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Janice is married to Stephen and is cheating on him with Wayne an unwelcome intruder into her life leads her to a day of mind controlled sex and humiliation.
The phone in Janice's hall rang It showed an unknown number, and she started to ignore it, but then wondered who would call early on a Monday morning, Stephen had left for work and David for university. She picked it up and

said, "Hello?"

"Janice" a smooth male voice said. "Good morning."

"Hello" said Janice wondering who it was that knew her first name when she did not recognise the voice.

The voice on the phone said "unlock your front door so that I can come into your house and then go stand in your front room" the voice continued "In five minutes, no matter what you're doing, you'll stop and be unable to move or speak." With out replying Janice hung up a nutter she thought.

As she put the phone down Janice looked at the front door it was locked and bolted.

She felt drawn to the door, moving to it intending to check it was locked. She felt something and rather than checking the lock she found herself sliding the bolt back and unfastening the yale lock.

Absolute rubbish that call she thought to herself and walked into her front room.

She looked in the mirror that hung on the chimney breast and brushed her hair back with her hand.

She stopped in the middle of the room.

It wasn't deliberate. She simply could not get her body to move. She was frozen, paralyzed. Only her eyes seemed unaffected.

She struggled with all her might, but her limbs might as well have been made of concrete. Not a finger trembled or changed position. She began to breathe heavily, and felt her chest tighten with panic. She saw herself in the mirror across the room, looking for all the world like a still photo or portrait.

Her face shone with perspiration even as her expression remained blank. She couldn't even muster the energy to look terrified.

What had happened to her? How had this happened to her? What did that voice on the phone do to her?

Before she could even speculate on why, or what else he might have in mind, Janice heard the front door rattled and open. Janice heard steps in the hallway. She couldn't turn, but the mirror's reflection showed the entrance to the front room. She felt a jolt of genuine terror when a complete stranger entered the room. The man was big, over 6ft tall she thought, broad, built as though he spent many hours in the gym. He had a light complexion and light brown hair. She thought he looked to be about 30 years old.

“My name is Ginger" he said in a low voice.

He strode slowly around the room, looking it over as if he were a potential tenant. "I'll give you the short version of what's been done to you," he said. "Your will has been deadened. Completely. As a result, you are unable to do anything without a direct command from someone else." He moved closer, so he could speak directly in her ear. "And right now, that's me." He whispered, we told your secret lover Wayne Jenkins to implant thoughts and commands in your mind that give us complete control of you. Wayne did not have a choice as we control him."

Ginger heard her breath catch in her throat. In her condition, that was as the same as a scream.

He moved in front so she could see his face. She'd never wanted to punch anyone as badly as she did him at that moment, but she might as well have wished to fly. Nothing broke through the paralysis holding her still.

Could she only move when she was told to? Was that even possible?

It was a warm day Janice was wearing a pale blue round neck T Shirt and jeans. Ginger looked her up and down.

Looking right into her eyes, Ginger touched the hollow of her throat and traced his fingertip over her t shirt down to her breast. The reality that she could not keep him from touching her shot through her, and she began to breathe rapidly, almost gasping.

"Don't freak out," he said teasingly. "We're just getting started, we have all day."

He pulled his hand away, then rested it at the swell of her hip, on the waistband of her jeans.

"Here's how this works, Janice. Not only will you do anything I say, you will feel whatever I tell you to feel. I don't mean emotions: I can't make you fall in love with me, don't worry. But I do mean I can tell you to, oh, think about nothing but the way your breasts feel."

She had only an instant to think, What the heck? before her mind filled with intense sensations and awareness. How her breasts felt in her bra the way they felt now and the material of her bra. She aware her nipples had become incredibly sensitive, her suddenly-erect nipples pushed against the material of her bra. Each breath made them rise and fall, pressing up against the bra and then falling ever so slightly away before the garment settled on them again. She'd never experienced anything about her body in such detail, with such totality, and when she saw her face in the mirror, she was shocked to see her eyes half-closed.

She gasped helplessly as he touched the tip of her nipple through the cloth of her t shirt. The sensation seemed to travel through her body with a feeling of such pleasure beyond her imagination.

Then he put his thumb and finger on either side of her nipple, and lightly pinched.

She cried out. It was totally involuntary, and the most desperate sound she could imagine. She'd never heard herself make a noise like that before.

Ginger chuckled. "Now play with them yourself, Janice. Show me what you like."

There was truly no resisting. Her hands slid beneath her undershirt and cupped her breasts within her bra. She squeezed them, pushed them together and pulled at her nipples. She made no sound, but could hear the soft collision of flesh as she manipulated them the sensation was wonderful.

"You can stop now," he said.

No she wanted to scream. Not yet! I But her hands fell to her side and did not move.

As if an afterthought, Ginger added, "And you're no longer thinking about your breasts."

And just like that, the desire to touch her breasts vanished. A red flush burned up her neck and cheeks, a shame that she'd never felt before.

Gingers voice grew throatier. "Now: take off that shirt and your bra."

She fought with every bit of her willpower, but only managed the briefest hesitation, her body was not obeying her mind it was obeying his, she pulled the shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. She reached behind her back unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor. She felt shame, embarrassment at standing there topless in front of a strange man and she felt fury at him, and a weird sort of defiance.

He looked her up and down in blatant appreciation. Her body was slightly overweight. Then he stepped back and raised his phone, he is going to take a picture she thought.

Janice struggled with all her might to raise her arms and cover her breasts, or at least turn away, but as before, nothing happened.

"Smile," he said, and to her horror, she did.

He took several pictures, then scrolled through them with a satisfied sigh. When he looked back up at her, he barked out a laugh. "You can stop smiling now."

Her expression fell back to neutral.

He stepped close again, and used his hands to cup and lift her breasts. The touch sent shivers of revulsion through her. His thumbs stroked her nipples, but they did not stiffen. She was scared of this man, what he might do, what he might make her do, she wanted to both cry and to hit him. Her body not obeying her mind was the most scaring thing about her situation.

Without a command to enjoy it, it him touching her nipples was the least erotic thing she could imagine. Instead, she envisioned her hands around his neck.

"I can make you like this," he said softly.

She glared at him, but she knew it was true.

He pulled away his hands. "But first, take off those jeans and socks."

She tried to fight it but her hands unfastened her jeans and slid them down her legs. She stepped out of them and discarded them, just as she had her shirt, then she pulled her socks off. Now clad only in white cotton panties, she resumed standing immobile. The sensation of helpless certainty of her situation, filled her with renewed rage and terror.

He slipped one finger under the waistband of her panties and slid it slowly across the skin below her navel. "One little piece of cloth is all that keeps you from being naked," he said. He circled behind her, then stepped so close she could feel his erection through his trousers against her buttocks. He cupped her breasts from behind, his now-ragged breath in her ear. As he kneaded the soft flesh, he said, "You can speak now. Tell me how this feels."

Like a switch had been thrown, she snarled, "bastard, get your fuck hands off me, don't ever touch me again, I swear to God when this wears off, I'm going to kill you so fucking slowly you won't—"

"Shut up," he said, and she did. "Now...answer this question honestly. Which would humiliate you more: me removing your panties, or making you do it yourself?"

"Myself," she said with no inflection.

She felt his breath on her neck when he chuckled. He took away his hands, stepped back in front and again raised his phone. "Smile, and take them off."

It only took a moment. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband, bent over and slid the slight garment down her legs. It joined the pile of discarded clothing. Then she stood again, motionless, smiling with apparent happiness, and now totally naked. Inside she was screaming with the humiliation of her situation, stood completely naked.

The way he looked her up and down felt like the touch of some filthy rag, but her smile didn't waver. "Turn around," he said, and she did. When she again faced him, she realized that he hadn't photographed her, he'd filmed her: to all appearances she'd willingly disrobed and posed for him, delighted to display herself. Another red flush of shame crept up her chest to her face.

He lowered the phone.

"So we are about to have several hours of pleasure, or at least I am and I am going to. He stepped close, his smooth silk shirt pressed against her bare breasts. He lifted her chin to look into her eyes. "I'm going to put you through your paces, and film every minute of it. You will appear not only willing, but eager. And," he added with a smile, "you can think whatever you like, but any words you try to speak will come out as, 'fuck me.' Now tell me how you feel about that."

"Who ever you are I hate you" she tried to say. But she only said flatly, "Fuck me."

"Good. Now: on your knees."

Obediently she knelt before him. She had a good idea what he was going to make her do, she had never done it before. She knew what was about to happen, what he intended to make her do. Her stomach roiled with revulsion.

"You can speak whenever you'd like," he added as he undid his belt. She tried to beg him not to make her do it but "Fuck me," was all she said.

Not surprisingly, he was already rock hard when he freed himself from his pants. "Don't keep me waiting, Janice." Open your mouth. In her head she was screaming no, no I don't want to. His dick was massive far bigger than Wayne's or Stephen's Go on he said, she took his cock in her mouth.

He was hot and rigid, and tasted of salty dick sweat. She was terrified he would come this way, claiming her with his masculinity in the most disgusting way possible. But she couldn't stop, nor could she deliberately do it badly. She obediently bobbed her head, one hand at the base of his shaft, the other braced against his thigh. She looked up, and saw his phone held over her, filming. It blocked her view of his face, but his little noises of pleasure were loud.

"Stop," he said breathlessly, and she did. He stepped away, his cock red and hard, gleaming with her saliva. She sat back on her heels, breathing heavily, waiting. He sighed with satisfaction and asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

"Fuck me," was all she could say. She felt so dirty at what she had just done.

He put his phone aside and removed his clothes. He was even bigger than she had thought tall very broad and extremely muscular. "What do you say" asked Ginger. " fuck me" she said. He smiled at her "yes I will do as you ask and fuck you, how does it feel to be complicit in your own rape" he asked Janice. She wanted to cry and run away "fuck me" she said dully. Her eyes found her own discarded clothes on the floor. The small pile now represented the last of her dignity.

Now he was also naked, still rock-hard, and once again smiling. "On your feet," he said, and of course she obeyed. She put all her hate and fury into her eyes as he stepped close. The end of his cock pressed against the soft flesh below her navel.

He raised her chin again. "Kiss me."

Somehow, it was even more revolting than sucking his cock. That act was all about domination, and even though she hated it, it had no emotional intimacy for her. As she pressed her lips to his and slid her tongue into his mouth, though, the reality of her situation overwhelmed her. Worse, his kiss wasn't rough or clumsy; he was, of all things, gentle. When he finally pulled away, she leaned forward to continue the kiss, having not been commanded to stop.

"That's enough," he said. His voice was low now, and almost seemed . . . regretful?

He took a deep breath, shaking off whatever momentary doubts had come over him. "Now, Janice: take me to your bedroom."

She took his hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom.

"On your bed, and on your back," he ordered, and she crawled onto the bed. She looked up at him as he closed the curtains against the morning sun, dimming the room. Then he stretched out beside her and put his mouth on her breasts. He sucked and licked them for what seemed at eternity, she tried to shut the horror out by imagining it was Wayne sucking them, but it did not work.

"Open your legs wide" Ginger instructed.

She fought with ever bit of willpower but it failed, she spread her legs wide. Ginger took more pictures of her right up between her legs. She could not stop him touching her slit. It was totally dry.

"You are now," he breathed, "so aroused that even my slightest touch can make you almost come."

The idea seemed so utterly ridiculous for about two seconds and then it horrified her, he was going to make her enjoy been raped, and then her body did exactly as he commanded. She was on fire for him, writhing and clutching at him, desperate to take his cock and guide it inside her. "Fuck me!" she cried, no longer thinking different words. "Fuck me!" She spread her legs wantonly, wriggling to get him into position. He slid inside her more easily than Stephen or Wayne ever had she needed Ginger to fuck her, her pussy was soaking wet

At his first thrust she came, a tingling rush from her groin up her spine. It tore away any remaining inhibitions; now all that mattered was coming, and it happened with an ease she never would have believed. She couldn't even say "Fuck me" now, only moan and cry out as the comedown between climaxes grew more and more brief. She was drenched with sweat and her own juices. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, clutching him as if he were a life preserver in a storm, biting into his shoulder, climaxing over and over.

Until he whispered raggedly, "You don't want this anymore."

And like a switch was thrown, her arousal vanished. Her arms and legs fell away. She stared at him above her, his face moving up and down with the rest of his body, disoriented by the sudden change in her feelings. Her mouth worked but no sound came out, not even the vile, "Fuck me." Her shame, helplessness and rage rushed back, even as he pounded into her with unmistakable urgency.

"I wanted to make sure," he said, the cords in his neck straining taut, "you were able to appreciate this." He ejaculated inside her.

The sensation caused something to snap in her mind. She cried out in disgust, and tried to push him off but her arms would not move. But he pressed her down into her own sodden mattress, his cock pulsing into her again. He rolled off her with a cruel, satisfied laugh. She laid on the bed her legs still wide apart unable to close them, she could feel his cum running out of her.

Ginger left the room and returned shortly with an Pakistani looking man. The man was a different build to Ginger, tall but plump and Janice guessed he was about 50 years old.

Ginger looked at Janice and said "This is Manny what do you say".

She tried not to say it but it came out "fuck me".

The Manny looked at her "white bitch you are going to get a real good fucking, stand in front of me. Janice felt even more ashamed of her nakedness. The man stripped off his shirt showing his paunch. "KNEEL" bitch he shouted in her face.

Janice trembled and knelt down. There was no anger left in her only fear and humiliation. Again she knew what he was going to make her do. "Take my trousers down" he said in a remarkably calm voice, "and suck me, I am going to fill your mouth with my cum and then you will swallow it."

She could not stop herself, she unzipped his trousers and undid the button and pulled the mans trousers and boxers down. He was already hard and erect. His dick was nearly black. Janice tried to pull her head away but it was no good she felt her mouth opening, she could not stop it and she took him into her mouth. He pushed forward hard so his dick went right to the back of her throat, she gagged and he drew back a bit. Janice could taste his pre cum. She felt her tongue licking at his dick and her mouth sucking him, her head bobbing up and down.

Janice felt sick at the humiliation and horrified that he was going to carry out the full act in her mouth. The thought of oral sex had always been a turn off for her. There was nothing she could do her mind had lost control of her body and Ginger controlled it now.

After what seemed like an eternity of involuntary sucking Manny groaned, he grabbed her head tight and shot jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth. Janice choked as it hit the back of her throat. Her throat constricted and she started to swallow his cum, it tasted salty and vile.

Lay on the bed said Ginger in his low voice. Her body did as he commanded. She lay on her back, Ginger laid beside her. Manny grabbed Janice’s ankles and spread her legs wide. Manny leaned forward and started to massage her breasts. Janice could feel his hands, the skin felt corse and hard. "Kiss him" said Ginger. Janice's head reached forward, she looked at Manny's lips and she felt revulsion at the thought of kissing him. Her lips found his and he pushed his tongue into her mouth, her tongue touch his, there was no emotion in her kiss. Janice tried to pull her head away from him but she could not.

"Janice you will now feel pleasure every touch of ours will bring close to climax you will enjoy this will be the best sex of your life. You are aroused more than you ever thought possible. Your mind and body need us.

Janice experienced about two seconds of terror knowing what she was about to do.

The feel of Manny's lips on hers started her passion, her body tingled an became hot.

"Fuck me" screamed and Manny did.

As soon as his dick entered her she climaxed. At his first thrust she came, a tingling rush from her groin. It tore away any remaining inhibitions; now all that mattered was coming, and it happened with an ease she never would have believed. As Manny pumped his hips Janice wrapped her arms and legs around him.

Adding to her pleasure Ginger was sucking at her nipple sending more ripples through her body. Manny came in her filling her pussy, his place on top of her was replaced by Ginger.

By now Janice was worked up into a mass of pleasure and energy, she was covered in sweat.

The two men kept working at her body driving her to a level of arousal that seemed impossible.

At one point during the sex she was bent over Ginger and with out prompting she took his dick in her mouth, she had never tasted anything as good she could taste her pussy com on it and his cum. Bent over Ginger gave Manny the opportunity to move behind her. His arm went round her cupping her breasts and his dick slipped into her wet pussy. She bucked and groaned at having both men penetrating her at the same time. When Ginger came in her mouth it tasted like gold.

As the men kept touching her and fucking her she came to a state where she was almost continually climaxing, her juices and the cum from her two assailants mixed and ran out of her body in a steady stream. Her body trembled.

She had no idea how long the session lasted. Suddenly Ginger said "still". Janice froze her passion dissipated. She was laid on her stomach legs apart with Manny's fingers in her pussy and his thumb pressing into her anus. Manny stood up. Janice was aware her body was covered in sweat; juices were running out from between her legs and she was panting. "We did well" commented Ginger, "kept you going for two hours”. Janice laid unable to move her mind recalling what she had just done, she was terrified and angry at this man for what he had made her do.

Manny and Ginger dressed, "bye bitch" said Manny leaving the room.

"Look" said Ginger "I filmed it all" he picked a small camera up and turned it off.

Janice was still laid on her stomach. "Did you enjoy that", he whispered in her ear, "you may answer", he said. Janice swore at him several times, "when I get up from here I am going to murder you" she shouted. "Silent" ordered Ginger. Janice's mouth froze.

He lowered his head closer to her ear, "it does not matter" he said in triumph. "I own you now, and that's all you need to know." She was terrified when he said "Today is just a start, I will be back tomorrow for a day of fun with you". He let her lay there scared almost to death about what was going to happen. "Five minutes after I leave your house you will be able to move again, and you will forget everything that just happened."

Ginger smacked her bare buttocks and left her.
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