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Me and my sister share dog love.
I discover my sister is a dog lover. She offers to teach my dog. Then she makes out with me as if to tempt me to join in her fetish.

All week I pondered what Amy had offered. To teach my dog to lick me. “What if I don’t like it?” I thought “how do you teach a dog NOT to lick you”. Friday I rang her and expressed my concerns. “Well come here tomorrow” she suggested “Trigger can lick you and then you will know whether you want Oscar to do it”. That sounded so logical I couldn’t come up with an argument against it. “Ok” I said “I will at least try it but it still sounds very weird to me” and hung up. Barry was home on time that night and I cooked dinner. After dinner I sat on his lap and hugged him. He yawned. My ego instantly deflated. Was he ever going to make love with me again?

Saturday morning I did some shopping and headed for Amy’s house. I must admit that I was torn between fear and excitement. I kept thinking “sex with a dog. Even licking. What would it be like?” I knocked and Amy opened the door. “Jan” she said and kissed me. We went into the lounge room and she made coffee. “Trigger is still outside honey” Amy said “I wasn’t sure if you really wanted to do it, you know, the licking thing”. “Too be entirely truthful” I said “I am not sure. I still think it is pretty strange to let a dog lick your pussy”. Amy smiled “Jan, I will bring him inside, you get comfortable on the couch and anytime you want to stop you just tell me. OK? I nodded.

Amy let Trigger into the house. He came into the lounge room and looked me up and down. He was probably wondering who I was. “Slip off your knickers Jan. Let him smell your pussy” Any said. I hesitated then did as she said. “Now slid your bum to the edge of the couch, open your legs and call him. Just say Trigger lick”. Again I did as she said and the dog came to me. Immediately he pushed his head into my crotch and began to lick me. It was as if a bolt of lightning went through my body. It began in my crotch and went straight to my head. I squealed “oh God” I said “his tongue it is so rough and wide”. “Wider than mine isn’t it honey” Amy said “and so nice”. I had to admit that, yes, it felt amazing. So amazing that within a minute the combination of his tongue and the fact that it was a dog doing it I came with a loud moan.

I didn’t want him to stop and he showed no sign of doing so. Then an image popped into my head. My first visit to Amy house and seeing Trigger lying there licking his cock after fucking my sister. I closed my eyes and relived that moment. It was so clear. Much bigger than my husband Barry’s cock and bright red. “Are you ok” asked Amy, concerned. “Shit Amy this feels so good. I can’t believe how he is turning me on” I said. “Do you want to go further?” she asked. I knew what she meant. I couldn’t bring myself to say. “Jan, tell me, do you want to go further. Tell me what you want honey. Poor Trigger has his cock starting to show. Tell me”. I looked at Amy as I came the second time. “Yes I want him” I stammered. “Not good enough” said Amy teasing me “tell me”. I took a deep breath and then said “I want him to fuck me Amy. I want his cock”.

On her instructions I got on my knees in front of the couch with my body resting on the couch. I pulled my dress up to my waist. I slapped my bum and Trigger immediately mounted me. He tried a couple of times but then his cock, now growing, found my pussy. His cock was spraying pre-cum but I was already soaked. He felt the tightness and warmth of my pussy and began thrusting. With each thrust his cock grew larger. I squealed as he torn into me. I had never been fucked so vigorously as he sort of growled as if to signal I was his bitch. Again and again he pounded into me and I moaned and squealed as I took 10” of dog cock. “Oh Amy he is so big” I groan. Then I felt it. His knot. Amy had explained it was a dog’s way of tying with his bitch before he came. It began to rub against my clit and I had a body shaking orgasm. Then I squealed again as he rammed into me. I was tied.

Tigger stopped moving but I was still moaning. I could feel every delicious inch of him inside me. My body was tingling all over. Tigger growled again and again. Amy was sitting beside me now. “He is cumming darling” she whispered “he growls like that when he is pumping his cum inside me. Now he has a new bitch”. “Oh Amy I can’t believe it would feel like this” I sighed. I wasn’t joking. Bruce was the only man who had put his cock in me and he had NEVER felt like this. “He will take a few minutes before he is finished with you honey” Amy said and it was perhaps 4 or 5 minutes before he managed to extract himself. His cum started to leak from me and he licked it up. Then he walked to the corner of the room and licked himself. I glanced over and moaned. I had that huge cock in me and I never felt so satisfied, ever.

“Are you ok Jan?” asked Amy, again concerned. I smiled weakly and just moaned. “I know how you feel” she said “my first time I was totally wasted. She told me her first time was with a friend’s Rottweiler and he had ravaged her twice within 30 minutes. “Dogs have remarkable recovery” she explained “Trigger over there will try to mount you again if you don’t get up now”. I dragged myself up and I was leaking down the inside of my thighs. “Come on and get into the shower. I will help” she said. I got under the water and moments later she joined me. “I am so turned on Jan” she whispered “rub my clit. Make me cum”. “Always happy to help” I said and I got her off in minutes.

We got out of the shower and she suggested we go back to the lounge room naked. “Sit on the couch again Jan” Amy said and as soon as I did she got on her knees and put her head between my legs and began to lick my pussy and clit. Trigger saw her and he padded over. She slapped her bum and he mounted her. She was right. He was ready and very willing as he found his target and began fucking her. I opened my legs wider and leaned back. My eyes closed as I enjoyed the expert administrations of my sister while hearing the muffled moans and groans of her enjoying Trigger. I am not sure how many times she came but I peaked three times before Trigger was finished. Another shower then we lay on the bed both exhausted. “What about lunch” Amy said. I looked at the bedside clock. It was two o’clock. “Forget it” I said “let’s rest for a while and then see if Trigger wants his bitches again. I know this bitch wants him anyway.

I really didn’t need to worry because Trigger was up to the task. “Come on boy” I said “come and fuck me you wonderful doggy” I mumbled as I got on my knees. He mounted me and found his target and once again proved to me that he was the Alpha male. I squealed, I moaned, I begged for more as he took me to heaven. When he finally pull out I was sad. Sad because I would soon head home to my sexless house and my uncaring husband. Showered and dressed I told Amy I wanted her to train Oscar. “I want sex more than just Saturday” I told her “I want it whenever I get the urge and after today that might be often”. She kissed me and told me she would train Oscar and I had to do was make love to her after each session. I agreed. After all, making out with Amy was a nice way to finish any engagement with a dog.


2021-06-20 11:34:19
oh my god that was a great chapter ccan't wait to read the next chapter

hot dave69Report 

2021-05-20 10:07:20
I would love to have a dog like trigger .


2021-05-06 13:49:20
Smoking hot chapter.

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