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Hey everyone this started out as a Commission from hentai foundry, after chapter two it becomes my own work, so feel free to enjoy it!
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Odd socks - Key Frame

I’m quite happy at a mates in s-10

While you check your filter

Time and time again

But you’ll just need to think about why you’re here

“Ruby…. Ruby?” Wiess pressed the coms in her ear. Nerves edging into her core looking around at the dense forest surrounding her. She’d never wanted to hear their team leader’s voice more in her life. Her fencing saber clattered in her shaking hands, looking over her shoulder and then down the path she had walked in.

She thought for a moment she saw something, aiming her blade at it and firing a random blast of red fiery dust. Cursing herself for the spastic reaction, she was more calm and collected than that.

Weiss took in a deep breath, sliding the air through her teeth to stop the pounding of blood in her ears. She was serene, calm, zen.

A crashing to her left made her scream a high pitched wail, looking to see the red form of her team leader flying through the air towards her in a wide arc. Weiss hardly had time to react, catching the more energetic woman before she hit the ground.

“Ruby!” Weiss called, watching Ruby crack a single eye open and force a smile. The leader of team RWBY closed it and let her head fall back, her aura depleted and fading out in a red shimmer. “Damn it!” Weiss cursed again, setting Ruby on the ground and shakily getting to her feet.

A crack of a branch.

Whatever got Ruby was coming closer.

Weiss readied her sword, pointing it in that direction, breath was fast, her heart pounding all over again.

A figure moved into view. Firing off a shard of ice this time, Weiss watched the figure of a Wolf step into view, the enemy! Too bad Blake dropped down to halt the creature’s advance, the black cat faunus unaware of Weisses attack.

The shard connected hard with her aura, shattering and knocking Blake off balance, the Wolf taking advantage of this, squatting down and sweeping the nimble cat’s leg as if they had planned the timing down to the second. Blake hit the ground hard. She only got to her hands and knees fast enough to see the flat of a rifle butt take up her entire view and then it was darkness.

Her limp body sliding alongside the leader of her team. “Blake!” Weiss called.

“AHHHH!” Yang Roared from the treeline,

“Left!” A familiar male voice called from somewhere unseen, the wolf jumping out of the way from the bombastic blonde of team RWBY. Yang landed hard but not missing a beat and chasing after the target she missed.

“Yang wait!” Weiss called and tried to chase after her but noticed too late that the bruiser of their team was falling right into a trap. They were avoiding her, they knew about her semblance and weren’t attacking her, they were leading her. “Yang look out!”

But it was too late, “Bola!” The male voice came again and the Wolf somehow managed to twist her body out of the way so that Yang just flew over top of her, both of them falling from the sky without much control of their descent. Yang of course had her gauntlets but the second she pointed them down to redirect herself, thinking she had the wolf in her grasp, two ropes with heavy balls at the ends flew towards her through the air.

Wrapping around her arms and legs, the blonde didn’t have the momentum to fire her weapons and instead connected hard with the ground much like Blake had.

Yang didn’t go down that easily though, finally taking a hit, even if it was weak she managed to get off her semblance. Breaking the rope that bound her, she looked around for the wolf but instead found someone else, a pink haired girl with a bo staff, Weiss finally catching up to join her angered friend.

“Freezer burn?” Weiss asked.

“Dry ice.” Yang corrected, Weiss made a face, that plan obviously not the best.

“Freezer burn.” she insisted.

“Suit yourself then, ice queen.”

Yang dashed forward towards the girl who was already moving out of the way and deflecting the first strike of the blonde bruiser. Weiss tried too back her up but saw the wolf girl drop from the trees in front of her and forced her to step back, the wolf faunus wagging her finger and shaking her head.

Yang tried a flurry of blows, heavy swings, jabs, sweeps. The bo staff met each one and knocked them aside like they were nothing. Her body was like air, pushed out of the way by the force of her punch but never connecting, Yang getting angrier and angrier with each missed fist. The Pink haired girl blowing a bubble of gum in Yang’s face and causing it to pop right in front of her face. “AHHHH!” Yang roared again.

“Yang cal-AH” Weiss tried to call out but found herself being pushed back by the nonchalant attacks of the wolf girl in front of her. She wasn’t even trying, just keeping Weiss from helping her teammate.

“Stop playing with your food.” The male voice chided like he was having a good time watching the show.

The pink haired girl smirked and just shrugged at the frustrated blonde. “Sorry, sweety.” Yang throwing a heavy haymaker onto the see the error seconds after she made it, feeling the blunt end of the wooden staff connecting with her jaw and the chattering of teeth on teeth, Then blackness.

Weiss watched the last of her team members fall. Looking around at the two women who had without breaking a sweat managed to defeat the entirety of team RWBY. “So I’m last?” She growled.

“Had to be somebody.” The male voice was behind her. “No hard feelings.” She turned around. “But someone has to win.” It was Jaune, standing beside a third beautiful woman, this one a sporting long white hair that covered most of her face and shoulders and practically touched the floor. Jaune was taller too, broader, his armour was more blue and gold than she remembered, Atlas colours.

Then he swung at her.

The fight was over without much more than that.

The first round of the Vytal festival, over with a decisive win for the kingdom of Atlas.


Yang had her face wrapped in her arms and was planted firmly against the lunchroom table. Ruby patting her back in an attempt to comfort her sister. “In the first round.” Yang moaned.

“I really wasn’t expecting that outcome.” Pyrrha offered, putting her chin in her palm, leaning on the same table as Yang.

Team RWBY sat at the same table as their long standing friends team- well team OPRN, sounding vaguely like ‘open’. This team was made up of Pyrrha Nikos, Lia Ren, Nora Valkyrie and the replacement member, Orion Genz. Ever since Jaune was outed for faking his tran*********** the newest member of the team had been this orange haired kid who wasn;t actually at the table currently, he was off getting drinks for his team. See one of the reasons they didn’t like this new addition was, well because many now referred to their team as team ‘PORN’ which they loathed with a passion.

The other reason.

“Pyrrha!” The orange haired boy, broken glasses taped back together, and despite his average build seemed to be too large for his brain to keep up, knocked into a table and nearly threw someone’s food on the ground by mistake. He hurried over to his team with his arms full of different bottled sports drinks. “I didn’t know what you’d want, so I got one of everything.”

“Oh… Gee… Wow.” Pyrrha looked at the display of awkward affection with all of the discomfort of someone being eaten by a beowulf. Her other two teammates rolled their eyes at the all too common display. “You shouldn’t have. Really… really shouldn’t have.”

At least this display managed to get Yang out of her stupor. Snickering at the clueless fanboy all too infatuated by the gladiator redhead. “Anything for my team leader!” He announced proudly.

“Oh.. That’s… really, really fine.” She affirmed. Looking at the collection of sports drinks and genuinely terrified to pick one for fear Orion would see and she’d wake up to one every single morning and never be able to have another flavour the rest of her time on this team. “So, about that fight, please, anything else.”

“It was bizarre.” Blake murmured. “They knew what we were going to do before we did it.” She shook her head.

“Jaune was giving orders, he was leading us into traps.” Weiss commented. “He knew exactly what we’d do.” Her heavy sigh was felt by everyone at the table besides Orion who had the most clueless expression.

“Who’s Jaune?” He asked.

“The fight we just had.” Yang looked at him like he was an idiot. His blank expression. “The guy you’re going up against in round 2?” Another dead pan. “The guy who you replaced?”

Again there was nothing going on behind those eyes but the orange haired kid did speak up. “I really only watch fight’s Miss Nikos is in, I’ve never watched anyone else fight.”

“Well that’s creepy.” Weiss murmured “Stalker much?” All words under her breath.

“When did Jaune get so good at fighting?” Ruby groaned, rubbing one of the bruises on her ribs.

“He was training directly under General Ironwood. he’s the greatest tactician on Remnant.” Weiss shrugged. “It’s still so weird that Jaune got scouted by Atlas though, I never would have thought Ironwood would take an interest in him of all people.”

“I guess it was warranted.” Blake commented.

“God I wanna punch that guy!” Yang growled.

“You might get your chance.” Ruby pointed, looking towards the cafeteria doors that opened up to see the team which beat them walk in. Jaune Arc and three beautiful women that walked with him entering Beacon for the first time since he was kicked out for faking his papers.

“Did I do good? I really handed it to that ice queen, did I? She didn’t see your plan coming at all, I did good right?” The Wolf faunus acting more like a puppy, excitedly looking at her team leader with her heavy, long tail wagging back and forth happily gazing up at him. Her fur was black and gray, mostly just looking like she had long, extremely thick hair coming off of her head but the two triangular ears coming off of her head instead of normal human ones, on top of the tail made her heritage clear. She had pale windburned skin with bright blue eyes, large wolf like teeth and had a very athletic form, muscular with wide hips and a perfect round ass that bounced with each of her excited steps. She wasn’t the bustiest but had an ass it was near impossible to beat.

“You did great.” Jaune assured her. “Here, try some ramen, it’s on me.” The wolf looking positively delighted at the idea. “Get me a bowl too, I’m just going to check in for our next match I’ll be right there.”

“You baby her too much.” The pink haired girl, snow white skin, chided. She wore tight short short cut off jeans with the pockets sticking out the ends. Her baggy long black t-shirt hung perfectly off her lithe frame, even if it did bag around her sizable bust that forced it’s loose fitting to bend into all manner of odd shapes. She had headphones around her neck and some pop-heavy bass remix could be heard thumping in the speakers. Her pink hair was cut short and pulled back into a tight small bun at the back of her head, with cut bangs forming a line on her forehead that gave her a put together pop-star look. “But ramen does sound good.”

“I’ll make sure we save a bowl for you.” The third in his team was a tall woman, taller than most men here actually, spoke up. She was curvy, stacked like an hourglass with sand on both ends, her tits were massive, easily passing G-cup to the point looking at her it was hard to imagine she could even find something to fit her. It didn’t look off with her body, a pleasant plush amount of healthy fat clinging to the huntress muscle that outlined her arms and waist. Her wide hips and thick thighs made every part of her look comfortable even if her stature and obvious strength gave her the impression of a goliath bruiser. Her long white hair was pulled back behind her head and was currently braided into a tight french style tail that still got down to around her butt. She Radiated a motherly energy and even as they walked, kept a hang on Jaune to make sure she knew where he was at all times.

“Thank you, I’ll be along soon, start without me, I’ll catch up.” He assured them, waving to the remaining two members before walking towards a nearby computer.

“Jaune!” Ruby called over to him, waving her small hand in his direction.

He paused. Looking at the gathering. Pyrrha held her breath, she hadn’t seen or heard from him until he suddenly showed up at the Festival and now with his new team, she had so many feelings about what happened, how he left, she hadn’t prepared.

“This is the guy?” Orion asked skeptically.

Jaune looked at them and for a second there was no recognition. Pyrrha felt her heart sink, that was honestly the worst reaction she could have hoped for, anger was better than that. Then it clicked and it was like he hadn’t seen them in ten years, let alone six months. Like they had been passing coworkers or classmates, not teammates.

“I barely recognised you guys. Sorry I couldn’t see you from back there.” That was a lie but he played it off well. “That was a good fight!” He complimented.

“Hardly.” Blake scoffed. “You slaughtered us.” Jaune just awkwardly rubbed the back of his head, trying to laugh it off but it was clear there was a lot of tension there.

“What she means to say-” Weiss interjected. “How did you do it?”

“How did I beat you guys?” Jaune’s face flushed a little, he wasn’t sure how to put it and honestly having so much attention put on him was a little embarrassing. Pyrrha couldn’t help but think he looked adorable, her heart throbbing in her chest. “I Watch some new recordings of your past fights, studied up before the match.” He shrugged, that was obvious, pretty much everyone was doing that. “After that, I knew you worked in pairs, matching together support types and attack types. So as long as I kept Yang from Blake and Weiss from Ruby, we had the upper hand, you’d be focusing on finding each other instead of fighting.”

It was pretty blunt, and team RWBY couldn’t argue, it was a glaring weakness that they were dependent on each other. Their training was based around teamwork and all of their strength lie in the person next to them. It was harsh to think that was a weakness though.

“It really isn’t that bad of a thing, teamwork is how you win things like this, but not having a backup plan for being split, and not expecting someone to separate you makes it really easy to exploit weaknesses.” Jaune sounded a lot like Ironwood, Weiss thought. From what she remembered of him from Atlas.

“Atlas is really treating you well.” Ruby commented.

“Yeah.” He said with a certain fondness, his gaze trailing away back over to his team, Pyrrha couldn’t help but feel a deep pulling in her gut, guilt welling up inside her. “I gotta say, I didn’t think I’d like military school, but Atlas gave me a second chance.” Weiss and Pyrrha both had a hard time looking at him. “I guess it was my own fault, I shouldn’t have faked my tran***********s, when Cardin got me kicked out, it might have been the best thing that ever happened to me.”

It wasn’t Cardin though, Pyrrha wanted to say, but shame kept her mouth shut. She wanted to reach out and grab him, never let him go, tell him she was sorry and ask for him to come back.

But he didn’t hate her, he hated Cardin. She couldn’t say anything because of so many different conflicting feelings of guilt welling up in her comparably small frame.

“Gotta say it’s good to see you all again, I haven’t been that great at keeping in touch, sorry about that.” His face turning towards his old team, giving them an apologetic and embarrassed nod.

“No really, we should have been trying harder too!” Nora was the one speaking up and Pyrrha just wanted to punch her in the gut, she wanted to get out of this without so much as having to look at Jaune let alone talk to him.

Pyrrha couldn’t help it, looking at him now, shoulders back, standing upright. She had to agree with Ruby, atlas did Jaune a lot of good. He was handsome, stronger, more confident and in control, he looked sure of himself and had a charm to the bashful humility he still wore. Like he could still remember what it was like to be awkward and shy, still felt like he was ‘the nobody’ even though he was the fan favorite and most likely to win the festival’s big tournament. The only real competition was team RWBY and herself. Her heart fluttered with the way his eyes crinkled, the way dimples formed in his cheeks when he smiled.

“Hey, I Should get back to my team-”

“No need.” The first of a line of girls, Jaune’s team, interrupted him. The pink haired girl waved at him and stepped up beside him. Then the white haired girl, then the wolf, who waddled up by Blake. The cat’s hair standing on end as she recoiled from the other beastly woman. The pink woman continued. “Hey, good fight today B.T.Dubs, we don’t normally have fights that hard.”

Her voice made it sound like an insult, her overall demeanor, lazy and annoyed with the cadence of someone who would rather be anywhere else. But there was a reluctant honesty to her words that made it clear she had some respect for the team even if they really hadn’t put up much of a fight. Which honestly made her statement even more sad, if team RWBY really had put up the most substantial fight, they really did have no competition going all the way to the top, did they?

“Thanks?” Yang said, though it was more of a question than a response.

“So you’re Jaune’s old team? What was he like?” The wolf girl practically knocked over Blake’s drink leaning over the table, everyone getting an eyeful of her button up shirt trying to hold her tits back from bursting out. She was looking pointedly at Pyrrha with that question but seemed to be asking everyone and no one in particular.

“How about introductions first?” Jaune pulled her back by her collar, the girl choking back another question before she got to ask it. Jaune, slightly annoyed at how forward his new teammate was. “Sorry everyone, she’s not used to so many people.”

Wiggling out of his grasp, they waited patiently for each of both Beacon teams to introduce themselves, though when it came to Pyrrha it was actually the pink haired girl who introduced her. “I’m actually from Argos too, I was in the class behind you. Harpy.” She introduced herself. She raised an eyebrow with a challenging smirk. “It will be an honour to finally test myself against ‘Argoses best’.” She snickered.

Next to the pink haired Harpy, the white haired girl actually got introduced by Weiss. “Amellia Pale, your father used to be on the Atlas council, he was the one who fought for faunus unionization to become legal.”

Blake actually perked up at that, ignoring the dog in her midst. “You’re that Pale? Your father was a personal inspiration for me.”

The white haired woman, even for her size, blushed and covered her cheeks like a schoolgirl. “I have big shoes to fill, my father is a great man.” She agreed. “I’m actually here to advocate for faunus worker’s rights while I’m fighting.”

“That’s amazing!” Yang had a bright smile on her face. Jaune looking on with a bright smile of his own, happy the girls were getting along. Yang elbowed Blake and pointed towards her. “You were starting a petition, you should get her to sign.”

“AND I’M AMBER GOLD!” The Wolf Faunus said proudly, interrupting everyone, they stared for just a second.

“I’d love to.” Pale nodded eagerly, returning to the conversation before Amber burst in.

Jaune looked at the orange haired boy sitting a little too close to Pyrrha for her comfort and held out his hand. “Hey, I’m Jaune, we haven’t met before.”

Orion just looked at the hand and turned his nose up at it. Eyeing the blonde boy with suspicion. “I’ve heard of you though, the guy who cheated to get in.”

“Whoa, Orion.” Nora looked offended, which she wasn’t alone in, if looks could kill Jaune’s entire team would have murdered the boy on the spot with a single glance. Even the normally calm and bashful Pale was grinning with barely restrained murderous intent.

“What? I’m right.” The boy protested, Pyrrha just putting her face in her hands.

“You didn’t have to bring it up, that’s so shitty, dude.” Yang protested but honestly it was Jaune who stopped her.

Jaune sighed, putting his hands in the air. “Honestly he’s right, I mean, come on.” He looked over at his old team, then over his shoulder towards team RWBY. “Are we going to pretend what I did was right? I lied, cheated, I got kicked out, it was what I deserved.” Then looking back at Orion. “I made a mistake and I’m trying to make up for it, try not to hold it against me.” Then looking behind him to the three women standing close by. “Besides I wouldn’t have met my team without that mistake, I should own it, be better for them.”

All three members of his team were touched, Pale and Amber looked like they were about to cry and even Harpy looked away so no one would see water forming at the corner of her eyes. “Jaune~” Amber’s voice wavered, emotion welling up in her.

Pyrrha couldn’t help but feel sick, seeing how happy he was, she was happy for him, and jealous, and angry, and ashamed. She just wanted to die and it didn’t help that her ‘partner’ was being such an asshole and making such a big scene about this.

Then he started speaking again and Pyrrha was ready to murder him. “Well, I have to say, I should be thanking you, I never would have been on the same team as Pyrrha without you.” The orange haired brat looked so fucking proud of himself pyrhha wanted to scream.

“So you’re her partner, you’re lucky she’s a great person, incredibly talented.” Jaune agreed. It was hard not to notice the pink haired girl snicker at that comment.

“Of course I know that, she’s the best partner anyone could ask for.” He agreed. Which got more than a few eyerolls from the present company.

“Jaune we should probably get back, we need to eat before we -train-.” Harpy put a certain emphasis on the word that made it seem important but mostly innocuous. “It was good to..” She looked at Orion. “Well it was good to meet most of you.”

“The pleasure is all ours.” Pale agreed.

“We should play again sometime!” Amber encouraged. Which only made Blake shiver and shrink further into her seat.

Jaune looked at Pyrrha, she was still staring at him, their eyes met for the first time and even though not a single word this whole meeting had passed between them, it was suddenly like he never left. She wanted to reach out and kiss him, to pull him close and cry, tell him she was sorry, that she never should have been stupid, thinking she was following rules, that she just wanted him back, wanted him back more than anything.

“It was good seeing you again.” His words were drawn, low careful, then to everyone. “It was good seeing everyone, and meeting you.” The last line to Orion who scoffed at him. Then they were gone, walking away and out of her life again.

Team rwby wasn’t far off, also leaving after a curt goodbye, needing to do some homework. Pyrrha couldn’t help but look on after him, watching Jaune laugh and smile with his new team, a team that cared about him, stood by him, loved him. She wanted to cry, wanted to lay down and give into that sadness welling up in her gut.

“I just don’t see the hype.” Orion grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“OH my gods! Orion shut the fuck up!” Pyrrha roared at him, causing most of the nearby tables to look over.

“You tell him Team PORN!” a snarky voice called out from the crowd.

“Shut up Cardin! Or I’ll fuck your dad and ground you!” Nora threatened, which was weird enough that he didn’t dare respond.

Pyrrha storming off from the Lunchroom. A concerned and confused Jaune looking at her as she left. Thinking about following her until he felt a hand on his shoulder, Amber looking at him with an equal amount of concern. He smiled reassuringly for her, keeping with his team, keeping with the girls who had helped him so much since his time at Beacon, his friends, his family.


What was she doing? WHAT WAS SHE DOING?

Pyrrha was walking with a purpose, only to stop herself and turn around, then stop again and make a mess of her normally perfect red hair. She was pacing back and forth in the visitor’s dorm. She had come here to apologise, come clean and clear her conscious. If he hated her that would be easier than all this guilt.

But she couldn’t bring herself to actually knock on his door, or even go to the right floor. Panic washed over her like waves on a beach, every time she thought it was receding and she could move, it would come back with a passion and leave her knees weak with fear. She let out a pained sound and shut her eyes tight, trying to work up the courage to finally come clean about her dark deed.

“Pyrrha?” Terrified it might be Jaune the red head turned around to instead spot Weiss walking up towards her, an equally tentative look on her features.

They were here for the same reason.

“Weiss… Yo- what are you doing here?” Trying to play dumb at least for now.

“I…” Weiss’s calm and stoic demeanour wavered, that wall of ice coming down with a heavy sigh. “I wanted to apologise to Jaune.” There was a long pause, like pyrrha was wondering why she possibly felt guilty about this. “When he got kicked out, Ruby said we should help him, do something, but I talked her out of it, well we all did. But Jaune liked me, was infatuated with me, not that I blame him, but I reasoned that if we had contact with him and the teachers found out, we would get in trouble.” She let out a long, heavy sigh, letting that weight off her shoulders. “We should have stuck up for him, he was our friend, but when he reached out for me, I blocked his scroll, had Ruby and Yang do it too.”

Blake of course couldn’t be tamed and they had no idea if she blocked him or not, but since Jaune said he hadn’t talked to anyone, it was pretty clear that she had.

Pyrrha gave her a sympathetic look, no doubt the ice queen thought she was here for the same reason, little did the heiress know that she wasn’t. It was nice to have someone here for moral support though, even if her original sin would be laid bare, it was probably best all of her friends saw the depth of her betrayal.

The two women walked up towards his proper floor finally.

Each step talking longer and longer

As seconds dragged on towards minutes and felt like hours.

His room in sight, they steeled their nerves. Pyrrha walked up first and brought up her hand to wrap her knuckles against the door.

“Jaaaauuunnneeee~” Amber’s voice rang out in a low needy whine. Easily heard by the two women on the other side of the normally thick and soundproof door. The two women noticed that the door was slightly ajar, it looks like they latched their lock and then closed the door on it, propping the portal to their room open stuck.

They heard the many sounds of movement on the other side, both women looking at each other before silently agreeing they would only peer through to make sure it wasn’t a bad time to talk to him. Their eyes leering through the small crack in the door to spot the folded out bed and spotting Jaune’s mostly naked frame sitting on the it’s plush cushion and leaning back. His shirt was open, hanging loose around his shoulders the the well defined chisel of his well worked body on full display, though his lower half was obscured by a desk between the door and them they could imagine the lines of his abs leading towards the hem of his jeans in that perfect deep V.

“Jaauuunnnee~” Amber whimpered again, which finally got Jaune’s attention, looking up from the scroll in his lap and looking to the girl out of their view. “Distracted today, aren’t you?” She snickered. “Thinking about your old team?”

“Can you Blame him?” Pale, also out of view countered.

“It was just nice to see them, you aren’t jealous, are you Amber?” He chuckled, leaning back and letting out a satisfied sigh. Letting his eyes slide shut. Pyrrha wondered if he and the wolf faunus were dating, they seemed close, and the wolf was by every stretch of the imagination attractive.

“Of course I am! Your old friends were a Schnee heiress and Pyrrha mother fucking Nikos.” She grumbled. “That’s a pretty high bar.”

“She’s the best partner anyone could ask for.” Harpy quoted. Lifting her head from Jaune’s lap and wiping the edge of her mouth. Pale coming into view with her chest on full display and pushing her plush, soft tits against Jaune’s face.

Weiss let out a soft little gasp, Pyrrha resisting that temping urge. He wasn’t looking at his scroll, she realized with a sudden sick feeling. She was peeping even if unintentionally at something very private. Though she couldn’t pull her eyes away from it.

“If you really believe that, maybe you don’t need us anymore~” Harpy teased, stroking his cock with her off hand, it still slick and wet with her sloppy idle blowjob. Trailing her nails over the vascular length of his impressive manhood, opting to tease him instead of properly trying to get him off.

Jaune let out a small desperate noise. “Harp, are you telling me you didn’t get wet thinking about me fucking Pyrrha in front of you?” The normally passive aggressive, couldn’t care less girl let out a little whimper of desire at that. Pyrrha couldn't help but echo the sentiment. “You got so wet you were practically dripping when we got back.”

“You’re too mean to her.” Pale chided, running her fingers through his hair. She watched the subtle sway and weight to each long strand of his golden mane, she just seemed to content herself in the idle physical affection of passing movements and the warmth of his naked body against hers. Not like Harpy who seemed irritated that he wasn’t forcing her to choke on his cock, using all of his might to break her on his spear.

“I know I’m better than that slut.” Harpy remarked, bringing an odd little spike of jealousy and arousal from Pyrrha that made her wonder why she liked hearing herself be called a slut. “Better than that bimbo redhead, better than that skinny asian, better than the ice queen schnee cunt too.” All the while she was talking, lavishing Jaune’s proud member with the sides and length of her tongue.

Jaune didn’t seem to be arguing, leaning back on the mattress and deeper into the lovely cleavage of the Atlas beauty behind him. Though he did push down Harpy’s head so that cock slid into her throat, making her gag and retch hands pounding instinctively at his thighs. Her body shuddering at the sudden and forceful intrusion.

It was a rough movement. One that made her head jerk forward, his length breaking the threshold from her mouth to throat, seeking the tight seal around his rigid member.

Even if counter to the indignity she held on tighter and seemed to melt at the rough treatment, loving the way he used her throat for his own pleasure. “We should really clean out that dirty mouth of yours.” Jaune groaned, loving the way she showed him just how filthy she could be with her sloppy wet lips. She greedily tried to take in as much of his cock as she could, feeling it bend down the back of her throat and feeling the tight orifice swell at the invading girth. “I don’t know why you talk so much, your mouth isn’t good for anything besides sucking cock.”

“You’re so rough with her.” Pale commented with a lust filled drawl. Though anyone looking could tell Harpy was having the time of her life, eyes rolling up into her head with a stupid, cock hungry smile plastered over her lips still wrapped tightly around his cock. Her hands grabbing his waist and pulling him deeper into her, even if her nose was pressed up against his shaved pubic mound.

“She likes it, like a good little slut, she knows her place is taking my cock.” Jaune assured the large woman, taking one hand off of the woman’s head who was sucking his length, lips pulling back only to smush hard against the base of its girth, to touch tenderly the jawline of the woman behind him. “Unless you’re jealous too.” He murmured, pulling her close, drawing her towards his face as he looked back, kissing her with a softness that contrasted to heavily with the brutal throat fucking he was giving the woman between his legs.

When their lips parted, a single strand of saliva still connected their intertwining pink organs, drooping under its own weight before snapping before their very eyes. She blushed, a shy little thing, even if she was already naked and pressed tightly against him, it seemed that kissing might be too much for the white haired milf look alike.

“You know I am.” She looked away from him, words shaking with embarrassment. “I’m always jealous when my sweet boy looks at a woman who isn’t me.”

“Even Amber or Harp?” Jaune asked, a coy little note to this voice.

“Mmm you know not them.” Her hand reaching down to push back Harpy’s bangs revealing her lidded, drunken eyes lost in the taste of her own throat slobber along his sloppy thick meat. “I love them just as much as I love you.” her nose lifting up his chin, kissing the crux of his neck, teeth and tongue playing the soft sensitive skin. “You’re my wonderful, sweet, sexy boy. I never want to let another woman take you away from us.”

Jaune couldn’t help but laugh, the sultry note tuning towards a deep, appreciative moan for her practiced efforts.

Though there was one girl he hadn’t been paying attention to and she was done waiting. Amber straddled him, getting in the way of his eyeline on Harpy. The pink haired masochist getting a wonderful view of the naked wolf girl’s perky taunt butt. “Jaaaunnne~” She mewled again. “ We love to share, you with girls, with guys. But you love us right?”

Her lips pressed to his, mixing with the taste of Pale still on his tongue. God’s she tasted sweet, her thick tongue so much rougher than a humans.

Amber pulled back all too soon, jaune not getting a chance to explore her mouth, drink her in properly. “I’m still better than that top heavy blonde we fought against, right? Right master? I did good, I’m a good girl, aren’t I?”

His smile crinkled even wider, looking at the large sparkling eyes of his little ‘pet’. Amber always needed an extra amount of love, just like Harpy loved a little extra pain. The latter of the two girls enjoying very much when Amber lowered down until her own wet folds brushed against her pretty face, Harpy loving the degrading feeling of someone just using her like a toy, all the while she tried even harder to get Jaune’s attention with her tongue alone.

Luckily he didn’t waver, bringing his hand not on Harpy’s head, wrapped in Amber’s hair, up to scratch at the spot right behind her ear giving her all the love attention she wanted. Within his limited restraints. “Of course, I love you, you’re such a good, good girl.” His voice was low, sultry and gravely but had a softer tone to it to make sure she knew she really was his good, pretty girl. “I love all of you so much, I’d never want anyone else.” He assured her.

“You guys never act like this when we’re scouting other ‘toys’” He mentioned curiously. His hand trailing down amber’s head, down her back, grabbing a handful of her soft plush ass. “They didn’t get under your skin did they?”

Pale’s hands stopped on his chest, stopped roaming over the subtle curves of each muscle. “Well it is Pyrrha Nikos…” She mulled over.

Jaune couldn’t help but scoff, even if the sound did muffle into a moan.

Pyrrha was practically dripping now, the only reason she wasn’t touching herself at the, ironically wet, torrid display, was because Weiss was right next to her. The white haired Schnee glued with equal desire and dread as she was to the view just beyond the slightly cracked door.

Jaune was more interested in the women around him, than the ghosts of memories he’d push away a long time ago. Instead he pulled back on Harpy’s short pink hair, pulling her off his length even as her tongue reached out to keep him in. Her face still a smeared mess of drool and precum, looking up to see him slowly lower amber onto his now well lubed cock. Both of the girls giving low desperate mewls of pleasure, even if Harpy’s was less satisfied. Amber took him with a practiced ease, arching her back so that his rigid length pressed hard against the silken walls of her tight entrance.

He was practically dripping with her honey as each inch lowered into her, she was so wet and desperate for him, loved the way he slid into her with care, held her close, made her feel safe and loved. Arms wrapping around him, fingers in his hair, claws on his back, she clenched down on him, ready for a night of slow passionate fucking from her master. “Mmmm, fuck master, you’re so big inside me~” She mewled directly into the dish of his ear.

“You guys are worried about Pyrrha?” He groaned, feeling Amber tighten up around him, slowly starting to grind her hips back and forth on him, small little motions. The other girls staying back, knowing how much Amber loved being close to someone at the beginning. “You really have nothing to worry about.” He assured them.

“Honestly you should all be thanking her.” There was a dark edge to his words that made pyrrha’s heart sink. “Afterall, without her getting me kicked out, I never would have met all of you.” His hand came up to run through Amber’s long, thick black hair, getting lost in the tangled weaving locks.

Pyrrha’s breath stopped, her heart thundering at the back of her skull, her mind was empty, eyes wild. Weiss turned her head to look at the stunned redhead. “So when you break her in, at least be kind about it.” His words carried a dark promise that pyrrha couldn’t help feel her core twist at.

Pale let out a little soft laugh, leaning forward and taking Amber by the cheeks, kissing her teammate with a love and passion the shivering wolf girl desperately needed, her hips flying back and forth on Jaune’s impressively thick meat. The two women making horribly lewd sounds right next to Jaune’s still damp ear, dripping with amber’s saliva. Amber might be possessive of her master but she had a soft spot for her teammates, willing to share if she needed to.

The white haired affluent breaking the kiss and leaving the tender wolf girl to shiver on her master’s length. She pressed the side her head against Jaune’s, watching Amber ride him from his own point of view. Pale finally spoke “I’m so torn, such vile women, did such good things for us.”

Harpy was the next on the bandwagon, pressing soft little kisses against Jaune’s honey soaked balls, lapping up Amber’s sweet juices as they trickled over his heavy sack. “Fucking dumb sluts, All of them so horny for your dick the second they realize what we saw all along. What though, they couldn’t even call to make sure you were okay? Fuck em, they don’t deserve this amazing cock.”

Her tongue rolling over each of his swollen orbs, rolling his cumtanks over her fingers, her nails. She worshiped him like the god of pleasure she genuinely thought he was. Harpy growled defensively when her lips wrapped around one of his heavenly nuts, pulling it into her maw with a healthy, desperate vacuum suck.

“M-mine, Ah-ah, shit- ah-all mine~” Amber managed to stutter out. “M-my master, my love~”

“You have to share with the rest of us.” Pale chided, pressing her ample chest flat against Jaune’s muscular back. “You’re right though, we should really thank them, they were stupid enough to turn their back on you. Let me make it up to you my good boy, let me make you feel better~.”

“Pa-Pale, let him cum in me, p-puh-pwease, I need it~” Amber groaned, words muffled by her teeth digging into his shoulder.

Jaune was letting out soft little strained groans of pleasure, between gritted teeth, Harpy sucking his balls mixed with the sensation of amber’s tight cunt squeezing down on him, left his mind foggy and voice strained. “I have to admit, I hated them for a while, sure.” Jaune muttered, pressing his lips to amber’s ear, kissing her softly. “Really did, fantasized about coming back here and breaking them all in one by one. Letting you hunt them down and return them like gifts.” Amber let out a little desperate moan, she’d do it too, if he gave the order she’d find someone, seduce them, break them in and bring them crawling on hands and knees to please her master. She’d do anything for Jaune, anything at all.

“Let Harpy push them down on my length until they were choking.” The pink haired slut groaning around his shaft. He looked back at Pale but the woman didn’t have a malicious bone in her body. “You’d just like to watch, wouldn’t you?” Pale only smiled, kissing his neck again, nodding against the soft texture of his flesh.

“But really, I owe them everything. I’d still be stuck as the creeper, the joke, the wimp I was back then. Gotta admit, I should really thank Pyrrha for dumping me like last week's trash, ended up way better than I ever was at Beacon.” His voice was louder now, like he wanted someone in the other room to hear.

“That’s just cruel Jaune, she’s dripping out there.” Pale said, kissing the line of his jaw, “I can feel how badly they want it, it’s making me so wet I can hardly stand it.”

Pyrrha and Weiss both frooze, looking at each other and then back at the lewd sight before them. Jaune was looking right at the door now, Amber still riding his cock with equal vigor. “Pale can sense aura.” Jaune called out. “Her semblance lets her feel the emotions of people around her and sense their aura as a result. So feel free to enjoy the show, it’s the least I can do for all you did to help me get here.”

Harpy growled. “Forget about them, I want to taste it, I want to watch it spill out, come on you promised.”

Pyrrha and Weiss were statues affixed to the frame of the door, unable to move with the revelation of these events. They weren’t spying on a mistakenly open door, this was a gift, this was a message. They were here to watch and take in this message, let them see they regardless of pride or guilt, regardless of want or desire, they weren’t a part of his life, he didn’t need them.

Jaune could hardly deny the desires of his team, pushing up to meet each of Amber’s hungry thrusts, their hips slapping together with the meaty slapping of skin connecting against skin, wet shlorping sounds of his coock pistoning in and out of her wet cunny, dripping need onto the face of their other teammate, waiting impatiently for their reward, the reward they got for winning.

Then one final thrust, his balls slapping upwards into the plush ass of his faunus friend. His cock swelling inside her cumvien surging with the heavy, potent load he let out into the depths of her tight cunt. Harpy watched with unrestrained glee, looking at her friend get filled with a ludicrous amount of sweet juicy spunk.

When she knew that the wolf couldn’t take much more she closed her eyes, pushing her face forward and presenting it for the price she had worked so hard for.

Jaune pulled back, his still raging hard cock slipping free from the death grip her pussy had on him, slapping harpy on the face and causing the masochistic slut to moan desperately at the sensation, only flinching slightly at the point of impact. Then the dribbling stream of cum spilling out of Amber’s post-orgasm tingling cunt, joining the mixture of fluids all over Harpy’s cute, pop-star face.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, biting her lip and loving the feeling of spent jizz covering her pretty features.

Amber laid back peacefully against the mattress, laying limpy beside her master, her partner, Jaune. “Maaassssttterrrr~” her words nuat more than a sultry, satisfied moan.

Watching the two women in a blissful trance at the mere presence of Jaune’s cum, Weiss couldn’t help but wonder what it tasted like, felt like, Harpy seemed to savour each droplet that fell into her hanging maw, leaning forward to lick and clean off his monstrous cock. Pyrrha was already throwing caution to the wind, pressing her fingers to the light fabric of her panties under the skirt of her battle outfit.

“Clean her up, Pale. If you would be so kind.” Jaune murmured, leaning forward so the larger woman could get out from behind him. Her curvy, thick frame easily gliding out from his back, even if the plush feeling of her tits flesh with his back was greatly missed. She planted down beside her teammate, her partner, Harpy.

Even though the pink haired girl recoiled from the touch, skittered away from the tongue that pressed against her cheek. She didn’t want to lose the feeling of his spunk on her visage, didn’t want pale to steal the taste and texture she claimed for herself. Pale rolling her eyes and leaning back, crossing her arms under her massive bust, pushing the heavy set orbs of titlfesh even farther to the forefront.

Jaune wasn’t standing for the defiant display, they both knew Pale’s request was to baby them, wanted to be their caretaker. There was a heavy crack, flesh hitting flesh. Harpy recoiling from the heavy impact of his palm against her cheek.

It was savage enough that Weiss and Pyrrha had both wondered if they should step in. It wasn’t a playful hit, wasn’t a sexy little slap. Tears formed at the corners of Harpy’s eyes.

If it wasn’t for the sharp intake of breath followed by a deep throaty “Fuuuuck~” Flowing from her lips like sweet honeyed wine, they would have stepped in. “Daddy, you hit me so sweet~” Biting her lip it was like a switch was flipped, her blown out eyes looking up at him with adoration, teeth digging into her lower lip enough that she left little red marks in the mess of lip gloss. “Showing off for that skank outside?”

Another hard slap across her face, hair splaying out across her features. The two peeps had never seen Jaune ever be rough like this with anyone, even when he fought there was never this strength, this presence, this aggression. It was terrifying, but Weiss couldn’t help but admit she was dripping.

Which was only marginally less than Harpy was going through, arching her back and quivering, her panties actually dripping, she let out a small whimpered cry of pleasure, or pain, it was hard to tell. But what was clear was the pink haired girl had cum hard, hard enough that the foggy look in her eyes made it clear how mushy her brain was. “Daddy~!” She groaned.

“Pale.” It was a simple command but the white haired girl obeyed the order without hesitation, looking up at him with a loving, tender gaze as she kissed the two red impact points, licking her friend’s face clean, his cum and her tears. Slurping up the salty mixture with a vigor that betrayed how much she liked this. All the while keeping leveled, lidded eye contact with her sweet boy.

It was hard to take his eyes off the wonderful sight, even harder still when Harpy started to get into it, pressing her cumstained lips against the mature looking woman across from her. Tongues pulling and fighting for the mess of creamy jizz getting cleaned off her visage. “Good girls.” Jaune moaned, stroking his still slick cock slowly with his off hand, enjoying the show. “Finally getting along.”

His chuckling tone turned sour, or rather shattered like brittle glass, turning into a deep groan of pleasure, pale leaving her job sucking spunk from her friend’s face to kiss the kip of his member with such delicacy and grace it was honestly her harsh breath on the head which contrasted to make him wince. “Harpy I think Jaune’s gotten a little too high on that horse, do you think he’s showing off? Maybe we should show them we aren’t so easily pushed around.”

“Speak for yourself, I came already, Jaune can push me around any day.” Harpy remarked with annoyance, maybe hoping he’d hit her again. But she did get up behind her friend to help assist.

“Same here, use me, master~” Limply, Amber raised her hand to signal she was with Harpy, Jaune knew exactly how to treat her.

“Then I guess you don’t want to help me milk that juicy cum out of his balls and watch him cum all over my face?”

“Can’t feel legs.” Amber groaned.

“I didn’t say that and never would. That’s slander and I resent it.” Harpy groaned, following her partner’s lead and heft the heavy, squishy mounds of chest fat up into the air. Her absolutely stunning tits on full display for jaune’s mouth watering pleasure.

Her wobbly tits landed perfectly on Jaune’s lap, both of them rivaling anyone on his team, Nora and Yang, the most heavy set, were a little over half her size, while Weiss and Pryyha couldn’t even hope to match the weight or sheer size. She was proud of these funbags, knowing that Jaune loved the way they jiggled when their weight rested on his thighs. “Now ask nicely.”

“God damn.” He breathed.

“That’s not nicely.” Her murmuring voice a hawty sure of herself sultry note that rang through his head with resonance.

“Fuck~” He growled, leaning back onto his elbows and looking down the rows of abs towards the heavely line of cleavage his cock was pointed desperately towards. Pyrrha wanted to watch him fuck her tits, she realized, she wanted to watch him cum all over her tits and paint her white. “I’m dying here.” He moaned, but she gave no leeway. “Please, come on, Pale. Make me feel good.”

“There’s some pretty words from a pretty boy. Harpy would you like to help me?” Pale smirked, knowing Harpy loved this, using someone like a tool to get her ‘daddy’ off. Harpy’s hands wrapped around her partner’s tits, grabbing them with her fingers sinking into the ungodly amount of titflesh attached to her chest. Wrapping those amazing pillows around the stiff rod between his legs, enveloping his length in soft velvety flesh.

They were so tight, pushed together by foriegn hands, moving in partners more akin to a handjob just twice as effective. Hiss cock was gone, disappearing between the unrealistically large tits. Pale took so much pride in the wincing noises of pleasure he gave off, the way his back arched and he slid further down the bed onto his back. Her hands came up under her passive tits, grabbing onto and fondling the saliva sticky balls with the delicate touch of her soft palms. Rolling them over with her fingers and applying just enough pressure to keep him on the edge.

“Are you close, baby? Are you going to let it all out all over my tits?” Pale’s lusty jessica rabbit style voice filling the room with dripping depraved tones. She had that kind of mature dirty talking voice that made women question their sexuality and make men very sure of theirs, she even let her hair fall over one eye to completely the effect. “Come on, sweet boy, show me I’ve been a good girl, paint my tits white with the salty delicious cum~”

Jaune letting his head roll back, the overwhelming, mind bending pleasure making his legs coil and twist to try and ease out that growing tension in his body. Feeling another heavy load building between his legs. “Oh Fuc-”

He got cut off by the buzzing of a scroll, his scroll, going off on the coffee table next to the four of them. All stopping for a second and looking at it. “Think It’s another noise complaint?” Harpy groaned, getting up and with shaky legs and mascara running down her pretty safe she grabbed the scroll. “Yellow?”

“Hey what about me?” Jaune groaned, a little desperation in his voice.

“Don’t worry, master, I’m here to take care of you.” Amber getting on top of him, planting her wide, wobbly ass directly on his face, leaning forward so that her breasts pressed against the larger set of Pale’s. Both of them flesh against each other with the twitching and sensitive truncheon of cock meat they were so familiar with.

“Jaune?” The voice from the other side of the scroll made Weiss perk up. It was Yang. “Oh, Hey.”

It was clear that Yang wasn’t expecting to see Harpy, and equally wasn’t expecting to see her with smeared makeup and red blown out eyes. It wasn’t just Yang either, the whole team minus Weiss was on the other end of the call. “Yo, is Jaune around? We wanted to talk to him.”

“Fuck, guys please, I need it!” He roared, Harpy not ten feet from the writhing and panting Jaune, desperately trying to cum but neither girl was going to let him off that easily, holding his hips down, so he couldn’t buck up into their massive crushing tits, both of them licking the head of his cock as it poked out from their tit sandwich.

“Sorry he’s busy right now.” Harpy said with a measured amount of disinterest, not even flinching at the desperate pleading of her team leader. “I can take a message if you want.”

“Mmm you want to cum master? Are you going to fill me up again?” Amber moaned, kissing the head of his cock, licking up the leaking precum.

“It’s my turn next.” Pale chided.

“Yeah can you…” It was Ruby now. “ Can you tell him we wanted to... catch… up..” Her words trailed away.

“Behind you… is that Jaune?” It was blake now.

Harpy didn’t even miss a beat, looking over her shoulder at the very obvious threesome happening behind her and then back at the camera, turning herself so it was no longer in frame. “Nope. I’ll let him know but we’re got him pretty busy here, taking care of three girls, you know how it is.” She paused looking over at her allies. “Hey you skanks, I called next after Pale, that cock is mine.”

Then she looked back at the camera. “Yeah. Busy.” though her eyes were still glued to the sight of jaune hammering his cock between the two sets of amazing tits, each impact giving off wet skin slapping sounds that were unmistakable, obvious to those on the other end of the scroll call. “Well I’ll let you guys go, he’ll call you back if he has any energy. Toodles.” She waved her fingers and hung up, tossing the phone off to the side.

Just in time too.

Jaune had one hand on Pale’s tit, pillowing the flesh out around his fingers. The other hand on Amber’s head guiding her to lick the head in tandem with pale while both women massaged their tits around his length. Combined with his hips hammering upwards into the intense pressure of their cleavage it was clear he wasn’t going to last long.

Harpy didn’t wait though, joining the other two but from the side, letting Pyrrha and Weiss, who were both openly touching themselves at the display now, see everything. The three woman licking and sucking at what of his cock was exposed over the two sets of massive tits pressed against the pistoning cock that moved between them.

“Come on Daddy, let me drink that salty spunk.”

“Cum in my mouth master, I’ve been such a goooood girl~”

“My sweet boy, let it all out, all over my big boobs~”

“Gods damned it’s so good, fuck! I’m cumming!” Jaune roared, surely getting another noise complaint call already, a torrent of hot white jizz shooting into the air, it rained down over the girls like a fire hydrant popped open. Rope after rope landing across them in more than any one person should ever let out at once.

A heavy stream painted the large canvas of Pale’s pearlescent white orbs of titflesh. A rope landing across her face and plastering one of her eyes shut. She squealed happily at the warmth spreading across her lovely features.

Harpy opened her mouth, letting rope after rope fill her gaping maw, low greedy moans of pleasure escaping her whorish throat. Then letting the last two streaming lines splatter against her cheek and drip down her chin onto her moderate bust.

Amber felt rope after rope land across her face, covering both her eyes, her chin, dripping down in heavy webbing connecting her chest to her chin, she looked like she’d been in a five man bukkake and loved every second of it, even though it was just one load from the master she adored so much.

All three women kissing his length, licking the left over cum off him, sucking what remained from his length while cleaning up the mess they had made, three tongues, three sets of hands, three greedy maws so eager for more. Though jaune was hardly responsive, and when they looked over they found their team leader was unconscious, eyes closed and breathing a steady up and down, exhaustion finally taking him.

Pale started to lick the mess off of Amber’s cheek, kissing her teammate and swapping the remaining cum they had left still clinging to their tongues. While Harpy just made a ‘humph’ sound and looked down at their leader. “Guess we worked him too hard”

Amber broke the kiss, biting onto pale’s lip as she pulled back, letting the elastic flesh snap back into place. “Can you blame him? None of us have strong Semblances without him, he works harder than any of us.”

“What a cute face he makes when he’s sleeping.” Pale practically swooned looking at him rest. “Harpy did you get that gift we talked about set up for him?”

“Gift?!” Amber looked incredulously at her teammates. “Why didn’t you tell me about it.”

“You would have told him about it you skanky mutt.” Harpy shot a villainous glare at her teammate. “Yeah I have it all set up.”

The white haired woman leaned towards the pink haired woman, kissing her cheek and causing the bubblegum girl to turn a light shade of pink. “Thank you, Harp.”


“What is it?!” Amber shouted, her breasts bouncing ridiculously as she bounced on the bed, causing the still sleeping jaune to bounce back and forth, cock still standing at attention even beyond his will.

“I’ll tell you all about it tonight.” Pale tutted, lips pressing against jaune’s member and leaving a nice mark of fresh lipstick at the base.

Harpy wasn’t interested anymore unless she was going to get a rise out of him, so she got up, still mostly naked, walking towards the still slightly open door. Pulling it open she found only two damp spots on the ground, seeing the spot both women had been sitting and watching, dripping onto the dorm room’s floors and leaving a terrible mess.

“Huh.. When did they leave?” She said mostly to herself.

“Amber don’t hog it all to yourself, I want some too.”

“But I want him to wake up and praise me some more~”

“We should let him rest.” Pale retorted.

Harpy rolled her eyes, checking her scroll and looking at the two text conversations she still had open. Nora Valkyrie and Lia Ren. Good enough Prey for Amber she supposed, though honestly breaking the boisterous hammer slut did start a fire between her legs. Enjoying breaking as much as being broken.

Two new toys for the team to play with, gifts for her daddy. Maybe he’d tie her up if she was good enough. Or bad enough, decisions, decisions.

Looking over her shoulder at the stirring Jaune and the two women fighting over his cock, she let the door finally close shut. Who needed other sluts when he had them, they were all petty little girls concerned with themselves, he had three women who loved him, adored him, would do anything for him.

Pale gazed up at him with a tender love, Harpy with a coy lust, Amber with an eager excitement.

Jaune couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

And to be honest, no one who knew could really blame him.
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