyed and shocked.  'How come it's so big!  My younger brother just had this little thing when he was small!'  I had to explain 'it is much smaller when I am not with you, but it would be still much bigger than your brother when he was little.'   Then I asked her if she would like to feel my cock.  She nodded so I took her hand.  She was a little hesitant at first but did end up touching and then holding my cock.  It was rock hard but I did not get her to rub or stroke it because I already felt so excited and didn't want to scare her with my cum.  At least not yet!!!

'Would you like to show me too?'  I was so glad I asked because she then got up.  I checked again and saw nobody around so she pulled down her pants and I saw the most beautiful pussy.  I almost came in my pants!  We then kissed passionately after putting away our parts, I pushed my tongue inside and our tongues massaged each other.  I moved one hand inside her t-shirt and reached for her tits.  I slipped a finger inside her bra and rubbed her nipple.  She let out a small moan and I felt her nipple gradually getting hard.  I put my other hand between her legs and started massaging. Her breathing got faster.  I fell on top of her while our mouths continued to exchange fluids.  I pressed my hardness directly on top of her soft mound. She was breathing heavier now and wrapped her arms around my back. I slipped both hands inside her t-shirt and caressed her tits and those stiff nipples when I can reach inside her bra.  I put my mouth and tongue over hers and her heavy breathing started mixing with moans.  The pressure on her mound seemed to work wonders.  Suddenly she tensed up her whole body, held me tight and moaned louder. After what felt like eternity, she put out a big breath and sigh, then finally relaxed her body.  Wow!!! She must have had an ORGASM!!! 

Ever since I discovered the 1st orgasm of my VIRGIN Asian sweetheart I longed for every opportunity to take her to the park.  But to my surprise she did not seem too eager to go but ended up going when I insisted.  We always started with passionate kisses and mixed our tongues together before I caressed her soft tits, smooth thighs and firm round ass.  She would often resist my touching but give in when she got excited.  I often tried to reach inside her blouse to rub to stiffen her nipples. One time I was able to reach inside her panties and felt the wetness on her pussy lips but then she pulled my hand out! So instead I moved her hand to rub on my hardness. She seemed intrigued 'so hard!' as I breathed faster and faster. Then I got on top of her to press my hard cock on her soft mound to make her cum. Her response was now almost predictable: her breath got heavy as we massaged our tongues. While massaging her tits she started moaning and put her hands behind my back to hold me tight as I pressed and rubbed my manhood on her. Then all of a sudden she took a deep breath, straightened her entire body, fully tensed up and climaxed. At the same time I burst into a vigorous orgasm in my pants but I didn't think she knew!

We planned a picnic for her 18th birthday and my cock got hard each time I imagined what I might be able to do.  I should mention I joined the photography club at school and learned film processing.  I bought a complete setup and had been taking and printing black and white pictures for some school activities and of course my sweetheart.  I brought my camera on that day and found a quiet spot by the stream.  We had lots of fun and laughs and took many pictures of her and us using a tripod.  Eventually we got down to passionate kisses.  Then I said 'I need to record my 18 year old sweetheart' and asked her to show me her breasts.  She hesitated a bit and looked around.  I got my camera ready.  She unhooked her bra, lifted up her blouse and I finally got a clear view of the most beautiful tits I've been dreaming about. The tits that felt so soft yet firm, the pinkish areola and nipples that were stiffening.  Her nipples were more pinkish than I imagined based on pictures of the darker nipples of Asian tits I saw. My hands were shaking I had a hard time steadying the camera but finally took several shots from different angles.  Then she pulled her blouse down since we can't be sure if we might come into view of passers by.

We returned to hot kissing and of course I reached inside her blouse to fully massage her firm breasts instead of on her unpadded bra or reaching inside the bra.  Her breath got heavy quickly as I gently played both her firm nipples while kissing.  I fell on top of her and pressed and rubbed my hardness on her soft mound while massaging her tits and nipples.  She responded by pushing her hip up onto my hardness and exploded with a long orgasm!  After she relaxed and recomposed herself, I said 'would you like to treat me too?'  So far I had mostly masturbated for relief after I dropped her off.  Looking back, I can't believe my patience and the 'suffering' I had to endure! She nodded.  I looked around, then unzipped to pull down my pants.  She grabbed my cock to closely examine it and looked intrigued!  She then used her other hand to examine my balls.  The gentle massaging of my balls sent shivers up my spine, I asked her to massage my rock hard cock also.  She had not done this before so I moved her hand the way I like, which got me really excited.  She learned quickly while looking at my manhood intently.  Watching her I could not hold back and said 'I'm cumming and you will see white cream come out! Please continue!'  She held my cock and balls tight as I moaned and exploded.  My semen squirted several feet onto the lawn.  'Wow!', she looked amazed.  I smiled and said 'Thank you sweetheart, that was so good and that's a special birthday gift for you also!'

I was obviously looking forward to lots more hot sessions now that I taught her how to make me happy.  You can imagine my disappointment and sadness when one day she said after another exchange of hot orgasms, 'we shouldn't be doing that, I felt ashamed.'  Must be her cultural background saying that.  Summer ended too quickly.


We both got in the same in town but somehow not in same classes given the large number of freshman sessions.  We met for lunch regularly and after school going home.  But we did not have much time besides dealing with a whole new world and study challenges.  She had a late laboratory class each week so I always waited to take the bus with her home.  One day late October she needed to go to the library after the lab and I suggested we had a quick dinner in the student union first.  After the library we walked toward the bus stop and passed by the Administration building.  This was a large 2-storey office building with outside steps leading to an open balcony all round on the 2nd floor.  I said let's walk around and went up to the balcony which had a 4 feet concrete wall for safety.  It was well after 9 and dark all around.  There was no car in the parking lot since admin office workers don't work late.  I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek.  She turned and responded. 

I really missed the passionate kisses and orgasms in the summer so my cock was rock hard already.  I stuck my tongue inside her mouth and put my hands on her breast and buns.  Our breaths got heavy as we exchanged liquids and massaged our tongues. I looked around and saw nobody.  We were facing an empty parking lot and the stairs were on other sides of the building.  I reached to unhook her bra. To my surprise she did not stop me and responded when I caressed her breast. Her nipples stiffened. She started to moan when I reached down to rub between her legs.  I made her sit on the floor so we could not be seen.  I could sense her excitement as we continued to suck our tongues.  Her nipples got really hard as I pulled her blouse up to lick them and gently suck them.  She moaned louder and I pulled her pants down.  She asked if we can be seen. I assured her even though my brain and my cock were fully filled with blood rushing up and down...I couldn't think at all.  I got on top of her kissing passionately as usual except I pulled my hard cock out and started rubbing her clit.  Her moans got even louder as I pressed my cock on top of her pussy the same way when we were clothed.  She wiggled her hip in response while I caressed her hard nipples.  She moaned louder and louder and stiffened her entire body into a spasm as she climaxed.  After she calmed down from her orgasm I moved her thighs a little apart and put my rock between them up against her really wet pussy lips. I got her to move her thighs back together to squeeze my cock and it felt so good feeling her soaking wet pussy lips.  Her lubrication helped me start pumping. I was fucking her soft smooth thighs and warm wet pussy lips!  We watched each other intensely as I gradually built friction by speeding up my thrusting. Eventually I screamed with a huge explosion.

Ever since I found this balcony in the campus Admin building deserted after dark, I tried to get there every week after her late lab and dinner.  She usually agreed knowing what I want and that she enjoyed the orgasms too. I think on our 3rd 'date' when I was caressing her firm tits, licking and gently sucking her stiffened nipples, she said 'Let me try your nipples too. Mine are extremely sensitive and sometimes I can hardly bear it when you played with them!' So that was the reason she pulled my hand away at the beginning. It was too much sensation!  I said of course you can and pulled up my shirt.  She started drawing gentle circles on my nipples and my cock immediately turned rock hard!  'I don't know my nipples are so sensitive too but I love it, please don't stop!'  She smiled and started to draw circles on my other nipple with her tongue.  I thought I was in heaven and pulled my rock hard cock out.  She switched her hand and mouth on my nipples and gently stroked my rock the way she knew I like best.  I grabbed both her tits and gently massaged her stiffened nipples but don't know whose nipples were harder! We were both breathing heavy and moaning.  Then I let out a scream and exploded, spraying everywhere.  After I calmed down I said 'That was unbelievable, thank you so much for showing me!'  She smiled sweetly, obviously proud of her accomplishment.  I never used to play with my nipples and was so grateful that she found my new treasure.  From then on she would play with my nipples just as I would massage, lick and suck hers.

To be continued...

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I kind of liked this story with a reluctant young thing wanting but not sure about what she was getting into....

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