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I’m not gonna retell the story about the way this all got started, so if you wanna know, read “Lisa and Prince”. And, let me know if you like my canine adventures. There are many more stories to tell and with your encouragement, I’ll keep writing.
Yesterday was special. The first time, I had something other than an inanimate object up inside my pussy. Lisa’s dog Prince fucked me. Getting filled with his doggy-sperm was mind blowing.

Today, it was Lisa’s turn, not her first time and I worried. Her cousin had introduced her to doggy-sex and taught her everything. I was sure her cousin gave her the same kind of mind blowing experience I had yesterday. Lisa probably had pretty high expectations. Besides that, she was surely getting horny, since it had been over a week since her cousin’s visit. Hell, I was horny and Prince just fucked me yesterday.

When I arrived, Prince greeted me with his usual excitement and furious tail wagging. Then he put his wet snout hard against my already wet crotch until Lisa pushed him away. I guess he remembered my scent and what we did the day before. I certainly would never forget. But today was Lisa’s turn, and we all went down to the family room. All day, I’d felt guilty and more than a little slutty about being fucked by a dog. But now together with Lisa and Prince, that was all forgotten. Lisa and I sat together and talked about yesterday. Prince danced around in front of us. We played with him, ruffling the fur on his head and petting his silky coat.

Lisa reminded me, “He’ll do anything to please me — the main reason you got such a good doggy-fuck yesterday. But, he’ll obey you, too. Just be firm and reward him when he does what you ask.”

Lisa gave me some doggy treats for me to practice. Prince was a smart dog. He eagerly did his tricks for me the first time I asked and got a reward for each one. I saved a few treats in my pocket to be sure he’d obey me when it came time to mount Lisa. I sat down he jumped up and licked my face. It took a few minutes, but we coaxed him to settle down on the couch between us.

Lisa talked to Prince, as if he understands everything. He listened intently as she told him how much she wanted him inside her, then hugged him and kissed his face. We both continued to pet him and talk to him. Lisa went to get everything we’d need, telling me to start getting him ready. Lying on his side, I started by petting his chest gradually working my way down to his belly. As I got close, Prince anticipated my destination by lifting his leg and rolling partly on his back. I brushed lightly against the soft fur on his sheath and watched his lipstick begin peaking out.

Lisa and I had played with Prince like this many times before, even though yesterday was the first time Prince and I went “all the way”. I took his sheath in my hand and started stroking. Lisa positioned the towels before sitting down again. She cradled his head on her lap and his whole body relaxed. As I worked him, his penis came out more and more. With a still more attention, it grew in length and girth. Lisa had me pull his sheath back, so I could see his bulb — the ‘knot’, she explained, he used to ‘tie’ a bitch.

She whispered in my ear, “Why don’t you suck him?”

I’d never done this before or even seen her do it, but I obediently bent down and very tentatively touched his cock with my lips. With Lisa’s coaxing, I circled his cock with my thumb and forefinger and began taking it into my mouth. His hindquarters began to twitch and his cock began to get engorged.

Lisa explained, “Once he gets the tip in and feels the bitch’s warmth, he humps like that to get his knot inside her. Then it grows until he’s ‘tied’ her. That holds her and seals her vagina. He fills her with sperm, and they stay tied long enough for it to do the job.”

Just then he started humping. I got scared and stopped. His knot had grown to the size of a tangerine. I continued to hold his cock encircled by my fingers, Prince quieted down and his knot had become smaller.

She went on, “So today, once you get the tip in me, he’ll be humping like that, trying to tie me. Let him penetrate me, but keep his knot out. Keep your hand in front of it just like your doing now.”

Then Lisa had me stroke Prince’s cock until his knot began to grow again.

“See how quick he responds?” she asked.

I nodded and soon his bulb was even bigger than before.

“Once it gets THAT big, it’s safe. He won’t be able to push it in. That’s when you get behind it and hold it, like this.”

She moved my hand behind his knot, again making a tight circle with my thumb and forefinger. Prince began to whimper and move his legs.

“Hold his knot close to my pussy, so he feels my heat. He may keep humping, but don’t let him pull away. Soon he’ll think we’re tied, and then he’ll settle down and start filling me. You remember how good that feels!” She looked at me and smiled. “So, keep holding him ‘til he’s done. ”

I couldn’t forget how good it felt and was ready to relive the experience by watching Lisa get fucked and filled.

Lisa bent over and kissed me, “Well. Are you ready? Let’s do it! I’m dying to get fucked. Undress me!”

Lisa lay back on the couch and closed her eyes. I released Prince and began undressing her. Prince paced the floor in front of her. I took off her already wet panties and made sure the towel was under her. She spread her legs, and he put his snout between them. He licked her cunt, her ass and stuck his tongue in both holes. She called out his name, squealed and squirmed. I kissed and caressed her. In a few minutes Lisa’s body shook, and she grabbed Prince’s head as her orgasm hit. When she was done, she shoved Prince away and held her legs together.

Undeterred, Prince danced around her. I slipped the socks on his paws. Four or 5 inches of pink lipstick hung out of his sheath. I got behind him and held him away to let Lisa get down in position. She anxiously squeezed the bottle of lube into herself. I moved Prince behind her and gave “the command”. He immediately mounted his mistress, grabbing her around the waist and air-humped wildly. His bright-red cock was missing the mark and bumping her ass. I curled my arm around his chest holding him, while my other hand reaching under for his cock. As soon as I got hold and aligned him with Lisa’s cunt, he drove it home causing her to squeal. His cock slid in and out between my encircling fingers. I let him hump her for a minute or so. Then, as his knot grew bigger I decided it was time, changed my grip and held it against her. Prince was strong, I had to hug him really tight. But, wedged between Lisa and me, he finally gave in with a whimper and lay quietly on Lisa’s back, his face on her shoulder alongside hers. The seconds ticked by. Then, Lisa felt it.

“Oh God. He’s coming!”

Lisa’s pussy filled with Prince’s fever-warm semen. She groaned and called his name, saying how good it felt. I smiled, remembering the warm feeling. Soon, his doggy-semen was oozing out of her.

I waited for her to get as much as she wanted. Finally, Lisa’s body went limp and I relaxed my grip. Prince pulled out, licked her pussy to check his work, and casually trotted over to his doggy bed. He curled up and licked himself as if nothing had happened. Lisa looked haggard, as Prince’s cum ran out of her and down her legs. I sat next to her, tenderly holding and kissing her. Lisa dragged herself up and onto the couch where we snuggled.

I kissed her face, “Lisa. I love you. Thank you so much.”

She answered, “I love sharing Prince’s doggy-love with you.”

I still had the itch and asked, “Tomorrow?”

Lisa said we should wait ‘til next week to keep it special.

Holding her in my arms, I kissed her lips, “Lisa, sweetheart, don’t you know I’m gonna be crazy horny by then.”

She flashed a wicked little smile, “Yeah. I know. Me, too.”


2021-04-01 00:16:14
Thanks for this. Can't wait till they graduate to the knot!


2021-03-31 21:12:01
Thank you another great story. I was just wondering, why you have the girls hold Princes knot to stop it entering their pussy, while or writers have the knot go in. From their de***********ions it adds to the pleasure and ties both for longer.


2021-02-02 16:59:03
Enjoying this one very much and looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing, too.

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